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Re transients: You can make homelessness illegal... But it's expensive to keep people in jail. The only viable solution is to take a similar approach to the one in "A Modest Proposal", and that is to eat homeless people. With the rising cost of meat, and with the holiday season approaching, it would be a win-win. Actually, we should not only eat homeless people, but anyone who is having a hard go of it, including the mentally ill. Oh! Let's throw obese people in there, too - delicious!

* Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, Everyone!

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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 10:37:03 AM
I have been very involved in this issue for well over a year now, since it's gotten really bad. The police are strapped by the ACLU's ruling that the homeless have rights, regardless of the destruction they do to the surrounding communities. Their hoarded junk and stolen shopping carts cant be just taken from them, even if what they have is has to be stored in lockers for a certain amount of time and even getting the police out at all is a chore because they dont care. Our city councilman is beyond useless and resents our continued cries for help..partially because it is not PC to consider the homeless and mentally ill addicts a problem. Some of us are getting out there and grabbing their crap when they arent around and throwing it out. We continually work with the local park ranger who has his hands full monitoring several open areas where these scumbags hang out without fear, do drugs, sell drugs and pass out from drugs.

No one wants to touch it. It's too much of a hot button issue and there is always that fear of stepping on their rights and being considered intolerant of's really really f*cked up.
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 10:42:18 AM

Some of us are getting out there and grabbing their crap when they arent around and throwing it out.

It's like volunteering at the local soup kitchen, but different.
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 11:28:05 AM
^^^^^Lmao! Ms. Baby!

Ms. LucidTheory?

After reading your profile....if I were you...I would just say NO to those drugs. But that's just me. :)
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 11:39:19 AM
I don't even understand the question, and no, it's not because I'm puffing at the moment.

Are you wondering why you don't hear the older ones "promoting" what they do during their recreational time OP? Not all people will tell you how much they love to have a bottle of wine, or heaven help them, a bottle of the good stuff. They just do it. Tis the same with the puffing of the illegal, except for in a couple of the States, green stuff. Now, of course the young ones will do a lot of this promoting. If for any reason, they are still learning.

And to comment of message 27, and definitely, off topic. You've got a lot of learning to do, if you actually believe that the drug use, alcohol use, etc is the "main" reason for people in our North American society being "homeless". It may be "part" of the problem, but, more than likely the usage is partially be default, not the main "problem". No matter how much you "throw out", you are NOT fixing or "helping" the true "problems". You just think you are.
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 11:44:32 AM
If you are looking for some real old stoners, The ones that smoke and use often. Well at list the ones who used a lot when younger. You find most of them in jail or doing some simple jobs. Many when you talk to them it takes them a while to comprehend what is said or come with an answer. They tend to just get by in life mostly with our tax money. They cant hold a job and the job they have is the bare min. I know that everyone is saying its only a plant but if you smoke long enough it would show.
Yes there are some that after many years of using they still have enough brain matter to lead a productive life late on in life and it seems that everyone keep pointing fingers that not all are losers. But they are not the common ones. They are few and far in between.

Many of the drug users are actually having mental issues and they self medicate by using drugs. Many of them had problems even before they started to use. It a down hill problem with nothing good at the end.

The homeless problem is that most are mentally sick who use the drugs to help themselves make it another day. with some drug addicts in there cause they cant stop so they ended up on the street with burned out brains. Then you add a few very nasty predators thrown in, Who you don't want to meet in a dark corner.

A good way to remove the homeless, when you see them go on there rounds collecting cans or what not. Call 311 here in LA and ask them to come over and remove some garbage that was dumped at night time. They would come with special truck scoop all the belonging in 5-6min and drive away. When the homeless comes back all there stuff is gone.
Of course you do that after you try and have them go away the nice way. Or you can just ruin all there belonging by pouring something that makes it smell even worse. or what ever else you can think of.
But I found that calling 311 is the best cause you don't have to deal with garbage left behind. Then come back and there is nothing out there all of there belonging poof and gone.
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 11:50:45 AM
Sorry, Walts, but I believe you are off base with your stance on homelessness and drug use.

According to the San Diego Police Department:

"Homelessness is an extremely complex social problem that impacts the quality of life in our community. There are no easy solutions.

"The SDPD [San Diego Police Department] and elected officials in the County and City recognize that there is a fine line between homelessness as a social issue and a criminal issue. Many homeless are on the street because of substance abuse, mental illness or both. "

"While being homeless is not a crime, many kinds of public conduct are illegal and should be reported to the SDPD. These include being intoxicated, loitering, prowling, fighting, trespassing, aggressive panhandling, soliciting, urinating/defecating, consuming alcoholic beverages in certain public places, camping or sleeping in parks, littering, obstructing sidewalks, living in a vehicle parked on a public street, disturbing the peace by loud and unreasonable noises, using offensive words, behaving in a threatening manner and more."

Source: "Prevention Tips" Dealing with Homeless People," San Diego Police Department, 2015.
Joined: 9/20/2015
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 12:10:47 PM
"The homeless problem is that most are mentally sick who use the drugs to help themselves make it another day. with some drug addicts in there cause they cant stop so they ended up on the street with burned out brains."

Perhaps, a discussion on more funding and expansion for community based mental health facilities is in order since homelessness is linked to the deinstitutionalization movement.

Throwing away or ruining a homeless person's belongings may serve as a method to achieve your goal of making them someone else's problem but it also serves to highlight a lack of compassion and empathy. Very sad.
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 12:19:55 PM
Kj521- It is sad.
I don't see those people and think, what a bum, go get a job, I think there but for grace go I.
I have family and friends, my mental health is good (well, most of the time).
Not everyone can say that.
There are a lot of people one illness, one paycheck, away from having it happen.
The restaurants here are REQUIRED to throw away left over food.
Look up how much food gets thrown away.
There is enough food in this country that NO ONE should have to go hungry, how much people waste is mind boggling.
As far as the mental health issue...........
You are 100% correct, a good portion of the homeless population are people suffering from mental illness, many of them veteran's who served our country and came back home broken.
It's disgraceful, if we are going to ask people to put their lives on the line for our country, we should take care of them after they come home.
Compassion and understanding are free, considering people disposable costs us all, we pay for it, one way or another.
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 12:38:01 PM
I don't know where lack of empathy comes from in adults, but with youth it's apparently correlated with childhood neglect? (I'm not positive.) I think of a child not being comforted when he/she cries. And that makes me want to give all you crazy kids a big teary hug.

The image of pouring something smelly on the belongings of homeless people is going to stick with me for awhile.
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 1:00:20 PM
Malcolm Gladwell wrote about an experiment in Colorado where they housed homeless people. I know, pretty radical.

Anyway, they looked at what homeless people cost the system in terms of policing and especially hospitalization and tried putting half that money into putting them in apartments and support. Turns out it mostly works! Saves money and improves the quality of life for everyone. Fewer homeless people; less money spent; the formerly homeless were actually happier living indoors.

But it's pretty tough to sell that to voters who just want to punish them for being poor and addicted.
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 1:20:20 PM
Excellent point, HalfTimeDad. Well said.
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 1:23:37 PM
Have you ever read The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls? It gives a description from a child's point of view of what it's like to have mentally ill parents who are often homeless.
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 1:43:09 PM
"Throwing away or ruining a homeless person's belongings may serve as a method to achieve your goal of making them someone else's problem but it also serves to highlight a lack of compassion and empathy. Very sad."

What's more sad is that tax paying community stakeholders like myself have to put up with their hoarding garbage day in and day out. They drag piles of crap into the public park and set up encampments everywhere, filled with drug use and fighting. They threaten people every day out here when they try to shop, pestering them for money and talking filthy when not given any. They throw heaps of garbage, soaking wet clothes and shopping carts into the wash behind our homes, they start fires, steal lawn furniture, bikes and everything not nailed down and take it down into the wash. They are now walking into people's homes and people are finding transients standing there in their living rooms. A new local park opened right next to the wash and it wasnt a week that went by before tweakers were witnessing setting up garbage encampments and taking advantage of the drinking fountain by pulling their pants down and washing their vaginas in of the local scumbag tweakers was photographed washing her kootch in a drinking fountain.

These people have been offered help and dont want it...some go for a day then return to the streets because you cant shoot up in a shelter..we have essentially an open air asylum of meth heads, drunks and addicts who do not WANT help. We had one young lady found face down in the gutter...strung out on heroin...she was offered help and she refused, and is now currently set up behind McDonalds continuing to shoot up. We've had some of them abusing dogs, we had one drunk run out into traffic last Friday close to my house and was killed by a van. know who I feel sorry for? The rest of us who have to live in the hell they are allowed to create.

Until you live a day or so up here, you don't know what "sad" is. You better believe I'm out there throwing out their shit. They are ruining our parks and are at the end of my own street leaving garbage all over the place. They collect and hoard filthy wet trash, rotted food cat litter containers, they just pull shit out of trash cans and dump it where ever they want. We had one guy start hoarding and filling up about 30 feet worth of garbage under the local freeway overpass. It was mountains made up entirely of junk. The guy as a chronic transient hoarder and this is what he did all day. It took THREE MONTHS of non stop persistent calls to the city to finally get the crap cleaned up. Then he went on to leave shopping carts down at the end of MY street loaded with rotted magazines, garbage, sticks of wood and other worthless shit. This is what the police consider "belongings." I consider it GARBAGE and the worthless scumbags that are making my neighborhood a wreck, you can have them if you think we lack compassion. I'll arrange to have them sent over to your doorstep.

Oh, not interested? Yeah...didn't think so.
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 2:01:08 PM
As much as everyone would like to think that if we give a homeless person a house and something to do. That all they need to get off the street, Its not how it plays. While the LMN movie about homeless to Harvard was a good movie that's not how it happens. Its does work in a few cases where people lost it all and try to get back on there feet.
For those people if you offer some help that all they need. I'm all for it but they are a very small portion of the homeless.

The old men that I caused to have his things to be removed were asked to not pile his things two feet away from my gate. To not harass my clients. It was done for over a week. I called the cops to help out and they tell me that they know all about him. They tried to get him into a home but he preferred to live on the street. The social worker couldn't do much about him. So they just keep tabs on him and that's all they can do.
Then he decided to carry around a shovel. There is no way I would have someone around me that I don't trust carry a shovel. That would not end well for one of us.

Yes I called the sanitation dept and had them remove every single thing he owned. He was left with nothing but the cloths on his back. No I didn't feel sorry for him what so ever. Next time I would not let it go on for so long. I would take care of it faster and sooner.

Every one can call on it and talk about compassion and empathy and many people do. Until its there front door or there house or a place of work and they have to deal with it. Its not a movie or a talk show. Many of them have mental problem or drug problem and most have both. Would you want to come out of your place and not know what state of mind that nice old men is??

It is someone else problem and talk is cheap. Until it becomes your problem and you have to deal with it. You might have had to deal with one when they had a good day or one of the few normal down on there luck people. Just wait till you meet one of the other ones. When they think you should give them your spare change and they wont take no for an answer. I wonder which phone call are you going to make? The one to the cops about a dangerous vagrant or home to get the dinner table ready and make sure there is enough hot water in the tub? Or just run away or give your money and hope that someone else would do something about it.

If any of you ever in LA let me know and I would take you to meet some nice people in down town LA.
I had to deal with them a lot more now then I used to before and I learned a lot about it.
I have a friend who is a social worker with the homeless here in LA and she can tell you more stories about what really is going on out on the streets. The problem is that many of them don't want your help. They will use you for what ever they can and when there is no use for you they would just walk. You are sitting at home nice and comfy and a full belly with the idea that the homeless guy who might have some issues would have the same reasoning skills like you do.
Many of them are homeless for a reason. Nothing would change that. Again just to make sure yes some are just down on there luck and they are in need of help.
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 2:07:44 PM
"you can have them if you think we lack compassion. I'll arrange to have them sent over to your doorstep.

Oh, not interested? Yeah...didn't think so."

You are quite misguided if you think Florida doesn't have its' own homeless population.

So.....I'll take yours and you take mine? :)
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 2:18:34 PM
You can keep yours and take ours as well. I'm sure they would love the weather over there. If you give us your address I would make sure to pass it along. Letting them know that they would be more then welcome in that neighborhood.
You do welcome them in your neighborhood?? and we can count on your neighbors to think like you??
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 2:29:51 PM

Was a major stoner.
I'm still a Hippie.
Went to college, always bathed regularly, never had group sex, didn't care for The Grateful Dead....not all stereotypes are true.

1) Went to college – check
2) Always bathed regularly – no, not when on the road. Very hard to bath every day when you’re hitch hiking around the country, from one coast to the other.
3) Never had group sex – WTH, what was the point of being a hippy/hippie if not for the group sex?
4) Didn’t care for The Grateful Dead – I was a hippy, I knew a lot of hippies, very very few of them ever listened to The Grateful Dead. Grace Slick doing White Rabbit, or “White Bird in a Golden Cage”, that was more like it. Or maybe some Led Zep or …

White bird,
in a golden cage,
on a winter's day,
in the rain.

White bird,
in a golden cage,

The leaves blow,
Across the long black road.
To the darkened skies,
in its rage

But the white bird just sits in her cage,

White bird must fly
Or she will die

White bird,
dreams of the aspen trees,
with their dying leaves,
turning gold.

But the white bird just sits in her cage,
growing old.

White bird must fly or she will die.
White bird must fly or she will die.

The sunsets come, the sunsets go.
The clouds roll by,and the earth turns old.
And the young bird's eyes do always glow.
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 2:34:58 PM
Some of my favourite initiatives in my city:
- As soon as the temperature gets below a certain point, lots of churches and whatnot open up for people to sleep there. I do believe it creates enough space for all the homeless. At least, people don't seem to freeze to death here very often. And it saves the middle class from having to trip over all those pesky frozen bodies ;)
- Of course, there are many places that offer free meals a couple times a week, but the really cool thing is this: A "free meals" list is circulated. It breaks down where meals are offered by day of the week. The benefit of this is that the middle class don't have to worry about people getting their garbage all yucky :)
- There are places to shower for free, so those impoverished perverts don't get their rocks off by washing their genitalia in public fountains.

Of course, the resources that are used to provide this stuff could be put toward more policing. And they should be, dammit. It doesn't matter that it doesn't work - it's about Justice!
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 2:37:05 PM
Sure....send them on over. But you have to pay their transportation expenses.

I mean gosh! You can't expect me to do everything!

And should not count on anyone to think just like me. I believe I am one of a kind.;)

But I do volunteer at a homeless outreach program called Mathew's Hope and I have learned....there are a lot of kind, selfless and compassionate souls amongst us. :)
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 2:45:59 PM
I may be many things but not misguided..but thanks for the analysis. I'm well aware of the homeless population all over the US and in Europe, as I've been all over there as well.

However, the interesting thing is is illegal to be homeless there, thus, the streets are neat, safe and 100% free of transients and drunks. Thing is though, you will NEVER get the US to invest in that much mandatory housing and the ACLU will fight to the death to ensure our violent drunks, transients and the mentally ill are free to roam our streets like sacred cows, untouchable and as a permanent meter to determine our levels of tolerance and acceptance, which is more important than safety, security and common sense these days.

Downtown LA is a complete shithole with the largest population of homeless in the US. They are trying to build up the area down there as a place to live and shop, building expensive apartments and trying to make it hip and attractive, but they refuse to do anything about skid row, and there is an ongoing clash of cultures going on, with drug use, violence and escapements pushing right up against $3000 a month apartments. It is a disgusting area of the city and one of the grossest places I've ever seen and driven thru.
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 2:52:20 PM
Kj: Thank-you for doing that.

Oh, I almost forgot: Guess how lots of people on government assistance (mostly mildly developmentally delayed, mentally ill, and the elderly, from what I see) give back to the community? They volunteer at the food bank :)
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 2:54:18 PM
LAgoodguy- The city where I live is not even close to as populated as LA.
I am aware, that in very populated cities, such as LA,the problem is much worse.
We DO have homeless here who are homeless due to alcohol and/or drug problems and you are correct that someone who doesn't WANT help can't be helped.
God, the things I could tell you that my mother put us all through.
I've admitted here, several times, that both she and my father are alcoholics. My mother passed away two years ago, on my youngest sons 14th birthday. My father will have his 41st anniversary of sobriety this month.
My brother and myself were placed in the care of my mothers parents as a direct result of my parents problems.
Life has NOT been easy for me.
I was not pampered or spoiled and I know what it's like to deal with someone under the throws of addiction, unwilling to stop, or if they do, they start back, that was my mother and it made life hell for everyone around her.
I'm just not going to get into what all she did while she was alive, but the fact that I'm not an addict myself is only due to the love of my grandparents and my own strength of will to not repeat the cycle.
My mother died from a stroke. She was in ICU for a week, they gave us NO hope, the stroke was on both sides of her brain.
They kept her sedated and comfortable, towards the end, her organs started to fail, the day before my sons birthday, I got the call that she no longer had bowel sounds,which meant she could no longer digest the feedings they had been giving her through a tube placed into her stomach, had the feedings continued, she would have started throwing them up and aspirated them.
I had to sign the paperwork to discontinue the feedings, no one else would deal with it.
Imagine how that felt, I knew I was doing the right thing, what I did NOT know was how long she would linger without feedings.
Me, my sister and our children came to say our goodbyes, my brother wouldn't come.
I had to decide what to do about my son's birthday, so not knowing what might happen with my mother, I went ahead with his party, only to get a call that very morning at 7am that she was gone.
I went and woke my daughter up and told her where I was going and why, signed all of the paperwork, kissed my mother one last time and then had to go back home and have my son's birthday party and try to NOT break down.
It's the only one of my children's birthdays that I have no memory of.
I decided to wait to tell my son, he found out two days later, at least he got to see her the day before.
So, be careful with assuming about the cushy, pampered life that you might think some of us have led, because we have our own story's too.
No one knows better than I do what it's like to deal with someone who doesn't want help, but I'm still going to help the ones I can, the ones that DO want it.
My reasons for that are my own.
So, now you know, that heartbreak, addiction, needing help, giving help are things I know a thing or two about, so I choose to give as one who knows that my grand parents could have made a different choice.
I AM the person that became someone else's problem, only my grand parents didn't see it that way and where would I be, if they had?
I just don't know.
So, helping others, when I can, is paying back what was given to me, help and love when there WAS another choice.
Thinking about what MIGHT have become of me, had they not taken us in, is EXACTLY why I will help others, because sometimes pain and loss comes with the choices of others.
Doing nothing is a choice I COULD make, but that baby girl with no home and no parents sure is glad my grand patents made a different choice, and because of that thankfulness, I will be happy to pass that choice on.
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 2:59:26 PM
I would prefer to ship them COD this way I make sure you get them.
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Where are all the Aging Stoners?
Posted: 10/12/2015 2:59:28 PM
In some ways 'Homelessness' is a State of mind.... A year after I got out of the Army, My best friend & His wife moved back from the Big City, to His parents Cabin in the mountains. I moved up there with them. We couldn't live in the same place, it just didn't work out. I had a descent job, for the area, but rents were horrible. During the part of the year when there wasn't snow on the ground, I lived at different campsites in the National Forest, there.

People pay good money, to go on Vacation & live like I did. I had a place to shower & a job, but would save money like this during the good weather.

During the Winter, I'd rent a Room, from one local or another. The whole area was a big skiing destination. So, lots of winter jobs were taken, by people who wanted to play Ski Bum for a winter or 2. If they made enough money to get by on & got a Ski Pass, they were happy. But it kept the local wages low, for those who were trying to live there long term. After a couple of years, I moved back to the Big City & rejoined the Rat Race.

In the Army, I would live out of a Rucksack for weeks on end. So living like that wasn't new to me. I didn't think of myself as Homeless, just because I didn't have a Fixed House. Back then, I met a couple of Families, that lived in one of the cheaper Campgrounds on the shore of Lake Tahoe. They had a large wall tent as their home during the summer, & would rent a cabin for the winter. I don't think they felt like they were Homeless, either...
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