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Joined: 8/24/2015
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LOL! You really got me laughing at.. "3-4 packs a day....inside". We all try to put our best foot forward, or at least present our"best selves", but where in the world does' light smoker' translate into 'fire breathing dragon, AND in your face'! Some people are just too much! LOL! It's no laughing matter when it comes to the big deceptions, but I have to admit that people like that really make me laugh, because they try so hard to hide their insecurities about themselves.
I really try hard to just be me with all my lumps and warts and awkwardnesses (that's not a word), but you get my drift. Let's admit it, we're all a little bit f..ked up, but that is a part of our uniqueness. It's finding that other, slightly damaged, unique package, that you can be completely yourself with, and that you find you just can't live without, that makes this all so worth while and exciting! IMO ;)
Good luck to all you little birds out there, may you find the perfect partner to build your next nest with! : )
Oh P.S....because I'm so short winded ; b....I'm still looking for my little bird : ) JTLYK
Joined: 3/22/2016
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Dating killer turn offs
Posted: 12/23/2016 4:54:57 AM
Any mention of a boyfriend past or present. Answering Cell phones unless it's an emergency and your pet is not in that classification unless it is dying and extremely sick. Discussions of finances I despise that topic regardless of how much I make I will end a date faster than you can bat an eye. Gossip about neighbors, ex's, or anyone in general unless it is directly linked to date is not something I want to hear, I honestly dont care if a cousin's, sister's, brother, is cheating on his girlfriend. Or what Boney Bob's opinion of me is lastly interest if a woman cant show some sort of interest in me I will make a date short.
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Dating killer turn offs
Posted: 12/23/2016 4:51:01 PM

I agree totally and I will pay my share and leave. Blcok any messages coming in from that person...forever.
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Dating killer jerk-offs
Posted: 12/23/2016 4:54:35 PM

I can see why you say you are a fiction writer but I enjoy it. Keep it up. However some women with low self esteem will be turned on by the guy who doesnt give a shit. Does not mean it is healthy, just masochistic.
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