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You oughta know, being a Texan try hard wasp, and American.
Cant get much more mutt than that...
Into kinky sex too... truly a depraved individual, like begets like indeed, some burger chomping slag in her rascal is waiting for you.

Nothing wrong with my looks.
What a sad individual you are, repulsive inside and out bagging other people.
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Posted: 4/11/2016 8:29:46 AM
No actually I'm quite sure that Australia is not part of the EU.
Joined: 3/28/2016
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Posted: 4/11/2016 8:44:06 AM
Thank You for the kind words , Big Guy. I'm not used to that on here. Actually , I have never had a problem with the Ladies. TBH , my committed partner (f) of many years WAS actually a barook supporter. LOL.
Joined: 1/27/2016
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Posted: 4/11/2016 5:28:46 PM
Mr Orion, I was watching a documentary about Italian soldiers under Mussolini during world War two. Gosh were the Italians lousy soldiers, had their rears kicked everywhere. I suppose raising your hands in submission is normal over there. Didn't you losers inherit anything from the Roman soldiers of old?
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Posted: 4/11/2016 7:30:03 PM
Two additional faceless losers surface outta no-where to attack me about something they cannot even contribute into

#70 says

I agree sal,Yule is an exceedingly rude little man.

as many times as you've been made an ass of on these threads, its doubtful that you can come up with anything meaningful to say other then "rude little man"; and without knowing what I look like, that is what you very likely see in the mirror every day!

What is it that has ______ behaving so badly as of late?

Insert, "Trump & followers" in the above blank, and take pride!
#72 says

Based on your postings in this thread, I would have to say it appears to be you who has "something up your ass that you can't expel".

I expell everything worth expelling, which is why I don't need to troll into somebody's else discussion to simply take cheap shots at them

WTF is your problem?

My problem is with pple who think I have a "problem"

If Vlad "disturbs" you,

Thanks for your unwelcomed advice but Vlad does not "disturb" me, and has a few interesting things to say in much of his postings, but leaves a lot of loose ends hanging!

What might disturb me a tad, is those who take direct shots at others, just to garner attention for themselves and little else.

But enjoy your petty-ness, as I am glad to give some meaning to your otherwise dreary life!

@ Vlad

So does that apply to Donald Trump as well? He is not the republican candidate, he is not president, he has built no wall and muslims are not banned from shermanland.
Yet the Trump thread is over a hundred pages. So why have you not applied your logic on that thread?

Come on Geezer, you can do better than this!
The Trump saga is like a soap opera (if yous Gadgies know what that is); pure entertainment & suspense.
Brexit either is or isn't! Its kinda looking at grass growing.

"You can post all want for your own ego's sake but all your yap & blather isn't gonna change anything, or anyone to your side or against it."

You could say that about every thread. Nobody changes anyone else's views. So why do you take part then?

No geezer, I'm talking about converting some of your co-nationals into voting your way; from what I've read (if correct) most Scots are pro-EU ( I would guess the same lot who was against independance, perhaps!)

Lol 'polluted'? It's MY point of view. There are posters I disagree with who post many times a day yet I don't think they pollute threads. I've never seen you berate posters for anti Israel or christophobia crap. You are silent on the abuse directed at Donald Trump supporters as well. Maybe your dislike is 'selective'?

No geezer, what I meant is that you have a tendency to troll (and hi-jack) threads that have had little to do with your topics; and I recall by your own admission you were sent to the POF dungeon several times for doing it things along this line!

"How is being in or out of the EU gonna affect your NHS?

Because the eu want TTIP introduced. And that is a threat to the nhs

Why would the proponents of the TTIP not see this; ..including Cameron perhaps?
Does anyone see any cracks in the NHS foundation right now?

"WHo are yous gonna drop bombs on with your new toy!"

Whoever shermanland tells us to do when they start ANOTHER war probably.

and then you'll realize the reason why your NHS is in trouble

Customers want jobs done as cheap as possible. Bosses then look for the cheapest labour. The cheapest labour are cheap because they are not very good at what they do.

Sober up mate!
Cheap labor is desireable because the new comers are willing to work harder and longer than yous 'citizens' for less money. They don't care about "worker's rights" when they are on the brink of starvation, and have to send money back to their kin (who are likely starving themselves)

"The UK pays more into the EU budget than it gets back.

when did yous finally realize that the UK was running this kinda deficit? Just in 2015?
Are you saying that its been like this for the UK since the outset?
Then what would motivate your leaders to remain in the EU all this time at such a loss?
Were yous contractually bound to stay in the EU for a period of time?

So in short, you are saying that the UK was in the "negative" without getting anything else in return!
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Posted: 4/22/2016 1:20:37 PM
Did the Mayor of London really refer to Obama as "half Kenyan" and believes thar is why he is against Brexit?
Joined: 12/7/2011
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Posted: 4/22/2016 5:30:40 PM

Did the Mayor of London really refer to Obama as "half Kenyan"

you know what this translates into right! He just as well had called him a 'ni99a', as it has the same meaning!
As though being half Kenyan (or half anything) has anything to do with voicing his point of view on this matter.
And then we get blasted by Euros for having pple like Trump
Joined: 4/1/2016
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Posted: 4/22/2016 8:00:17 PM
For the British Kenya is something they would rather not think about.Absolutely the lowest point in British history.For anybody interested in reading just how bad it got,Imperial Reckoning by Carolina Elkins yields a wealth of information the British to this day will not own up to.

The Kindle ebook and the Google ebook have both been censored from the original printing.
 vlad dracul
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Posted: 4/23/2016 12:35:06 AM
Yep the kenya remark was because of obamas (grandad i think) and his arrest by the british during the mau mau uprising. Apparently thats the reason obama hates us on these islands. Johnston though is a tit of a man and needs a bloody good slapping with a freshly caught halibut. (Saying that those public school boys may just enjoy that).

Yep we get soap operas as well mate. I was sent to the gulag in cyberia not for thread offenses but for losing the plot with trolls like the poster who was frank and swearing a wee bit. (Well a big bit) (and insulting him a wee bit) (ok a lot then).

Obama is getting pelters here for getting involved in brexit. He wrote an op ed for the telegraph...............

He is getting ripped for it. Here is what the wall street journal thinks...........

"From the Wall Street Journal:
President Obama arrives in London Thursday to tell the U.K. to stay in the European Union, and no doubt Britons will appreciate this intervention as much as Mr. Obama appreciated Benjamin Netanyahu’s on the Iran deal. The British are already debating June’s Brexit referendum with a seriousness we wish the U.S. presidential candidates could match.

Our view has been that Europe is stronger with a free-market Britain inside EU councils, but that case is harder to make today as Europe refuses to reform. The question for Britons is thus whether the short-term economic costs and uncertainty of Brexit are worth the longer-term benefits of a freer economic policy that could make the U.K. more competitive.

Rather than kibitz on behalf of Brussels, a U.S. President ought to wish Britons well and say the U.S. will stand with them whatever they decide. That should include engaging them in talks for a bilateral trade deal or to join the North American Free Trade Agreement if they do leave the EU. Fear-mongering about British economic isolation isn’t helpful.
Read the rest of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial here."

Oh and as for dire warnings from yous lots treasury chiefs............

"Former US treasury chiefs warn against Brexit
His comments came as part of a wider American intervention ahead of June’s referendum, with eight former U.S. treasury secretaries, including Summers, writing to the Times to set out why they believe the U.K. should stay in the EU. Summers said it was “striking” that members of both U.S. political parties “were in strong agreement” on the issue."

Would they be the 8 treasury chiefs who were in charge as yous went 18/20 TRILLION dollars into debt? That has been a most chucklesome thing over here.............

Now me and oor jo van have had many a run in about thus geezer below. It is only because of his party (the geezer below, no oor jo) that we are getting a referendum. Call me dave cameron thought he would lose many votes to ukip if he never agreed to us having a say. Unfortunately for him he won the election as ukip took labour party votes instead. As pointed out before ukips core vote is the white working class in englandshire although the eurosceptic ukip have one mep from scotland.

The left wing socialist trade unions also favour brexit. Which is why i find oor jo's position on brexit strange. He would rather throw his lot in with the undemocratic eu and the likes of call me dave and goldman sachs rather than working folk. IF you read this oor jo can you sort of say WHY you are against brexit? Cheers m'dears..........

The great upsetter mr nigel farage...........

"I have said from the very beginning that this European Union (EU) referendum matters more to me than anything else. The issue of who governs our country matters far more than party politics. Equally important however is the fact that I’ve also shared a platform with the likes of Labour’s Kate Hoey, George Galloway, and various figures from the trade union movement. On most issues we strongly disagree – but on this one issue, the most important issue of all, we stand together.

I am delighted for instance that Kate Hoey was on this week’s Question Time and I’m also glad to be appearing on BBC Any Questions this week with Mick Cash, the General Secretary of the anti-EU RMT Union. Mr. Cash of course was preceded by a giant figure of the left, Bob Crow, a man who I considered a friend and was fervently pro-Brexit.

In this referendum debate the Leave side must always remember that over 70 per cent of those of voting age did not vote Conservative. We therefore need a broad spectrum of voices to get our country out of the European Union.

There is an incredibly strong case for those on the Left to champion the Leave cause. Tony Benn’s stance on democracy was unflinching; that power must reside with the people. It is they who must always have the power to hire and fire those who make our laws. Inside the European Union, this is no longer the case.

The visit of President Obama also poses serious questions. This President, the most anti-British in history, is championing the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). This corporatist stitch-up between the U.S. establishment and the European Union will ultimately will take aim at the National Health Service (NHS) and will open it up to big multinationals. It is a dream for CEOs of big multinationals but a disaster for ordinary Brits. Furthermore, it represents once again, supra-national bodies going over the top of nation state democracies.

This is why the likes of President Obama and Goldman Sachs are so passionate in their insistence of the UK remaining in the EU. Rather than dealing with individual governments, they can deal with and lobby unelected EU Presidents and Commissioners directly. Unaccountable to the electorate, these people now have the power to push the TTIP agenda.

Effectively, a large part of President Obama’s desire for the UK to remain in the EU is so the NHS can be privatised by the back door and opened up to marketisation. The Americans themselves would never tolerate such a dilution of their right to national self-determination. Let’s get real; would any American President seriously open up their borders unconditionally to Mexico as the UK has done to the whole of the EU? No chance.

This subversion of democracy and the real threat it represents to our country is an issue that transcends and blurs traditional left/right divides. That is why this referendum must see all come together to fight for our country and our democracy. After all, that is what so many in two World Wars sacrificed their lives to protect.

If the Leave side is to win this referendum, if we are to mount an effective ground war with activists from across the political spectrum then we must highlight crucial issues such as TTIP and the dangers that EU membership brings. Only by working together, as a broad coalition, can the Leave side win."
Joined: 3/6/2016
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Posted: 4/23/2016 4:06:55 AM
That remark will cost the Brits...people here take that sort of stuff seriously, it was inappropriate and disrespectful...and most Americans have no problem tossing you thru a window for doing that...the fact that we are in your Country won't matter...but if you have any knowledge of our military, you already know that...

Yes, Britain should pull out of the EU...they shouldn't have joined in the first place, being they never converted the pound to the euro...obviously they were never truly all in...
 Jo van
Joined: 5/23/2009
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Posted: 4/23/2016 4:32:37 AM

To keep it simple, of course I disagree with individuals, or individuals representing and lobbying for their own self-interest, at the expense of the wider (and poorer) general community/society.
We seem to have evolved a society where such lobbying, by say one person, who employs many thousands of other people, carries great 'weight', either because of their supposed "contribution to the economy", or to the (un-) employment statistics.
Such people often threaten to close down their operations, if they don't get their own way.
Banks and the financial institutions and markets, and gas and oil companies, and 'big pharma'', being some obvious examples.

You already (loosely) know where I stand on 'tribe', "race", and nationality.
Fundamentally, I believe all people are the same.
Not "equal", there are many variations, some good, some bad, within each of the above alleged 'groupings'.
I don't hold these beliefs because of some 'kumbaya', idealistic delusions, but because of research, a (long) lifetime's experience, and scientific advancements in knowledge.

Many people struggle to understand my beliefs, and many interpret my non-belief in "race", and/or religions, as a direct "insult" to their own beliefs.

In general, as I've said before, the "tribalism" has been whipped-up by the right-wing. The conservatives have always perpetuated an unspoken belief in "British superiority", with their thinly-veiled disdain of "foreigners", "foreign-ways", "foreign foods", etc etc.
UKIP were a "spin-off" party from the tories, the "extreme right-wing, xenophobes" of the extreme right-wing.
Hilarious that Farage is campaigning using TTIP, when he's modified his own views regarding the privatisation of the NHS., because they "didn't play well" with the electorate. He thinks the NHS is a "socialist" plot.
One of the first things the tories did, upon coming to power, was to drive vans around London, saying; "foreigners go home".
They blame our creaking infrastructure of social services, health, housing, and education etc on "too many foreigners".
While simultaneously cutting expenditure, and reducing taxes for the wealthy. (Their donors)

I'm no economist, but my simplistic thinking is this:
If 50 million people paying taxes, should generate enough to provide the above services for 50 million people,
then 60 million people paying taxes, should generate enough to provide the above services for 60 million people.
I don't really give a shit what language they currently speak, what foods they eat, or what foolish deities they might worship.
People change.

IMO the tories have deliberately "manufactured" a tribal mindset, to improve their own chances of election.
They focused in immigration, to generate hatred, by blaming all the ills on "immigrants".
Having whipped-up a frenzy of "British" tribalism,
They then promised a referendum, so the British public could show their disdain of foreigners, - but only if you vote for them!

Now, their backers, big business, banks, the financial institutions, etc., are shitting themselves, because they know an exit vote would cost them dearly.

I'd like to see another referendum, on the monarchy,
On "Nationalisation" of all essential utilities, and infrastucture; transport, and including banks.
And ALL and any wars, or military action.
But I doubt we'll get that.

I'd like to see similar levels of democracy in action, in The EU. I don't see why our currently elected representatives (the "MP's") shouldn't also make the decisions for the EU. I don't understand WHY there has to be a whole separate organisation. There are many things which need improving in the EU. "The gravy-train", etc.
I believe that MANY people, working together, can always achieve more.
The only people who fear the 'masses', are the people who exploit them, by taking too much.

Capitalism is, by it's nature, undemocratic.
My (extreme) view is that ALL such "lobbying" of our elected representatives, by those who wish to perpetuate such inequality and exploitation, for selfish reasons, should be banned.
They should listen to the views of the tens of thousands of employees, of that one person, instead.

IMO., Capitalism is also inefficient.
It promotes the notion that "clever people" don't work.
It promotes sloth as if it were a merit, and a "badge" of "superiority".
Those with the most, do the least.
Lavish spending is a full-time job.

I'm in favour of anything which removes barriers and artificially manufactured divisions.
The people, united, will never be defeated.
Merkel (sp?) for Empress of a united Europe!
Have a happy Saturday.
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Posted: 4/23/2016 5:59:59 AM
We wouldn't appreciate the Queen of England or the President of Chile commenting on who should be President -

in written OP ED in a major publication.

I don't know why President Obama thinks that he has to comment on EVERYTHING.
And pushing ttip or whatever? Makes me not want Hillary because it will just be more of the same.

"Half-kenyan," while true, was a bit over the top as used.

Anybody who doesn't see that mass immigration is a problem either lives on a farm or far from the masses in a very small town or simply, for some reason, refuses to face reality.
Joined: 12/5/2015
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Posted: 4/23/2016 6:51:03 AM
Yes capitalism is undemocratic. Ipso facto socialism must be democratic..clearly shown in Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Socialist Cuba, China, the socialist countries of Eastern Europe 1945-1995 or so..
Seems there's always going to be big dogs and smaller dogs.
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Posted: 4/23/2016 7:53:15 AM
Communism fails again and again and again.....

And still people like Jovan propose we try it again.

As for tossing Britain...I say no.

Both the U.S and Canada were greatly influenced by England.Lots of nasty episodes in her past but....

Why are these two nations,plus Australia and New Zealand blessed with stable governments and institutions which so many people wish to reside in?Any chance there could be a connection?Toss everything like a few here appear to desire and cook up something new and untested?Throw up your hands and walk away when it doesn't work out?

The father of Obama went through the fifties in Kenya.For anybody that still believes that Britain abolished slavery back in the early nineteen century think again.White Kenyans acted like Nazis and worse.....Obama removed the bust of Churchill shortly upon residing in the White House.The Queen was involved with this as well.Only 60 or so years ago but like 10 thousand now.

Short snarky comments are a whole lot different than the long winded nasty tirade you directed at Vlad. Obviously you have some issues to vent for that long.
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Posted: 4/23/2016 8:03:44 AM
Those who like communism likely think that as a member of the elite intelligentsia, they'd get to be in The Inner Party, one of the Big Dogs with power, "all are equal but some are more equal than others"..would get to decide who lives and who dies..
.get to say cool things like "off wi' 'is 'ead", etc.
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Posted: 4/23/2016 5:31:05 PM
#100 chinook

Short snarky comments are a whole lot different than the long winded nasty tirade you directed at Vlad.

Congratulations for having been appointed Vlad's spoke-person here.
Guess it must give you a sense of value to champion those who can't stand up for themselves on these forums; Or is that you just feel that you are not getting enough attention!

Maybe you should put up another fake profile, this time put up a pix of a woman with huge boobs sticking out, and you'll get all the attention you want!

Obviously you have some issues to vent for that long.

Ohhhh, now I see!
You mean like those long winded repetitive tirades that Vlad often puts up that go on and on.
Thanx for the tip!
Now lemme go and bone-up on my "issues"!
 vlad dracul
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Posted: 4/23/2016 11:34:08 PM
"You mean like those long winded repetitive tirades that Vlad often puts up that go on and on."

Lol oh that was chucklesome gadgie. You do know my posts are not compulsory reading? And unlike the trump thread where every post is different and insightful to non shermans and repetativeness is scarcely seen i happen to think your president dishing out warnings is post worthy.

And now election favourite hillary clinton is dishing out warnings to us. In a way a good thing because no one likes to be told to do something by an outsider.

Foghorn leghorn
"That remark will cost the Brits...people here take that sort of stuff seriously,"

And people here couldn't really give a toss. So you just self combust away geezer.

Oor jo
We are not too far apart in our views although i disagree with you about race, nationalism and immigration.

But you still never really said why you would support remain? What jobs will remain create? If we have free movement of people how will it benefit our nation? You often mention the 5 million brits abroad........

"There’s also the issue of UK citizens living in other European countries (repatriating large numbers of people from Spain would also be controversial).

The 2.2 million estimate for the number of Britons abroad is wrong and has since been updated.

Although data is imperfect, the best estimate is that there are over a million British-born people living elsewhere in the EU."

You have lost a few million oor jo.

Right I'm awa tae the trump thread where nothing is ever repetitive and all is insightful and learned.

Have a nice day all yous crazy cats over that there pond and dahn sahf in englandshire.

P.s congrats oor jo on YOUR posts no being long winded or repetative. Can you give me your secret on how to do that?
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Posted: 4/24/2016 1:04:59 AM
I'm voting out. It's all very simple .....are you British or European ......answer British .........cup of tea now.....

I can't keep it simple though because one world class nobody, bought and paid for by global corporations and financial elites, has crossed the pond to play that silly game played by collossal bores with big bags of metal sticks. Sorry golf fans, I am digressing.

He's of course entitled to his purchased opinion as I am to my unpurchased one. But he would have been better employed these past eight years in dealing with America's ongoing insolvency. Of course most Americans can't see their country's predicament but their Position of global consumer without work is unsustainable and the reckoning when it comes will be horrific for the entire world.

The eurozone is a prison. The "free" .....much mirth....ttip trade deal is a disaster, it would be great if the clown from across the pond could keep us out of that. But I fear he's only lying through his teeth. The ongoing problem we the people have is not which politician to choose but our inability and fear to live without any of them. It's the politics stupid. A vote for brexit is a small pushback whether I believe it's the start of something more dignified in human history would be very much a triumph of hope over experience.
 Jo van
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Posted: 4/24/2016 6:15:24 AM

Communism fails again and again and again.....

And still people like Jovan propose we try it again.

You have no idea what I'm "like".

I don't know if you noticed, (probably not, I'm guessing) but capitalism also "failed", in a rather spectacular way.

Funny how all those bastions of "free enterprise" and capitalism, went to our democratically elected, socialist (If only nominally so) governments, and begged for some "socialist" money,
-to stop them from having to go "bankrupt".
Funny how all the profits were, and still are, "private", but the losses, became "public".
"Socialism" bailed out the banks.

I don't think capitalism has been a huge success.
We now have 85 individuals, owning over half the world's assets, while half the world's people, live in abject poverty.
There surely has to be a better way?
 Jo van
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Posted: 4/24/2016 3:28:10 PM

Socialism didn't bail out anything.

Public funds were used to prevent the collapse of privately owned banks.
That's essentially socialism.

It's a cancer wherever it can take root.

Our publicly-owned National Health Service is actually curing cancer.

Are you only going to use right-wing-press, fed-to-the-masses soundbites?
You sound like you're frightened by a mere word.

The bank bailouts occurred because there was profit generated in the private sector that the IRS was going to get its hands on one way or another.

Yeah.... erm....
The bank bailouts, by various governments happened because the banks had gambled themselves insolvent, by buying "SIV's" and "CDO's", consisting basically of 125% mortgages given to unemployed, "self-certified" itinerants, these mortgage "bundles", originally "written" by crooks, were then "Rated AAA" by other crooks, at the "Credit Ratings Agencies", who also worked "on commission", and then sold-on to the banks, world-wide, who snapped them all up, just as fast as they could be written, because of their magnificent (But very short-term) "yields" of about 13%.

The banks LOST all the money, which really belonged to their customers, because the regulations, which had previously stopped them from gambling with other people's money, had, at their own request, been removed, by successive and submissive governments, of various hues, on the basis that "banks know best", as the banks then claimed.
Only they didn't.

Government is generally a consumer of revenues, NOT a producer of them; and socialist government is one that gives you the finger after its consumed the private sector revenues.

I see.

So they just eat it, do they.?
They don't spend it on the infrastructure which societies expect, and need, to operate, and flourish?
Like say: schools, sanitation, roads, rail, bridges, flood defences, health, police, army, fire departments, utilities, and many others.
Many of the people who balk at the mere use of the word 'socialism', would be the first to complain if the state didn't help them, if they were robbed or beaten, or their house was flooded or burned down.
But they don't think they should have to pay for it, so they scream about taxes.
And often those with the most, scream the loudest, despite them also needing the most "protection", because they've got the most to lose.

The eighty-five individuals(I'll take your word for it) who own over half the world's assets is BECAUSE of socialist creep - not in opposition to it.

No, it's because of greed.
And because society in general has "bought into" the myth that "wealth= merit".
A myth propagated by those with wealth, via their ownership of the mass media.
Don't believe me? See Donald Trump's campaign.

With greater taxation and regulation, fewer people and businesses are able to compete. This is signature socialism and this is what gives you those eighty-five super-wealthy.

It's clear you have no idea what socialism is, and are simply trying to attribute everything which is wrong with capitalism, to socialism.
What you're claiming makes no sense, and isn't borne out by the facts.
There are more mega-wealthy individuals, than ever. The wealth gap is wider than ever. There's no signs of "trickle-down" either, just "trickle-up".
Regulations have been reduced, it's what enabled the the banking crisis to happen.
Wealthy people pay little tax, because they 'offshore' their wealth, or simply hide it.

As its been said, the free market/capitalist system is the worst system devised by man, with the exception of every other one that's been thought up and tried.

I think it may have been Churchill, I'm not a fan.
It's never been tried in this country.
Mr Churchill was born in Blenheim Palace, (google it for pictures, if you're not familiar) and knew that very well, he had a vested interest in the perpetuation such inequality and privilege.
Something like 50% of the land here has been in the hands of the same families, for over 500 years, much of it as far back as the Norman Conquests. Churchill's own family was only about 300 years I think, they own much of the farmland around where I live, a proportion of the price of all food grown on it, is to pay rent to the landowners.
The Duke of Westminster still owns much of central London. Any company with offices there, are paying him very high rents, which have to be factored into the prices paid for those goods by the general population.
It's a form of "existence tax".

The USA isn't really in the same situation, but eventually, might well be.
Essentially, the have-nots have to work hard, to maintain the lifestyles of of the few "haves", born into lives of privilege, who contribute nothing themselves, but still take a disproportionately large share, of everything.
It's a massively inefficient system.
1,000 years from now, when all of the land is owned in the USA, and all the wealth and assets have "condensed" into the hands of just a few families, you might have a different view.
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Msg: 96
Posted: 4/24/2016 6:15:17 PM

@Jo van #107

excellent response; and well written
Joined: 12/5/2015
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Posted: 4/24/2016 6:31:38 PM
Not sure if any examples of pure capitalism exist, or have existed, ever. Certainly not recently. With government intervention and mixed socialist/capitalist societies, we have "crony capitalism", where the way to success is to have friends/employees/bought and paid for politicians in the government, and lobbyists, to bend the rules to favor oneself.
We do have many examples of socialism gone astray, ..power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
In the USSR, Eastern Europe, PRC, DPRK, Cuba, etc, the choice for those in control when faced with any dissent seems to have always been between firing squads, political prisons, or mass starvation. The gulags and forced labor camps for anyone who showed dissent.
FSU and PRC are now more extreme examples of crony capitalism, those with friends in the KGB or other secret police have become the wealthy .01%
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Posted: 4/25/2016 6:16:20 AM
Usually gov people deciding winners and losers is a complete disaster.

Jovan didn't name his example country....of course.All pie in the sky.

Simple solution for starters.Shut down offshore banking and take a hard look at the origins of these funds.

"Socialists don't claim to be able to make the world perfect.They claim to be able to make it better."

So far we have no evidence of this.
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Socialists seem to be motivated more by envy than making it better for the many.

The few will do to the many whatever the many allow.
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Socialists seem to be motivated more by envy than making it better for the many.

The few will do to the many whatever the many allow.

I wonder if the origin of that idea is related to the fact that most countries that established a socialist system of government were able to do so after a violent struggle.

Do you know of any country where the people elected a socialist government in a free election?
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