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I heard flight attendants are gold diggers.
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Making Money in in the Propaganda Industry
Posted: 2/3/2017 2:17:19 PM
Well, you have nothing to worry about, since you can't afford to fly.
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Making Money in in the Propaganda Industry
Posted: 2/3/2017 3:06:54 PM
on one page, it's been 'suggested' that some are being accused of saying something they didn't then being asked to explain know, instead of asking the person to explain the things that were in fact said. and on the same page, other people are being accused of saying things they didn't say and then accused on not being able to explain themselves, by the very person who... LOL It never ceases to entertain.
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Making Money in in the Propaganda Industry
Posted: 2/13/2017 4:46:45 PM
People do not get TRUMP at all, they see what the mainstream media tells them to see and understand, and the story of the Kings New Clothes is the present reality.

Trump has been bankrupt possibly 5 times, never mind his relationship history, so disaster is something he is familiar with, but what is unusual is he gets up from being smashed to the ground over and over again. He does not give up, which is in stark contrast to the majority of people having so many devastating emotional and economic disasters.

There are now two very different parties in the USA and they are not Democratic or Republican, who by the way have almost melded into one, its those with Trump and those against Trump and the opposition is headed by the mainstream media, the Fourth Estate.

The elites are in panic, and has anyone since Trump put himself forward in the presidential race hears of or read one positive, uplifting thing about him? Ever wondered why? Who might be funding the opposition to Trump as getting people to demonstrate requires logistical efforts. You are not being manipulated at all because all you know about Trump is what the mainstream media tells you is worth knowing, and its the same constant message, kill, and impeach the tyrant, the Hitler, the Fascist.

So who has asked the question if he is got rid of WHO GAINS? Its who gains that is the point, the bankers, the military and security industrial lobby, in other words them with all the money, and as for the peasantry, the education system, the infrastructure, the health of the people being swindled by big Pharma, well they all have the most to gain and the most to lose if Trump remains.

So he is a narcissist, and this is from the people in the mainstream media who wear make up, and preen themselves before going on air. Who the hell is not narcissistic, who the hell is not selfish, practicing self interest. Trump has enough billion already, the people on this site do not and remain wage slaves, to pay the continuous debts modern life has constructed. Trump and his family have enough money to live like kings for generations. But unlike the envious on this site, he does not want any more money, he does not need any more money, he does not have to be paid fortune for giving speeches, so he can if he wants to do things for other people than just the already rich.

Its the already rich, who want more money, more power that fear him the most as he is threatening them and their future. He might not be as sophisticated as Bush, greedy as the Clinton's, or as well spoken as Obama, but he has just taken office, and maybe allowed to be given a bit of time to see exactly where he is going and what he has planned instead of assuming all the time that the media, who shovels the propaganda and opinions most seem to accept without question, more than now as its been just 15 days into his presidency.
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