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Where's Wrighty gone? Would like to know how his singles night went.

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Vote deleted please...
Posted: 3/31/2018 4:04:08 AM
Thanks Billy and Suze.....seems ages ago I wrote that.....still, only a week gone by.
Chap, I’ve messaged Bryan to enquire and catch up.

I have had the worst week of my year by far.
Had some crap news from hospital. Then in a car accident where a taxi ploughed into me.
Then swear to god knocked over on a zebra crossing at the hospital. Luckily the car wasn’t going fast.
Had to cancel a holiday to Malta, I was going to see family.
Will someone please cry me a river, not much to ask really is it.

I’m hoping to attend an Easter bonnet parade tomorrow or Monday at the Hall Gardens.
I do hope it stops raining.
Happy Easter to all :)
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Vote deleted please...
Posted: 3/31/2018 4:56:28 AM
I think Suze was a bit premature there, I think probably we all were. Definitely a sense of going stir crazy.

I am going back to hibernation mode for the weekend. Hope bunny is having more success down in sunny Torquay although I think he was celebrating a delivery of summer stuff not too long ago. Hopefully he has the plastic macs in store in the back room?

We've got an Easter egg hunt on Monday. Do they grow in the rain or sprout even? 20 of us so it will be a fun lunch anyway.

Roxy. Oh blimey. Hoping the news isn't too bad, the rest is sort of kinda copable with. I'd say a prayer but neither of us believe in that so will send a hug instead. p.s. have you thought about removing that target from your back?
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Vote deleted please...
Posted: 3/31/2018 5:19:15 AM
Lol chap, seriously though I’m a marked woman :)

Last April was lovely and warm, I have pics to prove it. Just hope we get the same this year.
I’m in mope mood today so I’m staying in.
You got snacks/cakes, books, and netflix for recreation?
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Vote deleted please...
Posted: 3/31/2018 5:30:50 AM
Books, I have books, Roxy. There's a cider and sausage festival down at Gloucester docks but it's looking too rainy for me.

5 years ago at this time, we were in New Quay, Wales having fish and chops on the beach. Sunbathing while we were paddling and watching the dolphins!
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Vote deleted please...
Posted: 3/31/2018 5:38:35 AM
aha cider and sausage, who knew they went together!
Is that the Gloucester Quays?
I’ve worked down there a few times years ago.

Oh and apparently you and I don’t have to renew our paper licences till we’re 70. Then we get the photo card.
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Vote deleted please...
Posted: 3/31/2018 10:49:17 PM
I'm sorry to read this roxy, I hope it all eases soon for you....
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Vote deleted please...
Posted: 4/1/2018 12:45:44 AM
Thanks Billy :)
I was feeling a little miserable yesterday, so ugly. I’m up again today though.
Sun is shining. Birds in the trees, I feel like singing along
Have a good Sunday folks :)

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Vote deleted please...
Posted: 4/1/2018 7:46:42 AM
Have a good Sunday Roxy......and everyone else too.

I had a scary couple of hours yesterday. Car wouldn't start and I had let my RAC membership lapse. Thinking I was going to be stranded without pretty much stuck at home till Tuesday. Then a lass I know (who was bought up alongside rev head brothers) came over. She looked under the bonnet, lifted the lid on a black box, tapped hard on all the little lavendery coloured square things in it, and said "Try it again".
And bvgger me started. I must have rattled a relay loose bouncing over snow and a few thousand potholes lately.
She probably saved me a small fortune too.

Just went out and treated myself to binge watching Hinterland on Netflix. It seems to be a bit like Vera, or Jack Taylor, or Shetland.....but with a Welsh accent.
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Vote deleted please...
Posted: 4/4/2018 10:19:56 AM
Breaking news ...

Good news prince Philip is OK what a trouper a hip at 95.

Even though he played for the unmentionables so sad that
Ray Wilkins has past away. Gentleman is the preponderant
tribute to him ..RIP...

Jeffery Gundlach has said in elementary school he was taught
that tariffs caused the great depression .

Just enjoying a cup of Greggs tea and a caramel iced
doughnut with custard inside. Back of the net.
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Vote deleted please...
Posted: 4/4/2018 11:38:16 AM
Glad Prinnie is ok - NHS is wonderful - oh, wait a minute...........


Joined: 8/1/2017
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Vote deleted please...
Posted: 4/4/2018 1:21:08 PM
There seems to be a problem with my cut and pasting,
so delete river, insert stream (in moderate drought)
Probably a buffering error
Get well soon Roxy

"My sun, my earth
Didn't you know I took a plane

Bet you come to say
What you already found
There's chance with love
Leave alone the phone

Better people keep messing with my head
But with me there'll never be sad times
Don't cry me a river
Baby just join me in the sun"
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Vote deleted please...
Posted: 4/5/2018 2:06:18 AM
Obviously an offside there Billy. What a shame , that was such a lovely dribble.

Hmm - how come rich aristocratic royal people get to live so long? Is in in there genes?
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Vote deleted please...
Posted: 8/12/2018 2:36:32 PM
The damage is done, I guess I'll be leaving

I don't really like JT but I like that song.

Vote, deleted, just a wee test.

I really hate the fact that people who claim to be very well educated say the word prolly for probably.

It is exceptionally irritating, just like the poster who keeps saying it.

Cry me a river, cry me cry me

PS, I don't think Ive been missed in the slightest, but that is cool, apart from a few exceptions, havent missed this place much either, you know how it goes, love/hate

Someone just messaged me and asked me if I had been to see dm at the Isle of Wight festival

I said yes and he said we are the last fans standing.

Except. I first saw dm live a few years ago.

Better late than never though
Joined: 11/15/2012
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Vote deleted please...
Posted: 8/17/2018 2:09:24 PM
Bunch of filthy trolls. You should be caned to death. All of you.

Speaking about caning, did you know that girls were caned much less frequently than boys at schools back in the good ole sex1st days? An outrage if you ask me.
Joined: 8/6/2018
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Vote deleted please...
Posted: 8/17/2018 3:04:30 PM
What can I say

I don't wanna play anymore

What can I say

I'm heading for the door

I can't stand this emotional violence

Leave in silence.

Martin gore is such a fantastic songwriter.

Actually one of my favourite tracks from the dm album delta machine was co written by Dave.

It's called secret to the end and it is an absolute belter of a tune
Joined: 8/6/2018
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Vote deleted please...
Posted: 8/17/2018 4:02:54 PM
I actually thought Curtis main who plays for the Steelmen was wee

He's five ten. All I can say is that there must be some giants who play for us as I've spent the summer calling him wee Curtis.

He's a unit. That boy works out. Them biceps.
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