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Joined: 1/1/2015
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Your profile is much better. Also talk a little about the type of woman you want to date using personality traits. Look up "personality traits" for ideas. Your profile is upbeat until:

Just picking somebody with a list of similar interests off of a dating site doesn't seem like a sound idea to me, so we should definitely try to talk for a week or two just to find out what we're like and whether we could actually tolerate each other.

First Date: I've never actually been on a date

Nothing is real until you meet. Talking and texting for weeks before meeting is a classic online dating mistake. People get all excited over the fantasy they built up in their heads- "this is The One"- only to feel disappointed when they meet the person in real life.

Online dating is essentially having a series of blind dates with strangers. You never know who will show up. I feel surprised if a man looks like his photos. Most men show up much heavier and years older than their photos.

Don't admit that you have never been on a date. This give the impression that you are socially awkward, floundering and inept with women.
Joined: 6/19/2015
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Review Please
Posted: 8/16/2015 7:53:34 PM
I see.

Don't admit that you've never been on a date. This gives the impression that you are...

No, no, no, that would be false. I'm not any of those things with women - I've had several girlfriends and lived with them as well. We just never went on any dates - they would be too busy or I would be too busy to plan things. I'm, inconveniently, a night-shift worker.
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Posted: 8/16/2015 7:56:38 PM
Your intent says 'nothing serious' and your "looking for" says Friends. It may be hard finding girls who don't already have friends as most of them on this site tend to be looking for romantic partners, but whatever.

If that is your signature look, great. More photos (something from a gig?) would be helpful if you actually intend to meet someone eventually for more than friendship. You will, of course, be cool with your new friend continuing to date other guys, right?

Two weeks is too long to chat before meeting someone. There is SO much you can learn from body language. If you get along great in text but in person it's dull, cut your losses and move on.

I must have missed all the therapy/counselling stuff because this version of your profile actually sounds like someone I could tolerate spending time talking to. Add a few more photos as girls in your age range are very visual creatures (as are we all).
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Posted: 8/16/2015 8:07:18 PM

Your intent says 'nothing serious' and...

Mm. Looks like I forgot to change that. Sorry.

You will, of course, be cool with your new friend continuing to date other guys, right?

If we're actually in some kind of a romantic relationship, then no. If we're just meeting up and seeing what we're like, well, I don't own the girl. She's free to pursue anybody she finds that she feels is better. I'd like to know, but whatever.

There is SO much you can learn from body language.

I am actually very deaf to body language. I've never seen anybody who followed the same rules, so I've never found it reliable.

I must've missed all the therapy/counseling stuff...

Oh, but did you. I nearly just went ahead and deleted. XD As for the photos, like I said, I'll try to add some when I can. I don't really have any at the moment. My gig pictures might be a bit too old, as I haven't been in the band for over six months.
Joined: 7/20/2014
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Posted: 8/16/2015 8:14:47 PM
The body language thing is maybe because you're young. You need to learn that, quick. So far as hanging out with someone as a friend goes - you won't get to the 'romantic' relationship if you stuck in the friendzone. Why waste your time and hers if there's nothing there? It shouldn't take more than the first meeting to know if you're interested at all, and a couple more meetings/dates to know if you want to be exclusive. This doesn't mean you have to have sex or propose on the third date, just get on the same page.

You have some great ideas and interests. This process on this site may take a while. Don't get discouraged.
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Posted: 8/16/2015 9:38:43 PM
The friendzone is a real thing? First time that a female has told me that.
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Posted: 8/16/2015 10:09:06 PM
Of course it is. It's like you're a placeholder until the bigger better deal (BBD) comes along. This isn't just for young people, either. Sadly with so many people on these sites looking for their own emotional ego boost, you will see this a lot. Learn quickly which ones are wasting your time. Don't try and guess what they're thinking- that's why meeting in person is important. The ones playing games will try and drag it on and on, or disappear as soon as you mention meeting in real life.
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Posted: 8/17/2015 2:41:53 AM

No offense, Pig, but I'm totally gay for you. No homo.

No offense taken. I'm gay for me, too. So, I can understand.
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