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Enslaved to the SystemPage 4 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
I dreamt of you today
I hate the fact that dreamt isn't a word anymore
call me Mz. Shakespeare

It was a quick nap
funny how REM can throw you straight in
with the nonsense
associated with

And you were there
next to me
in this apartment thing
with ducks everywhere
and they were feeding their babies
like robins
but ducks don't do that
and you're in prison i guess
and I still can't get that heave from my chest
and I'm a crazy, insane ***hole type of person
I suppose.

I miss you
the way you made me feel
he almost made me feel
but I'm done with men
going to get a big fat black woman
sit on her face
or something
she can't sit on me
I'd smother and die

Where are you
do I need to come to chicago
and see you
do you need money
why do i care
why do I dream of this stupid man that didn't ever give a damn about me

sometimes I wonder if the schizophrenia is getting to me

b vitamins
every day
I'm going to make it
like that little train
that could...

It was a stupid dream
and I saw all these electronic things
that keep people alive
like a big hospital
and I hate everything
and you
and him
and this fvcking flat country is driving me insane
I want my holler back
I can't go back
so I just sit here
when I should be thriving
next to you
next to your poetry
where something real happens...

it was never real
the schizophrenia is kicking in
can't wait til I can write like Bukowski

I'll have to get me a type writer
I have an electric
but only a heavy iron manual will do

That way I can kill the demons
when they come through the door

I'm never afraid
don't have enough sense to be
don't really care

I dreamt of you
you had no hair
I still wanted to bite
your fat lips.
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 12/22/2018 4:18:16 PM
it's too loud
outside of the woods
I was a little scared
on occasion
and the leaves were crunching
probably a deer

but I take no chances
because I'm always just ambling along
with a mattock
and a camera

look at this pretty fvcking rock...

They are all crunching popcorn
and everyone is so happy to see one another

I'm tired
and want silence

sick of cartoons
snacks crunching
chicken shit
and piles of laundry

It was real quiet in the woods
except for me talking to myself
totally unaware
I was talking to myself
but I'm sure I was.

I hope
no one
heard me

would totally destroy my whole 'silent' thing...
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 12/24/2018 3:17:59 PM
no one listens
unless I'm screaming my head off
ready to rip their heads off
and shit down their neck

That always sounded cooler when my sister said it
i have a sister
i never mention her

I have a mom too
and she drives me nuts
and I can't take more than three days around her

And today was the third day
and she's gone now
but I feel like shit for going off

She won't just get the hell out
she likes the kids
to see me

That's why she runs her mouth on me
and drives me insane

They say she's sick
I don't care anymore
I am too
sick of relieving my teenage years
she likes to tell my kids I used to sell drugs
she likes talking about me going to jail

she never mentions anything good about me

get out lady
ain't enough liquor in the world
to put up with your buulshyt

Christmas is going to be quieter in the morning

Kids got good presents.

I only got them cool things
that I'll enjoy as well.

I know you aren't supposed to disrespect your mom
but I ran out of patience about five years ago.

It's too much confusion
too much pain
too much of her running down my name
to my kids.

Didn't accomplish a thing
but I got my peace

gonna be a nice and quiet
Christmas Eve

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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 12/31/2018 10:47:21 PM
you **stards
dared to put me 10 threads down
on a page that doesn't exist


**** you
**** your momma
**** your dog

hate you all

just felt like writing
declaring independence from this hypographic nature
come 2019

just kidding
we're all ****ed

quit crying
and **** me more
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 12/31/2018 10:48:03 PM
for the record

f u c k

was bleeped out
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 2/9/2019 6:44:04 PM
Been sober
since I wrote this poem
I can't remember what it says
who ****ing cares anyways

I got my seed catalog in the mail
but have no garden to plan for
old peas spilled all over my floor board
i will plant them next week.

Valentines Day present to me
in 60 days
more like 70
4 dollars a pound all day every day
and we pray

heavenly father take away the liquor and send sarah some peter that has enough time to fvck her
six times in the morning
two at night
just in case
a spot gets missed
that needs stretched a little harder

I'm sober
for the longest time
since the last time
I did a stretch in jail

and my poetry is legible
but I don't say too much.
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 2/14/2019 4:31:39 PM
Passing by the humans
while they pay me
to be a super computer
or at least I feel like one
for a brief moment
I am nothing but a robotic machine
pretty ducks in a row
heart beating fast from the caffeinated existence
snort a line of Ritalin
if our pace needs quickening

I have listened to more humans this past two days
than I care to for a week
so excited to be going home
to see my mountains
it'll smell like mold
and buckeyes
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Enslaved to the System
Posted: 2/18/2019 5:43:48 PM
yola missed you been longtime
that cootage smell lol i wanted cottage but after three errors i had to share it with you' had to edit cause i was catching up on your reality and god i still love it
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