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Fake profiles/catfish or is it mePage 2 of 2    (1, 2)
He's only 30 of course he goes out for a drink with his mates and tbf the second photo looks like a coke. I'd replace photo's 3 and 4 though with a proper facial shot preferably without a beer, photo 3 isn't very clear and photo 4 you look very glassy eyed and worse for wear. Try not to show the double chin though cos that is off putting x
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Fake profiles/catfish or is it me
Posted: 1/22/2016 7:07:48 AM
^^^^^ and of course, he hasn't taken one iota of notice...
There's no point in doing the 'no-body loves me' script
if you ain't liking the answers..........

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Fake profiles/catfish or is it me
Posted: 2/4/2016 10:21:06 AM
'Almost half of the people who use dating sites and apps have been scammed or spammed, suggests research.
Carried out by security firm Symantec, the study quizzed more than 3,000 people across Europe about what happened when they searched for love.
Daters fell victim to blackmail, were subjected to revenge porn and were tricked by people who assumed fake identities to steal cash.'

(BBC News internet today)

So now you know...........

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Fake profiles/catfish or is it me
Posted: 2/4/2016 11:10:07 AM
......It might be eff all to you, but there's peeps out there losing real money;
it's a real problem, and this is only the tip of a huge internet scam
industry....(which the sites & authorities can't control).......

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Fake profiles/catfish or is it me
Posted: 2/4/2016 3:49:26 PM
The BBC are about as trustworthy as the DailyMail.

They've been doing the govts (or rather a few influential people) dirty work for years trying to make the public fear the internet, in a sustained campaign to get the population to support the proposed censorship. filtering and monitoring measures.
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Fake profiles/catfish or is it me
Posted: 2/5/2016 3:46:30 AM
At the end of the day, you have a couple of choices, both negative (imo)-

1) Allow things to stay as they are, with rampant fraud & theft, amongst
other problems.

2) Make search engine providers & the like responsible for their own backyards.

It's going to happen, like it or not........

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