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I can't resist making a pass Jo! Actually someone said that to me in real life just the other week, it was rather nice if dishonest.
 Jo van
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How do you reply to 'you are sexy'
Posted: 10/13/2016 1:11:01 PM
Thanks Daver!

First of all:
Not Feirx!
And not before I've even seen the allegedly "provocative" pictures.

I have to say I'm not really comfortable with the word "provocative", when applied to females.
It seems a bit like a pre-emptive "excuse" to me...
If you think about it:
It implies that the "blame" for anything which subsequently happens, lies entirely with the female.
It's also entirely subjective, as any child-rapist will tell you.
Not that I'm suggesting that any of that was attached to it's casual use here, or that HTD is in any way, that way inclined, because I know he's not.

It's just interesting (IMO) the way our language and it's usage has evolved, it's not really fair, because when applied to males, it usually means to provoke anger or violence, but with women, it means to provoke sexual attention/attraction, and that it always has that deliberate intention, and there's a presupposition of some 'guilt' and premeditation attached to it.
Weird huh?
-Or is that just me?

Back on topic:
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How do you reply to 'you are sexy'
Posted: 10/13/2016 6:25:22 PM
I can not agree with you enough, women are made different and have different ideas on what is appropriate and not. However that is not to say that we do not think about the same things as men do, we fully enjoy sex, being sexy with the man we care about. Or maybe some with guys they don't give a damned about! We like candle light evenings, lots of attention, intelligent conversation, for him to appreciate the way I look for him.

I personally like a guy that is a little different the average guy. I like someone that is going to take the time and make an effort to think of what it is that I like for fun, so that in return that gives me the knowledge that he is a compassionate and caring kind of guy and I automatically want to do something that he may enjoy. Although it may not be my favorite sort of thing!

It is easy to wound a guys ego, but what be the point of that unless he is totally out of line, which I am sorry to say I've had to do myself. I don't like turning a guy in for inappropriate talk or a little over zealous! So I would prefer to tell him like it is. Anyway if you don't like the talk or attitude merely don't respond, they will go away!
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How do you reply to 'you are sexy'
Posted: 10/14/2016 3:19:53 PM
The above does not apply to me in any way form or context. Sounds rather needy to me. I can cook my own dinner and buy my own flowers. Peace love and unity!
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