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Send them to America, they have no culture and are a genetic soup anyway.

Luckily my Euro country is very racist so they are only passing through...
If it gets much worse, time for the far right parties again.
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/1/2015 8:23:00 AM
Again, if Europeans wanted to stop it they could. They choose not to stop it.

Why does any nation have a duty to take in refugees? If a church or individual wants to, and pledges to support them, sure, why not. But nations? In the tens of thousands?
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/1/2015 11:09:02 AM

Luckily my Euro country is very racist so they are only passing through...

Two things: last time I was in Italy there were plenty of Africans there. One of those double take moments was in Sienna. I walked by a woman talking to her kids in Mandarin - I live in Vancouver and that's pretty normal. When she switched to Italian, I did a double take. Used to parents switching between Mandarin and English; the Italian threw me.

And they're passing through because Italy is a basket case. They want to go to a country with a stable economy.
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/1/2015 11:46:10 AM
Yes its a shame there are some blacks there..... Italians are too busy living la vita bella to get organised.

The North of Italy is not a basket case. Actually the whole country is recovering...
Hopefully the boats start firing live ammo before its too late.
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/2/2015 7:26:18 PM
After hearing about the conditions Sweden is in and current refugee situation
I tried to figure out what had really happened to EU (European Union).

The problem is in EU there is no sovereign state. If you are keeping the records,
EU with all its various names with borders have become a new type of colony of
USA. Some say they are vassal states of USA, I call them colonies because the
governments of EU countries take dictations from Washington days in days out.
Their economy is controlled and dependent on USA, their political power and military are under full
control of Washington. USA has become a colonial power without the knowledge of the masses
in EU and in USA. I present 3 examples:

a) When everyone realized Iraq war was a mistake, not a single EU leader raised his hand and politely
said, "Mr president, it is wrong".

b) When it became known NSA directly spied on Merkel of Germany and Hollande of France, they just made
half hearted protest and forgot soon. A sovereign leader would have recalled his/her Ambassador
and broke ties.

c) When US imposed sanction against Russia, all EU states quietly followed Washington's wishes
even though EU's energy supply from Russia virtually stopped, EU's agriculture took a hard blow
from the retaliatory sanctions by Russia on EU.

My point is the current refugee problem of Europe started when Washington requested
(ya sure, not ordered) EU to take in refugees from war-torn Middle East. Plain and simple.
I do not know why Washington targeted Sweden so badly.

Copy and paste, click on the pic to see 'arrows' on the side for more pic.

Life is a B*TCH.
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/2/2015 10:45:06 PM
The Germans were hard hit when they opened the border once again and some of the old timers are still quite bitter about all the money they had to invest into the "East Zone" ... to bring it up to par after the USSR neglected it for almost 1/2 century.

I have not spoken with many of my friends over there lately but I can't imagine they are happily welcoming all the Middle East Refugees with open arms. I do know that they generally consider the Americans as horrible war mongers.

I look for the US to be expected to take on still more refugees ... a lot more. We broke it and now Europe will expect us to take care of it. I have a feeling the EU will start demanding more and more money from us so they can take care of the refugees we created.

Phyllis Bennis is right about Israel’s nuclear weapons being a major factor in the Mideast Arms race ... "Israel is making a concerted effort to forestall a resolution that would subject its nuclear facilities to inspection from the International Atomic Energy Agency. The resolution has been put forth by Egypt, and will be voted on in mid-September. New Internationalism project director Phyllis Bennis joins The Real News Network and says the Iran deal provides an opportunity to challenge Israel’s unacknowledged, uninspected, but very well-known nuclear weapons arsenal."

If the world wants to know what Iran is up to then they also have a right to know what Israel is up to.
 vlad dracul
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/3/2015 2:53:43 AM
working class europeans are certainly not welcoming in refugees with open arms. It is us who suffer the effects of this influx. Never the well off elites.
Germany is talking of putting border posts back up. In hungary the main rail station is closed to stop hundreds of migrants going to germany. Nationalist parties are on the rise all over europe. Macedonian police are tear gassing migrants to stop them entering the country. Italy wants border controls.

This is a major crisis yet a lot of you shermans seem oblivious to what is going on. If or should i say when nationalist parties take control americas arse will be out the window because most see russia as an allie. Or at least as a trading partner.

"By Justin Huggler, Berlin2:19PM BST 24 Aug 2015
Police in Germany have fought running battles for three nights with far-Right protesters trying to prevent asylum-seekers moving into a government shelter.
Protesters threw bottles, stones and fireworks at police in the town of Heidenau, in what a police spokesman described as a “manifestly organised, massive attack”.
Police responded with tear gas and baton charges. At least 31 police officers were injured in the violence.
The protesters chanted neo-Nazi slogans and sang the Horst Wessel Song, a banned Nazi anthem, according to local reports."
 vlad dracul
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/3/2015 4:54:33 AM
Just watching sky news live from hungary just now. Interspersed with footage of the wee laddie lying dead on the beach after their boat capsized.
The laddies family had been refused entry to canada so chose to use people smugglers to get into europe instead. Now the family apart from the da are all dead.

In hungary a geezer just pulled his wife and bairn on to the railway tracks. The polis had to handcuff him and drag him away.

Now all this is tragic. But they are illegal immigrants under law. Hungary should return them back to turkey. Its been reported that saudi arabia, Qatar and a few other arab countries have stated zero refugees in their nations.

What can be done? Support assad in syria and help crush islamic state. Then help rebuild the country our various nations helped to destroy.

Then return all the refugees who are syrian. The tradgedy is that no one wants them. Not even their arab bretheren. Europe certainly does not want or need them.

Don't be fooled by waffling politicos or middle class liberals bleating away. It is the working class that will rise up and rather sadly take it out on the migrants rather than our delusional elites.

Have a good day y'all
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/3/2015 3:18:03 PM
Canada is supposed to be helping way more but instead we all sending troops and ammo. Harper has to go.

This idiot thinks bombing will help those that are fleeing....bombings.
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/3/2015 5:10:28 PM

Numbers of civilian casualties, air strikes etc. are a lot different than the coalition owes up to. No war in Syria? think again.
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/3/2015 5:31:19 PM

Now all this is tragic. But they are illegal immigrants under law. Hungary should return them back to turkey

Most Hungarians( like most EE countries) are some of the most racist Xenophobes on the planet. They actually have a large population that wants to return to fascism. Those immigrants will feel very unwelcome there.

I have heard some of the refugges are ending up in Ukraine. EU probably told them they must take some as a condition of receiving money. Pat of the UA conflict is because half the country doesn't want typical EU integration , which includes immigrants. That is actually a major motivation.
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/3/2015 6:56:18 PM
Fascism is on the rise because people think that they are or can be part of the greedo, racist click mafia referred to by some as the elite. They don't get it. All they are doing is pushing others ahead of them into despair.

I wonder if the coalition (nato) will allow the Turks to go after the Kurds again? (When they/we are done using them).
Joined: 7/24/2015
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/3/2015 7:46:34 PM
Europeans being Racists and xenophobes..No.
Nationalists - Yes!!

Call it whatever you want to call it. They are being invaded by a religion that does not mix with who they are.
IF it is called racists and xenophobic by not being in favor of the muslim invasion, then I hope they become more racist and more xenophobic!!
Put down facebook and look back at the news well before this invasion started going on.
Better yet, take a look at this Youtube video on Bill Maher talking about islam.
Keep in mind, Bill Maher is the poster child for atheism. Every chance he gets, he bashes Christianity. You should listen to him compare islam and Christianity.
He gets it.
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/4/2015 1:59:46 AM
“Fleeing Libya, Muslims Throw Christian Refugees Overboard
Italian police have arrested men accused of throwing 12 Christians off of a boat during a voyage from Libya to Italy. The Jerusalem Postreports:
According to police, the suspects, all Muslim, hailed from Mali, Senegal and the Ivory Coast. The 12 Christians who were killed came from Nigeria and Ghana.”

Why don’t these refugees seek asylum in other African nations? Why as Biala pointed out do they only want to infiltrate predominantly white nations. Who wants these murderers in their countries?

Recently a boatload of these refugees reached Thailand. The Thai government gave them supplies and sent them on their way.

I’m not very sympathetic toward refugees/immigrants because we’ve so many of them here. They are not very grateful to be here, rather they come here with an entitlement mentality. For decades I’ve been hearing that there are 11/12 million illegals here. They are pouring in every day but the media and politicians never increase the number.

“Sweden has the highest rate of rape in Europe and second highest in the world
"In Sweden, according to official crime statistics, the number of reported rapes has quadrupled during the past 20 years.”

Muslims raped over 300 Swedish children and 700 women in first 7 months of 2013 TIP OF THE ICEBERG as 90 percent of them go unreported”



All over the world, people are desperate to escape their 3rd world shithole countries and move into the white countries. Then when they do, they want to bring the same lifestyle...same of everything into these countries. They left a hellhole, now they are setting up that exact same hellhole in the country they move to.

I am a huge fan of Geert Wilders. I have given money to him on more than one occasion.
He's one of the few politicians I have any respect for.~Villabolos

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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/4/2015 3:45:40 AM
All this time I thought that Orione was black or a dark latino who was posting tongue in cheek.

Vlad - When the government does not address a problem ( "migrants"(???), unchecked police action, illegal border crossing) some people see a need to take extreme measures because the rest of us are too. . . . . . . . . .scared? . . . . . . . .passive ????? .. . . . . ....cowed??????........ . .. . trying to be diplomatic, but you get the drift here. .

if Germany goes along with it, I wonder how long its great economy will last.

Dame - Truly questions:

1) Why should Canada take any?
2) If they take some, how many? How many is too many?
3) Do you settle them all in one area or spread them aroum to blend into the existing society?
4) How does the healthcare and "welfare" system play in this?

My cousin took her child to a children's hospital in MA and was furious by the time she left because she pays $1800 per month for healthcare for her family and she saw many foreigners and American subsidized getting free treatment while she still has to pay out of pocket.

Many countries are already multi-racial. The question is one of multi-cultural. And Balkanization.
I don't think that Mexico would like 12 million Chinese at once.
 vlad dracul
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/4/2015 8:16:09 AM
I notice that the wee bairns who died had a request to go to canada turned down. The aunty who lived in canada would not accept that. She sent money to pay people smugglers. End result? Nearly a whole family died because of the actions of the aunty. She was as much to blame for their deaths as anyone.

On sky news just now. Illegal immigrants have broke a police cordon in hungary and started walking to austria.

The hungarians WHO ARE ENFORCING eu law by requiring illegal immigrants to register are now seen as the enemy.

The illegal immigrants could not give a donald duck about european laws. We have to live by them. We cannot pick and choose.

Hungary is in the right. The bleating mouthpieces who prosecute any european who shows dissent to their laws now say if you are an illegal immigrant just do as you please.

Send them back to turkey where they illegally crossed european borders. But hey the turks dont want them. Arab nations dont want them.

How about india, pakistan, south korea, china, indonesia, argentina, chile, mexico, south africa, zimbabwe et al. Why do they not welcome these illegal immigrants?

There is going to be some trouble.
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/4/2015 8:45:37 AM

I notice that the wee bairns who died had a request to go to canada turned down.

Just in the interests of accuracy: the aunt tried to sponsor a different brother.

Carry on.
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/4/2015 8:53:11 AM
Greece should never have been admitted in the first place... they don't make anything... worthless.
Turkey would make a better member.
If the Poms want to leave let them..... they can piss off out of UEFA that would improve it.
Would be funny though since most of their companies are owned by foreigners now.
 vlad dracul
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/4/2015 9:03:40 AM
"Just in the interests of accuracy: the aunt tried to sponsor a different brother.

Carry on"

Not according to this report.

Carry on.

"The family of a three-year-old Syrian boy whose body was washed up on a beach in Turkey were making a final, desperate attempt to flee to relatives in Canada even though their asylum application had been rejected, according to reports.

Syria was already at war when Aylan Kurdi was born. He died with his five-year-old brother, Galip, and mother, Rehan. Their father, Abdullah, survived.

Their aunt Teema Kurdi, a hairdresser in Vancouver, heard the news from her brother Mohammad’s wife, Ghuson. “She had got a call from Abdullah, and all he said was, my wife and two boys are dead,” she told the National Post.

“I was trying to sponsor them, and I have my friends and my neighbours who helped me with the bank deposits, but we couldn’t get them out, and that is why they went in the boat."

"The aunt of the little boy who was washed up on a beach in Turkey says she is racked with guilt after paying for the deadly sea crossing."

Well if i am incorrect i indeed do apologise. Unfortunately what you say is not what is being reported in the uk.
Carry on
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/4/2015 9:15:59 AM
I live in Canada, in the same metropolis as the aunt, and saw her interviewed on local TV last night. She tried to sponsor a different brother. She was also planning to sponsor this particular brother, but hadn't yet submitted the application.

You can carry on with your inaccuracy, or you can say thanks for the update.
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/4/2015 9:40:26 AM

1) We should take them in because we are human and they need our help. What they have to live with right now is not OK> They NEED help.

2) We should start with 100,000. right away. First come fist serve. We can deal with the issues when they get here. No matter how unprepared we are, it's better than what they are fleeing. We have the means and the land.

3). Probably have them settle in larger groups for now, ( through out the land) so they can have each other and communities don't get over loaded. In time, relocate to and help them build new villages.

4). We can tax the hell out of landlords (foreign and domestic) who are holding investment property and not using it.

5) There are many empty properties, investors are just waiting for the economy to recover so they can flip their property. We can borrow if for emergency housing, or build on it.

We can say that holding is not allowed. We can insist that shipping raw materials is not allowed, so build the factories here. Build community around it and put people to work or you will be taxed beyond the value of your holding property. Holding property should not be allowed...use it or lose it. Make it a wise decision to allow/support/build sustainable housing, community and get all people to work (including refugees) to make it happen. Give a living wage and pay back those that hire them through wage help and/or a tax deduction. Hire one Canadian and you will be allowed to hire a refugee and taxes will pay their wage for 2 years while training them. (I'm sure they will prove themselves). Taxes can pay for the 2 years. Tax all who have stock market investments/earnings at a higher rate. (example add 20%, 30% or 50%). Those that invest in sustainable companies/ developments won't have to pay the whole 20, 30 or 50% for as long as they invest more than 50% in sustainable investments.

6). Take the profit out of unsustainable investments and war because that is what is causing this crisis. Do not go to war for them, stay in your community and raise your kids and build it up and healthy.

Vlad: Read something other than lies/propaganda about the boys/refugees.
Joined: 7/24/2015
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/4/2015 10:28:34 AM
Wow!! What wonderful ideas you have!!! Pat yourself on the back!!
Those will work out like you wouldn't believe!!
You show them love and they'll no doubt reciprocate .
They are your friends and have your best interest in mind. They are just like you and think the way you do.
I'm sure you'll be the hit of your wine & hor'deuvers party tonight with all your other white do-gooder friends.

I'm sure Vlad would like to kick them all out of Europe and ship them to Canada. Like he said, Canada doesn't want them.

Perhaps you can start a drive to bring your ideas to fruition.
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/4/2015 11:42:03 AM
Y'all think it's bad now ...wait'll climate change refugees start ...

While the estimates of future migrants vary widely, from tens of thousands to one billion, there’s little question that an increase in climate refugees is on the way.

Already in 2008 Srgjan Kerim, president of the United Nations General Assembly, warned global warming could cause up to 200 million refugees worldwide -- per year.

But today, increased displacement due to more frequent large-scale natural disasters is challenging an already stressed international humanitarian system. As recent floods, storms, and droughts have showed, the current system is ill-prepared to effectively respond.

British Columbians, brace yourselves for a possible mass migration of Californians to our coastline. According to several scientists, the Pacific Northwest is one of the safest places to live as far as climate change is concerned.

I think I better start a movement now to prevent those nasty, dirty, lazy Californians from ruining my wonderful Canadian lifestyle. No f'ng way should I be bothered to help those caught in less fortunate circumstances. ;p
Joined: 9/23/2011
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/4/2015 12:45:38 PM

Well if i am incorrect i indeed do apologise. Unfortunately what you say is not what is being reported in the uk.

the following is an excerpt from " The Province" one of two daily Vancouver newspapers

. .Within hours, however, Citizenship and Immigration Canada said it received no refugee application from the father of the two drowned boys.

It did, however, receive an application for Abdullah Kurdi's brother, Mohammed, but said it was incomplete and did not meet regulatory requirements for proof of refugee status recognition.

Tima Kurdi confirmed later in the day that her family had only made an official request for Mohammed Kurdi, explaining she and her husband could only afford to sponsor one brother. They planned to apply for Mohammed first and subsequently bring Abdullah and his family to Canada.
 vlad dracul
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Europe's Refugee Crisis
Posted: 9/4/2015 1:04:30 PM
Then i stand corrected. But in my defence i can only go on what we were told here. The aunty however must take her share of the blame. She payed criminals to traffic her family illegally into europe. And they are dead. It has also been reported here that the family lived in turkey for a year. What was wrong with them remaining in turkey?

In fact why are the turks not setting up refugee camps? Why are the gulf states refusing to take any refugees at all? Where is their compassion for their fellow man?

Are folk in the north americas that we have mass unemployment? That we have homeless and families in homeless accommodation in their thousands??

It is very easy to be all compassionate when you live thousands of miles away. It is us. The folk in europe who bear the brunt.

Yes there are folks in need. Ive no problem with that. Most though are economic migrants. Most are single young males. Have they abandoned their women folk and bairns?

This is going to be messy. We are getting 10,000. Germany 800,000. Does ANYONE actually think we can sustain these numbers when our own folk are struggling?

By accepting those smuggled by people traffickers we are showing that it is an acceptable way to illegally enter europe.

Lets see canada accept 1,000,000 non documented refugees. Then i might be a touch more understanding.

Sounds like a cunning plan to me. Go for it
And one family wanted to go but canada said no.

Ps three of that family are dead now
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