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I know a guy who is 63 and gone to see a girl in Cambodia who is 30. He earns nowhere near $2550 a month
he would have to bring the girl to his country to wed her, I guess. Has this law been in for very long????

How the hell is he going to pull that off? It seems by your information that he has limited resources/income, no means to support her with food/medical insurance, and means to fully support another adult human being.

When I, as an American and citizen living abroad, I petitioned for my then husband's VISA, I was already in his country for several years, married for several years, and had a year old son (and my daughter), plus between us, we both had considerable assets and plenty of cash, beyond what was needed for self support, a sponsor for $10,000 (my former fiance turned family friend) just in case, and a place to live in the US with a job ready for me. My father and best friend also pledged financial support. As much as we loved South Africa, we needed to get out there.

I'm not implying he shouldn't fall in love and be happy with her in marriage. That said, he has to think of her welfare and well-being. She is a young woman who may have one or more of his children in this marriage. How is he going to support all of them with food, security, and the bill she's incurred? Does he have adequate assets? Is he going to send her off to work and do all of the supporting as soon as she gets here, while he gets to play with her as arm candy? How is he prepared to support her while she's in the US? Is she emplyable and does she have enough assets/cash to move there?

Yes, the law hasn't been on the books and enforced for a few years.

If he plans to set up house, there, he'd have to make considerable amount of money and prove it to be able to legally marry there.
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