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Joined: 11/4/2015
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Quite right.
The three of you faceless posters above are right.

It seems I am seeking an extinct being.
An imperfect 50 something, available, truly single man seeking an equal relationship with an imperfect 50 something woman.

Name tags? Now if they were all in a room at the same time that would certainly be helpful. But it is OK. I am sure the great majority do not remember me either.

All a no go? Not all were a no go from my end. A no go for anything more than an 18 month living together? Yes.

I am sure the ones who rejected me would say that I am not sufficiently young, hot nor compliant.
If they can use words longer than not and hot.

Quite right.
Perhaps he is extinct.
Although a fair few have had a good disguise for a while till it slipped off.

Many, many women like me have given up searching and either get cats, become man haters or home wreckers. Or have a relationship like Penelope's neighbours.

Showboat Steve..... I will be your noisy Hot Mamma any day.
Joined: 9/18/2015
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Posted: 11/26/2015 12:04:39 PM
Women who send you one pic wearing sunglasses, you reply saying " nice pic, too bad I can't see your eyes " , and the response is :

" my eyes are very small "
Joined: 11/10/2015
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Posted: 11/26/2015 12:33:08 PM
Diana, I wish I had a turkey to glaze and stuff this year.

Alas, all I have is a rotisserie chicken I got yesterday to nibble on.

Guess this bird will have to suffice today...
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Posted: 11/26/2015 1:24:45 PM
Um...happy thanksgiving ya'll.
Joined: 9/9/2015
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Posted: 11/27/2015 12:29:44 AM

Um...happy thanksgiving ya'll.

you're supposed to be ranting drinks...

so... to paraphrase..


there... that's rantish.

(by the way hope everyone had a wonderful day, regardless of if they had turkey, chicken, ham, or whatever the heck it was... whether they were with loved ones in person or talking with loved ones from afar or missing loved ones that have gone before)
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Posted: 11/27/2015 6:07:32 PM
Rant: Lots of people stop smoking, and start vaping. The idea finally "took off" to some extent, and hoards of non-smokers no longer have to put up with the second-hand smoke or the smell. No more smoking. Better health. No smoke in all of the places where people didn't want there to be clouds of smoke. No nasty chemicals or smells, and now just some vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, various (more agreeable) smells, and nicotine in the air...only these 4 things...and in trace amounts. Quite harmless and unobtrusive...

...a big selling-point was to be able to "smoke" in public and around other people, but not bother others as before. But guess what? Vaping is allowed almost nowhere. Now vaporizing people are just as much the pariahs as before, banned practically universally, and maybe even more than smoking was. Vaping is ridiculed as if there is no in "why in the world are they bothering? It's stupid to vape." Smokers, believe it or not, got more respect than vapers.

I've heard some excuses, but they're outrageous - you can't tell if someone has drugs in their vape (same with someone walking around with alcohol in their drink, or has some drugs in their cigs). Or people are bothered by the vape (seems more like an unjustified shitty attitude the people have decided to have "just for the hell of it", like making fun of the guy who has personalized his car and made it real cool, and if his tail-pipe makes any noise at all, people make fun of it like he's trying to be cool for everybody and show off...isn't allowed to enjoy the work that he's done to his car.)
Joined: 9/4/2013
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Posted: 11/27/2015 6:37:31 PM

Too many people are busybodies who want to control everyone else. For many the idea that someone, somewhere is having unregulated and untaxed fun leads to chronic insomnia.
Joined: 7/29/2014
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Posted: 11/27/2015 6:54:16 PM
Im sorry if I offended you Castlehill. but why would you single me out? Frankly,why would you single me out for being in the relationship I am? I can not control my neighbors or my dear one, but I can control my life. I sent you a personal message and you never replied. So lets put it out here. I am concerned about you and hope you will step up your therapy. Really I am in the same boat as you but .. ya you kind of need to get a grip.
BTW.. dont know why your angst about me but I wish you the best. *nods on*

Joined: 7/29/2014
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Posted: 11/27/2015 7:04:13 PM
Clooney... So does this mean you dont want to sleep with me?
Rant - Mr Apnea sleeping in the unit behind me. His snores reverberate through my wall.

I need to find a hot momma so I can slam my headboard into the wall and wake him up.
This mean you dont want to sleep with me?
Joined: 11/10/2015
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Posted: 11/27/2015 7:20:09 PM
Darling, if you can make it to LAX, I promise wine in the evening and breakfast in the morning.

And...we'll be sure to wake up Mr. Apnea too.

Heck, when we're done, even the neighbors will be smoking...
Joined: 11/15/2015
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Posted: 11/27/2015 7:41:16 PM
I'm smoking just reading the above. Actually, I am doing the vap thing too.
Joined: 3/22/2015
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Posted: 11/27/2015 9:52:24 PM
Diana, I am your age and long ago gave up on the idea of finding someone suitable to be with. I think that it may be worse to have hope than not. I don't know. I also understand how long and lonely the nights can be but radio is a wonderful companion. There are many other things in life to enjoy and many relationships are unhappy and even unhealthy. I just remember that when I look around at the marriages I know.

I have my lonely bouts but they don't last and I just get on with life. If in the normal course of life someone comes along, then so be it. I am just appreciative of what I do have.
Joined: 11/4/2015
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RANT and apologies
Posted: 11/27/2015 10:54:02 PM
Penelope....... misunderstanding.
I meant your arguing neighbours.

I also have lived next door to people who have screaming arguments and throw things at all hours of the day and night.

Not aimed at you.
At your noisy and uncouth neighbours.

Apologies for any misunderstanding.
You are wonderful.
I would message you personally but I cannot get through your filters.

Just checked my inbox again.
No. Nothing from you.
Vanished into the ether.
Again apologies for causing any angst.
It was unintentional.

As to my 'therapy'. The easiest way I can describe it is sort of desensitisation.
Like they do for people who are scared of spiders, fear of flying.. that sort of thing.

Seems I wear my heart on my sleeve and expect people to do as they say.
I trust.
Personally I have not considered these to be bad traits till now.

This 'therapy' is trying to get me to accept singledom as my forever being.
To not want nor crave a lovers kiss or to be wrapped in his arms.
To realise that I may never again experience these much wanted things.
To not have tears come to my eyes when I say these words or even type them.
To not get upset when I am stood up.
To not get upset when someone lies to me or does against what they have promised.
To not expect that someone will do what they say they will do
To accept that I will be a born again virgin.
To stop looking. To stop hoping.

^^ I do not like any of these realities.

To ignore other women who say "All men are bastards"
To ignore other women who say "Just go after another woman's husband. Everyone else is. It happened to you. It is the only way."

One of the reasons I joined this forum was to try and understand men and the new world order of dating. I do not understand it.
Also all you 'strangers' are not my real life family and friends.
Sometimes 'strangers', especially strangers who have similar experiences can have an insight without being emotionally involved. There are quite a few of you I would love to meet and have a real life chat. I am sure we would enjoy each other's company.

I meet and interact with wonderful men every day.
Sometimes literally hundreds if I am at a function or a conference or other event.
The conference I attended a week ago was full of intelligent, fabulous men and women.
Including a Nobel Prize Winner.
I was hugging, dancing and joking with many magnificient men.
None available to me.

I wish my reality were different.

Letitia is right.
So many women have accepted this reality and I want to be one of those who can hold her head high, still smile, laugh and be a woman who enjoys the company of men.

End of rant.

More bubbly in the fridge.

Joined: 5/7/2005
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RANT and apologies
Posted: 11/28/2015 6:28:21 AM
Anybody having troubles getting onto the forums the last couple of days.

I'm thinking I could be ranting about my laptop that will be imbedded into a wall soon.
Joined: 2/14/2010
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RANT and apologies
Posted: 11/28/2015 6:35:03 AM
I'm having that problem too, where it's hit and miss if it's working or not.
Joined: 11/10/2015
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RANT and apologies
Posted: 11/28/2015 6:45:39 AM
sheesh, I can log in and not post it seems...........

Oh wait, that worked! Now back to the thread I really wanted to reply to in another forum (this place is really starting to get on my nerves)
Joined: 5/30/2014
Msg: 567
RANT and apologies
Posted: 11/28/2015 7:32:14 AM
I'm sick of pondering the fate of Schroedinger's Cat~ Or am I?
Joined: 10/8/2015
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RANT and apologies
Posted: 11/28/2015 8:33:26 AM

Message #571:
Anybody having troubles getting onto the forums the last couple of days.

I think everyone is experiencing the same issue.
Joined: 3/7/2014
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Posted: 11/28/2015 8:53:31 AM

I will confess that I have started to visit a psychologist to help me admit that it is futile and that I should give up looking.
10 years. Met over 600 men.

The Guinness people will not be happy to hear this.(the giving up part)
Joined: 7/3/2015
Msg: 570
Posted: 11/28/2015 12:34:51 PM
I would like to rant about the days when I unexpectedly wake up with torturous muscle pain in some region of my back. I have no idea what causes it. Last night it could not have been cold air. It was warm, and the window was almost closed. I have a lot of housework to do today plus going to a movie screening later, and this muscle pain is really in the way.
Joined: 9/9/2015
Msg: 571
Posted: 11/28/2015 1:21:19 PM

I would like to rant about the days when I unexpectedly wake up with torturous muscle pain in some region of my back. I have no idea what causes it. Last night it could not have been cold air. It was warm, and the window was almost closed. I have a lot of housework to do today plus going to a movie screening later, and this muscle pain is really in the way.

ouch... does not sound like lots of fun (hope the movie screening is fun)

I pulled something in one of my last three week's trips (probably oen of the two where i hauled 80 pounds of computers plus the bag) and it's been screaming at me ever since too.. massage, hot tubbing, self massage... icy hot and stretching have nto helped either. it's driving me crazy... ah well...
Joined: 5/7/2005
Msg: 572
Posted: 11/28/2015 4:08:25 PM

I'm having that problem too, where it's hit and miss if it's working or not.


Saved me a laptop.

And a hole in the wall.

It is a weird glitch that's for sure.
Joined: 11/4/2015
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Posted: 11/28/2015 4:37:51 PM
I have had the same problem loggin in.
Thought it was me.
Haver learned how to clear cookies.
And that not all cookies are tasty.
Joined: 11/15/2015
Msg: 574
Posted: 11/28/2015 5:01:15 PM
It's the site and has nothing to do with clearing cookies or anything else. It's not like this site was put together by experts, it's a mosaic of Bandaids.
Joined: 11/7/2015
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Posted: 11/28/2015 5:18:11 PM
Actually, I find it kind of weird that anyone maintains this site at all, being that there's no revenue generated from it from advertising. Maybe for research purposes? But that seems strange too, because it has such a select population of users.
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