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My husband (we were the same age) left me for another woman who is younger.
My dad left my mum for multiple women. As many as he could get. Or was it mum who decided that she did not want to be a part of that.
I know multiple couples who are divorced because one or the other left for someone else.

The young man certainly has a less cynical look on the world.
He has passion and energy.
Something that 'grumpy old men and women' often seem to loose.
I find that passion and enthusiasm, whilst sometimes misguided and naive very attractive.
In anybody.
I have friends my own age and older and we still have it.
That sparkle in your eye.

p.s. He contacted me via a paid site and paid to make contact.
Since we have met and have been communicating via the real world he has not been on that other side.
I logged on to check messages this morning.

Another man my own age telling me he is unemployed and living with his pensioner mother.
At least the 32 year old has a job, drivers licence and his own transport.

pps. I had a 'wild ride' a few years ago with a much younger man.
The crunch came after a time when I wanted it to be more like a 'proper' relationship.
He did not want that.
Plus other 'issues' so we called it quits for good.
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On older ladies
Posted: 11/9/2015 11:20:24 AM

My two dogs need a house sitter / pet sitter,

Need to find someone that wants to go places where you can take your dogs with you! LOL
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On older ladies
Posted: 11/9/2015 11:53:37 AM
I'm always getting the younger guys hitting on me and I don't understand it. I tell them that I won't date anyone my son's age nor younger. They always say that age doesn't matter when it involves love. That just worries me.

My last relationship lasted 12 years with a guy 17 years younger than me. We're still friends though. I'm not interested in someone that young any more. Learned a lot from that one.

For dating someone around my sons' age, that is just creepy!

Even though I have on here as looking for someone between 50 - 70 I'm really not interested in a larger age difference than 12 years.

The sad thing is that the only guys that have really contacted me on here or elsewhere looking for an LTR are the youngun's! Just blows my mind! LOL
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On older ladies
Posted: 11/9/2015 9:43:23 PM
I have a theory -

As far as dating and relationships go... the universe gives you exactly what you dont want. And that's why nobody gets the type of relationship they're looking for.

Personally I blame astrology for disrupting the fabric of our otherwise balanced universe. Damn you astrology!
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On older ladies
Posted: 11/9/2015 9:53:16 PM

Personally I blame astrology for disrupting the fabric of our otherwise balanced universe. Damn you astrology!

hang on, so then in that factor, if the universe gives us what we don't want, then as my Love planet (venus) moves into Scorpio (apparently my romantic/sexual connection) this new moon week, In line with the prospect of securing a (slightly) younger man, I should be looking for and wanting what? crusty old Geminis with their heads in Uranus??

TIC there... TIC (as per acronyms from another thread, this Aussie joking with Tongue In Cheek)
 RR Man
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On older ladies
Posted: 12/16/2015 11:44:40 PM

And I agree with a previous poster who said that displaying a family portrait is not appropriate for a profile on a dating site.

I have seen numerous profile pictures of a woman posing with a male. Most of the time it appears that he's her son, but sometimes they look the same age. I've also seen photos of women posing with their young child or children. I can see where this could be a problem.

I've not been actively dating since one blew up in my face in 2/14. I get emails from POF all the time that say "xxx wants to meet you." I'll paste the screen name into the username search box and it'll be someone halfway across the continent or someone outside my parameters by a country mile. Where does POF come up with those emails? Are they from women who've viewed my profile? Or does POF just pick them at random?
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On older ladies
Posted: 12/17/2015 12:40:08 AM
I hear there is a FREE site called Plenty of Fish. Have you tried that one? People who come to the site and PAY ATTENTION to what they are doing and are willing to "twiddle with" site features [available to ALL users] will find they are able to do almost everything paying members can do.

What happens on PoF is that [likely oodles] of sane/good guys give up sending emails because the rate of return is so poor. A bad use of a man's time. So maybe they resort to sending Hi or Nice profile emails? Women are just as guilty.

I happen to think that a woman's best bet on this site is to SEND emails. Probably 95% of the women I have met on this site wrote to me. I don't think ladies in my area are any different or any more desperate than in any other area. But there ARE tons of attractive older ladies where I live.

What I recommend after you have done a proper search working outward and have exhausted that avenue is to simply click on any thumbnail you find remotely attractive, go to the profile and try to find a pic or pics you LIKE. If you can find one or two, you can check all that info at the top for issues and if no dealbreakers there, move down into the written portion to see if you are a "good fit" for what he [hopefully] said he is looking for.

The Fave button is a MULTIPURPOSE tool and enables all manner of benefits. NOW is the time to use it especially if you are not ready/unwilling to send an email. Marking another person as a Fave IS not a marriage proposal or an invite for sex.

I can only speak for myself. I don't care what year a woman was born IF at least a few of her pics are "good quality", DATED and believable. I care what she actually looks like. But if our profiles are not a good match I don't care how many amazing pics she might have.
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On older ladies
Posted: 12/19/2015 6:36:29 AM
my 4 reasons why i like the older ladys

1. they dont tell

2. they dont swell

3. they dont yell

4. & they are grateful as hell
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On older ladies
Posted: 12/19/2015 12:44:59 PM

And like SunKist said, if you see someone interesting online, message him. Most men would be more than pleased if a woman messaged them first.

to recieve a message first can that really happen here?
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On older ladies
Posted: 12/19/2015 12:53:07 PM
Not a good idea to load pics of your family. It is a dating site full of all sorts.

Everyone says they are young at heart when they are older and in some cases it is true. I don't know where you may find a soulmate, who does? Whether it is a fetish when younger men like older women I am not sure. The mother figure has to come into it all but how young are we talking?
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On older ladies
Posted: 12/19/2015 12:54:03 PM
as for the don't yell, that is not always true and grateful?? I don't think so. Not if the guy is around the same age. lol!
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On older ladies
Posted: 12/19/2015 3:42:32 PM

Whether it is a fetish when younger men like older women I am not sure.

It is indeed a fetish - known as Gerontophilia.
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