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for those interested, the Oslo Diaries on HBO is a very good watch....about a lot of the maneuvering to bring peace to the middle-east...alas all for naught...but they did come close.

(its far above your grade-level Hopeless... so the documentary is not for you....not for a man who lives in a fantasy world like you... and Jovan....and Elphaba.
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Great Job Israel
Posted: 9/17/2018 2:45:00 PM
Trollata, you're still alive, my old friend.
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Great Job , isreal
Posted: 9/30/2018 6:10:31 PM
If the Israelis weren't white converts stealing land from real ancestral semites, they would have no stolen booty to "defend". Zionists are turds in human form - and anyone who defends them are sociopathic retards. Its as stupid as saying "poor white people, they are so persecuted by the native Americans they rounded up into reservations".

My mother comes from Europe, grew up in the thirties, ground zero during WWII. She said it best: "Not even nazis shoot innocent kids playing in street. Israelis make worst gestapo who come to my town look like angel". If the goal of Zionists were to become ten times the basta*rds Hitler was, they succeeded.
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Israel time to start spelling it correctly
Posted: 11/19/2018 3:08:59 PM

Israeli scientists develop implanted organs that won’t be rejected...

Breakthrough development uses a patient's own stomach cells, cutting the risk of an immune response to implanted organs.

The benefits coming out of that small country...never ending.
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Israel time to start spelling it correctly
Posted: 12/24/2018 8:03:41 PM
tonight is a good night to raise a prayer for the folks trapped in the West bank.

specifically the town that Jesus was born.

edit: while I don't agree with the madame's remarks, I'm glad they were unredacted.
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Israel time to start spelling it correctly
Posted: 12/25/2018 7:12:02 AM
Madam sounds like elphaba, but a cruder version and an even more stupid one, if that is possibe. ....but yea you agree. Who are you kidding? Heck you too could be madam...the same lack of awareness. The same single minded, simplistic, antisemitic view of the world.
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Israel time to start spelling it correctly
Posted: 12/28/2018 11:25:53 AM
meanwhile, the Israelis don't seem particularly thrilled Chump is handing neighbor Syria off to the Iranians.
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