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Joined: 4/1/2016
Msg: 126
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And just what does Hillary promise to the people on Thursday's list?Bring in more illegals to make things better?

Massive one BILLION dollar Medicare fraud ring busted in South Florida.CNBC story.Trump is needed to clean up this nonsense.
Joined: 12/4/2014
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Donald Trump
Posted: 7/27/2016 12:38:35 AM
It wasn't based on an observation.

My comment (Tuesday morning) was based on news reports Monday night and Tuesday morning that poor black mothers whose children were killed by guns would speak on Tuesday night at the DEM CON.

But thanks, Irish, if your report is correct. It wasn't as bad as advertised. That;s great.
(Maybe someone whispered in Clinton's ear)

By the way, who on your list is a black professional?

Manning , Burdick, Parsons and Haubert aren't. (A couple of the locals were interviewed on TV)

Eagle Academy for "at risk youth" is a majority black school, I think.

Thanks again, Irish.
Joined: 7/9/2016
Msg: 128
Donald Trump
Posted: 7/27/2016 5:52:01 AM
Lol. What is the matter? Some aren't black enough or professional enough?

I enjoyed the group of black mothers. They seemed articulate , heartfelt and had a story to tell.

And Michelle Obama? Can you not admit she was fabulous? Or was she not black enough or professional enough?
Joined: 6/6/2016
Msg: 129
Donald Trump is a Fraud
Posted: 7/27/2016 6:09:40 AM
Did any of you watch Bill O'Reilly last night? He took exception to Michelle's speech and went on to say: "slaves who built the White House were well-fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government".

O'Reilly forgot to mention that the money the slaves earned went straight to their owners. The owners got double dips, they kept the slaves money and received $5.00 monthly for each slave they loaned to the construction project.

So I guess that makes it ok,
Joined: 12/4/2014
Msg: 130
Donald Trump is a Fraud
Posted: 7/27/2016 6:25:20 AM
Again, only you memtoo/Eric/whatever (irish?) is stating that someone isn't "black enough.," How "black" was not the issue and is nonresponsive)

And again, if you want to use current lingo, use it correctly and in context. Otherwise, it demonstrates that you don't really know much about much.
(Mentioning Michelle Obama was a clever if ineffectve diversion, however.
Apples and cumquats.)
DWY today.
I have to agree with you. O'Reilly really comes across as a Numbskull with that.
(Insert smiley face)

I don't watch him. Had a friend guest a couple of times and he told how it is edited to give o'reilly a zinger(supposed) whereas guests telling him off with facts is edited out.

Edited or not, O'Reilly is full of nonsense. I wonder how much of his audience is libetal.
Does Megan Kelly really want to be taken seriously? The same would go for any male reporter in a muscle shirt.
Joined: 12/7/2011
Msg: 131
Donald Trump
Posted: 7/27/2016 6:47:57 AM
@chinook (00Spy, etc)

Massive one BILLION dollar Medicare fraud ring busted in South Florida.CNBC story.Trump is needed to clean up this nonsense.

The Medicare fraud ring has been at it, for over 10 yrs; which means that it began when the Gump was still in office.

I fail to see how Trump is gonna "clean up"; as he himself has been part of fraudulent schemes (Trump Univ; shafting his various sub-contractors out of their $$; etc). My guess is that he probably admires the ring leaders for being able to get away with it for so long; just like he "admires" Putin.
Joined: 4/16/2007
Msg: 132
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Donald Trump
Posted: 7/27/2016 7:22:18 AM
“Massive one BILLION dollar Medicare fraud ring busted in South Florida.CNBC story.Trump is needed to clean up this nonsense.”

A man being infamously sued for fraud by many is needed to clean up fraud? Why don’t we just ask David Duke to solve racism? (Actually, both he and Trump have a solution to that, but it does not bode well for us ancestors of “well fed” slaves. Of course, as one of my FB friends said when commenting on O’Reilly’s statement, aren’t we all pretty much well fed slaves today?)
Joined: 2/11/2016
Msg: 133
Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 7/27/2016 11:49:42 AM
"The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam," announced Barack Hussein Obama to an appreciative United Nations audience.

When I hear these words from the mouth of an American president, a man who 'shuts down Christmas' at the White House, who runs up the pink flag of homosexuality, who refuses to salute the American flag while those around him do so, whose policies are rammed through without consultation by special executive orders, who is determined to open America's borders to anyone and everyone, who hates the very thought of Christmas -- even though he said coyly that he was a Christian a few years back in the early days of his campaign -- and who is working hard with the Elite to bring about American's downfall, I can't believe anyone here would vote for anyone but The Donald.

I can't believe the deep trance that people are gripped in today.

The Illuminati have done their work thoroughly.

So, when is the next Simpsons episode, so I can sit down and watch that fat piece of crap, Homer, screaming and shouting and terrorizing people, firing machine guns on the street, 'marrying' men with men as he pretends to be a minister this week, and generally hating humanity as best he can? I can't wait for the next episode to feed my brain, so that I can vote for lying souls like Hillary Clinton, who was the subject of a scandalous FBI investigation recently, and yet the population conveniently put that aside.

Here's to the Elite. They have us where they want us, deep in the global trance. Without it, they couldn't do their work. And their work is almost complete.

Best wishes to all.

- Peter
Joined: 7/15/2016
Msg: 134
Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 7/27/2016 12:32:11 PM

and who is working hard with the Elite to bring about American's downfall, I can't believe anyone here would vote for anyone but The Donald. . . . Here's to the Elite. They have us where they want us, deep in the global trance. Without it, they couldn't do their work. And their work is almost complete.

What is amazing to me is that you probably believe this crap that you and so many other spew. I suppose it is understandable that it is those with the least education who are the biggest supporters of Trump. The well educated, at least many of them, have learned to think in a critical manner and are not so easily misled as you appear to have been. Note, when I am talking about well educated, I don't necessarily mean just a college degree in beer drinking, I mean a person has learned to question and think critically about things and to think for themselves. It is so obvious to me the huge failings of a man like Trump, especially compared to a man like Obama . . . and yet you don't see any of it do you?
Joined: 7/15/2016
Msg: 135
Donald Trump
Posted: 7/27/2016 12:36:25 PM

“Massive one BILLION dollar Medicare fraud ring busted in South Florida.CNBC story.Trump is needed to clean up this nonsense.”

Actually, the largest medicare fraud in US history was the one perpetrated by the current Republican governor of Florida, Rick Scott, when he was the CEO of Columbia/HCA. 1.7 Billion. Yep, we need more businessmen like him and Trump in office. Frauds and scam artists.
Joined: 7/15/2016
Msg: 136
Donald Trump
Posted: 7/27/2016 12:45:12 PM
Beyond the Matrix, looking at some of your history: You believe in Psychics and astrology, etc. etc. LOL. I rest my case. Wonder why it is the Amazing Randy has never had to pay out on his One Million dollar award to any who could prove psychic abilities under real testing conditions? Ever figure that one out?
Joined: 4/16/2007
Msg: 137
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Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 7/27/2016 12:48:38 PM
Nomination for Post of the year from BeyondTheMatrix. I don’t know that I’ve ever been so delightfully entertained around these parts. That’s mighty fine satire of Trumpism taken to its extreme. I laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants.
Joined: 5/29/2005
Msg: 138
Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 7/27/2016 1:25:42 PM
See, you've got to spend some time in these parts. Guys like him are lousy on the ground here. Of course, they're Canadian, so less self righteous about it.

A cafe/pub I used to frequent was a hangout of them. My favourite was finding out that Kentucky Fried Chicken had changed their name to KFC since the genetically modified monsters they batter and deep fry can no longer be called chickens.
Joined: 6/16/2007
Msg: 139
Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 7/27/2016 1:46:16 PM
So, Chump just told people he doesn't know who Putin is, but wants him to hack a Secretary of State's emails.

Talk about, "I can't believe the deep trance people are gripped in today". We should vote for a "leader" who asks the Russians to hack into emails detailing the workings of government? That's how Chump will make America Great, by asking the "former" enemy to pretty please hack into emails? Talk about being blinded by Faux News to reality.

I agree, I too vote "Best forum post" that Ooh Ooh Spy started a while back. But, hey, maybe somehow the Republicans who want Chump, can spin this somehow.
Joined: 7/15/2016
Msg: 140
Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 7/27/2016 3:00:29 PM
Scott Adams Blog:

I’ve been watching the Democratic National Convention and wondering if this will be the first time in history that we see a candidate’s poll numbers plunge after a convention.

On the surface, the convention is going great. Michelle Obama made a speech for the ages. Bill Clinton was his masterful self. Bernie gave a full-throated endorsement of Clinton. The whole affair has been a festival of inclusiveness. The media is eating it like cake. All good, right?

That’s how it looks on the surface. And if you’re already a Clinton supporter, it probably looks great all the way down.

But if you’re an undecided voter, and male, you’re seeing something different. You’re seeing a celebration that your role in society is permanently diminished. And it’s happening in an impressive venue that was, in all likelihood, designed and built mostly by men. Men get to watch it all at home, in homes designed and built mostly by men, thanks to the technology that was designed and built mostly by men. I mention that as context, not opinion.

I agree with Michelle Obama’s gratitude about Clinton’s success so far, and how the country now “takes it for granted that a woman can be president.” That’s a big, big deal, and an accomplishment that you can never take away from Clinton, no matter how it all ends. I would argue – as did Michelle Obama – that Clinton already removed the glass ceiling. Now it’s just a question of who the voters prefer.

And that brings us to a concept called “Selling past the close.” That’s a persuasion mistake. Clinton has already sold the country on the idea that a woman can be president. Sales experts will tell you that once the sale is made, you need to stop selling, because you have no chance of making things better, but you might give the buyer a reason to change her mind.

Obama understood how to avoid selling past the close. At some point during Obama’s first presidential election campaign the country mentally agreed that an African-American could be their next president. So Obama accepted the sale and talked about other stuff. If he had dwelled on race, and his place in history, he would have risked making things worse. So he stayed quiet on race (mostly) and won. Twice.

Clinton is taking a different approach. As Michelle Obama said, we now take for granted that a woman can be president. That sale is made. But Clinton keeps selling. And that’s an enormous persuasion mistake.

I watched singer Alicia Keys perform her song Superwoman at the convention and experienced a sinking feeling. I’m fairly certain my testosterone levels dropped as I watched, and that’s not even a little bit of an exaggeration. Science says men’s testosterone levels rise when they experience victory, and drop when they experience the opposite. I watched Keys tell the world that women are the answer to our problems. True or not, men were probably not feeling successful and victorious during her act.

Let me say this again, so you know I’m not kidding. Based on what I know about the human body, and the way our thoughts regulate our hormones, the Democratic National Convention is probably lowering testosterone levels all over the country. Literally, not figuratively. And since testosterone is a feel-good chemical for men, I think the Democratic convention is making men feel less happy. They might not know why they feel less happy, but they will start to associate the low feeling with whatever they are looking at when it happens, i.e. Clinton.

On the 2D playing field – where policies and facts matter – the Democratic National Convention is doing great. And when it comes to exciting women, it might be the best ever. But on an emotional level – where hormones rule – men have left the building…that they built.

For the record, I endorse Hillary Clinton for president, for my personal safety, because I live in California where it is dangerous for people to think you are a Trump supporter. My political views don’t align with either candidate and I don’t vote, in order to protect my objectivity.
Joined: 4/1/2016
Msg: 141
Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 7/27/2016 3:27:51 PM
And what would be wrong with Putin exposing some of the corruption that the Clintons are assuredly guilty of?Recall just a short while back Hillary was wailing about being broke and then suddenly arranged mortgages on two large (very large) homes.

Money just seems to pop up in mass quantities for the Clintons.

Matrix is of course correct.


Bernie gave a full throated endorsement of Clinton?

You mean Billy?

And hormones can influence the way we think of course.

I tend to believe that metrosexual types that would vote for Clinton are low testosterone men
Joined: 12/4/2014
Msg: 142
Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 7/27/2016 3:28:17 PM
Trump asked the Russians to spy? Really?


Uh, OK.

He only did it at the behest of Trump.


( That whole Alicia Keyes singing near the speech of Bill was kind of funny in a british humor kind of way given that she got pregnant for a married man and all. )Ha!)
Joined: 7/15/2016
Msg: 143
Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 7/27/2016 3:46:36 PM
^^^ to the contrary Chinook. The reason many white men detest Hillary is because she reminds them of their nagging wives who either in the present or past when they were married, commanded them like puppets to do what they wanted to do. Real men never allowed women to push them around or nag them to death, so Hillary does not bring up bad memories and we, the real men that is, are free to follow the choice our critically analytical minds tell us is the right call.

And so called men who wallow in the Trump manure do so because Trump is the authoritative, father figure they always craved and like good soldiers they are getting in line to worship him on his golden throne. Revolting what some men have become really.
Joined: 2/11/2016
Msg: 144
Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 7/27/2016 3:50:16 PM
Watch this You Tube clip of Barack Hussein Obama delivering his speech to an enthusiastic United Nations.

Listen to the words from your Master in the White House. You don't have to believe me. I didn't expect you would. But Obama's words are pure gold, untained by egotism and personal bias. He has your best interests at heart. Listen to him here:

It's a bad day when an increasing number of Americans 'fear' their president. It has never been known before.

Good luck with everything.

- Peter
Joined: 7/15/2016
Msg: 145
Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 7/27/2016 4:05:20 PM
^^^^^Sounds fine to me. A very uplifting speech. Are you claiming he was speaking in some sort of Code. Can you point out what problem you had with any of his sentences in this speech, and what sinister attributes you give to it?
Joined: 7/9/2016
Msg: 146
Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 7/27/2016 4:11:53 PM
^^^ You can't fix stupid.
It's like the birthers. Or those that see Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich. Or those that prefer an all white world. Or look at the puppy in the clouds. Now we have speeches in code. Cool.
Joined: 9/20/2015
Msg: 147
Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 7/27/2016 4:32:43 PM
^^^^^Hey now! I've seen the face of Jesus appear out of nothing in an email attachment before!

Matter of fact.....I even showed it to my Jewish sister-in-law. At first she kept saying....."I don't see the Jesus. I don't see the Jesus" So I told he to keep looking.....have faith....Jesus would appear. All of a sudden she exclaims...."I see the Jesus! I see the Jesus!" And I said....."See? You are a Christian!"

She then started talking really fast in Hebrew and waving her hands. I think she may have been swearing at me but I'm not sure. :/
Joined: 10/3/2015
Msg: 148
Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 7/27/2016 4:36:26 PM

She then started talking really fast in Hebrew and waving her hands. I think she may have been swearing at me but I'm not sure. :/

She wasn't swearing... she was asking for a cross, some nails and a hammer ;-)
Joined: 4/1/2016
Msg: 149
Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 7/27/2016 7:26:17 PM
Are you a man or a woman?
I am thinking you are either a ball breaker or you have mummy issues .

Trump has daddy issues which is a whole lot better than mummy issues.His father pushed him.Old money,gentile and Jewish never accepted Trump.He did it his way.He has not been charged with any crimes and the courts decide the issues.Schoolyard.

That last paragraph really makes me think you are indeed a woman,likely blue.Men,real men have not become anything different.

They simply realize what has to be done.As Orwell said,sometimes people need to rally.
Joined: 1/20/2016
Msg: 150
Donald Trump is a Fraud Thread
Posted: 7/27/2016 7:50:46 PM
Is hillary and Nancy Pelosi sisters? They both are terrible speakers and Nancy said some really bad things today, just like Hillary saying she never sent or received emails. More ammunition and then we have the racist DWS joining Pelosi in speaking "Hillary", having different rules then the rest of us, liberals included. Those emails that just came out show exactly how the democrats are hypocrites.
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