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Yes...dispute all bills sent to credit reporting agency. Medical bills don't hurt credit ratings all that much. Bottom line
..just because they ask for it does not mean they are entitled to it. What if they ask for the moon and the stars?
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Life without health insurance
Posted: 11/2/2016 9:51:53 AM

Well, I relooked at the lowest cost Bronze plan in CT and my Gold plan...premium+max out of pocket=$13,000 for both...

The rub is with any prescriptions and health issue the Bronze plan is pure cost till the out of pocket max of $6500. While I pay $5 for prescriptions and $20 for Dr. visits. It takes forever to get to my out of pocket max. Where I would hit my out of pocket max with a Bronze plan in month 8.

Having heath insurance is a relatively new experience for me, at least for the last 20 years.

Since signing up, I see doctors often change which health plans they accept, they move out of the area and the healther care companies drop and create a few new plans every year.

In 2016 so far I have had 3 different health plans, and in Dec I decided to not get any health insurance. (I already skipped 2 months, Jan and Feb, so I will pay a month penalty.)

So will anything changed for you in 2017?
 Ed Bear
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Life without health insurance
Posted: 11/7/2016 4:59:01 AM
Interesting... up here in BC, Canada, when dealing with auto repairs, you'll often be given a quote and then, when the shop finds out it's not covered by insurance, cut the quote in half. There are so few shops here compared to my home province of Quebec that they simply don't compete and slag the insurance companies for all they can get. The official policy is for the government insurer (which covers everyone for core liability but leaves the rest of the market open) to accept paying 15% more for repairs than the open market.

When it comes to health care in the USA, the cross-ownership of drug companies, medical suppliers, HMOs and insurers often sees cost being inflated because they are paying themselves. And exempt from what remains of the anti-competition laws.
$160 a month for a family's full medical in BC if they have no low-income adjustment - but it never goes up for those earning more than $30K so it's a very regressive tax. No copay, no limits. Drug plan is separate and depends on province too: in BC we have an income-dependent minimum we pay ourselves; a range where we pay a copay; and if over the maximum we pay NONE of the overage, not all as in the US.
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