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 from site to sight
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where's all the patriotic support for Chump? anyone see any? Page 8 of 8    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
I think Trump is loving the North Korean situation, because he gets to flex his muscles and act like a bully and tough guy, when their is no chance of him ever being in any danger. If he was required to be on the front lines of any conflicts, he would be crying like a baby, saying "I want my mommy", and "You can do whatever you want Mr. Un. I won't mind".
 Jo van
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where's all the patriotic support for Chump? anyone see any?
Posted: 8/13/2017 5:05:42 AM
Well, it doesn't surprise me that Trump is all "Fire and fury", his ("racist") support base has been cheering his hatred of Mexico, "Mooslems", and "China", who were apparently, taking the piss, "financially".
And make no mistake, it'll be not just a war with NK., it'll be a war with China, and maybe Russia too.
China alone, has 4X the population of the USA.
They will always back NK.

So all his "Rambo" posturing is expected now, because that's exactly what he said in the campaign.
(Although he also "promised" no more "interventionism". Well, he "promised" a lot of stuff...)

Funny, that when given the chance to fight the "commies" himself, he declined their kind offer.
("Bad feet", apparently. Funny, that didn't stop him from playing tennis, or golf. )

Not that I blame him for that, I'd have "dodged the draft" myself, because I'm against wars.
But I wouldn't be threatening other countries with war now, because I'm against wars.

He's both a coward, and a hypocrite.
He'll bluff, like he bluffed with all his failed, bankrupt business, it's what "businessmen" do, they like to "take risks",
- but this time the "bet" is the lives of other people's children.

He won't "back down", and neither will Kim.
The only hope is that China (and Russia maybe) will "defuse" the situation.

I'd be prepared to bet that public funds are currently being spent on building a different sort of "bunker" on his golf courses, got to protect the "CIC".
-As for the rest of you; it's back to "duck and cover".
The people of Guam have been advised "not to look at fireballs"
It's good advice.

He's just "Making America Geiger-Counters Again.
I think PeeWee Herman would have been a better choice.
Have a nice Sunday.
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