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Do men grieve a seperation ?Page 2 of 2    (1, 2)
Broke up with a relationship that lasted 10 years in June. She wanted to remain friends and left the ball in my court.

I haven't talked to her since and have no plans on talking to her ever again.

She wanted out, she's out.
Joined: 7/20/2015
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Do men grieve a seperation ?
Posted: 12/7/2016 6:27:25 PM
Despite no longer loving my wife when she left it was very hard.
However I very quickly picked up someone else and the grieving went away very quickly.
I guess its hard to be lonely if you are with someone you want to be with.

Some people take a long time to get over a relationship and move on.
I don't, I just find someone else quickly.
People talk about being on the rebound but I never had that problem.
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Do men grieve a seperation ?
Posted: 12/7/2016 8:29:42 PM
Essentially, moving out from a 20+ year relationship means you threw away a third of your life, and are unable to discuss it with a new mate. (If you are so lucky to find one.) That's a big gap. Conversation gets pretty dry. It gets hard to talk about any event that involves a former mate, for fear of being accused of not being over it. I have met a few , that do mention a prior event with a former spouse. I'll let it slide because it can't be helped. Too bad few others will.

That cold look, your possible new mate or date gets real quiet. Might as well get up and walk out. Very few allow that slip. I found it just best to just admit that you were alive, and say nothing more.
Joined: 12/2/2015
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Do men grieve a seperation ?
Posted: 12/8/2016 7:00:36 AM
I'm sure some men grieve a broken relationship, if it doesn't turn into bitterness and they will relate their experience, to all women.
In my life and experience......most men that are capable.... move on pretty do some women.
Sometimes, I feel people get entangled too soon after a death of a spouse.
My own sister was with her husband, for 40 plus years and met someone the old fashioned way within a year of his passing and got married.
She had a great relationship with both men.
He was also widowed....they kept pictures of their ex spouses in the home.

I think in talking about an long as it's good stuff is acceptable. I have discussed ex's on dates but keep it to a minimal.
For me, it's more important what you say about an ex....speaks volumes about your character.
Few people want to hear a sob story and b1tching about an ex...over and over.
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