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Whisky River- I just read his profile. :0
I got to the part where he says he's not self obsessed and stopped there. I was busy laughing. :D :D
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/11/2016 5:33:28 PM
Okay, I lied. I got sucked in and read the gentleman's profile. There is nothing funny about his predicament. A difficult situation, to be sure, but there is a solution:

Peter, you're going to have to create the woman that fits your specifications. By this, I mean you will have to raise her from birth, isolating her from outside influences. The legalities will be tricky, to be sure, but remember that laws were designed specifically to suppress you.
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/11/2016 8:27:23 PM
Matrix,get rid of that long rant in your profile.I think most women are going to feel a headache coming on reading that.
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/11/2016 8:40:18 PM

No "racists" we're educated in the writing of this post .

Best line I've read in this thread. And I think Jo Van and Deetristate both had good comments, I agree with both.

I think parts of Europe, US, Canada and maybe Australia will be well blended soon. The Asian counties and Africa will take a little while longer, maybe even South America too. But us, we will all be tan or beige soon. A blend of cultures. It's "culture" that is interesting and what make us interesting.
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/11/2016 9:06:49 PM

what disturbs me is this: "I don't need someone to 'care' for me. I can do that very well for myself, thank you.".........................

So, you are here on a dating site, looking for a date, hopefully leading to a marriage-type situation, as most of us are, you are looking for someone decent, loving, kind, honest, thoughtful, respectful to share your life with, but . . . you don't need anyone to care for you? What's that all about?

OP, you may need to consider the context. Caring has different meanings:

* To look after and supervise; be the dominant one. (like caring for someone's child or a pet.)
* To show love and affection with empathy.

My guess, (and I might be looking way too much into this,) is that the ladies who have such on their profile may...just MAY have been hurt or oppressed in the past. They don't want to be ruled over ever again; they are independent and actually have a voice. They don't want a Sugar Daddy. etc etc etc.

Food for thought.
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/11/2016 9:28:56 PM
I don't think I've seen a single post from OP that did not contain the word "angry", "aggressive", "insult," "attack" or something along those lines. Somebody REALLY needs to lighten up. OP, it's the middle of May. Go for a walk, smell the flowers.
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/11/2016 9:41:47 PM

I got to the part where he says he's not self obsessed and stopped there. I was busy laughing.
-- bamagrl68

It is refreshing to encounter such non-judgementalism. Plenty of Fish is swimming with them.
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/11/2016 9:52:52 PM

Plenty of Fish is swimming with them

Sorry, swimming with whom? Non-judgementalism doesn't have a plural...
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/11/2016 10:06:20 PM
^ "Lefties", Dude. They're disGUSTing. We mustn't get so hung up on grammar when we're dealing with such devils.

In order to maintain the highest quality forums you are restricted to having no more then 2 of the last 10 posts on a thread.
Since 2 of the last 10 posts are yours you can not post to this thread.
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/12/2016 5:57:41 AM
Racking my brain here matrix.You are really old fashioned and seeking similar.You may have to move to find a woman.
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/12/2016 9:20:33 AM
When you were here before, wasn't it to teach us all a lesson in what is right & wrong with our own personal profiles?
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/12/2016 12:58:56 PM
I go out of my way to not take much notice of your views, but I'll quote something you admitted in a recent post:

I didn't realize that a mod or mods hated me so LOL until I started getting all kinds of restrictions, only one was deserved. -- daynadaze

As soon as I see your picture in a list of posts I flick over it, because I know there's no joy there. I'd rather watch paint dry on a wet afternoon.

Don't worry about my profile. I wasn't asking for help. I was asking a question about the I-don't-need-someone-to-care-for-me profiles we see on here, but as usual the one asking the question is the one who gets attacked.

Attack. It's the currency de jour on here, it seems, and it's getting worse.
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/12/2016 1:08:55 PM
I haven't seen that too much on the "looking for men" site but I have seen negativity. Most of the time, I find people don't even look at my profile and then say they want to meet (which I am not an upgraded member and have posted such). Then as the conversation begins, I do realize they have not even looked at my profile.
Not sure what happens with men, but I have noticed the conversations start with an xoxoxo or are you touchy feely....well that's certainly now how I want my conversations to begin with if I don't know them AT ALL.
Maybe it's just me. I am not sure.
I also have joined a few times in the last 4 yrs or so. So I am giving it one more try and see how it goes.
I just want someone to live near me instead of across country. Oh, I've had scammers also. Most of the time, I can tell by the way they express themselves in a message, that they are not from this country and they leave me their phone number to text them a message or give me their email to send more pictures. So that's a no-no for me.
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/12/2016 3:03:08 PM
Yes beyond, is it any surprise whiskey attacked you and took this thread in a different direction. That's very typical for the wicked witches around here.
 Jo van
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/12/2016 4:40:17 PM

There are clear racial variations, distinct variations, which cannot be ignored because it seems nice or PC.

What you can see, is only a tiny proportion of the variations.
It's more what you can't see.
What "race" is a dark-skinned baby, with two light-skinned parents?
Or vice versa.
Both have happened, as have twins, who are both different colours.
Are they the same "race" as each other? DNA testing shows they both have the same parents.
(Google it)
If I were to guess your alleged "race", from that picture, I'd come up with something which you don't identify as.
Jean Charles De Menezes (Sp?) was tragically shot dead, by our police here, because they thought he "looked middle-eastern".
He was actually Brazillian, and to some, they do look similar, so do some Polynesians, Burmese, Indians, etc etc. Similar skin-shade is what used to define "race", and many foolish "racists" still use the "I know one when I see one" method of "racial" classification. (IKOWISO) The policemen who shot poor JCdM certainly did.
Are these the kinds of "clear racial variations" you meant?

If you think of the tremendous amount of facial, or bodily variations; height, weight, body types, straight hair, curly hair, 'frizzy-hair', attached, or unattached earlobes, within any alleged "race", it's almost impossible to come up with a definition for any "race".
(I'm the only one, in my family, with attached ['Vulcan] type earlobes, but if my brother or my sister stood next to me, you'd know we're close relatives.)

Blue eyes appear in almost all alleged "races" now, but they all share the same mutation, which first appeared sometime around 9,000 years ago, somewhere near the Black Sea. ( That's not "racist")
In other word, they are all related.

However, race does exist.

Not according to the vast majority of geneticists, and anthropologists, it doesn't.
-You know, the people who devote their entire lives to the study of genes, and human cultures, and 'cultural' differences.

How long does it take for any "race" to appear, and when did that happen?
How many different "races" are there.?
Define them.
Hell, define just one!

"Native Americans" came from what is now Siberia, and they first got to Siberia, from somewhere else.
Some South Americans share those genes, some also share African genes (from slavery), Portugese genes, -which themselves were contributed to by the Moorish conquests, and it's general close proximity to N. Africa ensured a steady migration of "African" genes, (even in times of peace) which spread into Europe.
Similarly with the Romans, the Syrians, or Iranians. (The supposed origin of "aryan", which idiots talk about, as though it were a "race", although it was actually a linguistic definition, for Indo-Iranian linguistic origins of our current languages) Macedonians, Greeks, Turks, etc etc.
All have left their genetic and cultural 'footprints' in our current cultures and languages.

You obviously prefer to live in a Western culture. Otherwise, you would move to Afghanistan, Lucknow or Bejing.

It's really not a question of "preference", it wasn't my choice, though I fully acknowledge that I was just lucky to have been born in this part of the world.

How does a culture remain? What maintains a culture?

You know this.
Cultures change all the time. Things have changed massively, during my lifetime.
Nothing's static, it never was.
Climate changes have changed cultures, natural disasters have changed cultures.
New technologies change cultures, new information changes cultures.
Metal replacing stone tools, changed cultures.
New foods, new music, new ideas, new fashions.
Exposure to other cultures, changes both cultures.

Farming was an "alien culture", when it first spread north-westwards, from the middle-east, and into the rest of the world, which had previously been 'hunter-gatherers'.
Both cultures existed during the transition, for thousands of years.

Quiet lawned neighborhoods in LA became noisy,barrios.

What brought that about?


Seriously, they said the same thing about rock'n'roll.
People are just people. They might have different tastes (cultures), but at the end of the day, they all want the same things.
The rest is just 'window-dressing'.

Many years ago now, there was a program, (I think it was called 100% English?) where they took about 8 or ten people, who had quite right-wing views, about "foreigners" and immigration.
They started by interviewing them, asking them a bunch of questions, like "how many generations should a person's family have been resident here, before they can call themselves, truly "English"?"
And "Can there ever be a "black" Englishman?" ( I think Ian Wright, who played football for England, was used as an example?)

Long story short, they tested their DNA., revealed the results to them, and then asked the same questions again.
-With completely different results.

One, I remember, was a former Editor of the "SUN", Gary Bushell (?) who had been a vociferous "anti-EU", "Anti-foreigners", "Britain is best", "racist" type of bloke.
They told him he had something like 8 or 10% "Sub-Saharan-African" genes. His little face crumpled.
One woman threatened to sue, because she's claimed she could trace her ancestry "back to William the Conquerer", but the ("Blind") test results showed an 'ad-mixture' "typical of an Eastern-European Gypsy".

I think Norman Tebbitt, the former conservative minister, was also a participant, and he had the "most British" mixture, which consisted of a mixture of "Anglo-Saxon". But that itself originated in "Germanic"/"Viking"/"Scandinavian" genes, and "Saxons", with their east-european, "celtic" origins.
Were those "races"?
I don't think so.

Finally, it's not for me , to impugn the fine reputations of anybody's many great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmas,
it's been claimed that anything between one-in-six, (!! - dirty ole grannies!!!) and one-in-ten babies,
don't have the daddies, that the mummy claimed!
I strongly suspect that this might have been a touch higher, before paternity tests!

So nobody can accurately claim to know their own ancestry, because roughly every ten generations, there'll be at least one "wild-card" in the mix, and you'll never know his/their 'pedigree'.

What I'm saying is that it really doesn't matter, because it's meaningless.
We all carry the mixtures of our parents, and our many billions of previous direct ancestors.

Yours, mine, and everyone else's exact mixture of genes has never existed, ever, before.
( Unless you're an identical, 'monozygotic' twin, obviously)
And it never will again.
(Unless they 'clone' you, and even then, there has to be a genetic contribution from another person)

I'm not a member of any "race".
I wouldn't want to be a member of any "race",
that would consider having me, as a member.
I'm new. (But also old)
I'm unique.
I don't think that's a bad thing.
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/12/2016 5:08:58 PM
I admitted what? That the mods were on a mission against people, not for doing anything wrong, but because the mods didn't like them, you know, those who didn't suck up to them and be their favorites. Now tell me how that means what you are suggesting?

As for no joy LOL oh brother, I'm a pretty happy person, I treat people with kindness and give to others, and I sure don't rove around the profiles to find people to bash and tell them that you wouldn't date them. LOL Come on, you have got to be kidding. And it's not getting worse here, heck there is hardly anyone here, other than the few trolls, no one is treating anyone badly here. What are you reading? And no, there is no forum here for bashing people's private profiles, not even the profile forum is for that, only people who ask for constructive criticism in that forum want their profiles critiqued. So where do you get off calling others names, or making suggestions that they are bad and you are good, when you are the one coming here to tell others how their profiles should be?
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/12/2016 6:04:05 PM
Herr Jovian, there are races because there are racial differences between people. That races overlap in their distinctive characteristics does not change the facts. That is why medicine recognizes there are certain Medical issues that warrant investigation when dealing with certain races. For example Tay-Sachs disease is much more likely to strike people of Jewish origin and sickle cell anemia much more likely to strike people of black origin, but yes if you go back to the beginning we all come from the same place. We have just evolved to some degree differently depending on how much time we spend in any particular area of the world. Evolution keeps Kickin It whether you like it or not, just as there is a distinct possibility of a god whether you agree or not.
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/12/2016 7:31:37 PM
Jo van, thanks for the interesting post. I come from an ethnically diverse family, and we all (my mom, my half brother and me) got a kick out of our ancestry DNA test results. As you said, things are all mixed up. :)
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/12/2016 8:23:56 PM
OP....have you thought about what I said in my post? "Caring" has different meanings.
Maybe you misconstrue what they say?

Also what gtomustang said?
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/12/2016 10:09:13 PM
thank you for the compliment Nancy.

now for those who haven't read his profile really need to go do that. Laughter helps everyone's day. interests include:

The fraudulence that we submit to

Socialism — spreading poverty equally

Madonna’s Super Bowl Illuminati ritual

Mankind’s controlling religions

Delusions my teacher taught me

Chilling New Age deceptions

The collapse of the traditional family

The rise of the Beast system

Elegant Victorian fountain pens

The tightening of nanny-state control

English psychic medium Don Galloway

Cheese and Rice, I don't even know half of these things, and I KNOW how cheerful and positive the first conversation is going to be like. :) Can anyone see Amy Schumer doing a skit like this, where these are titles to books in the first date's private library? Next time Jehovah's Witless comes to my door, i'm going to say, "pick a topic from this list, and you have to listen to me after I listen to you."
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/12/2016 11:07:05 PM
Nah GTO, not opening it. I don't think I'd find it funny. I already gather that it's rather negative, and am glad that OP is remaining single. Not because I'm glad that he's single if he'd rather not be, but glad that no woman is experiencing this tornado of anger/judgments/negativity whirling into her life. When you make your life peaceful... joyful... calm... etc... you are drawn to people who make you feel more of the same. Your life is a no drama zone and it feels really nice, so that is what I sincerely wish to all POF seekers. :-)
 Jo van
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/13/2016 3:51:53 AM

Herr Jovian,

And no, there is no forum here for bashing people's private profiles, not even the profile forum is for that, only people who ask for constructive criticism in that forum want their profiles critiqued. So where do you get off calling others names, or making suggestions that they are bad and you are good, when you are the one coming here to tell others how their profiles should be?

As usual Dayna, spot-on!
The OP complains about "attacks", but launches a thread, which does exactly that.
Just like his own profile, which is very negative, and "attacks" anyone he doesn't agree with, or considers "unworthy".

Interesting that he's chosen to live, literally, halfway around the world, away from where his alleged "culture" came from, but still steadfastly clings to that culture, which he "brought with him", but feels that anyone else doing that, is "wrong". He says

I don't do multiculturalism, political correctness, non-judgementalism or 'diversity.'
All I hear is talk about "other cultures" — but not yours. I want to share my precious cultural heritage with a loving Caucasian lady.

I'd love to know what the "traditional" "caucasian" "cultural customs", of his alleged "race" are, regarding wallabies, platypus, (platypii?) or any of the other native marsupials.
Can you make haggis, with kangaroo meat?

But I guess if he doesn't "do" [sic] "multiculturalism" [sick], as he claims,
then he must be living as a Maori Warrior.

Gotta run!

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The I-don't-need-your-tin-foil hat profile
Posted: 5/13/2016 9:41:24 AM
Gosh, NJ, you really don't know how to have fun :) life is where you choose to enjoy it.

I'm just tickled code-pink he's single b/c he can't pee in the gene pool :)

love the McKenzie brothers photo, eh.
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/22/2016 1:08:40 AM
I get you OP. I read your profile and if you really feel these things don't change a thing. I like the honesty even though most may find what you wrote hard. I think you are refreshing.

As for not "caring"... the antisocial media is once again doing it's best to dismantle the core family unit and women have been brainwashed to believe that they should be completely independent and shun males that want to provide, protect and "belong" to a woman.

My guess is you already know this agenda.
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The I-don't-need-someone-to-'care'-for-me profile
Posted: 5/22/2016 6:13:19 AM
^^^ I don't know Penny. I think it's getting harder and harder to find a Stepford wife type that is willing to provide documents as to purity of body, purity of race and an ancestry background making sure there is not "one drop" hiding in the wood pile. I'm sure there are one or two women out there that like the subservient, two steps behind, treat him like a god type, put him on a pedestal lifestyle. Or he could buy one buy they wouldn't be the right colour.

I do agree though, if you're an odd duck, post it loud and proud on your profile for all to see. I don't want to waste my time, none of us should.
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