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God! An unhealthy obsession with Pauline and myself wasn't enough for scarey O'Mong. She's now trying to drag Rox in too. You either toe her line or else she will bully you. Deeply disturbed is an understatement.

PS: See a doctor.
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Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/7/2018 10:10:12 PM

Thanks so much Roxy for your ultra condescending jibe

You’re right, it was a twatty thing to say, I apologise.
I’ve no idea what goes on behind closed doors here.
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Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/12/2018 11:41:24 AM
I'm old enough to remember most of the English Prime Ministers
since about 1950 - most of them were a train crash......

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Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/13/2018 2:51:20 AM
Some of them have done some good things, even Thatcher brought some sanity to the situation with the unions. Unfortunately they all have this great idea and keep pushing it long after the sell by date. For example the unions were out of control in the 70's but once sorted all governments have kept bashing them until we are where we are now with no worker rights. There was a need to get working class people into property ownership but that should not have resulted in almost no government owned social housing being built.

All eyes are on the next election with no long term strategy. Well of course I can be hoisted by my own petard on that one, May has decided on a 30 year strategy to reduce one time plastic. If Delhi can ban plastic knives and forks we don't need 30 years to do the same.
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Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/13/2018 3:57:27 AM

If Delhi can ban plastic knives and forks we don't need 30 years to do the same

I wholeheartedly agree. Many times over the years I spent a day out at Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo. It would have been 15 at least years ago when I was there and bought a meal in the foodhall. The drink came in a waxed cup and they sold them without those thin plastic lids and without they didn't want plastic straws and lids ending up in the animal enclosures.

It's not just up to the government to stop these things. Local, National and International companies should all be taking steps to cut back on pollution.......and not just waiting for the government to pass some legislation that makes them do it.
 Jo van
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Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/14/2018 5:27:34 AM …
sack of spuds would make a better PM than May and Corbyn still can't get ahead of her.

As is evident in the URL., labour was on 41%, and the tories on 40%
Considering that just 8 (?) months ago, labour were polling up to 25% behind the tories, I'd say he was doing a pretty good job.

The mainstream media continue to "demonise" him, and to stigmatise "socialism", in any form.
Labour will get elected, after the tories have fvcked everything up.
(Maybe not in Scotland, where there has been a massive Tory resurgence, thanks in main, to the SNP campaigning against labour)

Looks like the tories have a problem with "Carillion", who seem to be about to change their name to "Carrion".
They'll bail them out, like they bail out the supposedly "private" railways, or "BA".
If they're private companies, why is so much public money still being poured into them?
The same with power stations.

Have a nice day.
 vlad dracul
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Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/14/2018 8:15:33 AM
Josef Spartacus
"The mainstream media continue to "demonise" him, and to stigmatise "socialism", in any form.

You mean like the london labour media demonised st jeremy of corbyn? What will destroy london labour will be the internal war which will erupt over brexit. The blairites will not embrace st jeremy of corbyns views on the single market.

And i asked you once before but you done your usual and ignored the question because it was difficult. So here goes again.

Corbyn made a statement about migrant labour driving down wages...........

"Jeremy Corbyn: “wholesale” EU immigration has destroyed conditions for British workers. The Labour leader has told Andrew Marr."

YOU said corbyn was 'pandering to idiots'. So it begs the question.

A. Does corbyn really believe that?

B. Is he just saying that to get votes?..............

"Labour will get elected, after the tories have fvcked everything up."
(Maybe not in Scotland, where there has been a massive Tory resurgence, thanks in main, to the SNP campaigning against labour)"

Lol from someone who berates other posters for not looking outside the box you are indeed a belter. Scottish labour campaigned with the scottish tories to defeat the SNP. And no amount of wishful thinking on your behalf will change that.
 vlad dracul
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Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/14/2018 8:24:17 AM
Sorry to bore the arse of yous folks but it is hard going trying to explain things to someone still living in the 70's politically. And as it is a political thread i post this below from london labours in house journal The New Statesman...........

"The strange death of Labour Scotland
The Labour Party runs deep through the modern history of Scotland from the late 19th century.

From the 1960s, Labour possessed overwhelming political authority and influence in Scotland, at both local and national levels.

But then, since the elections to the Scottish Parliament in 2011, when a mortal enemy, the Scottish National Party, achieved the unthinkable by winning an overall majority of seats,

Labour has been traumatised by one catastrophe after another. Large numbers in several of its long-established heartlands voted for independence in 2014 against Labour policy and while its membership stagnated or fell in some areas that of the SNP soared to more than 115,000 by early 2016.

Even the left-leaning Jeremy Corbyn’s victory in the Labour leadership race seems to have had little effect.

These disasters did not come as a series of thunderbolts from a clear sky. The end of the golden age of Scottish Labour came about in part because of the gradual erosion and, in some cases, the disappearance, dating back to the late 20th century, of the historical pillars on which its power had been built.

These foundations were both structural and ideological. Labour had originally been born out of the trade union movement; the collapse of union membership, with the loss of the old mining and manufacturing industries in the 1980s, was bound to have a negative impact.

Over half of the Scottish workforce was unionised in 1980, yet by 2010 that figure had fallen to a third. The new service-, oil- and finance-based economy, outside the public sector, was markedly less unionised than before.

Closely allied to council housing was the Labour empire in local government. The first-past-the-post electoral system had long resulted in Labour domination of many local authorities: in 1995 the party governed 20 of the 32 councils in Scotland. Hegemony often grew into self-perpetuating oligarchy, leading to accusations of corruption, croneyism, nepotism and the malign influence of patronage networks.

In parts of west-central Scotland, opposition councillors became almost an endangered species as councils began to resemble one-party states in which the important ­decisions were made by Labour groups behind closed doors.

Then there was the problem of ideology. The transformation in the 1990s of old Labour into New Labour, which seemed to embrace a free-market philosophy and failed to reverse Thatcherite reforms, triggered much disenchantment among the party’s supporters in Scotland.

Surveys taken after the 1999 Holyrood election concluded that less than half the respondents thought that New Labour looked after Scottish interests.

The free-market rhetoric emanating from London on public-sector reforms in the National Health Service and education did not go down well, especially when Labour in Scotland also started to speak about possible private-sector involvement in the NHS north of the border. The decision to take part in the Iraq War in 2003 engendered much hostility and outright condemnation from Labour ranks in Scotland and alienation intensified as a result.

McConnell, the then leader of Scottish Labour, conceded: “Alex Salmond’s consistent opposition to the Iraq War started to become the accepted public opinion and left what we were doing on the inside pages of the papers, rather than the front.”

He might have helped his cause by distancing the Scottish Executive from New Labour policy on Iraq, in the same way as Welsh Labour’s then first minister, Rhodri Morgan. But McConnell was apparently too concerned that he might antagonise the Labour leadership in London and so harm party unity
 vlad dracul
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Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/14/2018 8:27:29 AM
Much loyalty to Labour from working-class communities in the past had depended on its provision of public services and low-cost housing. This pattern was not simply confined to parts of Glasgow, but stretched into the hinterland of the city across the counties of Ayrshire, Dunbartonshire and Lanarkshire. This region had been the dynamic heart of the old industrial economy, its modern ills a result of the social consequences of deindustrialisation.
Because of the high expenditures on them from the public purse, these poor localities have bred a different attitude to the state compared, for instance, to that of most of the population of the Home Counties and the south-east of England. In many of the working-class communities in Glasgow, areas of west-central Scotland, Dundee and parts of Edinburgh and Stirling, there is no equivocation about the vital importance of public funding and need for state support.

However, as Labour steadily moved away from left-leaning policies, it faced the danger and then the reality of losing touch with some Scottish working-class communities that were not in any way alienated from collectivism and state control of public services. As the party began to concede this ground, the SNP moved in to fill the political gap. It was an opportunity that the Nationalists grasped with relish.

After they assumed power in Holyrood as a minority government in 2007 (the change of name from “executive” was significant), they soon showed themselves to be a formidable foe. Their opponents were no match for the talent of the SNP front bench, ably led by Alex Salmond as first minister. All of Labour’s Scottish “big beasts” after 1999 – apart from Donald Dewar – had decided to continue to pursue their careers on the bigger stage of Westminster.

That pattern seemed to confirm the belief that Labour in London regarded Holyrood with a mixture of contempt and condescension and that the parliament in Edinburgh was considered as having little more status than a parish council.

One observer cruelly commented that, because of Labour’s focus on Westminster, its Holyrood representation, “with very few exceptions, [involved] a cohort of shifty election agents, superannuated full-time trade union officials and clapped-out local councillors”. It was one element in an emerging consensus that for too long Labour had taken its voters in Scotland for granted.

The SNP government soon gave the Scots what many of them craved: a return to old Labour policies, with the removal of prescription charges, the scrapping of tuition fees for university students, a freeze on council tax and the abolition of tolls on the Forth and Tay road bridges.

These decisive interventions contrasted with the mediocrity of the Scottish Parliament’s previous executives, led by Labour in coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

But to many at the time, the new government was a breath of fresh air, not because there was any yearning yet for Scottish self-determination, but because it delivered sound administration and some popular policies.

The SNP possessed two crucial political advantages over Labour. First, given its raison d’être, the party was seen as the champion par excellence of Scottish interests. Second, it had the freedom of being its own master in its own house. Scottish Labour, on the other hand, was an integral part of the broader British Labour movement and there was more than a suspicion that London called the shots north of the border.

That view seemed to be confirmed when the party’s former leader in Scotland, Johann Lamont, gave her resignation speech in October 2014. She declared that the UK Labour leadership treated the Scottish party as “a branch office”, and proceeded to make the damaging allegation that Scottish Lab­our had been prevented by its masters in the south from introducing the kind of social-democratic policies that might have stemmed the tide of SNP electoral success.

Several years after the foundation of the Scottish Parliament, another well-known Labour figure – Brian Wilson, the former MP and minister who is an arch-opponent of devolution – surveying the wreckage of his party in the Scottish elections, concluded that in delivering the parliament, Labour had, in effect, constructed its own scaffold.

The Nationalists’ most stunning achievement came with the immolation of Labour in Scotland in the general election of May 2015. Some contend that this came about because Labour had to pay a terrible price for standing shoulder to shoulder with the Tories for the No campaign in the lead-up to the 2014 referendum, a rapprochement that many erstwhile supporters regarded as nothing less than a pact with the devil.

From the early 1960s until 2015, Labour relied in each general election on a haul of 40-plus House of Commons seats from Scotland in order to have a fighting chance of victory against the Conservatives, who for many decades have been buttressed by their serried ranks of seats in the south of England. Now, that Scottish sheet anchor has been set adrift.

For many of Scotland’s youth now, nationalism is cool and Labour is old hat. A generation of potential leadership talent for the party is in the process of being lost and that quality will be irreplaceable.

Now i know it is not regestering with you jo. But there IS a thing called Scottish labour. There is also a thing called Welsh labour. And just for you i give you this below........

"Take the newly created English Labour Network, whose aim of fostering a sense of national community in tune with Labour values is fundamentally laudable, but whose key figures are doing little to inspire confidence."
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Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/14/2018 9:49:04 AM
Trouble is you can never have enough socialism it always disappoints. I can't believe how much socialism we have today compared to the Attlee government. Congratulations it works but it works with mass inequality and disappointment.

So socialists are upset with other socialists because socialism is bleating on about inequality and railing against the rich imperialists forever. So there's never contentment, they are always discontented . Sturgeon will find this out now if she doesn't get out of her quasi government swiftly. A basis for leaving the union with the oil has passed. Unless the bank of England printing press keels over the union remains because that's the mechanism for lifting other people's money. The rich and the poor are at it.

Meanwhile the brexit referendum is not going to be repeated. That goose is cooked too. May's unpopular because there is too much socialism. It doesn't mean we are going to get an approximation of capitalism, it just means someone will just have to offer a wee bit more socialism. Which will quickly grow unpopular. This all works remember until we run out of other people's money . Then we blame capitalism which has been absent for over a century. Hope this helps.
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Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/16/2018 4:50:44 AM
Apparently news today.
Carillion fatcats pay themselves huge bonuses while the company crashes
How the fvck is that news?
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Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/16/2018 2:02:53 PM
So Carillon were doing anything but building it seems. Apparently in 2018 this Pfi stuff is going to cost the UK. tax serfs £8.6 billion pounds. With total borrowings of £121.4 billion or billions as dear expensive old Gordon was wont to say.The assets are worth £52.9 billion. And apparently the debt is compounding. Still it's all off balance sheet so our real debt ten times our Gdp can be ignored. Pity Carillon didn't have a printing press it could have been drinks all round.

Meanwhile in Venezuela they are shooting pregnant teenagers in supermarkets queues.
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Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/16/2018 10:33:23 PM
Well I’m obviously out of the loop because I’ve no idea who you’re talking about but text messages of a sexual nature are commonplace between adults. If it’s offended you then it could be deemed harassment, particularly if it continued after you requested they cease. Either way it’s not really for public consumption on these boards.
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Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/17/2018 1:44:10 AM
If they're text messages, she's obviously familiar enough with the person involved that she gave them her number. Who do we know that she's been in regular contact with recently?

Some people can be very twisted.
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Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/17/2018 2:47:07 AM
I agree with what you’ve said Kirky except this

‘Either way it’s not really for public consumption [on these boards].’

It’s a tough one. While I don’t want to see private stuff being brought on the boards, I also feel Pauline has the right to ‘go public’.
If someone acts like a jerk privately why can’t they be ‘outed’ publicly?
Stop acting like a jerk if you don’t like the idea of people knowing.
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Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/17/2018 4:55:17 AM
One mans jerk is another mans bit of flirting, we don’t know what the content of these messages were, “sexual” could mean anything from a c0ck shot to a “fancy a shag?”

Either way it’s private and she absolutely doesn’t have the right to plaster it all over the boards to garner sympathy or score moral points against her adversary. If it’s really that bad report to t to the police, otherwise stfu.
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Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/17/2018 5:52:03 AM
One mans cvnt is another’s crusader doesn’t quite cut it in this instance (in my opinion)
I’m grateful to women who give me a heads up.
I’ve always been curious about Pofs no name and shame policy for example.
Great for perpetrators not so for future potential victims, as recent cases have proven.
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Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/17/2018 8:07:09 AM

Well, given that you are ignoring me until next Tuesday I thought I would respond to this pile of absolute pish.

Translation: "You think you can ignore me? Well, I won't let you!"

Baiting method: Drags up post written 10 days ago which could have been responded to at any time between then and yesterday before I made a promise not to reply to any troll bait by the usual suspects for experimental purposes and to prove a point I had made about not being at fault for their behaviour.

Proceeds to accuse me in the wrong again by twisting my words which she quoted but didn't read....saying someone has been spreading unkind gossip does not equate to saying the person was lying about whatever she experienced but given the nature of said person (which I have come to understand better over time), it is not beyond the realms of possibility that she could be guilty of overstating the alleged trauma she suffered at the time. Also P had msged me in response to something I posted to her bovver boy boyfriend to defend him so it's not like she didn't have an agenda.

There is no more to be said on this matter here publicly....this is not a courtroom. But, I expect if a person were inclined to sue for defamation, they now have proof that the 'defendant' has openly admitted to having 'spread unkind gossip' to others via the internet through private messages. It might also be of interest to a judge that she has made a joke about male rape here, approves and condones a male posters' threats of sexual violence against another male poster on this very forum and in one of her 'Haud it and Daud it sketches' she posted this on 1/1/2018:

Daud it suddenly panicked. He was white with fear. He remembered that he had stolen Darrens credit card to book his flight.

What if I get flung in the jail by the bizzies. Arrgh. He regretted missing his krav maga class for the fifth month on the trot.

Christ he said. Jings and crivvens. I can't be reduced to wanking off over plenty of fish profiles.

I need some fanny and I need it now.

Irrespective of whatever was or was not written or however it was understood, claiming to have felt violated by it won't wash, will it?

In response to the rest of her claptrap.....I read an interesting article earlier today:

3. Nonsensical conversations from hell.
If you think you’re going to have a thoughtful discussion with someone who is toxic, be prepared for epic mind****ery rather than conversational mindfulness.

Malignant narcissists and sociopaths use word salad, circular conversations, ad hominem arguments, projection and gaslighting to disorient you and get you off track should you ever disagree with them or challenge them in any way. They do this in order to discredit, confuse and frustrate you, distract you from the main problem and make you feel guilty for being a human being with actual thoughts and feelings that might differ from their own. In their eyes, you are the problem if you happen to exist.

Spend even ten minutes arguing with a toxic narcissist and you’ll find yourself wondering how the argument even began at all. You simply disagreed with them about their absurd claim that the sky is red and now your entire childhood, family, friends, career and lifestyle choices have come under attack. That is because your disagreement picked at their false belief that they are omnipotent and omniscient, resulting in a narcissistic injury.

Remember: toxic people don’t argue with you, they essentially argue with themselves and you become privy to their long, draining monologues. They thrive off the drama and they live for it. Each and every time you attempt to provide a point that counters their ridiculous assertions, you feed them supply. Don’t feed the narcissists supply – rather, supply yourself with the confirmation that their abusive behavior is the problem, not you. Cut the interaction short as soon as you anticipate it escalating and use your energy on some decadent self-care instead.
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Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/17/2018 8:10:46 AM

I’ve always been curious about Pofs no name and shame policy for example.

What’s to stop anyone naming someone for sending sexual texts? I could name a fair few myself from here over the years if they fell out of favour with me or I felt they had been inappropriate, but why would I? If someone male or female feels they have been harassed then there is a legal system to seek recourse, naming and shaming is the stuff of witch hunts and completely, totally and utterly unacceptable.

We have a legal basis of innocent until proven guilty in the UK and the idea of publicly naming someone when nothing has been alleged/reported or even proved is disgusting behaviour, no matter what the dubious good intentions behind it.
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Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/17/2018 12:22:55 PM
We’ll have to disagree on this.
I’ve witnessed first hand how the legal system can let down victims of these types of offences (abuse/harassment)
I’m not talking about sour grapes or woman scorned type stuff. That’s the negative.
I see the positive in women, men too, speaking out.
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Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/17/2018 12:27:05 PM
ahhhhahaha this is gold. A bunch of 40 year olds that don't quite understand how the internet works arguing like children over nothing, ****ing priceless hahaha. I guess its time for me to join in to to shake things up a bit cause you guys just keep repeating yourselves. I'll start tame and see were this thing takes me.

I guess the best way to start this is to say i think username tell alot about a person, which leads me to my first and only question.....

10ky I need to know was 10 the age you were when daddy came into your room with some ky jelly, slathered you up and went to town? Honestly that would explain so much.

Oedipus ain't got nothing on you imanorangetiger (hope that wasn't too clever for you)

scareymush i hope you know using big words doesn't makes you smart it makes you condescending. :)

Paulineandsalem I wont even go in on you I don't want to be responsible for you offing yourself. I mean your life is already pathetic enough without me lampooning you, and yes guys i know we'd all be better of with her gone but i'm just not that guy.

By the way Roxymoronic and rekirked you're both right, you're both wrong and you're both morons. I know it may seem counter-intuitive to you but just think about that before you pointlessly and aimlessly argue with each other again.

Just remember that if you try your childish shit on me you cant i have years of your post histories and you don't know, i will win.
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Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/17/2018 1:06:39 PM
I’ll just go and get a tinny and a bag of crisps
Joined: 11/7/2017
Msg: 423
Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/17/2018 1:15:50 PM
Don't forget a little pillow, you'll probably doze off

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Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/17/2018 1:29:49 PM
From the ridiculous to the downright farcical.....
Joined: 11/15/2012
Msg: 425
Corbyn v May II coming soon ..
Posted: 1/17/2018 1:37:24 PM
Ehh ... what "big words" do you think you use scarey? ... smh.

You really can't contain yourself.
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