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Brexit II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Published: 2 hours ago by LastWeekTonight

In the wake of a divisive election, the UK will begin the process of leaving the European Union. John Oliver and an intergalactic space lord propose a plan. Connect with Last Week Tonight online...

USA link

International link
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Posted: 6/12/2017 3:42:40 PM
If Labour had done a deal with DUP they would have faced the same criticism that the Tories are facing today. Samea if they had done a deal with Sinn Faen - sorry, I'm sure I got the spelling wrong.

But they didn't. Probably because Labour wasn't willing to give in to the demands of a group of terrorists just to get their votes in the Commons. Theresa May is willing to give in.

Seeing as she tried to position herself as tough on terrorism, while cutting police forces, then negotiating with them when it serves her short term interest......... Come on, even you can see the blindingly obvious hypocrisy.
 vlad dracul
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Posted: 6/12/2017 8:01:18 PM
Oh here mate i can see it very well. Teresa may is not someone i would trust to run a raffle. The reason i posted the link to the clinton email is because alister campbell who was tony blairs spin doctor sat in on the meeting where cozying up to the dup was seen as a solution.

The very same campbell who was on tv getting irate because errrr the tories want to do a deal with the dup. They should have asked him to do it. He has previous experience.

We have an expression in Scotland. It is 'never trust a campbell'. They have always been seen as treacherous since the Massacre of Glencoe.

And i think you are way wide of the mark regarding labour not doing a deal. Gordon brown became pm when blair walked away. Then he lost the election. And Sinn Fein mp's do not take their seats in the house of commons so they can do a deal with no one.

The cutting of the police has been a disaster waiting to happen. Now attacks like those in england this year alone have raised serious doubts about the governments will to stop attacks on our citizens.

How many times must we be told that the losers were 'known to police'? I was watching a documentary last night about football. Apparently when england play abroad roughly 3,000 lads have hand their passports in to police because they are banned and have travel orders against them.

Yet would be terrorists can go to syria and join daesh then when it gets too lairy for them they just head back and are allowed to walk our towns and cities again. Now that is a bit back to front is it not?
 Jo van
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Posted: 6/14/2017 8:39:52 AM
It's all very complicated Half, May only called the election because the "opinion polls" at the time showed her wth a 25% of more lead over Labour.
The media had constantly "demonised" Jeremy Corbyn, aided and abetted by good "socialists", like Vlad.
May thought she'd capitalise, and increase her (then) slim majority, with a "landslide".
It didn't work.
Now she doesn't have a majority (of over half the 650? Seats), and the only way over the winning line is some sort of agreement with the DUP.
(Previously, Cameraman's govt formed a"coalition" with the liberals, but that pretty much wiped the Liberals out, at the next election 2015, this time they've clawed back to 12 seats, but both parties have pretty much "burned their bridges", with each blaming the other, once the tories achieved a majority on their own)

In Scotland, it's even more complicated.
Despite losing the independence referendum, in 2014 (?), the snp wiped out labour in 2015, because many Scots, although not for independence, hated labour for campaigning with the tories.
It's further complicated, because the scots voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU., and the snp promised another referendum, (for independence, )if the uk voted out, so that they could remain in the EU.
But many Scots don't want another Indy-ref, so the snp actually lost 21 seats, and some actually voted in tories. (And some labour, & liberal ?)

I don't like the DUP, IMO., they're one of the worst examples of such "nationalists".

May thought she could run the campaign on a "keep it simple, stupid" basis, and surf home, on the wave of Corby's negative approval ratings, which they'd so carefully nurtured.
So she basically just kept repeating "Brexit means Brexit", and "strong and stable government", as an answer to all and every media question.
-And despite being in the position of actually being the ones to call a "snap election", much to the surprise of everyone, including her opponents,
They were still the last party to actually publish the "manifesto" of "pledges", on which they were standing.
-When they finally did., there were several things which the public didn't like. (Old people having to pay for their own "social care", if they were unlucky enough to contract "dementia", or some other degenerative disease which requires long-term health-care, and a couple of other things)

She said she wanted a "mandate" (much like some of the posters here ) instead, she's now anything BUT "strong and stable"
She said it would "strengthen her hand" at the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

The EU referendum was a Tory "own goal"
The Indy ref was a Tory "own goal"
Brexit is a Tory "own goal".
This election was a Tory "own goal"

It's becoming almost as farcical as Trump's government.
I said almost.

Vlad likes to take every opportunity to slag Corbyn, and labour.
So I'll "even things up", by talking about the tories.

The Brexit campaign was led by boris Johnson, and Michael Gove. (Now also back in the cabinet)
Both stood in the leadership election after cameraman resigned, after his massive fvck-up with Brexit.
Boris was in the "bullingdon club" at Oxford, with "Dave"
Vlad hates elites, but somehow, doesn't equate boris as being one.
Boris once wrote about "

Boris Johnson has apologised for referring to black people as "piccaninnies" and talking about "watermelon smiles".
During a debate for the London mayoral contest on Monday, the Conservative candidate said he was "sad" that people had been offended but insisted the words had been taken out of context.

He's now "Foreign Secretary",
our "top diplomat".
If May resigns, (and many think that's possible) Boris could be the new PM!
He's like the Oxford-and-Elton educated, "Jeeves and Wooster" version of Trump.

Of whom he said, just last year:

He said: "Donald Trump's ill-informed comments are complete and utter nonsense.
THat was when Trump claimed there were "no-go zones" in London.
Imagine what he might say if he wasn't the top diplomat.
But now

Boris Johnson has made a drastic U-turn over his position on Donald Trump after talks with the US President-elect’s senior advisers in New York.

Speaking after the meetings, the Foreign Secretary praised the Republican’s “exciting agenda for change” and promised a close working relationship between the UK Government and the Trump administration.

Mr Johnson had previously called the businessman “clearly out of his mind”, accused him of “quite stupefying ignorance” that makes him “unfit for office” and said he would not visit New York because of the “real risk of meeting Donald Trump”.

Personally, I think almost any person, picked 'at random, on the street', could do a better job than either of them.
Or Theresa May.
And far from being the best "negotiator" in the coming EU exit talks, the EU hates the tories, because this has all been their doing.
The Tory xenophobia, insularity, and intransigence will get exactly the "worst deal" fro the EU.
It's just pure incompetence.

In all my years of being alive, I can't remember a time when we were further from any sort of " meritocracy",than we are right now.
(Both Here, and in the USA )
 vlad dracul
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Posted: 6/14/2017 10:19:35 AM
Oh deary me........
"The media had constantly "demonised" Jeremy Corbyn, aided and abetted by good "socialists", like Vlad."

What oor jo forgot to mention was corbyn was demonised by the left wing liberal press as well........

"Now she doesn't have a majority (of over half the 650? Seats), and the only way over the winning line is some sort of agreement with the DUP."

A bit like gordon brown and jim Callaghan did? Thats why we need an overhaul in our voting system......

"I don't like the DUP, IMO., they're one of the worst examples of such "nationalists"."

Except they represent the loyalist community. Sinn fein represent the nationalist community..........

"So she basically just kept repeating "Brexit means Brexit", and "strong and stable government", as an answer to all and every media question."

I never heard all that much about brexit myself. And jo forgot to tell you that labour announced that brexit was happening. It was what citizens voted for.........

"The EU referendum was a Tory "own goal""

Yet new labour told us we were not getting a say..........

"The Indy ref was a Tory "own goal""

The indy ref hurt labour more than the torys. Because?..........

"Brexit is a Tory "own goal"."

It was. But at least we got the chance to have a say........

"This election was a Tory "own goal""


"Vlad likes to take every opportunity to slag Corbyn, and labour."

Would that be the labour party that held hands with the tories then jo? The labour party you voted for?.......

"Vlad hates elites, but somehow, doesn't equate boris as being one."

Eh? WTF does boris johnstone have to do with 17.4 million voting brexit? We never voted for johnstone. We voted to tell brussels to fvck off. You know the same as tony benn and jeremy corbyn said for years.......

"Boris Johnson has apologised for referring to black people as "piccaninnies" and talking about "watermelon smiles"."

Did the odious dianne abbott say sorry for getting 70 nurses sacked and sent back to finland because they were 'blonde haired, blue eyed and have probably never seen a black person? ..........

"He's now "Foreign Secretary", our "top diplomat"."

She is now shadow home Secretary........

But of course jo the 'international socialist'.who cast his vote in favour of the global capitalist elites who are anti democracy will be chuffed that 'austerity' only applies to those citizens enslaved by the eu. And not for his masters........

"The European Parliament’s main building in Brussels is only 24 years old but its management wants to tear it down and build a new one for nearly half a billion euros."
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Posted: 6/14/2017 8:25:20 PM
This was interesting.

""""Tim Farron stepped down as leader of the Liberal Democrats citing his Christian beliefs. In his resignation speech he said he felt “remaining faithful to Christ” was incompatible with being his party’s leader."""""

What effect if any will that have?
 vlad dracul
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Posted: 6/15/2017 1:10:34 AM
"This was interesting.
""""Tim Farron stepped down as leader of the Liberal Democrats citing his Christian beliefs. In his resignation speech he said he felt “remaining faithful to Christ” was incompatible with being his party’s leader."""""
What effect if any will that have?"

It will have no effect at all. The libdems are irrelevant. Their whole election campaign was about overturning the brexit referendum. But one thing that may happen is that the tories will make overtures to them. The libdems held hands with the tories before.

But as with the labour party in scotland they found out you hold hands with the tories you get your chips eventually.

As fir tim farron resigning. He has mentioned that he was asked very little about libdem policies and was consistently asked about his views on homosexuality. Because he declared himself to being a christian. The point has also been made that london mayor sadiq khan never seems to get asked about islam and islamic views on homosexuality.
Joined: 9/13/2016
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Posted: 6/15/2017 12:08:01 PM
I'm sure I saw pictures of the mayor of London marching in the Pride parade. Seems kind of pointless to ask him where he stands.

But to actually take seriously the reasons a leader of a party that has been wiped out gives in his resignation speech, is gullible at best. Does anyone really think all those politicians want to spend more time with their families?
 vlad dracul
Joined: 4/30/2009
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Posted: 6/16/2017 1:38:56 AM
Farron was really just a stand in i think. The libdems thought they would sweep up the remain vote but it never happened. Folk still remembered that they went into government with the tories. They did get a few more mp's but they are still irrelevant.

I think we will get another election this year as theresa may is getting battered from all angles just now. Known as the maybot she again showed no leadership qualities yesterday when visiting the site of the dreadful fire in the london tower block. She stayed for 15 mins then left. At least jeremy corbyn took time to meet grieving families.

Interestingly i watched sadiq khan on telly last night when he went and the atmosphere was hostile and tense.

Word is being leaked from the eu that all will be forgiven if we buckle and betray the 17.4 million who voted for brexit.

But politics means nothing just now when thinking of the poor unfortunates who perished in the tower block fire. Temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees being reported.
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Posted: 6/16/2017 6:11:13 AM
But what are the alternatives to May?

Terrorism and unending immigration and refugees apologists?
Joined: 9/13/2016
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Posted: 6/16/2017 8:54:49 AM
This kind of shit is why I can't even look at the American political threads anymore.

"Refugee apologists"?!? Just how f*cking evil do you have to be to even come up with a thing like that? Yeah, families that have been bombed out, parents who have seen their children die and children who watched their parents die are guilty. And those who have the tiniest bit of compassion in their souls are now "apologists."

Jesus Christ. Pure undistilled, black hearted evil. So much worse than the terrorists she pretends to be scared of. At least for them, causing death and spreading suffering is a means to an end - no matter how fecked up the thinking. For her, spreading suffering and killing innocents is the end goal.
Joined: 12/22/2008
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Posted: 6/16/2017 9:05:40 AM

"Refugee apologists"?!? Just how f*cking evil do you have to be to even come up with a thing like that?

^5's Great post! Took the words right out of my mind and stated far better than I could.
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Posted: 6/16/2017 9:39:36 AM

Terrorism and unending immigration and refugees apologists?


This kind of shit is why I can't even look at the American political threads anymore

Well, I'm always on the fence with immigration. I've seen first hand the damage done to unskilled blue collar workers with the influx of cheaper competition. I do believe we need to curb it somewhat. Skilled immigration? I just don't know...we do need the "best and brightest" I welcome do we measure that?

Where I have a problem is the wholesale exploitation of H1B, etc. simply to lower pay for skilled workers. The biggest users of H1B, etc. are headhunters/"consultants" just looking to funnel cheap skilled labor to multinationals. So they can dump older, expensive, long time workers. F that. I don't support that.

As far as the immigration/terrorism slant - that doesn't worry me at all....I'll take my chances of getting blowed problems are more of the economic impact on labor and ratcheting down on wages. And even that would be easier for me to accept if most of the benefits weren't going to elites/Wall Street/corporate. Most of the elite/Wall St. support for unfettered immigration is they benefit with an unending supply of labor. Although it's masked many ways, i.e., altruism, etc....the ultimate reason is financial - it makes rich people richer.

I wanted to tell this story and this is as good a place as any I suppose...sorry for a little hijack. I don't travel much anymore but did last week and really was inspired by some of the immigrant grunts I met while on travel. I like to chat with people, and some of the stories made me wonder if "native" born Americans would go through this kind of stuff. Made me miss travel, to be honest. These folks were inspirational and made me wonder what's missing with "native" born Americans who have such a tough time.

First was the cab driver to the airport....Korean woman...late 40/50s....been here 16 years...we chatted she told me she'd only been driving for a year....*eyebrow raise*....also it was her first job out of the ~50.....*more eyebrow raise*......chatted more....turns out her hubby dropped dead 2 years ago and she was forced to get a job...with no experience and only so-so language skills...for kids' sake stayed here instead of going back to driving seemed to be a decent benefits...7 days a week...she was doing this to help put her kids through college and had to pick up the slack after her hubby died.

Chatted more...she revealed she liked to sing had no time to pursue it, no time to practice. I said "what about singing by yourself in the cab ?" She looked embarassed that I was on to her secret, indeed she did do that. I asked her to sing for me.....after him'ing and haw'ing for awhile, next thing I knew I was tooling at 70 mph on I90 eastbound listening to the most stunningly beautiful opera singing I had ever heard.. In a cab....OMG....gooooose bumps!!!! She was sacrificing her passion to work drudgery and put her kids through college..Wowza..

Second...another cab drive. Driver from Ghana....working 7 days no 10 in a 1 room flat w/ roomate. He slept on the floor...and said he could afford 2 BR but he wanted to save $$ for his schooling as a Physician Asst. He was 40 yrs old, no wife, no kids, no GF...said he would lose his focus on his goal with a wife or GF....The kicker is he had a MBA already..said no business experience , lack of contacts, and his so-so language skills prevented him from getting a job in business... So this guy's driving a cab, with an MBA...kicked in the teeth by the job market here.......and still told me with a huge smile.... "The U.S.A. is my country now, I love it!!" I have opportunity here I do not have in Ghana! "

Really makes me wonder...and gives me pause...about my general stand about immigration...which is to cut back.
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Posted: 6/16/2017 10:10:48 AM
This Engineered Migration is “Pure undistilled, black hearted evil”!
 Forrest Grump
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Posted: 6/16/2017 10:34:46 AM
Msg 338

Theresa May is negotiating with actual terrorists for their support in Parliament, with their ten seats.

Since when did the Democratic Unionist Party become ‘actual terrorists ’?
Joined: 12/4/2014
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Posted: 6/17/2017 4:50:40 AM
Your hysteria will give you a stroke.
You know the refugees who sauntered without limit into Europe were mostly war aged men,right,leaving woman and children behind despite the MSM showing the few kids and women over and over again?
Don't pretend that discussion was about anything else so that you can be outraged.
Are you housing any refugees yet?
Is it true that Canada has one of the lowest refugee acceptance rates.
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Posted: 6/17/2017 6:12:09 AM

Is it true that Canada has one of the lowest refugee acceptance rates.


However, during the 1990s, Canada enacted a number of policies aimed at curtailing the number of refugees, creating problematic linkages between refugees, criminality, and terrorism. In the aftermath of 9/11 and the increased focus on national security, more resources have been diverted to strengthen border enforcement and to decrease numbers of refugees and asylum seekers, rather than aid in resettlement and integration

Fancy that aye? Canadians linking refugees with criminality and terrorism!

Even after WW2 Canada turned back thousands of European refugees seeking asylum.
Joined: 5/7/2005
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Posted: 6/17/2017 6:33:39 AM

Are you housing any refugees yet?
Is it true that Canada has one of the lowest refugee acceptance

We are so accepting we have a history of even letting yanks into our country when they decide enough is enough.

We just don't always "record" it.
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Posted: 6/17/2017 7:22:21 AM
It's just the same lame, rhetoric the evil shits of the world always use. Any time they're called on their vile shit, they pretend that the only person who can criticize them are perfect people. She wants to increase suffering and death, but diverts when called on it.

You see it whenever someone famous says we shouldn't destroy the planet. Or when a rich person says maybe there should be fairness in the tax code. It's pretty much the go-to of right wing terrorists.
Joined: 3/7/2017
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Posted: 6/17/2017 7:24:28 AM

It's just the same lame, rhetoric the evil shits of the world always use.

In their defense some of them are not intentionally evil, they are just literally retarded.
Joined: 12/4/2014
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Posted: 6/17/2017 7:33:32 AM

Is Half responding to you?

He can't be responding to what I wrote.

Perfect what?

Actually, what he posted is non-responsive to what you wrote as well.


And that "divert" word and any variation? Overused.

I'll check back later to see whether he actually has any thing on the actual subject of discussion at the moment.

Interesting post, congu, about Canadians thinking that the immigrants were linked to crime and terrorism. """Fancy that aye?"""
Joined: 12/22/2008
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Posted: 6/17/2017 7:44:09 AM
^^^ more a case of actual vetting than a ban on a group as a whole or the opposite as in a total open door, non-vetting/no policy situation.
Joined: 3/7/2017
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Posted: 6/17/2017 7:55:50 AM

Interesting post, congu, about Canadians thinking that the immigrants were linked to crime and terrorism. """Fancy that aye?"""

Yeah fancy that, digging up old policies from the 90's and trying to claim they apply today.
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Posted: 7/4/2017 2:13:50 PM
Brexit: Vote Leave chief who created £350m NHS claim on bus admits leaving EU could be 'an error'
Dominic Cummings also described the referendum as a 'dumb idea' - shaping up to be a 'guaranteed debacle'
Rob Merrick Deputy Political Editor
Tuesday 4 July 2017 10:00 BST

One of the masterminds behind the Brexit vote has performed an astonishing U-turn by admitting that leaving the EU may be “an error”.

Dominic Cummings, the Vote Leave campaign director, described the referendum as a “dumb idea” before other ideas had been tried to win back powers from Brussels. He has also warned that Brexit is shaping up to be a “guaranteed debacle”, without big changes in Whitehall to deliver a successful negotiation.

Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat leader, seized on the comments, saying: “Dominic Cummings has let the cat out of the bag. This is the man who slapped the £350m NHS lie on the side of the bus who is now saying leaving the EU could be a mistake.

“These Brexiteers have sold us a pup and lied to the public. This is why I believe the public should be given a say on the final Brexit deal.”

Mr Cummings is little known to the public, but is widely seen as hugely influential behind the scenes in pulling off last year’s shock referendum Leave vote. A former special adviser to Michael Gove, he coined the phrase “vote leave, take control”, which excited wavering voters into believing Britain could reclaim sovereignty.
 vlad dracul
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Posted: 7/10/2017 12:35:58 PM
Here is what is getting done in secret behind citizens backs by the 'worker friendly' eu. No consultation, no vote, no say. Fantastic. Still the japanese will get cheap cheese........

"Revealed: The trade deal you’ve never heard of

The biggest ever free trade agreement was signed by the EU last week. Green MEP Molly Scott-Cato outlines what you need to know.

Firstly, the deal will cover an economic output of some 20 trillion dollars, a trade volume twice as large as CETA, the deal agreed between Canada and the EU earlier this year.

The deal is shrouded in secrecy, negotiations taking place behind closed doors – even MEPs are barred from participating – so most of what we know comes from a number of leaked confidential documents obtained by Greenpeace.

The documents raise concerns around forestry and our oceans. Japan is the largest importer of wood in the world and a major market for illegal timber, yet JEFTA provides no measures to prevent Japan continuing to import illegal timber.

Similarly, Japan is well known for whaling under the guise of “scientific research” and for overfishing, yet JEFTA overlooks these two issues and provides no binding measures to stop such practices.

Other aspects of JEFTA will raise both a smile and a frown. A comical side to the deal is the fact that there are proposals to drop tariffs on cheese exports in return for lower tariffs on imported Japanese cars.

This idea has more holes in it than a Swiss Emmental. Has the European Commission considered the relative value of EU exports of dairy products to Japan – ranked 69th in the world in terms of cheese consumption – compared to EU imports of Japanese cars – which we know EU consumers love?

Such a deal looks like hard cheese for European exporters but a nice ride in the fast lane for Japanese exporters.

And just as with TTIP, one of the most contentious dimensions to JEFTA is the investor settlement dispute system (ISDS). While such a mechanism has yet to be agreed in JEFTA, it is a common feature of all trade deals discussed in recent years.

ISDS allows corporations to sue governments in special ‘investor courts’ for enacting regulation which damage their profits.

Such corporate courts already exist in other agreements and have allowed corporations to sue governments for freezing water and electricity prices, raising the minimum wage, introducing a sugar tax and putting health warnings on cigarette packages.

The agreement has been made extremely hastily, apparently as a direct challenge to Donald Trump ahead of the G20 summit in Germany. In January, Trump pulled the US out of a proposed trade agreement with Japan and other Pacific Rim countries.

Secrecy and lack of transparency was one of the main features of the TTIP trade treaty and a key factor that led to the astonishing European movement that helped block this damaging EU-US treaty.

When we step back and assess the vast implications that these deals have for ordinary citizens and for our environment, it is a scandal that the majority of people simply have no idea that they are taking place.

As Greens, we will push for the JEFTA negotiations to be made fully transparent and that any final deal is in line with both the Paris climate commitments and the Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring it works for the benefit of the poorest in the world, not just wealthy corporations.

But with Brexit looming, we will have to be on our guard; not just watching the EU but potentially even more damaging trade deals between the UK and other parts of the world.

Liam Fox famously prevented any meaningful debate over CETA in our ‘mother of parliaments’. Whether Theresa May’s call for other parties to contribute ideas on the challenges we face is a genuine bid for consensus politics, or because she has run out of ideas, it represents an opportunity to ensure that trade deals face parliamentary and public scrutiny"
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