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Joined: 3/2/2016
Msg: 390
Why is it so hard to meet someone?Page 16 of 20    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20)
Benfartlick, what type of wine are you imbibing?

Sounds fruity.

Perhaps a Pinot Grigio?
Joined: 3/8/2012
Msg: 391
Why is it so hard to meet someone?
Posted: 7/11/2016 11:15:28 AM
Memtoo, other than your opinion, what have ya got that suggests I was lying about the tragic death of my young sister-in-law?

I wasn't there. I believe what my brother told me.

Clearly most (if not all) members here gotta be smarter than you. My guess a few might think the fireball and hole in the road seems reasonable. Why would my brother lie? I KNOW there wasn't a body and no funeral - just a wake on 9-11-2001.

I realize you're a troll who enjoys stalking and harassing other members, but I'm curious: how many times were YOU voted off this forum?

I know this is at least your 3rd ID and now you're 2 years younger. Why lie about your age - especially since you wrote you're here for the forums. Ya own a car now. That's good. Still no job? I still suspect you live in some kind of a mental institution.

You weren't raised in the USA - right? I suspect English might be your second language.

You're ridiculous opinion of Workers Compensation laws was easy to disprove. My final case was proven with documents. The Federal Judge who ruled on my case obviously knows WC laws and is smarter than you. Do you believe you're smarter than her?

Yet, you went on the boards here writing I was a fraud, liar and crook.

You also got on me for believing a black teenager was murdered. I based my opinion on some undisputed facts of that case. You're too close-minded (perhaps bigoted) to discuss the facts of that case honestly. I doubt if you're capable of discussing anything honestly.

Some time back two members emailed me about you. They stated that you were a troll and that I should just ignore you. Do you doubt that? Ya think I'm lying?
Joined: 6/2/2016
Msg: 392
Why is it so hard to meet someone?
Posted: 7/11/2016 11:32:10 AM
^^^^^ Anybody can go into your archives and see how you admit to manipulating and scamming the Worker's comp system, claiming an injury you knew you did not have and at the same time calling the lawyers and doctors totally incompetent.

Why not give us a link to that Newspaper article. I would think it was big news. Its not every day somebody touches a live wire, blows up in a fireball leaving nothing left but a large crater.

Your defense of my being a Troll in no way mitigates against your being a liar, a b.s. artist and a negative nelly who always has something bad to say about your betters. But what else is new?

I don't recall the black teenager issue. Perhaps there are others here who recognize how full of BS you are and have commented on it. If you have the thread title and post number, I'll take a look.

Perhaps you and LH should have gotten together. You could compete with each other about who could tell the largest whoppers. Only difference with you is she was very negative about the men she went out with. You are negative about virtually everybody.
Joined: 3/8/2012
Msg: 393
Why is it so hard to meet someone?
Posted: 7/11/2016 1:12:14 PM
Memtoo, I'll respond in case you're not just a troll and happen to be a little slow (not too bright) or have a problem understanding English.

"scamming the Worker's comp system, claiming an injury you knew you did not have"

I never suggested that. Your inability to understand simple sentences might be the problem. Is English your second language? That's a simple yes or no question. Why won't you answer it?

"Its not every day somebody touches a live wire, blows up in a fireball leaving nothing left but a large crater."

Obviously you know very little about electricity. Stephanie didn't touch a live wire. She placed both her hands on the roof of the car while looking inside. That completed an electric circuit from the live wire, through the metal roof, through her body to ground.

The rubber tires prevented the circuit until she touched the roof. It's that simple for anybody with a little common sense and some electrical knowledge.

I just did a quick google search and found the following video in seconds. You can see the large fireball go on and on because the circuit wasn't opened.
Joined: 6/11/2015
Msg: 394
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Why is it so hard to meet someone?
Posted: 7/11/2016 2:04:33 PM

Perhaps your doubting what I recall makes YOU kind of judgmental that a person's attractiveness might mean she's more apt to be unfriendly than your average Jane.

It's actually not about what you recall -- it's about what you claim you Can't recall, implying it really hasn't happened to you in recent times, not once: An attractive person being unfriendly.

All people are generally friendly.

Not all people, no. When mall-watching at the bar for hours, you're not always going to come home saying "I didn't see One unfriendly person all day!"

Have you witnessed very attractive women being rude for no apparent reason?

Well, there's always an assumed reason -- justified or not. But yes, I have witnessed attractive, mediocre, and unattractive women (and men) being rude for seemingly unjustifiable reasons. Yep. You haven't? Or just not-notably-attractive ones you have witnessed it? Do they become unattractive to you if they are, thus your conclusion that you haven't seen any unfriendly attractive women in your lifetime? :)

"it'd be silly to say that notably attractive or unattractive people are jerks or the opposite"
I agree. GTO suggested otherwise. That's why I responded to his comments.

I don't agree with GTO's POV... but if you agree with my statement there, then you agree that your experiences from memory of never running into an attractive woman being unfriendly/jerk/etc is just odd coincidence, and that IRL they don't stand out as being the opposite of jerks, right?
Joined: 6/7/2016
Msg: 395
Why is it so hard to meet someone?
Posted: 7/11/2016 2:09:07 PM
Wow Ben . . . you proved that "electricity" causes things to burn, but that was not the issue at hand was it? I wanted PROOF that a human being, upon closing a circuit with their hands . . . will explode into a fireball, leaving a "large crater" behind.

I also asked for a link to the Newspaper article which proves what you say happened.

You have of course failed to provide the proof requested and instead turn to the elementary, which I have never denied, that electricity BURNS. How about that.
Joined: 3/2/2016
Msg: 396
Build a circuit with me
Posted: 7/11/2016 4:02:30 PM

A sweet romance is not for me
I need electricity
If you wanna make me flip
Hit me with a micro chip

I'll be a diode, cathode, electrode
Overload, generator, oscillator

Make a circuit with me
Joined: 9/16/2015
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Why is it so hard to meet someone?
Posted: 7/11/2016 4:20:12 PM

I just don't see what the point was in bringing up a " random" poster - as if she's crushed. It is a round about way of making a cheap dig at someone

That's the Way I see it & they don't have the BALLS to Name the person they're making the Dig at....
Joined: 12/2/2015
Msg: 398
Why is it so hard to meet someone?
Posted: 7/11/2016 5:07:59 PM
Hold up a minute.....It was Ben that brought up about a certain female poster first...not GTO ...did you happen to miss that.
Look back! It was crass and high schoolish to drag someone into "their discussion or disagreement. Although, it's not the first time it has
happened on here.
Kind of baiting...imo.
Ben was saying because she is what he considers good looking etc.... and GTO expressed his opinion.
Not everyone thinks the same type of woman is appealing....believe it or not.
Whether it's strictly from pictures, posts or political views.
Joined: 6/11/2014
Msg: 399
Why is it so hard to meet someone?
Posted: 7/11/2016 5:09:23 PM
yeppers, just snide. Like Pretty Poster didn't pay him any mind.. so now she has blurry pictures and was probably in an abusive relationship
Next up
Posters who look like a character from the old Addams family tv show
I wanna be Morticia.. but will settle for Wednesday. Or Lurch :)
Off to bathe in the moonlight
People should prolly PM more
Joined: 6/7/2016
Msg: 400
Why is it so hard to meet someone?
Posted: 7/11/2016 5:38:11 PM
Ben is an angry old man who to lift himself up from his miserable world, his crowning glory being scamming workers comp, putting everybody else down. Imagine his poor wife who he likely drove crazy.
Joined: 6/11/2014
Msg: 401
Why is it so hard to meet someone?
Posted: 7/11/2016 6:23:54 PM
But Ben was trying to be flattering, not destructive
I hope Ben's wife didn't die in a fireball. impossible according to google
Electrical burns, yes
But to simply poof like a nuclear bomb victim.. well that bends the matrix
Did I mention I was taken by Aliens? Beat them at Crimes against Humanity.. they gave me bus fare and a super power ..
dropped me back off
They are sore losers :)
I can see dust bunnies 100 miles away
Joined: 2/6/2016
Msg: 402
Why is it so hard to meet someone?
Posted: 7/11/2016 6:28:40 PM
Aliens huh? Shuckadarn, all I got was goin' to the funny farm.
Joined: 6/16/2007
Msg: 403
Why is it so hard to meet someone?
Posted: 7/11/2016 8:06:44 PM
Thank you, Whiskey River.

So, BBE thinks "I know who I think you're talking about" but, he don't wanna take the risk and say who. But if I say it first, i'm sure he'll suddenly guess correctly :) lol. Maybe he agrees with Ouija to keep it quiet, but then he wants me to say it. so I guess he doesn't agree with Ouija about being polite. However, she makes a good argument and I agree with her point, even if others don't. (let the whining and gnashing of teeth begin :) ).

so Ouija, what's the super power?
Joined: 5/3/2016
Msg: 404
Why is it so hard to meet someone?
Posted: 7/11/2016 8:52:59 PM
Well, I think Ladyinred photoshopped her picture :/
Joined: 3/2/2016
Msg: 405
Why is it so hard to meet someone?
Posted: 7/11/2016 10:02:42 PM
I deal with things that only naturally occur in outer space.

Voltage that will knock a 200lb man 10 feet across a room.

I've seen videos of men being blasted by plasma balls from high voltage electrical panels.

Metal being bonded to their skin.

Skin being scraped from their bodies in intensive care so the heat could escape.

Joined: 5/3/2016
Msg: 406
Why is it so hard to meet someone?
Posted: 7/11/2016 10:35:07 PM
I freaking love urban legends. One of my favorites came to me via my work email, on RCMP letterhead of a specific city. It warned of a new crime in which perpetrators would hand out business cards. Minutes after handling the business card, the poor victim would start to get all woozy from some substance that had been put on the card. Next thing you know they would wake up having been raped and who knows what all.

I called the Po-po in that community to let them know what their letterhead was being used for. They were like "Yeah, yeah - we know."
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