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Did somebody say I have minions in here?? If anybody thinks that I have any, minions...that's one of the funniest things in here. I laughed out loud when I read that one. Anybody who's been in here for any length of time knows that's some crazy assed crap right there.

Congratulations. You're a Minionaire.

I thought she said "onions" ..
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Has anyone had a premonition?
Posted: 12/24/2016 5:45:55 PM
I always find this tale quite strange!

My Father passed away in 2000, suddenly, on the Golf Course. Collapsed as he was signing his card at the back of the 18th green, pulminory embolism, stone dead before he hit the ground. But the intriguing thing about this is, my brother told me at the funeral, that a week before he died, my father had visited his mother's (our Grandmother's) grave! Now, he hadn't been to her grave since she had passed away, 39 years before and in the general scheme of things, to actually visit her grave was an 85 mile journey there and back. I found it quite alarming that he would make that 170 mile round journey at all at the age of 71 and he drove the car that distance in one sitting too btw.

It was almost as if "he knew" about his impending fate and made every effort to say goodbye or something?
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Has anyone had a premonition?
Posted: 12/26/2016 8:12:41 AM

Posted By: 2ufo2
I did not accuse anyone of having "Godless Morals";.

actually you accused everyone of having "Godless Morals" when you made the claim in post 241 that "All Morals are Godless" ..instead of you answering the question posed specifically to you instead toss everyone under the bus with you ....

Posted By: 2ufo2
I have stated that morals have no god

which mean you have no respect for the belief of your closest "Wiccan" friend or for anyone in this forum that believe in the biblical commandments handed down by The Lord Almighty ...once again tossing everyone under the bus

Posted By: 2ufo2
Religion is a collection of beliefs, thoughts, and actions (i.e. rituals) that are shared among other people of a like mind.

your definition of religion could also apply to a Superbowl tailgate party ...this is why it's impossible to define religion without the inclusion of a Deity and vice versa
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Has anyone had a premonition?
Posted: 12/26/2016 8:29:38 AM

Repeating... just 'cause you say it, don't make it true.

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Has anyone had a premonition?
Posted: 12/26/2016 11:04:37 AM
I love the Minions, especially the one-eyed guys, little yellow cutie pies!
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Has anyone had a premonition?
Posted: 12/31/2016 5:53:37 AM
My son and I took photos with some Minions in NYC. I hear that those guys make a good bit of money posing for photos.

I know that predictions are different from premonitions but thought that you guys may find this entertaining.

"""TORONTO - You think you’re in for a rough year?
Spare a thought for Jimmy Kimmel.
“A monkey who is a guest on his show will pull Jimmy’s hair out,” Psychic Nikki tells me, adding, brightly, “but he will be alright.” I assume she means Jimmy, not the monkey.
Nikki also predicts Pamela Anderson will be bitten by a wild animal, though I thought Pam and Tommy Lee split up long ago.
On the plus side, seer Anthony Carr writes, in his annual book, Stargazer, “I predict Mike Strobel will grow a new head of hair through the magic of stem-cell cloning.”
God bless you, Tony, but I won’t hold my breath.
Carr, the World’s Most Documented Psychic, also predicts World War III is upon us, in no small part thanks to Donald Trump.
Damn the luck. My hair grows back — just in time for global radioactive fallout.
But hair loss is the least of our worries for 2017, according to Nikki, Carr and Tara Greene, my annual Big Three panel of prognosticators.
Seriously, you should drop what you’re doing and head for the hills, or as Carr puts it, soothingly:
“Flee! Flee to the mountain tops! The darkest caves! The bowels of the earth!”
Oh, right, World War III. Even worse:
“Hillary Clinton is not yet through ...”
That’s does it, I’m headin’ for the bowels, Tony. You got anything better, Nikki?
“Cows will start to disappear in the Swiss Alps, causing a chocolate shortage.”
That can’t be good. We’ll have to see where the chips fall. But Switzerland isn’t the only trouble spot.
“All countries and cities with Sagittarius strong in their charts ... will be strongly tested,” says the divining Ms. Greene, “such as Toronto, Spain, Lebanon, Yemen, Mongolia.”
So when you flee Toronto, don’t go to Mongolia. They already have highway tolls.
A few other hiccups on our road of life next year, other than the usual floods, terrorism, plagues and pestilence, according to my psychics:
The two Koreas become one, but not before attacking each other ( If the next pope’s name is Peter, Armageddon is just around the corner ( Another airliner disappears ( Military conscription returns to the U.S. — and Canada (Carr). Brooklyn Bridge collapses (Nikki). Donald Trump is impeached, or worse (All three). A world-wide power outage strikes (Nikki). Two simultaneous volcanic eruptions usher in a New Age (Carr). Chemical and viral warfare is a huge danger (Greene). A vacuum cleaner kills somebody (Nikki). Blue Jays have an off year (Greene). The Statue of Liberty will be underwater (Nikki).
On the bright side, expect a big breakthrough in AIDS treatment late in the year, says Tara. And Snoop Dogg will move to Toronto, says Nikki.
She adds, “a robot will break into the White House.” (Hillary! That you?!)
Tara forecasts a giant sinkhole on the DVP, a golden opportunity for City Hall to impose a sinkhole tax.
She also predicts the late Leonard Cohen will win the Nobel Prize for literature, as Bob Dylan did this year.
I predict Cohen won’t show up either."""" - Sun
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