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Aaaaah, from the land down under... I've been following this since the start... and was almost going to advise as others have, to go out and date yourself on your birthday (I make it my annual goal to do something I've never done before - ie getting lost in Bremerton was hilarious)... however, the longer I left posting, I lost the start point to begin my 'advice'... so now (with this thread) I just sit back and wait for the afternoon installments... (mind you, I've started sneaking in some morning (before work) catchups too)

However, I'm actually going to play devil's advocate and think that nataly's parents have actually tried to get her out... however she won't budge (and of course, she's going to play the victim [and from that perspective blame her parents for holding her back in development] rather than admit I might be correct) ... and wants a fellow to take over and 'provide' for her... I have an 11yo who suffers from the "I don't wannas"... (diagnosed Aspergers but I don't let him play that card) and you can be sure as heck he has so solve his own problems, and has been told time and time again, ain't nobody going to bail your ass outta trouble so stop asking for advice if you're going to ignore it!!!

hmmmm, as per the intervention, notch me up for the coffee side of the fence... I can't do alcohol.... ;-)

please... do continue...
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And I guess that's why they call it the Birthday Bluez
Posted: 9/7/2016 9:19:36 PM
No your wrong. He is not going to get into my pants, because I will not let him, I have held my ground on not having sex period. I am not having sex until marriage end of story. If this guy just wanted sex and to fool around, he wouldn't be with me. He wants to date me and get to know me, just like I want to get to know him. Him and I do have things in common, we both like the same music, similar tastes in movies and TV, books, going to concerts, museums, and like talking to each other. Why can't you let me be happy and go on dates with someone? If I get hurt from this guy in the end oh well thats my fault and lesson to be learned from etc etc. Him and I are going to date and see where it goes. Can't you let me have this?
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