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Joined: 12/28/2013
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Dogs Poop Along North-South Magnetic LinesPage 2 of 2    (1, 2)

At least with a dog, you get a 50/50 chance of learning where North is when it defecates.

Magellan would have got there a lot faster if he had used a poo compass.
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Dogs Poop Along North-South Magnetic Lines
Posted: 8/14/2015 2:08:03 PM
did someone call for James Bond?

the name is Bomb......... Tom Da Bomb

NOW cue the Bond theme!!!

Charmin, I can kiss it and make it well
Joined: 4/14/2015
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Dogs Poop Along North-South Magnetic Lines
Posted: 8/14/2015 4:09:23 PM

OK... Everybody has always known about the "dogs drool" part... but who would have guessed... that it was because all the smart ones got wiped out by the cats...

...,which was able to happen because of a climate shift that gave the cats an advantage.
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Cats Rule... Dogs Drool...
Posted: 8/14/2015 4:16:07 PM

Actually the feline species is second after primates in intelligence in certain categories.

I'm pretty sure that "A" is smarter than "B" in certain categories could be said about almost any two species.

Cats are much smarter than dogs, they actually can learn by WATCHING us. That is why you have to hide food from them because they can figure out how to open cabinets from watching us. They also learn to use a toilet seat same way.

That's very interesting. There are people who've taught dogs to learn by mimicking us, not quite the same thing I know, but still interesting.

Of all the mammals, a cat’s brain has memory and emotional mapping most comparable to our own.

Recently, MRI scans of dogs' brains has shown very similar emotional mapping to humans and that they are particularly attached to humans, their own more than others of course. The studies that are being done now suggest that dogs feel empathy, and that they have a 'theory of mind' so they understand that individuals have different beliefs, intents, desires. Aside from humans, they are the only animal that looks at the left side of people's face, because that is the side that expresses emotions in humans. If success is 'intelligent', dogs far outshine almost any other species, since they are wildly successful around the world due to their connection with humans.

Cats use tools, figure out mazes and puzzle boxes, and display long term memories, especially those involving spatial configurations, their specialty.

Dogs use tools, as well and they certainly do have long term memories. It's true they can't find their way around (or out of) a maze but they can learn to navigate city streets and public transportation, either for themselves (eg: Russian Street dogs) or to aid their human captives .. er, captors. :) Maybe cats can do the same thing, but as you say -- they just don't see a reason to.

Most people I have seen who insult cats do so because they don't understand them .They think a cat who refuses to learn tricks is dumb but being solitary predators they have NO reason to do what we ask.

I've seen cats learn tricks, and there's a You Tube video of a cat running an agility course. Cats can learn tricks, just have to find the right motivation. :)

Dogs mostly full fill their role in the Dominant Submissive society and therefore there is a control structure.

This is a pretty common misunderstanding. Dogs aren't actually so much into 'dominant/submissive society' as they are into well-functioning 'social groups' - canines are pre-programmed to cooperate within their social group, and defend it from intruders. Feral/wild dogs will follow a 'friendly' dog sooner than they'll follow a 'dominant' dog (though who is 'dominant' tends to change with each interaction between two individuals). Humans have shaped many domestic dog breeds to be very, very accommodating, but more primitive dog types tend to be more independent - somewhat like cats - and its with those more independent dogs that you discover the ability - even a requirement - to build a relationship of equals-but-different. (Although, humans have the food and can open the door -- so that does give us an advantage). Ultimately, dogs do what we ask of them because 1) we have food; 2) they do love us and 3) it works. Not sure which is the most important reason at any given moment. :)

I might be a bit bias since I helped found and run a well known non profit rescue/TNR/ shelter that deals with cats. I have seen them at their best and worst.

I have an independent-minded feral/primitive dog who taught me that I had to treat him with respect if I wanted his love, loyalty and obedience. He figured out how to play fetch by watching me try to teach the other dog what I wanted (she wasn't getting it), showed me he could do it, then just as quickly let me know that this was a pretty stupid game, in his opinion. He does tricks for me, but if he doesn't feel like it, no amount of bribery will sway him. If he's into it, the reward is irrelevant - though appreciated. He's been quite an eye-opener in many ways.

My wife actually once sent a report refuting something scientists claimed. Namely that only primates understand they are seeing a reflection in the mirror. Our cat (kitty)was observed using a wall mirror to view moving objects for playing purposes. He would watch the object in the mirror and spring at it where it really was. He knew it was a reflection.

I think dogs know it's a reflection of themselves/others, but they just aren't terribly interested. Maybe they don't care if they have a smear of paint on their fur; certainly, they don't mind smearing all kinds of stuff on themselves. :) In the book "Merle's Door", the author described his dog watching and preening himself in a mirror, and my dog has looked at me in the mirror, and responded to facial experience.

As for fetch, actually some cats do learn to play fetch. Cats don't do things they don't want to do so they need motivation. If you reward the cat he will even do things he doesn't want to do. Slava a famous Russian performer is VERY good at training cats!

I grew up with barn cats, inbred and perhaps not the brightest, and that colored my thinking about cats for a very long time. But I've come to see them as quite fascinating and one day I hope to also have a cat to get to know.

if you ever see a non sedated cat drooling over itself it probably has dental issues! lol

My dog never drools and never licks my face, though sometimes my hand. I like that about him! :)
Joined: 7/22/2015
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Cats Rule... Dogs Drool...
Posted: 8/14/2015 4:22:45 PM
How do cat owners reconcile keeping a serial killer as a pet?
Joined: 12/28/2013
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Cats Rule... Dogs Drool...
Posted: 8/14/2015 6:33:59 PM
Well my cats an indoor. She doesn't know how to do much.
I had a mouse that came into my room. I could tell he was about to die, so I just let him be. He never left my bedroom. My cat touched his tail a few times, but they'd really sit not even a foot apart and just look. Even when I looked under my bed it wandered out maybe a couple feet from my face. He just wanted a warm place to die, and he did a couple days later. So it was just me, my cat, and a mouse hanging out.
Joined: 11/17/2014
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Cats Rule... Dogs Drool...
Posted: 8/14/2015 8:28:43 PM
I had an alley cat adopt me. Scrawny lil thing.
She stuck around and had some litters. Fascinating animals. She was tough too.
Always whooping the bigger cats.
It broke my heart to put her down after coming home mangled. Her four newest survived.

In part, because my pitbull began nursing them.

She is my service dog. Very kind, smart, obedient.... very helpful to me.
Yes she still would like to eat the nastiest stuff around, but just a glance is enough.
Most of my commands to her are silent, click of the tongue, or how I hold her tether.
She in turn is pretty silent too. She watches me and hears things I don't.
Cars in the lot, people knocking at the door, my phone...
She has a nose for trouble too. Her look does not match her persona or her name.

She also makes a pretty good little spoon.

Are cats better?
Apples and oranges.

My top three:
Bully, tiny monkey, feral cat. In that order.

Edit: she urinates to the command "hydrant", defecates to "lose some weight".
Two things you almost never hear irl.
The cure for poo bags.
Joined: 11/14/2010
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Cats Rule... Dogs Drool...
Posted: 8/14/2015 8:47:57 PM
charminc- (message #20) You just described my Groucho.
I would let you pet sit (for me, that's close to saying I would let you baby sit my children).
He would NOT go anywhere with you.
As smart as he is, he has attachment issues, I've considered a doggy therapist, but if I went THAT far, I might doubt my own sanity. :D
Joined: 2/11/2008
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Cats Rule... Dogs Drool...
Posted: 8/14/2015 9:26:31 PM
I don' t believe in not spaying or neutering a pet, there are too many that need homes, there's no reason for them to be breeding. It's not like a female pet wants to have litters.
Joined: 11/17/2014
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Cats Rule... Dogs Drool...
Posted: 8/14/2015 9:44:04 PM
Would you like to be forcibly castrated?
Joined: 2/19/2011
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Cats Rule... Dogs Drool...
Posted: 8/15/2015 10:34:55 AM

Most of my commands to her are silent, click of the tongue, or how I hold her tether.
She in turn is pretty silent too. She watches me and hears things I don't.

This brings to memory the hand signals I would use. Just one hand, a slight of movement in certain directions signals a command. I LOVED that they listened. Tried it on my fishes and hamsters but ... nahhh, too short of attention span ;P

And I LOVED that at night when my aids are out and I hear nada, they were my ears and my bodyguard.
Then, how cute it is when the table is turned and they come to me for comfort and safety.
One dog was a chow and lab mix. He literally looked like a big fluffy bear. Hugging that thing was literally like hugging a live teddy bear. So awesome!
We had a pit/lab mix that could jump the height of a full sized fence to catch a ball. He was named after the chow that we had before him simply because we loved the name. He belonged to my oldest and was sadly killed by a car.
My boys later had St. Bernard/Mastiff mix that were brother and sister. My youngest, as a baby, could ride them like horses since they were so massive ! They were given away by the father after our separation. One of the dogs had accidently scratched my oldests arm leaving a scar. My oldest looks upon it fondly as a memory of the dogs.
K, I feel like crying now.
such good, good dogs

I would let you pet sit (for me, that's close to saying I would let you baby sit my children).

Joined: 2/11/2008
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Cats Rule... Dogs Drool...
Posted: 8/15/2015 11:29:23 AM
I've already been spayed, it was a wonderful, freeing thing.
Joined: 2/19/2011
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Cats Rule... Dogs Drool...
Posted: 8/15/2015 11:33:34 AM
I want to be spayed
getting tired of humping a pole (for safety's sake)
Joined: 12/13/2006
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Cats Rule... Dogs Drool...
Posted: 8/15/2015 12:15:22 PM
May I say that I find it kind of hilarious in a grisly way that a member of the race, human would rag on the race, cats about killing. I say that on behalf of Incas, the last Carolina Parakeet, who died on February 28, 1918, in the Cincinnati Zoo.

Carolina parakeet | 13 animals hunted to extinction | MNN ... › Earth Matters › Animals
One species called the Carolina parakeet thrived in. ... The last known wild specimen was killed in Okeechobee County, Florida in 1904, and the species was ...

Mirror, mirror, on the wall
Who's the ugliest species of all?

Alone of all living things, we rape, kill, murder our own species, and others. Destroy mountains and rivers, and water and air. We are about to destroy our own planet, and cannot stop ourselves in the name of one mineral which we must have to thrive: gold.
Joined: 6/29/2009
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Cats Rule... Dogs Drool...
Posted: 8/15/2015 3:57:31 PM
I learned a number of things so far, living with and around my fellow creatures. One of those things is, that understanding another creature, especially including the ones who claim to be humans, is that the greatest insight into each, comes from discovering or recognizing their motivations. Their agendas.

Many people judge others to be less intelligent, or less inspired, or less focused, simply because they fail to pursue the same goals with the same verve, which they do.

Non-humans, as humans, come in various forms and levels of comprehension and experience. Some will cooperate, others will fight, and others will give the appearance of cooperation while actually doing otherwise in various ways. I've seen dogs and cats as well, indulge in jokes, in deceit, in bribery. Often in far more entertaining ways than the humans have done.
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