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Thank you Norwegian guy and everyone who has given me friendly advice. Not everyone has that's for sure!

I very much appreciate the kind people in here :)

I have gotten a bit better at my shyness, at least online for sure. The more practice I get the better I am.
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Any tips on getting past my shyness?
Posted: 1/16/2017 7:40:10 PM
Sugar Yes Please- I was there 6 years ago.
I married at 20, divorced at 42.
I was absolutely lost at first.
One of the greatest challenges was dropping the "we" when discussing my past.
When asked about things I had done, places I had been, for 22 years, all of those things had been experienced as a part of a couple.
Socializing was particularly hard.
I found myself feeling very odd, standing among-st people I had socialized with for YEARS, newly single.
No one treated me differently. It was internal and it was only with time that it eased.
It WILL get better.
Aintnodeal should print those tips he gave you and pass them out to newly single women (I'm exaggerating but not by much), that was AWESOME advice, all of it, take it to heart. PARTICULARLY the safety tips.
You will discover that a lot of men will message you based on your photo alone. Other's will read the information you give in the body of your profile. I suggest doing your best to discover the latter. One way to do that is to mention their interests in the body of their profile and see if they do the same thing back.
Whether or not you take the coffee date is completely up to you, but try not to psyche yourself out or over think it, that will only make you more nervous. Be yourself, it is you and all of you that you want them to meet, not a stressed version that wants them to like you. You are already likable.
You can do this.
Time is a great healer and you will be fine.
All my best and blessings. :)
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