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Yes...the trump base is hurting, which is why they want change. Any change. Makes sense.
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who is a Fraud ?????????
Posted: 9/26/2016 8:10:31 AM

1. They don't want eight more years of Obama policies


2. They don't like what a future with Hillary looks like.
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who is a Fraud ?????????
Posted: 9/26/2016 8:17:05 AM
If people are doing well, the status quo is always the safer choice.
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who is a Fraud ?????????
Posted: 9/26/2016 8:32:26 AM
“That begs the question: Why doesn't Hillary have a runaway lead?”/ "Or, 1. They don't want eight more years of Obama policies"

Obama has had a 50% or higher approval rating in almost every poll over the past 6 months.

Progressivism (or more like, anti-conservativism) does have a runaway lead. Clinton is a progressive, Stein is an ultra-progressive, and Johnson is a social progressive (although arguably reactionary fiscally). All 3 of them would appoint liberals to the Supreme Court (well, Johnson hasn’t come right out and said that, but he cannot accomplish his agenda otherwise). Combined, they have 53 points in the current RCP average, vs. Trump’s 41. America wants a progressive as president – it’s just that not all of that 53 points wants Clinton as president. She doesn’t have a runaway lead because many progressives don’t like her personally or don’t trust her, not because they disagree with most of her policy proposals. Trump’s 7 points off where Romney ended up and about 60% of Americans don’t want him as president.

The problem is there are a lot of STUPID progressives (way too many of my swing vote state friends included) who believe their “conscience” is more important than achieving their objectives. There are a lot of STUPID progressives who don’t see this election as being binary, thinking Johnson or Stein can win. There are a lot of STUPID progressives who either don’t believe it’s possible for Trump to win or think it’s worth him being president, to teach the Democrats a lesson.

Do not mistake the current closeness of this election for America buying into either conservative Republican ideology or Trump specifically. Any Democratic candidate (including Sanders) that progressives actually liked would be mopping the floor with Trump – the evidence overwhelmingly points to that conclusion, including Obama’s incredibly high approval rating, because he is a progressive that progressives actually like. If Trump somehow pulls this out but with 40% of the popular vote, it will be the biggest lie in political history that he has a mandate, when 60% of the population hates his agenda and 70%+ of the population (including many people voting for him) hates him, but were too stupid to unite to defeat him. So in that sense, I agree with the progressives planning to vote for Johnson or Stein and shrugging off the possibility of a Trump presidency: we get exactly what we deserved for being so STUPID. No hatred or distrust of Clinton should be great enough to allow a Trump presidency to happen – and in that sense, I also agree with Trump supporters: progressives ARE stupid.

I don’t really care what’s happening in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa (how’d it become a swing state anyway?), Nevada but the sudden closeness of Colorado, Michigan and Pennsylvania, only a month after Clinton had double-digit leads in those states, which are also states Obama romped through, actually is legitimately scaring the hell out of me. I don’t even know what Clinton can do to fix this problem, because I don’t know how it came about to begin with – the plummets started before her pneumonia and deplorables episode, but after Trump’s new campaign team forced him to behave like a half-decent human being – it is a sad state of affairs when that many undecideds or Stein/Johnson voters can be hoodwinked into believing a guy who has behaved like an a-hole for 70 years of his life can suddenly become presidential material overnight.
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Gold ..tick ....get out the of all debt...tick.....some fiat....tick.....get a gun :( 3/4 so far :(
Posted: 9/26/2016 8:44:36 AM
I am offering an opinion mr number-lowercaseletter and I agree if what you are saying that it is a common one if not a mainstream one. An economy is simple how many people working and how productive, demographics is important to this system as it is exponential and insane in its nature. Demographics shouldn't be very important unless world champion productive workers aren't being born or fifth rate productive workers are being born. What should be important is productivity for each worker or real income for each worker. Got it?

Right now you are in massive denial about debt and insouciant to the point of stupidity over credit creation which is now adding huge amounts of unproductive debt to the global debt mountain ( at least $225trillion in q2 of 2014 $ 60 trillion more than just 2008...McKinsey). Global gdp is just $ 60 trillion. Unproductive debt will need to be rolled over as it matures by more unproductive debt debt-based credit creation.. Known as money to sheeple like you. Sorry old boy but I want to wake you up.

Where these permabears according to you seem to have waited and waited missing out on the central bank engineered bullmarkets may I point out Someone like mark spitznagel of universa I think, and his returns. Not everyone is as stupid as you think. Most people see the trees that you do without losing sight of the wood. I do have gold and indeed silver and will continue to aquire more gold. I hope it goes down so I can get much much more. To recapitulate, a fiat currency comes with a central bank guarantee that it will go to zero.

Every "printed" dollar over any real growth in production devalues those already in existence, driving its value to zero. Since 1913 the dollar has lost 98% of its 1913 value. I think gold was $20 dollars an ounce then and now $1300 a hundred years later.It does look like gold tracks that I'd guess the money supply correlates too as inflation is the inflating of the money supply and rising prices an outcome. Your government and central bank Shysters would have us believe that too many workers causes inflation , see umpteen FOMC minutes, nutters. What about the demographics Janet?

Bull markets, gold..... 1971-1980... $ 35. To .... $ 850.... 2002-2011 $. 220 (approx the Brown bottom after the former British pm) to .....$1900 an ounce. The reasons for holding physical gold now ( not paper) were never as compelling before those bull market runs started. Remember the money printing needs to to be of a greater and greater magnitude to keep all assets inflated, ie, real estate, stocks and bonds. Markets will not be allowed to correct to fair value until the dollar is sacrificed.

QE is globally $200 billion a month now (an annualised $2.4 trillion). It will need greater and greater amounts of this going forward or markets will implode in a death Spiral. So higher and higher asset prices as government-central bankers and those with assets swap paper with each other declaring in their own little world that their real estate , stocks and bonds etc are worth more and more . Meanwhile back in the real economy resources will become scarce.

Dee, I'm British. These two fine candidates / wastrels are hoping at best to do an Obama ie preside over economic
decline and double the national debt. It worked for Bush and Obama. But the lay of the land gets more precarious.
There's a good chance one of them will catch all of the blame for the last fifty years of eschewing all hard decisions
for the easy ones.

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Gold ..tick ....get out the of all debt...tick.....some fiat....tick.....get a gun :( 3/4 so far :(
Posted: 9/26/2016 9:25:03 AM
Ho does having debt make it worse? I am asking because people I know who lost property in Sandy were better off if they had two mortgages and furniture that they bought on credit than people who had no mortgage and no debt

Please explain.
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Gold ..tick ....get out the of all debt...tick.....some fiat....tick.....get a gun :( 3/4 so far :(
Posted: 9/26/2016 10:07:51 AM
I'm just a layman but it all depends on the individual . In an Inflationary or even a hyperinflationary environment then debt is good as that destroys the value of what a debtor has to pay back to their creditor.

In a deflationary economy like the Great Depression debt will kill you, as the value of that debt increases. As the money supply shrinks, banks , employment opportunities, companies, even good companies go away. Unemployment is rife if you can keep your job it might be ok.

Governments make the rules so be warned in a hyperinflation economy you might not escape your debts so easily as government might step in for their friends or your creditors to revalue them, always risk.

The world central banks have been desperate for inflation since 2008 so that the world can pay its debts in devalued dollars. A hidden default to save the financial elite, who own Hillary , and their rotten system of increasing inequality.

For me gold whether through governmental manipulation ( see the London gold pool) or mass general ignorance is an undervalued asset, that reacts well in deflationary and highly inflationary environments. I have no appetite for debt and it is dangerously mispriced . My house is mine and simply shelter. I am my own bank I no longer need their products. If I want to risk my capital, it won't be in this economy.

Believe is correct and being utterly truthful in stating how inflation destroys the middle class or in Brit-speak the working class. Yet the poor want more inflation . What price a simple bit of education while at school but no...that would uncover things. Better to hope Trump or Clinton can be worked on by their backers to obscure it with their nonsense. I have to confess to liking the British Version of dancing with the Stars, particularly Natalie. Len Goodman is a West Ham fan you know. A little light relief From the ongoing meltdown or melt up.

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Gold ..tick ....get out the of all debt...tick.....some fiat....tick.....get a gun :( 3/4 so far :(
Posted: 9/26/2016 11:58:00 AM
Perhaps you are right guys. Perhaps not. I'm not an economist, and these theories you are relying on for your opinions are complicated. I do read the Wall Street Journal religiously though, and various other materials, and there are experts out there who do not believe the debt we have is a problem . . . yet . . . if the economies of the world continue growing.

And some economists are more worried about deflation than inflation. A little inflation is healthy for an economy such as ours.

But demographically, the economy is consumer driven, and as the middle class dries up and the boomers downsize and save more for their old age . . . that is what might do us in.

Stay tuned . . . especially if Trump wins. Me, I am investing in a good ETF short the S&P 500 if Trump wins. His deficit spending will destroy the economy. If Hillary wins, I still expect a recession in 2017, but one we will recover from quicky enough.
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Gold ..tick ....get out the of all debt...tick.....some fiat....tick.....get a gun :( 3/4 so far :(
Posted: 9/26/2016 12:12:48 PM
I was told by someone older ,,if you only look for bad things ,,,thats all you will find ,,,
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Gold ..tick ....get out the of all debt...tick.....some fiat....tick.....get a gun :( 3/4 so far :(
Posted: 9/26/2016 1:31:56 PM
I was reading this thread ,,,is it true ,,,,,,trump is a ,,,frog??????,,,,oh crap it's fraud ,,oh ,,my bad
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Caligula duck is a Fraud
Posted: 9/26/2016 3:13:22 PM
Enough institutions in America made money in the Savings and Loan crisis and its housing bubble, that they did it again and there was another one. As those homes are coming out from "under water" and the interest rate is down, people are investing in housing again b/c what else are we producing in large numbers? That's one of the reasons trucking (ie, shipping product) is down, along with the house clearing that the high cost of diesel fuel last summer did to independent truckers. Maybe once again we'll hear the "Experts" tell us a primary house is an investment (ever buy a car to commute in, worried about its investment value? no, you buy it for cheapness and its ability to work for you. Its a tool, like your primary house is. A secondary house is an investment, b/c you can sell it when the market rises and yet not be living on the street afterward).

Anyone who says they can time the stock market, needs to answer this question: what did you September 1oth? How did you predict 9-11? Though Chump's prior promise to default the USG's debt, pay pennies on the dollar to bond holders, isn't going to make Wall St jump for joy, even tho bad bond news sends investors running to stocks. The market will either crash on bad news, or when there's an alternative to it...and when's that going to happen. Interest rates are low in the hopes of priming pumps, but when consumers aren't buying, its hard to get their money into the profit column. in the end, profit is made from...other people. That requires them to make a profit, or a credit line, based on having a job or something to sell or rent.

Indeed, the issue is changing demographics. Normally in a society there is haves and have nots, the middle class is a "neither" class. It requires a strong economy to exist. There has to be "enough to go around", in order to afford it. Or they get a house that doesn't lose value, and borrow money off it until the principle is due. Chump's proposal to inflate currency, simply b/c the government can print more money, might make a debtor like him smile. But its like drilling a hole in the floor of a boat to let out the water already coming in.

what created the middle class? Originally it was serfs moving into factories and having a ladder to climb. WW2 helped out, as there was a Baby Boom, and there wasn't computers to absorb their jobs in the workplace. You wanted a job, you became a doorman or elevator operator or factory worker or secretary or typist or mailroom boy. Jobs your cellphone or gas credit card can do today. Employed people could spend their paycheck wherever they wanted. now that Baby Boom consumer bubble is heading towards retirement, their grandchildren have too much college debt to buy durable goods, and can't find a job because someone else is doing it along with their own job with the help of computer, or Dad's unionized factory job went overseas. As companies leave the cities, the local tax base goes with it, so there are fewer government jobs for minorities to have to join the middle class and have job benefits and a retirement pension (see:Detriot).

Tonight we're going to have a political debate, and one side doesn't want any fact checkers. Would they hire an inspector for a new house who can't prove to know what he talks about? a pediatrician who has ideas about what ails their child, but don't ask for facts? Why not want a leader who speaks facts? Unless you already know the facts, and just want to vote on emotion, not on facts.
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Caligula duck is a Fraud
Posted: 9/26/2016 3:39:54 PM
I ship you not:

then he tried to correct it (as usual--imagine a president who has to change direction every time his last change of direction was jeered by experts)

(is it clear now, why Democrats want the debate to have fact checkers? Like the article says, many American pension plans rely on the T-bills Chump wants to refuse to pay. So much for the myth he watches out for the little guy.)

Also, that period you mentioned, ironically Italians and other Catholic immigrants were blamed for being highly sexually charged, assassins and instigators, members of the Black Hand--in other words, sounds like what Chump said about Mexicans in the beginning. Charles Lindbergh and the America First movement wouldn't be until the 1940's, however.

Billy, you're right, majority of voters already made their choice, this debate is just Rumble in the Jungle. The Roman Colluseum. We want to see the candidate we hate, get their nose bloodied. The undecided just want to see who fails, its the bully versus the class valedictorian having a fist fight in the stairwell after school.
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just over two hours!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 9/26/2016 3:44:33 PM
Giffey There is deflation in the global economy with all the excess capacity in Asia and the cost of labour in the world , billions of people Willing to work for a fraction of a westerner's compensation. Also the debt, as Believe has pointed out that isn't going to get paid, is deflationary. As paying interest on debt is "money" that's not being consumed now or saved for future consumption. Debt is future consumption brought forward. Why would any business invest for the future given all the implied money to be spent on debt by his potential customers in the future even though as Believe Says it ain't getting paid anyway.

Yes you're right gif this particular global petro-dollar debt-based fractional reserve currency system does need inflation to inflate away the debt It creates as it expands. But in the last few years inflation and income have been left behind by global debt. It's now about three times larger than gdp. The system doesn't like deflation although as Believe has said too this is very good for the middle classes or labour in a sound money system.

Left to nature stocks, bonds and real estate would crash by 90% , this is what would happen tomorrow if central bank intervention ceased. Central banks have inflated their global balance sheets from $6 trillion in 07 to $21 trillion now in 2016 this is jaw dropping and off the scale. These balance sheets filled with utter junk are being increased by $ 200 billion a month at the moment. The central banks have inflated the Monetary supply. I think in the struggle between massive deflation and central bank inflation, inflation will result. First things first after Inflation spikes in official figures, the Coming bond market implosion that happens will be the single frightening event of our lifetimes.

Put simply America is living beyond its means it has debt much of owed to foreigners that is not going to be honoured. This insolvency is being kept from the world by the ongoing destruction of the dollar. The lost of its reserve currency status will fall heavy on the American middle class.

Got my pizza ready for the debate staying up no work tomorrow:) it's better than sport . Bread and circuses.....
^^^^^you're a poet gto..... ;)
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just over two hours!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 9/26/2016 3:54:31 PM
Could this possibly end up being the funniest night of television EVER ?
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just over two hours!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 9/26/2016 4:53:02 PM
I have a bet with myself. Months ago we heard that the Clinton campaign was doing the kind of opposition research on Trump that his Republican opponents didn't do. And that they found a bunch of ugly stuff. I'm betting that Clinton drops a bombshell tonight that will be all anyone is talking about tomorrow.
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fifty nine minutes!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 9/26/2016 5:01:05 PM
I had cherished a hope as posters posted they would amend the headline in the manner of a countdown....
Joined: 6/6/2016
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Twenty minutes.....
Posted: 9/26/2016 5:39:21 PM
Here is a live feed...

Got my popcorn ready.... lol
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Caligula duck is a Fraud
Posted: 9/26/2016 6:11:21 PM

Yes, well, it's hard to argue with this rebuttal.

Under normal circumstances your complaint would be valid but, attempting to refute nonsense based on extreme ignorance is a futile endeavor.

That said, here are some useful links that will hopefully lessen the extreme economic ignorance displayed in some of the past posts.

About the printing of money and where the value of money comes from

^^^ Basic stuff that is very important to understand (particularly when selecting someone who may be in charge of the economy)

About deflation and why it is not desirable (there are exceptions as the article states but, the conditions when those exceptions would actually be favorable do not seem to have ever occurred.)

^^^ the information in that article should be fully understood before babbling nonsense about deflation.

Why, if done properly, pumping money in the economy is a actually a good thing...

Lastly, it is totally ridiculous to complain that gold was priced at x in 19xx and is now priced at y in 20xx. What matters is not the difference in nominal price, what matters is the amount of purchasing power that is represented by the price. That is true for any asset and, that is what must be carefully managed. The number representing the price is irrelevant, it is the amount of purchasing power represented by the number that matters.

The deplorables should stop getting their economics knowledge from smoking red paint in the morning and consuming counterfeit fortune cookies. Once the deplorables have traded their nonsense and hatred for a sensible and working amount of economic knowledge then a sensible discussion can take place.

After reading the above articles maybe one of the deplorables can figure out what the likely effects of caligula duck's preposterous tax plan would be,after that, the deplorables may want to figure out the effects of caligula duck's childish, unethical and ridiculous plan to lower the public debt.

GTO linked to an article where someone chewed caligula duck's debt reduction "plan" to make it easier to understand to caligula duck's deplorables. Here is the link again...

For the record, the above article was written before caligula duck changed his tax "plan" but, his new tax "plan" doesn't have any significant effect on what was found in the article.

The Roman Colluseum.

That's darn close to what we've got in this election... a bunch of hate driven ignorants shouting "Ave, Imperator, morituri te salutant".

Some people have come a long way... others are still (roughly) 1800 years behind with little to no hope of ever reaching the shores of decency, common sense and knowledge.
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Caligula duck is a Fraud
Posted: 9/27/2016 2:28:08 AM

If you want to talk down to someone about their economic knowledge

I didn't talk anyone down. The lack of knowledge on the subject is obvious from the posts.

you might want to link to something a bit higher quality than that.

The information I linked to is high quality, accurate, clear and simple enough for a layman in economics to understand. If you are not pleased with the quality of the information presented in those articles, you should have included links to what you consider are "high quality" articles instead of just complaining.

It would very useful if caligula duck deplorables learned that complaining is not a solution to a problem.

How many people put off buying that iPhone or that computer or that TV because the knew they could get it cheaper in the future? Right.

Since the advent of iPhones and TVs we haven't experienced deflation, the answer is, due to the fact that this situation didn't present itself, none. However...

Here are two common cases that show that people do time their purchases based on their expectations regarding price increases or decreases.

First, an example of when prices go up. Sometime in 2009, when gas prices were rapidly going up, there were many people who bought their gas on their way to work instead of after work because they were afraid the price would go up in the meantime. This behavior has been observed in all countries that have experienced high inflation.

Second, an example of when prices go down. There are countless investors that will wait to purchase a stock (or a bond) they want to invest in if they believe the price is going to go down. I'm sure you are tempted to object to that as an example but, it conclusively proves that people will wait to purchase if they expect the price to go down. This takes place thousands of times a day.

Whether the item is an iPhone, a TV, a stock, a bond or anything else is irrelevant. Whenever an individual believes the price will go down, within what that individual considers a reasonable and practical amount of time, that individual will wait.

The amount of time a person will wait is inversely proportional to the rate at which the price increases and directly proportional to the rate at which the price decreases.

re: Increase real value of debt

It does do that. Of course, an economy based on sound monetary policy wouldn't have to survive on debt.

Any economy that has any amount of debt, even if it isn't "surviving on debt", is affected. The real value of the country's debt will increase.

re: increased real interest rates

And why is it a problem that individual people can accrue wealth as opposed to the central authority gathering it up and doling it out?

If that was the only effect of increased real interest rates, it would be very nice. Looks like you missed the following points in the article I linked to...

deflation can contribute to an unwanted tightening of monetary policy. This is particularly a problem for Eurozone countries which don’t have recourse to any other monetary policies like quantitative easing. This is another factor that can lead to lower growth and higher unemployment.

It is much better for a middle class family to have a job than to have an extra 1% or 2% return on what are likely modest savings.

Unemployment wasn't a problem in the late 19th century when the U.S. had decades of price deflation.

That is a gross exaggeration. We never had "decades of price deflation". There was one instance when deflation was beneficial to the country and it lasted about 10 years, not decades. More info at...

Don't forget the deflation experienced during the Great Depression. Not exactly desirable.

re: More difficult for relative prices and wages to adjust.

This is just nonsense that looks like it was thrown to increase the word count of the article.

Not nonsense at all. Adjusting the purchasing power of a society is much easier to do by pumping money in the economy than by attempting to lower wages. There aren't a whole of people that are amenable to have their wages cut because that is what is good for the economy (try to explain that to joe average). Deflation makes it a lot harder than inflation to control relative prices and wages.

re: Deflation can become entrenched and difficult to end. - The experience of Japan in the late 90s and 00s, was that when deflation became the new norm, it was very hard to change inflation expectations and regain normal growth.

First of all, Japan isn't the type of deflation that you want to have in an economy.

That's irrelevant. That deflation is the problem they had to deal with. Whining about it doesn't solve that problem. A solid understanding of how economic factors will interact in a particular economy is what's needed. Something which Caligula duck has conclusively proven not to have the shadow of the faintest clue about it.

Bottom line is this... .

Caligula duck's tax plan is an economic atrocity that will cause severe problems. Just cutting the corporate tax rate to 15% would cause significant damage to the U.S economy.

The most unfortunate part is that, it doesn't even matter if someone mathematically proves it, the deplorables will still vote for that incompetent, dishonest disgrace.
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Msg: 445
Caligula duck is a Fraud
Posted: 9/27/2016 4:21:28 AM
I can't be bothered with links and can't be bothered to wade through the prevailing intellectual tosh above, I'm sorry.
We have a particular financial system that has advantages and disadvantages, no one at the debate last night is
going to Change it in my opinion so a better more sustainable natural economic system for the majority is unlikely.

Some thoughts...this system is an inequality factory. A debt factory. An insolvency factory. And a reserve currency ending factory.Just think for yourself mr Fl man and add your opinion to to these topic heads if you wish.

As for the debate , she is awful to me but if you were to hold them to the same standard he was embarrassing and worse. He is incapable of making any sense maybe he feels he has to do this so she won't make any childish point scoring.
They are both invested in the petro dollar standard until its demise . A Quality candidate will hopefully emerge then
Joined: 9/22/2016
Msg: 446
Caligula duck is a Fraud
Posted: 9/27/2016 8:01:42 AM
^^^^^^^ "they are invested in the petro dollar standard"

You seem legitimately concerned abut the economy... but you speak gobbledygook. If you want to be taken more seriously, you really need to lay out your case for why the economy is failing. So far, you have not provided us any facts . . . merely your conclusions, which again, can be easily taken from one of the many the coming economic collapse books. Problem is, these books have always been out there and the economic collapse is always coming.
Joined: 9/22/2016
Msg: 447
Caligula duck is a Fraud
Posted: 9/27/2016 8:04:38 AM
I mean, there is a whole industry out there putting this stuff out forever. Weiss investing has been selling fear forever. And so far, he has always been wrong.
Joined: 9/22/2016
Msg: 448
Caligula duck is a Fraud
Posted: 9/27/2016 8:08:07 AM
to the pathetic, low iq, loser mods in the background who can't find a real job:

Justs to show you how inept you are, I will continually post with throwaway IDS, skewing POF's statistics as a Protest that POF should not hire brain dead moderators . .. that they are only huring themselves.

I will always be twenty throw away profiles ahead of you. I am so good at producing them, I can produce about three while walking my dog one thousand steps per my fitbit.

I will never again come here with a normal profile.

I will continue to fuk with POF's statistics and posting as I choose, when I choose...until POF gets away from hiring mental retards to police the boards

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Msg: 449
Caligula duck is a Fraud
Posted: 9/27/2016 8:09:34 AM

In order to maintain the highest quality forums you are restricted to having no more then 2 of the last 10 posts on a thread.
Since 2 of the last 10 posts are yours you can not post to this thread.
Joined: 8/8/2014
Msg: 450
Caligula duck is a Fraud
Posted: 9/27/2016 10:21:18 AM
Number try to think for yourself , it's difficult for you, I believe, because the narrative...propaganda you have received from upon high or low is Understandingly in you. You're in a fifty year lovely debt bubble robbing consumption from the future. You love the status quo. And your worthless dollar's "exorbitant privilege " . Sure there is a bit of war mongering, over a quadrillion dollars worth of derivatives sitting off balance sheet and opaquely in global banks, forty-five million Americans on food stamps and Donald but everything is alright there are no clues whatsoever to the sunlit uplands that are not coming.

Clear terms, I hope. Your government, leaving aside all unfounded liabilities, has doubled America's national debt in eight short years in a "recovery", cool? Central bank global base money ....getting tired typing this ....which was ..$ 6 trillion in 2006 is now $21 trillion. Normal? The fed funds rate is virtually zero or negative in real terms. We have had eight years of this which you believe to be perfectly normal? In 2011 , the fed said it would unwind it's balance sheet ( start selling its assets) and raise interest rates. The mighty gold bull market tanked. The markets seemingly bought the****and bull. These central bank bureaucrats had it all under control. What happened then was that the fed finally stopped buying assets (QE3 ) in October 2014 and raised the fed's fund rate a mighty twenty five basis points or a quarter of a percent (in non fed speak) in December 2015. Promising, I think , a further four rate hikes this year, (2016) . Not going to happen is it Number.

Still it's worse than that effort because Q.E never stopped, other central banks the Japanese and the Europeans took up the slack buying more and more stuff $ 200 billion a month now ( $2.4 trillion annualised) twenty one trillion in total. So here we are what possible recovery story can they come up with now especially with the recessionary clouds building. The paid media clack surely is going to do their job.....not.

The Swiss central bank has got a hundred billion dollars of Apple stock on their balance sheet. The Japanese 10% of Toyota, yep it's not just government bonds now. It's a crazy world of stocks , corporate bonds ( so failed CEOs can buy back their own stock , boost their share price and exercise their stock options) and even Stakes in doughnut chains! all this perfectly normal number you hold your world view tightly number. But for me paying people to borrow my money is a perversion.

A word now about our lovely Queen. In 2008 when lehmans went under only for the fed and the US government to step in and bail the insolvent others out whether in panic or because the banks own the fed literally and seemingly your government. Our beautiful Queen was heard to say. ...squeaky voice...." Why didn't anyone see it coming, why was no one reading any collapse books"

Nothing has changed since 2008 . The banks that were supposedly too big too fail are still insolvent. The debt or global outstanding credit that tipped the world into the shitter was about $ 160 Trillion, that is now an unbelievable $225 trillion, although that is a two year old McKinsey figure, God , if I can say that , help us. Can they prolong it with more ruses , like the Imf's Special drawing right? A global fiat currency with a clean balance sheet ? Other than the fresh balance sheet this Would work the same way as other national fiat currencies , You'd get some paper and crayons promise the doughnut man you'll pay him back with the good credit of your terribly important central bank and eat his doughnuts . How long until the doughnuts start getting hoarded and people go hungry in this world.

Edit .. Number when I first debouched my lovely mother's womb in nineteen-hundred and sixty eat oooo. I was in no position
to opine on any issue including the great ado about finding a bonnet to fit my big head. But now I'm fifty two and I have to say
I don't agree with you that economics is complex, Its just a mixture of human behaviour and mathematics. Those who
believe in the efficacy of their mathematical modelling are stupid. Nobel prize or not. Go and read about John law and
the Mississippi bubble ... The Wall Street journal isn't everything....
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