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What I'm asking is, what is everyone's opinions on boys (or I should say male students) having the right to, and choosing to, wear a dress without being discriminated against?

For a school uniform? That should be allowed to be more stringent because it is. If a guy wants to wear a flannel shirt on top and not the school uniform shirt, can he? No. So why should he wear another gender's gear if he's not actually the other gender -- even if he wants to? It's not an open dress policy, so no, I wouldn't see that apply. If he feels like / wants to be a girl or whatever, I'm all for acceptance/understanding/being-harsh-on-that-bullying/etc. But those who are female, even without a penis and balls hanging, don't have to wear a dress every day in life -- so no, school uniforms aren't made to allow one to make statements or expressive identities.

Ones without school uniforms? Sure. There's still dress code policies in public schools and all, but IMO, I would have them sit down with a counselor before decking out female, to ensure understanding and such, especially during puberty, that they won't be able to control all teasing -- and nobody should ever pressure any male, regardless of their identity, to dress explicitly "masculine" -- but to dress explicitly "feminine" we want to ensure this isn't some whimsical phase, and that you understand you'll subject yourself to negativity which we'll try to keep held off as much as we can on school grounds, etc. But sure, if this isn't some prank or some whimsical "I wanna be different" thing -- OK. Best to have a sit-down with a counselor for a little while before pulling the trigger to make sure everyone's on the same page and it's for real (and the school's aware for the betterment of the kid).
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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/11/2016 3:41:11 PM
If a boy walking around school wearing a's up to his peers to decide whether or not it's'd be surprised how tolerant and easy going kids are...however, expect some push back...because there will be. If you're considering allowing your boy to do this...expect maybe trips to the ER, and thousands spent on medical bills...both physical and psychological....

My problem is that children should not be going in this direction, besides adult members of the Transgender community, who's influence is this ?

Of course once out of High adults...they can do what they want, why now ???

All of these adults giving life to the stupidity of children may regret it when your kid gets severely beaten, or commit suicide as a result of ur encouragement....
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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/11/2016 3:59:07 PM
Ms. need to get your knickers in a twist. :)

Even if every school district in the World changed their dress code to allow boys to wear dresses.....very few would.

The only way it would become a normative style of attire for both genders would be for a broad societial change in gender identity dress code to occur.

There will always be fads and short term changes.....because there will always be "non conformists" seeking "conformity" outside the norm as they search for their identity.....their place of belonging.

Long term for instance.....women wearing pants.....have practical not just fashionable reasons why they have endured.....such as warmth and covering the vajayjay.

Not too many men are going to find wearing a dress both fashionable and practical to implement a long term attitude change.

Now with that said....I have a teenage son who would like to go through life wearing nothing but his boxer briefs....and I have seen quite a few teenage girls who would like to attend school half naked....for different reasons, though. :)
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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/11/2016 4:16:28 PM

So basically, blame the victim instead of blaming the bad students that bully anyone that's different?

I had hoped we had moved further along, but sadly, not quite far enough.

Shouldn't their parents get involved and teach them not to be bullies?

Many parents are bullies. There are a few posting in here and the Jenner thread that I really wonder what they taught their children. Bullies. Homophobes, racists and bigots.

They're going to eventually be part of a society where people don't wear uniforms. There will be blacks, whites, straight people, gay people, transgendered people, Christians, Muslims, atheists, etc. Eventually, they have will have to learn manners and how not to be a rude piece of crap toward other people.

Exactly. We are supposed to be there already, not "eventually be part of a society..." Hell, I remember the "I Have a Dream" speech. I live in a multi-cultural country, we ARE part of the society filled with cultural, religious, gender, sexual diversity. It ain't going back to the 1900s so if we're not going back...lets get busy moving forward and learning to adapt and maybe not embrace but at least try to understand and not be a bully.
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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/11/2016 4:28:56 PM
Personally I find that odd, that doing drugs or drinking is something you can deal with but a boy wanting to wear a dress is beyond comprehension? Finding out why he wants to do this and where to go with that info, would be of importance to me, tearing up the clothing while throwing a fit would not be among the things I'd do.

Mind you, girls wearing pants to school when I was a kid was seen as outrageous and sick and looking for trouble and oh my gawd (don't whisper the word!) lesbianism. And women and girls had been wearing pants for some time in history by then, but to school or any social event other than camping, no way. It really isn't that one way or the other is right or wrong, it's that some people cling to societal norms as though that's the only way, ever.
 Jo van
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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/11/2016 4:49:33 PM
When my son was about 14/15, (13 or 14 years ago now!) one of his classmates, another male, took to 'cross-dressing', ie, wearing dresses, and other female clothing.
I talked to him about it, and I was very impressed by the maturity of young people today.
Far from "being bullied", he was still their friend, and they talked to him about it.
They actually talk to each other, about their "feelings". Who knew?

There wasn't a strict uniform code at his school, I don't think he actually wore the dresses there, but I don't think many of the girls did either.
It wasn't a religious school. (Other than the mandatory CoE "worship", which the govt of our lovely theocracy, still dictates must be adhered to)

They (the kids) were adamantly against any forms of bullying.
It really wasn't considered to be a big deal. They were very philosophical about it. Some thought it might be a 'passing phase', but most didn't care if it wasn't. They took the view that it was his choice, and they'd still be there for him.
And we're not talking about "sissies" here, these were all boys in the rugby team, the lad who wore dresses was a monster of a kid.
Not much danger of him being bullied, but if he had been, the others would have immediately stepped-in. They're friends. That's what friends do.
But they also stepped in, if it was anyone else too.

He was once suspended for 3 days for fighting, until the teachers had collected all the witness statements, (including some from other teachers, who were watching the fight, and too scared to intervene!) which revealed he'd actually stopped six other kids from beating up another (giant) kid.
But he'd already told me that, by then, way before the 'verdict' came in, and I'd already told him not to worry, and that I was proud of him.
Kids today are much more mature than we were, IMO.
Contemporise people.
Bigotry is soo last century...

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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/11/2016 5:03:05 PM

They're going to eventually be part of a society where people don't wear uniforms. There will be blacks, whites, straight people, gay people, transgendered people, Christians, Muslims, atheists, etc. Eventually, they have will have to learn manners and how not to be a rude piece of crap toward other people.

I know reading comprehension has no been your strong suit in the past but what part of the above quote do you have an issue with?

And I agree with Dayna - I took your post to say you could handle your kids drinking and doing drugs but there is no way they can wear a dress. And I agree with Dayna, to me, the drink and drugs are a far, far bigger issue. Far more danger in drink and drugs than in a little Kate Spade black dress.

My mother didn't let me wear mini skirts or makeup to junior high but as soon as I got to school I rolled up my skirt and put on the blue eyeshadow and Peppermint Kiss lipstick. The year my son graduated a bunch of his friends wanted to wear short pants with their suit jackets, shirt and tie like the dude from AC/ was a big to do. Geez, these kids are stretching their wings. And really, my son was a couple months he could have died for his country. He wore shorts. Perspective.
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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/11/2016 5:26:46 PM
Spelling g is not great either, hmmm. Lack of a proper education?

My son is busy being married and raising his own 3 children. My son is pretty minded too and is raising his children not to hate what they don't understand; my grandchildren will not be homophobics, racists or bigots. I'm pretty sure Dayna's kids are well over 18 and productive citizens with open minds.

Me, I may be a little too open minded but what I worry more about is religious freaks raising kids than I do about someone that doesn't think being gay or lesbian is a horrible thing. Far more of the world has been fvcked up by people believing in some god than has been by men who love men or men who want to wear a dress or women who love women. Far more abuse and hypocricy and lies going on in church than at a gay bar. Perspective.
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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/11/2016 5:35:30 PM
This seems to be the part where the train always seem to go off the tracks...
Nobody has a problem with gays or lesbians...or even Transgenders...they are adults and free to live how they choose.
However, this influence that Transgenders have with kids has become a problem.

It's a parent's problem to raise their children to be productive people...part of that means tolling the line and being resented sometimes by your kids.

Nobody is saying that ur 15 year old son can't wear dresses...just not now, wait until he's old enough to accept responsible for the consequences for what society will levy, because it will be brutal and relentless.

Tell him when he turns'll gladly give him one of ur dresses...that should work...until then...parents allowing boys to wear dresses should arrested for child abuse, or committing a hate crime against society.....

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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/11/2016 5:48:04 PM
Did it ever occur to anyone that we just sound like our parents did when we were young? And their parents when they were young, and so on: "What is this world coming to??"
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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/11/2016 6:21:12 PM
OMFG, do you read the shit you post? ^^^^

For one thing I'm Canadian so why would I support Hillary Clinton. And yes, I'm a liberal. So what. And why worry about Hillary, are you voting for Trump? No, I didn't think so , so why bring up Hillary?

There is no such word as "yous". You know, it is your language....

I protected my children too. I protected them from bullies, rapists, abusers, know, the bad guys. I did manage to teach them that disabled people, those in wheelchairs, kids with Down Syndrome, gays and lesbians, kids with Cerebral Palsey, etc. were all good people...same as old folks and anyone in a uniform. You have a problem with that?

And please look up the word "narcissism". You don't know how to use the word correctly. Look up "sheeplike" too while you're at it.

You are entitled to your opinion, as am I. And yes, you should protect your children. Please don't make them hate what they don't understand, they just have to be tolerant, that's all.

VVV. You do realize that Bernie Sanders is a liberal?
I think you need a nap.
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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/11/2016 7:18:54 PM
I respect people of all religions. ALL. I've defended Muslims on here and in real life when the Christians want to hang them all. I was in church Friday for a funeral, I stood for the Lord's Prayer. I'm an atheist, but I'm respectful...I don't pray or say grace and I certainly won't kneel or kiss a ring or curtsy. Do you have a problem with that? You shouldn't. I'm also pro-choice and in favour of gay marriage. Does that bother you too?

And because I don't like homophobes, racists or bigots...that bothers you? Why?

As for my friends on here, how do you know who my friends are? I've never messaged Dayna, for example. I remember a post she made years ago when someone started a thread about redheads and two redheads dating and Dayna said " You know, two redheads can date, it's not like they will spontaneously combust or anything". I laughed for days and obviously still remember her years later. She's down to earth and funny, what's not to like...but we have never chatted.

And I took your post the same way she did - you expect you children to experiment with alcohol, drugs and smoke pot. But they better not wear a dress.

Some, well, two of us, found that odd.

And a sheeple follows the crowd doing the popular thing. I will say that Canada is nowhere near as conservative as the US, but we have our share of religious folks, rednecks and conservatives. If I was a sheeple I'd be following the conservative thinking of many on here. You, or "yous", are a sheeple. .
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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/11/2016 7:21:17 PM

Yes you can when we have children bringing in knives to school and knife crime rates amongst young people.

It's not my fault it's just things, let's just say are not set up where schools can always protect children and even the teachers have been stabbed themselves.

You're still comparing apples to oranges. A school is an institution that has a responsibility to ensure the safety of all the children. A dark alley is not a public institution. No one takes your knife away when you enter a dark alley like they do at school.

I live in a city of 100,000 in Canada, and there are some transgendered students in the high schools. There's a lot more support for them now than there was a generation ago. I personally think any major decisions should be made when a person is an adult, but I think it's misogynistic to perpetuate this attitude that a man is somehow making a fool of himself by wearing a dress or being feminine. It's basically saying that women are worse than men and men should not emulate women. We don't say anything to women that want to wear pants, cut their hair short and go hunting. In fact, that's normal for women here. Most of the profiles are women that go fishing, hunting, hiking and can fix their own cars.
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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/11/2016 8:30:21 PM

Coma you keep saying the school has the responsibility as if many kids are not shot at school or knifed or beaten up or bullied! If you can't understand how schools often do not protect children then it's for you to read and do some research, I mean we even have cases of teachers having sex with pupils!

No do not hand over all responsibility to schools , as a parent it is YOUR responsibility to protect your children as much as you can and as best you can.
Giving everyone else the responsibility does not end up good for lots of people_:) I'm glad in Canada it's pro transgender it's still not here though and that is where MY kids live so I would have to assess it based on the area they actually live in! 100,000 is a small population compared to this city we have millions

As you say comparing apples to oranges_:)

Yes, you are comparing apples to oranges. A dark alley has no responsibility if you get bullied there. If your child gets bullied or beat up at school, the school has to take responsibility for that. The teachers and principal are 100% legally liable for violence and bullying that takes place under their watch. That's how it works in Canada, maybe it's different in other countries.
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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/11/2016 11:18:27 PM

I prefer a hyper masculine man.

That seems quite natural.

You know... Doesn't shower much,

It's not the showering that affects masculinity, the secret is in the soap. WD40 scented soap or, my favorite, diesel exhaust. (none of that floral stuff)

tells me to bring him a beer while lifting his ass cheek to fart,

That explains it... guys drink beer and fart to make their woman happy. A really hyper-masculine guy would light a match to set the methane on fire and call it passion. Not just hyper-masculine but, on fire!

only emotions are anger and horny,

I'm guessing preferably seldom angry. Next time I work on my profile, I'll make a point to mention my binary nature, angry or horny and, emphasize that I am rarely angry.

slaps me around when I'm out of line... That sort of thing.

I've never waited for her to be out of line to let her know what a nice slapable pair of cheeks she's got. I had no idea I had to wait till she was out of line. I don't have the patience to be hyper-masculine.

On topic:

A kid whose mental sexuality is incongruent with his/her natural gender is in a very tough social spot. It's not just wearing a dress, it's all the associated behavior that comes with it. I don't think it is right to impose on girls sharing their school bathroom(s) with members of the opposite sex. I also think that it probably isn't a good idea for a girl to go into the boys restrooms even if she thinks of herself as a boy. I suspect it is also not a good idea for a boy wearing a dress to go into the boys room.

For everyone's own good, some things are better kept separate and, with clear rules, until the kids reach early adulthood.
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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/12/2016 4:14:27 AM
If this school has uniforms, then he needs to wear the uniform. If the parents insist that they must capitulate to this mental breakdown of their son, or cry for attention, they they should go to another school.

The school administration needs to make out a check and refund their tuition and say "Go away."

Don't go to a school with uniforms and then not wear the uniform.

Don't go to a Catholic school and then insist that they not have mass because you are Jewish or atheist.

Don't go to an Episcopalian school and then insist that they have kosher lunches.

Don't go to a school that requires that boys have hair cuts above the collar and then insist that you must wear yours long.

Don't go to work for a company that requires stocking and suits and ties and then go to work in shorts and a tank top and then complain that you didn't get a promotion because you are a woman.

It is all quite simple.

Victim? Yes. The child is the victim of the parents encouraging this foolishness. Sad that they need such attention. I feel sorry for such people.

And they can change and choose to not do this. This is not like sex or race or height or color of eyes. This is a deliberate act by people to bring attention to themselves. Sad. So Sad.

Any parent encouraging this or going along with it is endangering and needs a psychiatrist.

But you insist?
Want to wear black and eyeliner and four nose rings? Or make yourself look like a zombie and dye your blonde hair black and purple in a mohawk? All about theatre?
Go to a school where there is no uniform. Same with the dress.



(Any of you doing all that "pro" schpieling ever sent your boys to school in a dress? Nah, don't think so. It is like my neighbor who went on and on about how liberals she is and would argue with you to the death about "rights" ( you could then have coffee and talk about something else later; she doesn't hold a grudge, rare in this world) then went crazy when her daughter brought home a black boyfriend. Bubble burst. LOL! It was pretty funny, actually and she was embarrassed but honest about her feelings.We all appreciated that. We also appreciate that she shows class by having heated discussions without resorting to foul language, ).



unlucky - Words like "homophobes, racists or bigots" have become meaningless by misuse and overuse as an attempt to shut down the conversation. It doesn't work.
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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/12/2016 4:46:47 AM
Can I ask, while reading this thread, and some of it's replies, does anyone else hear banjos playing in the background?

We have parts of society that define attire based on gender. We do "know", or at least we should by now, that some people out there are not born as most of us were, and define themselves as opposite of the gender they were physically born with. Even though we already define certain attire on gender, we can't seem to let those that define themselves differently to follow our own set definitions. Funny but, not really.
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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/12/2016 5:22:06 AM
I couldn't disagree more...

We're talking about children not parents, it's ur duty to teach children the fundamentals of life...structure, stability...identity.

Again...nobody is saying that at some point, if your boy wants to dress as a woman he can't...but he's just a kid...why are you pushing it ???

If you let your boy go to school in a should be arrested for child abuse !!!
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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/12/2016 5:50:25 AM
Well cassie has previously declared herself a conservative,but it's her right to switch teams at any time.Encouraging kids to switch teams is another matter.

My dad had a banjo but he also had a jazz piano with an early synthesizer organ attached to it.

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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/12/2016 5:59:49 AM
^^^. You're sort of right. I am conservative provincially and liberal federally. It used to be a battle with the rednecks in the prairies over gay rights and that sort of thing...not so much now. Those type of laws are generally changed federally. How are you managing with Notley? I dislike the NDP, I did way back when I lived under them in B.C.

And how am I "encouraging" kids to switch teams? I just don't think it's a mental disorder or that they should be treated like crap. They used to put people with epilepsy in asylums and remember when they sterilized anyone "not normal" both physically or mentally? You want to go back to that - ignorance. It was ignorance leading the way back then.
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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/12/2016 6:55:40 AM
OMG you twit. You've been posting non stop. Are you sick again? Unmedicated or just crazy. You insult people, can't comprehend simple thoughts and opinions and you rant. You post 8 replies to someone's comments. Nuts. And fixated on people ganging up on you.

And my point has been for months regarding the transgender issue - this effects you how? And every time you comment on this issue you are "giving a second thought to this group".... so don't lie.

If this topic bothers you, maybe head on over to the recipe threads and give hints about baking the best cobbler.
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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/12/2016 7:12:41 AM
Do many males go to school in canada wearing a dress? I have noticed many man purses. Hmmmm. This could serve to explain your choice in leadership , immigration policy and desire not to defend yourselves from an invading horde. Are any Alphas present in the Brit provences? Eh? Much like separatists here in US , it is not difficult to understand Party Quebec.
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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/12/2016 7:33:20 AM
I don't know....may just be me but I'm thinking if you're still sporting the plumbing you were born with that's the restroom you use. Novel and radical concept I'm sure.

Boys wearing dresses to what happens when these boys decide to go commando under the dress....what if they don't sit appropriately and grace the class with with that shot, what if they start flashing girls...what charges will evolve from this social experiment? Will there be mandatory classes just for boys to be taught the proper etiquette for wearing a dress? Jezus criminey...what ever happened to going to school for an education? You've got grade schoolers taking I phones to school...teachers can't control their students without having cops in the schools. Almost every parent is looking for the law suit lotto if you dare say anything to their "sweet precious" child...though they can't be bothered to discipline and control their children themselves.

I'd like to be able to come back in a 100 years or so just to see this circus.
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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/12/2016 8:34:23 AM
"so what happens when these boys decide to go commando"

Well.....Mr. Crookcatcher......girls are practically doing that now....whatnot with thongs and all. ;)

What's gonna be when combined with unisex bathrooms.

I suppose we will just to have to have schools place bowls of condoms around.

Sheesh! I sure hope the sex ed classes are teaching them to put'em on properly.
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Boys wearing dresses at school.
Posted: 4/12/2016 8:36:05 AM
This has nothing to do with freak shows who want to invade a bathroom in hopes of getting a quick shot of someone with their pants down. It has nothing to do with pandering. It has nothing to do with encouraging your kid to do something. It's about people who don't match their plumbing. If I had male plumbing but knew inside that I was a female, going to an all male bathroom would be just as awful as what understanding transgender seems to be for many others. If you cannot see or refuse to see the nuance here, nothing anyone says is going to open you to it. My son never wanted to wear a dress, it wasn't an issue, but I can assure you if he had expressed that, we would have taken that journey to find out all we could about how that would happen. And yes, had he wanted that and was sure he wanted to wear a dress, then I would have supported him. Simple as that, some people learn as they go through life and some people are very fixed. Another persons gender identity or sexual orientation is not my business. My children are not extensions of my ego or of my perceptions of things, they are allowed to be themselves.
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