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There is nothing like the real thing baby,,,nothing like the real thing ,,,,remember that ,,,if nothing
 Ed Bear
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OK, I'm starting to feel afraid
Posted: 11/4/2016 7:41:34 AM
On a free dating site, how may of the users can actually remember what the Real Thing is like?

Mind, you, there seem to be a lot of virgins who want the Real Thing instead...
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OK, I'm starting to feel afraid
Posted: 12/21/2016 12:11:52 PM
Robots won't be good at what people already do so well (and
people are created by unskilled labor!) Robots will (and presently)
do things only robots are good at -- things people are not good at
doing, at all, such as calculating the Mandelbrot Set ('fractals').
Or ballistic trajectories. Or threading a bolt with a nut 1,000,000
times until something seizes -- and writing down the exact number
of tries reached until it broke it.

Counting potato chips as they are being made -- accurately. All
day, every day. And 'liking it' (enjoying the process of doing so)
as it were.

Machine Intelligence ('willfulness') is not on the immediate horizon;
there are very good reasons why it may not be possible, even in
theory, to achieve. Portability is a huge issue there (so anthropormorphic
forms of robotry is perhaps a much further distance away, into the
future, than 'slab-AI' that takes up an office building, just to assemble
it all -- might be).

Look instead for telepresence: operable machines, puppets,
marionettes -- that express the will of their (far away) owner,
and, perhaps, stimulate that owner with telepresent touch, smell,
and so forth. This Luppet might amount to a blood pressure
cuff, form-fitting, that the owner wears (bodily) to experience
some crude analog to sexual contact. Add pharmaceuticals and
shake vigorously. That'll be five thousand three hundred and
forty-two credits -- You're Welcome. Thank you for 'using' AT&P.
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