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Don't remember 1977, but I remember my state getting shut down the following year:

vehicles were stuck and abandoned on the highway like it those sci fi movies about after the nukes drop. couldn't plow out. wasn't even that much snow, but the technology of today wasn't there--no one was working at home. Some ground-floor residents could open a window and build a tunnel in what blew up against their outer wall. the only thing I remember on the news was the Colluseum's roof caving in. Likely helped the birth rate next spring.

The old drive in is a slick idea, people make couches out of the back end of cars, why not do a movie experience? Just make the speakers have a ton better fidelity, please. I think those old analog radios didn't wear out the 6 volt battery since they weren't running a clock and station memory (Remember pulling out the button to set a station?). Last time I did a drive in was in a hatchback car (backed it into the space) from the 1980's, where there would be more of a draw on the system, but I always ran DieHards, so it was OK. But it was also a long drive home, too.

A flipped over 3 on the tree shifter must be as much an anti-theft device as Saab putting the ignition key between the seats (so your knee doesn;'t hit it in an accident). As for 8 tracks, boy, I was just at a college car show with a Rockford era Firebird running not only 8 track (Bet none of the kids recognized it),but two suitcases in the back seat to hold all the selections. now they just plug in something the size of a thumb....
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Outsourcing dating...
Posted: 4/24/2016 10:58:26 PM
Wait, are we discussing the 'good ole days'?
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Outsourcing dating...
Posted: 4/25/2016 4:38:17 AM
"Wait, are we discussing the 'good ole days'?"

Just imagine what the 'good ole days' will sound like when the kids of today get old. They'll be saying stuff like "I remember when there was an ancient device called a telephone that people used to verbally talk to each other, people used to watch videos on a non-computerized box called a television, people used to drive cars instead of having cars that drive themselves..."
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People who have been single most of their lives.
Posted: 4/26/2016 7:09:12 AM
Interesting article related to this thread:

"The scourge of loneliness has been with us since time immemorial, but only in recent years has its toll on human health gained appreciation. New research shows that feeling lonely or socially isolated bumps up a person's average risk for coronary heart disease and stroke -- two of the developed world's most prolific killers -- by 50%."

I have high blood pressure, so the stroke is inevitable regardless of loneliness, but we'll see if the lonely heart will get me first.
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People who have been single most of their lives.
Posted: 4/26/2016 7:11:20 AM

dragonbytes [Msg: 287 Hawkings let's Inner G take over his profile by giving him his password, and IG can contact women for him.

HawkingJr Msg: 296 Dragonbytes: Yeah, as I’ve said before, I’m not doing that. Next thing you know, my profile gets deleted after 9 years without issues and I’ll be like Blonde or Marilyn and having to constantly reboot my profile, claiming I’m me and nobody believing it. However, I’d be curious as to what IG could accomplish with his own profile if he changed his height to 5’4”.

(What am I, chopped liver? I have been 5.4 all my life, why can't you use my own experience?)

There is nothing within POF rules that suggest getting that sort of help is against any rules or would lead to getting your profile deleted. (And you could just do it without letting the forum know about it.)

However, someone could attempt to get your profile deleted just to be annoying to you.

About 50% of us, including Eric, IG, CrookC, myself and many others have all gotten deleted and for reasons we don't have a clue why. It's annoying, but not a big deal.

In other posts you suggest suicide might be in your future, and you chose your major in college just to meet women. All over your lack of dating success.

HOWEVER, a suggestion I made that might increase your success rate at getting first meets by 100%, you are too afraid to attempt that?? And your fear is losing your precious POF profile???

I think this speaks volumes about your priorities and if you honestly do want to succeed in dating?
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People who have been single most of their lives.
Posted: 4/26/2016 8:25:24 AM
I think many people like myself have been single most of their lives. Though how people define single varies, I have done that, it worked just fine for me. Though the majority of time I single in a relationship.

I was married 13 years, current marriage now 4 years, since 18 I have been single 28 years. Of those 28 years, I have been in different relationships 20 of those 28 years.

Relationships I have been in.

1) LATs for 5 years and 2 years
2) long distance relationships for 5 years and 3 years
3), multi-dating relationships
4) monogamous relationships
5) LTR with a woman and her child
6 dateless for 6 years
7) Having an affair with a married woman.
8) living alone
9) Twice living with my parents after being an adult.
10) twice living with a male roommate
11) FWB relationship,
12) moving in with a woman
13) NSA sex (not really a relationship now is it?),
14) Traveling platonically with a female friend sharing a hotel room.
15) Dated and married the woman that lived next door, then married a woman that lived 7000 miles away.

About the only type of relationship I haven't had is as a parent, and I have never cheated while being married.

I am not too keen on wham, bang, thank you sir, let's chat about this married guy I am also sleeping with, I want you r opinion? A little to casual for me.

Having an affair is exciting, but you don't get a lot of time to be together, and oddly, she got jealous of the amount of time I spent with my GF. I wouldn't be likely to repeat that.

I don't like NSA sex, especially when I don't even know her name.

I can't tolerate a relationship where sex isn't a mutual desire.

I enjoy LAT relationships, it keeps things more exciting longer.

I enjoy the emotional closeness and support of being married, sleeping together and waking up together.

I don't like being totally alone (no friends, no relatives, no relationships) for long periods of time when surrounded by other people.

I spent a week with my brother in Alaska totally isolated from other humans, rafting between two mountain ranges with other humans maybe 50 miles away.

That was interesting and different, made me want to try living in total isolation for a few months to see how it would feel. You don't really feel alone when there isn't any possibility of company.

So I can see the value in many different types of relationships. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the balance of good and bad aren't balanced 50/50 in different types of relationships. So it gets easy to chose what type of relationship I would prefer and which I would avoid.
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People who have been single most of their lives.
Posted: 4/26/2016 8:30:55 AM
spending time alone when there's a distraction, is nice. until you start thinking, "wish I could show this beauty to someone". thank goodness for cameras. Spending alone inside "The shoe" with no distractions, not nearly as character building. Still, the most alone I ever feel is when there are people nearby who have no interest in me. best way to know you're missing something is...when you can obviously see it.

glad to notice someone speak out loud about the suicide commentary. I figure we all saw it and swept it under the rug as attention-getting. he's got too much side interests to live for. its when someone just loses that interest in life, I guess that's the red flag.

I also saw that article on loneliness and heart problems. Those who might dilute the gene pool aren't designed to live forever, I guess. sometimes, the benefit of being single is you don't go out and see all the couples and imagine what you're missing out on. best to put your nose into your hobbies instead and don't look up, eh?

as for variety of relationships, I suppose it depends upon what's going on in our lives. many of my relationships weren't what I really wanted, but they were the best option, so glass half full. some might say, "that's still choosing a situation", but I think its like saying you're thirsty and someone hands you a warm beer and no other it really a choice?
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