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I kiss your mom's mouth with my dirty mouth.
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Frank Sinatra vs John Lennon
Posted: 1/31/2016 1:19:13 PM

Posted By:a_djentleman
I kiss your mom's mouth with my dirty mouth.

So, you're into Necrophilia, that might limit your Dating Potential.....

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Frank Sinatra vs John Lennon
Posted: 4/3/2016 5:09:09 PM
No contest, Frank was made with money. Frank sang what others wrote.

Lennon made himself. He was an incredible song writer.

Who's the bigger influence?

Franks gave us crooners, which I find boring and uninspiring, repetitive, prefect to the point of flat. Frank gave us lots for greed and a rich lifestyle.

John turned us on, he took what he was given it turned into some new and creative, he gave up hope, he was political, he took chances, he was creative and he still inspires people and musicians. he asked us to question greed and out lifestyle.

Imagine a world without John Lennon... impossible.

Imagine a world without Sinatra? Another crooner could easily have taken his place.
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Frank Sinatra vs John Lennon
Posted: 4/11/2016 3:41:12 PM
Lennon in the end became another crooner.
Listen to the released version of "I'm Losing You" then listen to the unreleased version with Rick Nielsen on lead.
Yoko and John rejected the far superior albeit harder first version preferring the more milk and honey sanitized softer "crooner" version.
Thank you for the Anthology release.
Rick Nielsen's riff remained on both although redone.
Both were imensly talented.
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Frank Sinatra vs John Lennon
Posted: 4/12/2016 10:23:30 AM
Sinatra didn't write any of his own music because he didn't have to.
Everybody wanted to give Frank their music because they knew he'd turn it into a hit!!
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Frank Sinatra vs John Lennon
Posted: 7/22/2016 1:07:29 AM

Sinatra was the first teen idol.

Actually he wasn't. Someone who's 200th birthday was in 2011 …. Franz Liszt was the first teen idol. Girls used to go bonkers over him, following his concerts, fainting, and fighting over his gloves or even his disgarded cigar butts. They gave the phenomenum the name Lisztomania.

Sorry to be such a smart *rse but I don't often get the chance :)

As for the Sinatra v Lennon question, well, 00Spy put it very well I think (great counter to Mr/Ms Angry aswell). I'll also go for Lennon but whether he would have had as big an impact on his own is questionable. If that ****ard hadn't shot him and he'd been allowed to live to Frank's age I wonder how much more of an impact he would have made. I always remember when he died he had a song in the charts that I think is one of his best, Just Like Starting Over ….. he still had it, and maybe something as good as, or perhaps even better than, Imagine (if that's possible) could have entered our musical world. The lilt in Frank's voice when he sings a ballad is one of the most beautifull.

Oneofzillion makes some good points, although I don't find the crooners boring and uninspiring.
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