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Joined: 7/15/2016
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He knows he will have a hard time pleasing the Hispanics

Hmmmm... I wonder why that would be. Do you have any good ideas Chinook?
Joined: 7/15/2016
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/3/2016 1:09:23 PM

Interesting perspective:

Two months ago, I wrote an essay, “Trump and the Rule of Law.” I didn’t contemplate that it would evolve into a never-ending series on the subject. This is part three.

Perhaps history doesn’t repeat itself but sometimes it rhymes.

“We must maintain law and order at the highest level or we will cease to have a country, 100 percent. We will cease to have a country. I am the law and order candidate.” – Donald Trump, July 11, 2016

“Law and order is in the interest of all Americans. Let’s just make sure that our laws deserve respect; then, they will be respected by all Americans.” – Richard M. Nixon, 1968

To win the 1968 election, Richard Nixon exploited fear, racial unrest and an unpopular war to exacerbate division. His message resonated with alienated voters who yearned for a bygone time that looked better in hindsight than it had ever been. He offered himself as uniquely capable of fixing anything and everything that was broken.

Shared Disdain For The Rules

Although the differences between 1968 and 2016 are enormous, Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort boasts that his candidate will continue using Nixon’s “law and order” playbook. But the most startling similarity between Nixon and Trump is the divergence of that rhetoric from their common disdain for the rule of law.

Nixon confined his dangerous views to private conversations with confidants; Trump shouts them loudly for public consumption. Those who should be paying closest attention have lost themselves in cynical calculations of personal political self-interest.

“He’ll have a White House counsel,” says Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in explaining why he continues to support Trump. “There will be others who point out that there’s certain things you can do and can’t do.”

Senator John McCain rationalizes his tolerance for Trump’s role as his personal abuser-in-chief: “I still believe we have the institutions of government that would restrain someone who seeks to exceed their constitutional obligations. We have a Congress. We have the Supreme Court. We’re not Romania.”

Senators McConnell, McCain and other Republicans refusing to disavow Trump could benefit by spending some time with President Richard Nixon’s former White House Counsel John Dean.

Magical Thinking Has A Cost

On March 21, 1973, Dean told the President:

“[T]here’s no doubt about the seriousness of the problem we’ve got. We have a cancer within – close to the presidency, that’s growing. It’s growing daily. It’s compounding. It grows geometrically now, because it compounds itself… And that is just – and there is no assurance – ”

Nixon: “That it won’t bust.”

Dean: “That, that won’t bust.”

Nixon: “True.”

A month later, Nixon fired him. It takes little imagination to envision Trump delivering that line with gusto: “You’re fired!” While Nixon fiddled with the levers of power for the next eighteen months, the country burned. The United States languished in its most severe recession since World War II and the business of governing slowed to a crawl.

Reticent Republicans

Then as now, prominent Republicans were slow in reacting to Nixon’s attack on the rule of law. Eventually, a unanimous Supreme Court ordered release of Nixon’s incriminating White House tapes and the House of Representatives passed articles of impeachment. Only then did key Republican leaders, including Senator Barry Goldwater, urge Nixon to step down because – at long last – there were enough Republican votes in the Senate to join Democrats in convicting him.

Nixon lost his fight with Congress and the courts. But the margin was thin and for a year-and-a-half the country suffered immeasurable collateral damage. A search for the origins of current public distrust in government could start with the events culminating in Nixon’s 1974 resignation.

Unabashed Lawlessness

Nixon thought he was above the law, but didn’t admit it publicly until three years after leaving office: “When the President does it, it means it’s not illegal.”

Trump’s similar revelations occur in real-time. Even conservative legal commentators express concern for his unwillingness to acknowledge the limits of presidential power. As University of Chicago/NYU Law Professor Richard A. Epstein puts it, “I think Trump doesn’t even think there’s an issue to worry about. He just simply says, whatever I want to do, I will do.”

The Complete Makeover That Never Will Happen

On April 21, 2016, Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort assured Republican National Committee members that Trump’s antics during the primaries were an act.

“That’s what’s important for you to understand – that he gets it, and that the part he’s been playing is evolving now into the part you’ve been expecting… Fixing personality negatives is a lot easier than fixing character negatives. You can’t change somebody’s character, but you can change the way a person presents himself.”

Since then Manafort’s candidate has devolved in every way.

He blasted a “Mexican” federal judge – born in Indiana – as biased because Trump doesn’t win every issue in the case against Trump University.
He excoriated individual reporters for doing what a free press is supposed to do.
He threatened The Washington Post’s owner Jeff Bezos with “such problems” if Trump becomes president.
He ranted about an “Afghan” terrorist – also American-born – who committed the Orlando atrocities as somehow proving the value of his proposed immigration ban, even though it would not have prevented that tragedy.
It Starts And Ends With The Patient

Who was to blame for all of those outbursts? Certainly not Trump himself. On June 20, campaign manager Corey Lewandowski took the fall.

“We’re going to go a little bit in a different route from this point forward,” Trump said. “A little different style.”

Since then Trump has:

Described Great Britain’s vote to leave the European Union as good for his Scottish golf course business;
Called Senator Elizabeth Warren a racist;
Described Jews as unduly sensitive about a campaign tweet slamming Hillary Clinton as corrupt – with dollar bills in the background and the Star of David in the foreground;
Invited Putin to hack the computers of Democratic rivals;
Smeared the Muslim religion with innuendo about a Gold Star mother of a veteran who’d died saving his fellow soldiers; and
Assured the world that Putin is “not going into Ukraine, OK, just so you understand. He’s not going to go into Ukraine, all right? You can mark it down. You can put it down. You can take it anywhere you want” — even though most of the world knows that Putin is already there.
At public events, his audiences cheer. Richard Nixon knew what that was about: “People react to fear, not love. They don’t teach that in Sunday school, but it’s true.”

Where’s The Bottom?

Trump’s apologists cling to the self-deceptive notion that he’s just rejecting political correctness. Here’s the truth: almost daily he says something that is simply wrong — factually, legally, and/or morally. Often he hits the trifecta with a single shot. It’s not a matter of political correctness. It’s a matter of correctness — period.

Manafort misdiagnosed his candidate’s underlying problem as something distinct from character. Trump’s personality is an extension of his character. At age 70, he remains what he has always been and always will be. But don’t take my word for it; take his.

As Trump told the press during his Memorial Day rampage against another frequent Nixon target – the media: “You think I’m going to change? I’m not changing.”

He means it. When it comes to character, decency and respect for the rule of law, Donald Trump is Richard Nixon on steroids with a megaphone and no internal filter. What we see is what we will continue to get until November when the worst reality show ever comes to an end.
Joined: 4/1/2016
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/3/2016 1:38:12 PM
The entire world went through a recession.Something about an oil embargo engineered by the Saudis eh?Remember them?The ones that funded 911 and the current conflict in Syria?The same people that fund terror groups that Obama refuses to classify as such.The ones that give generously to the Clinton Foundation.
Joined: 7/15/2016
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/3/2016 1:45:05 PM
You mean like 1973, after the Arab Israeli war? So you don't like Obama and Hillary. That justifies voting for a guy, who it was reported today, questions why Nukes can't be used? Why the hell didn't the repubs nominate somebody rational?
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/3/2016 1:46:14 PM
“Obviously Trump posing with a taco bowl is a joke.”

Oh, nobody’s arguing that it wasn’t a joke. It’s just that it was a “joke” on the same level as those my white elementary and middle school classmates in Alabama used to tell me about how many n-words it took to screw in a light bulb – a joke built off the back of stereotypes and class warfare. “Don’t you get it, Hawking? It’s because blacks are stupid!” Of course, one primary difference here is that Trump himself is so stupid that he probably genuinely had no idea what he was doing was offensive to the very people he was trying to “jokingly” pander to, whereas my classmates’ intention was to make me uncomfortable and feel inferior.

“tRump ordered security to eject a crying baby. Secret Service carried Trump outside before realizing the error.”

Now that there is a funny joke. Yes, based on a stereotype, just like “taco bowl” – of course, Trump has become the living embodiment of his own stereotype, so I’ll allow it.

“If Chump's every third sentence is a sarcastic joke, then he isn't taking his campaign seriously. Which means literally, we shouldn't take anything he says seriously, b/c it might be a joke.”

Exactly. When a candidate gets to the point that even his own VP nominee has to react seriously to his “sarcastic jokes” because he’s not sure whether or not it’s a joke, nor does it matter, then maybe it’s about time the candidate stopped telling “sarcastic jokes.” Hey, if it was working out for him somehow, more power to him, but I wouldn’t say 6 point poll reversals and Clinton polling above 50 in several for the first time since Comey’s non-indictment indictment meets the definition of “working out.”
Joined: 6/16/2007
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/3/2016 1:47:59 PM
“He’ll have a White House counsel,” says Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in explaining why he continues to support Trump. “There will be others who point out that there’s certain things you can do and can’t do.”

>>>yeah, and Bush 2 had John Yoo

how well did that work for the country?

"The entire world in 1973 went thru an oil driven recession, funded by a country that contributed most of the 19 9/11 terrorists. remember them?"

>>The Bush family does, i'm sure you heard the nickname, "Bandar Bush"? ring a bell? works alongside them in the Carlyle Group? got to fly out of America on 9/12? Seems like they've been in bed with both parties for decades.

why is the Clinton Foundation allowed to take money? for the same reason GB43 got his oil company bailed out by Saudi friends of the family while Daddy was in the WH.

As the saying goes, its not the illegal stuff that kills you, its what is actually legal that blows your mind. Overturn Citizens United, get the PAC money out of politics (Sanders showed what small donations can do), don't ask the Russians to steal emails of your political opponent, stop accepting favors from OPEC countries to tie oil to the dollar and buy airplanes and tanks they don't need....and you'll love the results.

again, its not that HC is an angel, its that DT is such a disaster that she looks good in comparison. the GOP should have shown leadership a long time ago and pushed a good candidate over someone who caters to the Honey Boo Boo crowd.
Joined: 4/1/2016
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/3/2016 2:07:53 PM
The taco bowl joke was a shot at Hillary's emails and her sleazy team.It was of course,far more racist for Trump to attempt some humor from the episode than Hillary's team privately referring to Latinos as such,wasn't it?

Why is Hillary allowed to take bribes from foreign regimes?Her foundation is nothing but a front for corruption.
Joined: 7/15/2016
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/3/2016 2:19:01 PM
^^^ yes . . . didn't you say she already stole billions from Libya was it? What evidence do you have that her foundation is nothing but a front for corruption? We know you make lots of allegations . . . but I have yet to see you back one of them up. Of course, that's what Trump does . . . baseless assertions . . . based only on something he "heard". The man is always hearing things.
Joined: 4/16/2007
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/3/2016 2:26:29 PM
“The taco bowl joke was a shot at Hillary's emails and her sleazy team. It was of course,far more racist for Trump to attempt some humor from the episode than Hillary's team privately referring to Latinos as such,wasn't it?”

What the hell are you talking about? Trump’s taco bowl comment wasn’t a reaction to the DNC taco bowl comment – that would be impossible unless he has a time machine (and if he does, then he’s a bigger idiot than any of us know, because he’s using it to make “clever” and predictive taco bowl commentary instead of fixing all of his gaffes). Trump tweeted that taco bowl picture on Cinco de Mayo, 2016 (as indicated by the wording and date in the tweet). The DNC taco bowl comment wasn’t revealed to the world until last week – almost 3 months later. These two taco bowl moments occurred completely independently of each other (unless the DNC comment wasn’t made until after Trump tweeted his comment, which is possible, because I haven’t seen the date stamp on the email). It is interesting that they both used the "taco bowl" metaphor, of all metaphors they could have used. Apparently, stupid minds think alike. Unless, again, the email was sent after Trump's tweet, in which case apparently the DNC staffer was mocking Trump (and it backfired).
Joined: 1/31/2011
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/4/2016 3:38:50 AM
tRump the fraud examined:


Joined: 12/4/2014
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/4/2016 5:16:06 AM
Part of the reason Trump has gotten as far as he has is because you all are addressing the situation as if he has ONLY the, as you say, "honey boo boo crowd. "

Being dissmisive of the rest of the voters does not help your cause.

(Or maybe it is rigged, so you don't need to appeal. ( that was a joke based on Trump. . ah, never mind. So serious) )

The race will be determined by those 18% who are allegedly "undecided." Kind of like Justice Kennedy, you never know whether they will want to be popular that day or right.
Joined: 6/16/2007
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/4/2016 6:43:15 AM
"Part of the reason Trump has gotten as far as he has is because you all are addressing the situation as if he has ONLY the, as you say, "honey boo boo crowd. ""

>>>I would like to believe that. I would like to think the HBBC isn't as large as it is. Label me an elitist, but I like the idea the general population is logical and rational, not emotional or self-focused or impractical. That "average" is actually educated and has a good grasp of reality.But then i'll listen to a Trumpet talk about other things they believe in....I was just listening to a pediatric chiropractor who's a Trumpet, and then she starts railing on GMO's, and moves on to the evils of ALL vaccines, and what else "they" are putting into us...she stopped short of talking about microchips in our asses.

still, the voting numbers will tell the tale.
Joined: 9/15/2015
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/4/2016 6:52:11 AM

Part of the reason Trump has gotten as far as he has is because you all are addressing the situation as if he has ONLY the, as you say, "honey boo boo crowd. "

Being dissmisive of the rest of the voters does not help your cause.

You are correct, Trump appeals to authoritarianism.

Those that have an authoritarian leadership style, an example of an authoritarian leader is a dictator, or someone who leads with total power. This type of leader does not take into consideration any input from his or her constituents or advise.

Examples of leaders who have used authoritarian leadership include Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Bill Gates, Kim Jong-un, Larry Ellison, Lorne Michaels, Richard Nixon and Vladimir Putin.
Joined: 12/4/2014
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/4/2016 8:14:28 AM
That description seems to apply to Obama-Mr. "I don't care, I will just issue an executive order" as well as the antiTrump Republicans cutting off their noses to spite their faces, no matter the votes of their party members.
Joined: 7/18/2016
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/4/2016 8:32:29 AM

Part of the reason Trump has gotten as far as he has is because you all are addressing the situation as if he has ONLY the, as you say, "honey boo boo crowd. "

Well, please prove them wrong. Who did he have speak at the RNC, D listers. One semi normal guy, Guilian and the the Christie Cream dude who will stump for food. No past President, no big wigs in the GOP, no one with stature and clout....the duck dynasty dudes. Geez. Pathetic. So yes, the Honey Boo Boo crowd and those that can't see the forest for the trees. There has to be a name for it, like the Hitler effect or something with "syndrome" after it.
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/4/2016 10:28:14 AM
Obama gets slammed with the executive order thing, and it could be argued that with Mitch McConnell saying Congress will do everything to block
anything Obama comes out with, the EO's make sense. Yet, still, his number is 244, while other recent presidents are 300+

So, Obama has a ways to go to reach the "dictator" level of Bush's 291 or Reagan or Clinton or Carter who are above 300.

Like Kashie pointed out, it wasn't the A list at the Rep Con. George Will, who I have some small amount of respect for as a Republican, resigned his own party over Chump

the guy just can't stop finding enough bad stuff to say about Chump, and it ain't like he's the Ann Coulter of the GOP.
Joined: 12/4/2014
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/4/2016 11:17:59 AM
Mistake 1- believing that only Honey boo boo types support trump.

Mistake 2 - believing that only republicans support Trump

Mistake 3 - belief that election of Trump is the underlying goal

If you truly listen to his staunch supporters, the goal is a Jeffersonian revolution. We are past the twenty Years. Whether as a result of the elections or in response to election results.

They want the powers that be ousted or changed.

They have remained the same for about 30 years, at least. No matter the party in charge.
Joined: 10/3/2015
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Cheeto Judas is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/4/2016 12:41:11 PM

the goal is a Jeffersonian revolution.

the road to a "Hitlerian" revolution is paved with good intentions. Gotta love the fear driven, extreme embracing, mindlessly clueless.
Joined: 2/11/2008
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/4/2016 6:54:16 PM
Jefferson called it a Revolution, he named it himself, kind of takes the big punch out of it. But that does sound like Trump, naming things, calling them huge, etc. Also the two parties are not the same as what is around now.
Joined: 7/15/2016
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/5/2016 8:23:07 AM
Everyday, more and more bad news for Trump.

Another huge endorsement for Hillary:

Trumps incompetence as a businessman:
Joined: 7/15/2016
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/5/2016 9:20:29 AM

Did we really need a study to tell us this?
Joined: 6/16/2007
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/5/2016 2:31:58 PM
Dee, i'd like to think you are correct about mistake one, except I meet professional/white collar who support Chump, and when I see how they run their business and what they believe, I see them as a Duck Dynasty/Honey Boo Boo type, even if they never watch the shows. the particular ones I meet, seem to be successful entrpreneurs, yet the veneer falls off to show half-assedness, massive shortcuts, self centered business practices, and some outright quackery.

still, here's an interesting take on it:

I'll accept mistake number two, b/c I think the non-rep supporters are still responding to a dog whistle that sounds familiar, but I really liked your point about Jeffersonian Revolution. got any more links where you got that one?

I found two that I thought was interesting:

maybe its on target, maybe its way off. I still say, people who are out to overthrow the status quo, are years too late, they missed out on Occupy Wall St et al, and of course, there's another big revolution going on--Black Lives Matter. Will it go past the summer? i'm betting it will, just b/c their issue will. it might morph into something else, but I don't see Trumpets inviting it under their circus tent.

over here on the right side of the map, I worked for a lily-white Polish family running a business, and listened to white coworkers talk about how Mexicans who were no where near our physical location were to blame for everything. so i'd ask them, who the hell is signing your paycheck? who's cutting your hours? is it the old white dude driving a new Cadillac to work to replace the old one? How do the Mexicans and Muslims make America suck, but a narcissist who doesn't pay his bills is the solution? (that's a rhetorical question). Sanders railed against the same injustices, but no one could overlook his socialism but sure had no problem overlooking racism and sexism. how can racism be so easy to overlook?

when its, you know, not that big of a deal. personally, I think they are revolting b/c before, it wasn't their problem. Now suddenly, its THEIR problem, not everyone else's problem, and I don't blame their anger. Of course, I do get reminded of the work poster, "let me drop everything and solve YOUR problem". But, where are they directing it? we hate the rich, so let's elect the rich guy to lead us?

the world has changed. America has a boatload of economic competitors it didn't have before. it has computers that can do repetitive jobs that didn't exist before at this price range. showing up white and male at a job just don't cut it no mo'. The Republicans killed off the unions and those wonderful jobs with the Cadillac bennies.
Joined: 7/15/2016
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/6/2016 11:03:10 AM
There really is a bottom line and that is the fact trump is mentally ill and can not be trusted with our nukes or making decisions about nato. His being a fraud is just another factor, as is his immense ignorance.
Joined: 7/15/2016
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/9/2016 1:18:57 PM
Trump is not suggesting to take up violence against the government if Hillary is elected:
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 8/9/2016 4:15:29 PM
Maybe his handlers need to wire his jaw closed, since he is unable to monitor himself?
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