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so may thinks we should vote for strong and stable? given whats gone before, it's clear she's promoting jeremy corbyn then, he's stood against all the naysayers including those in his own party and he's still standing. his policies have been consistant and unchanging, he doesn't rewrite them if he gets unfollowed or de-friended, it's called having the courage of your convictions!

That is exactly what I've been thinking

I do think May is making an ar$e of herself.

Here's a documentary I think you'll find interesting, given what's occurring in the pre-election UK
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Corbyn - time to go?
Posted: 5/28/2017 12:06:43 PM
"Diane Abbott: My views on IRA, like my hair, have changed"

says it all, really............

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Corbyn - time to go?
Posted: 5/28/2017 12:17:49 PM
Post 107.....sounds like a soviet gulag. There are people all over the world rolling their eyes up into their heads as jo and Jeremy play a few songs from the good old days..of a foolish and dead ideology that doesn't work.

Let's just look at Venezuela a country that I seem to remember reading was once (1950s?)the 4th richest country in the world where it counts, per head. Now look at them with the largest proven oil reserves in the
world and the once mighty bolivar at 5,800 to the dollar a coming piece of toilet paper itself.

Don't get me wrong, this election I have felt stirrings in myself that I had all but given up on. Yes Jeremy is lovely. Yes, we all live under the American empire and empire is
about spreading one's values, one's democracy and of course some excess usually in the form of genocide, slavery and plunder. For Mr Corbyn to point this out has made a lot of us forumites feel very good about ourSelves and from there we can make the world a better Place for you and for me and the entire human race. Lovely song .

Of course Manchester is blow back for Western foreign policy . America and her allies created both Al-Qaeda and isis. And Jo is completely correct in saying western
Corporations are on welfare. And with huge swathes of the people eating and drinking at the socialists trough one wonders who is paying. For as Margaret Thatcher said ( i have a t shirt) socialism is fine until you run out of other people's money.

Now a short paragraph on Nicola, Theresa and Donald
Where does Scotland get its money to pay for its socialism ..
I'd say the U.K....And the UK ? I'd say the American imperium. So I'd say that our socialism is being paid for in blood by billions of the world's poor.

Jo alludes to money and inequality in Britain I think ? Because no one wants equality for the world's poor,
because that would mean real austerity. Four billion are on three dollars or less a day. That's worse than Keith Joseph times a million. I'm certain jeremy only
wants the printing press, less blood on his hands , a bit
of grandstanding and then to get assasinated before the
Chicks come home to roost.

Out there in left wing academia in thinking tanks, sponsored by the rich, the constant chatter these days is the basic wage. Very important these places of thought
for it is one way to get to some very silly people with
ideas they can then put forth to the great unwashed.
I can see Theresa promoting £10,000 pounds a year and Jeremy £12,000. Although Theresa might revise her figure to £15,000 if her poll numbers shrink.

So we can vote Theresa who will be the businesss as usual
candidate who will mouth the goooey words that will give
us cover to pretend we are civilised. Or Jeremy who will
make us feel really good so much better than Theresa, just
not so long in my opinion.

Storm clouds 2008 2.0... remember nine years ago when the american socialist global party of limb removal came
off the rails? ....well this is party 2.0...china has joined it now...Canada...and australia...too..the only one that I can see that ain't up for a shindig is Vlad. Look at him in the corner half smiling pretending to sip paintstripper. Russia's about the only country I can see that's standing back from
the homicidal lefty, rampaging, spendthrift, insolvent imperium that America has become in my life time.

So one trillion dollars reaches out 68,000 miles into space.
The entire world has $250 trillion dollars of pure debt to service even at 0% and with jim mcdonnell, we are going to find it hard to pay that down while buying bombs to drop on muslims and giving free caviar to every scottish child.

We can't do it. I know we can't and not because we have our heads up our collective socialist backside. It's because
our elected finest seeing where the votes were, decided to
move things off balance sheet, calling that debt , unfunded
liabilities ....well in for a penny in for a pound sterling (it means genuine.ha!) So our finest and their overlords cooked up derivatives...sigh....kinda of insurance
but not really, still it's an obligation to pay at a point in the
future all unregulated....any way if you add that to the pure
debt the number comes to two and half quadrillion dollars.
your taxes are really not going to service the pure debt.

The implication is an epoch defining collapse in living standards. Party politics has never seemed so irrelevant in the face of this reality.

On topic Jeremy corbyn...I love him...keep him ....he's a national treasure....
Joined: 8/9/2011
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Corbyn - time to go?
Posted: 5/28/2017 12:46:55 PM

"Diane Abbott: My views on IRA, like my hair, have changed"

says it all, really............

What does it say?

Are we going to pretend that British foreign policy in Ireland for centuries is actually forgivable? Are we going to pretend that it was alright and perfectly reasonable that the British Army in Northern Ireland shot dead civil rights marchers on Bloody Sunday/The Bogside Massacre ...none of those marchers were connected to the IRA. What the British did then was inadvertently recruit for the IRA. This is fact.

The Good Friday Agreement wrought many changes in the IRA membership, The IRA gave up their weapons and disbanded...a new group emerged, The Real IRA....anyway it seems obvious that Diane Abbot would naturally change her opinion as time wore on and everything changed along with the times, or is she supposed to be stuck in a time warp like Rudd and May?
Joined: 8/8/2014
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Corbyn - time to go?
Posted: 5/28/2017 3:48:10 PM
Charming ....I know that you want to tear my country apart, for a flight of fancy at a horrific economic juncture in world history.

If you want to talk childishly in left right centre terms then I put you on notice that Magaret Thatcher was a socialist in my eyes, Theresa May a centrist socialist and Jeremy Corbyn a total socialist. Scotland is not a nation like the uk or Europe wants to be and when I say nation , I mean slave nation to the USA . A slave nation , needs a vote and then a Printing press and until then it's no more a nation than England. It's a heavily subsidised part of the U.K. with poor wealth creation and a tax footprint that obviously comes from someone else's dinner table . And you want to put two armies on the island of Great Britain. I don't think that serves the working class well. Don't fret England is no earth shaker either , we are all lucky that we have the venal city of London to prop what lifestyles we do have for now up.

I do not vote for the global socialist fiat debt based fractional reserve system. That's my contribution. And I won't be cowed by your puerile insults. My last vote was for our country's independence , namely called brexit. You being some sort of freedom fighting secessionist voted against it , thanks. My last vote in a general election was 1987 for labour. I spoiled my ballot paper in 2015 because it was my right and responsibility.

I never insulted your family, the great unwashed word was to distinguish the insiders who are few from the outsiders who are many.

Vvvvvvvvvvvv. I have not !
I'm horrified , can't they find productive employment
You always say I haven't a clue as if I'm clueless .....I dressed myself this morning you know!
I've been to Scotland so much beauty but I felt oppressed , there are scots in London made to feel
like foreigners too. Such a shame. Loved 39 steps the thirties one. Goodnight Pauline sleep well ...
See you tomorrow.... hopefully you and I can be more agreeable ......
Joined: 8/8/2014
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Corbyn - time to go?
Posted: 5/28/2017 4:30:54 PM
It was golden wonder ready salted tonight....
Who is wee fud mundell ?
Not digging at you for voting remain just saying my piece..I don't really have the strong feelings I profess..:) ....
Just joshing , a bit.... Still think we have a dollar problem ...though
Theresa is going to win though and the SNP independence thing will probably go away , hey maybe England leaves first ...
You might stay then ? Is it all an English thing? Just between you and me.....

Nighty night my lovely ...

Actually it was walkers ...

Ahhh I see .....

You really need to win a referendum...Pauline ....

I just googled him Pauline , he's a fine looking man lol......still he"s someone's son..

I'm going to stop eating them , certainly the chicken ones.

I had some chicken McNuggets the other day , they claim there is chicken in them .
No taste , but they were warm and with the barbecue sauce they were alright. And yet
I felt immobile relative to other foodstuffs after.. Curious stuff....

I reckoned I've made you pass out through exhaustion Pauline ???.....

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Corbyn - time to go?
Posted: 5/28/2017 6:23:43 PM
"My last vote was for our country's independence , namely called brexit"

"My last vote in a general election was 1987 for labour."

"Theresa is going to win though"

i wouldn't be so sure, i didn't bother voting in general elections because as i said i did not consider there was a choice and i know i'm not the only one.
in the referendum i voted out because there was a very real choice, again i know i'm not the only one.

i think the voter turnout says it all, the turnout for the referendum was 72.2% the highest since the general election of 1992 which was 72.3%

if the people perceive they have a real choice they will make the effort.
i believe the turnout for the coming general election will at least equal that of the referendum and personally i believe it will exceed it.

the difference will be made by the silent majority folk like me, and i'm sure there are many of them as demonstrated at the referendum, those making predictions are all at sea, they are clueless.

just for a change i plan to vote in this general election and my vote will be cast for jeremy corbyn, i make the distinction because he is the reason i will vote inspite of labours stance on the eu, i think it would be suicidal for any party to not leave the eu as voted for by the majority.

i would like to say jc is going to wipe the floor with the tories but then i'm biased, i know very well not everyone sees things the way i do.

thanks scary for your post and that link, i have watched over half of it (it's pretty long innit) i have it paused on a tab for later.

here's a link you may find of interest you can skip the gushing american intro by fast forwarding to 0:50
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Corbyn - time to go?
Posted: 5/28/2017 7:19:51 PM
Hmmm...halfway through your video now, it's certainly very interesting but I feel, in light of the fact the woman speaker has an agenda, that it might be wise not to trust what she says completely.

I went to a German school and some of what she says doesn't sound familiar ....but of course, Germans wouldn't talk about the war really, they, understandably, didn't want it to be remembered. Our school principal was a member of the Hitler youth, he was born in Germany, not Austria. He told us he was forced to join.

I visited Vienna with a school friend and her mother, we were visiting her mother's school friend. Then, in the 80's, you could still see the destruction caused by the war, beautiful buildings replaced by awful pre-fab looking was a strange mish-mash and I thought it was an ugly city which didn't please the woman I was a guest of. I was only there for two days.
Joined: 1/14/2017
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Corbyn - time to go?
Posted: 5/28/2017 11:07:59 PM

But did you watch it all......I wonder what education she got instead, just fast forward to when she starts on Obama and gun laws, evil ****, you have to be careful who's propaganda you wish to believe
Joined: 8/9/2011
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Corbyn - time to go?
Posted: 5/29/2017 12:53:55 AM
Bloody Hell.....just finished watching it. I had to take a break earlier because of the hectoring and an awareness that it didn't ring true and also because she was promoting an agenda, but I hadn't copped on to what she was really up to....comparing Obama to Hitler.

I'm in complete shock at her terrible cheek and what dangerous liar Frau Kitty Werthmann is. What a b1tch!

I'm hoping try1more showed me that because it's an example of propaganda and it related to the link I shared with him which was a documentary about how the Nazis used to make films about Ireland's oppressors the British in Ireland....their propaganda backfired on them and only served to inspire their captives in France and Poland etc. to rise up against the Nazi regime. I was thinking that May is attempting to paint an untrue picture of Corbyn and that it might backfire on her like it did for Hitler, although of course, it's true about the Brits in Ireland....their governments and rulers, throughout the centuries past.
 vlad dracul
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Corbyn - time to go?
Posted: 5/29/2017 1:15:59 AM
"if the people perceive they have a real choice they will make the effort.
i believe the turnout for the coming general election will at least equal that of the referendum and personally i believe it will exceed it.
the difference will be made by the silent majority folk like me, and i'm sure there are many of them as demonstrated at the referendum, those making predictions are all at sea, they are clueless."

I was reading this article in the new statseman last week and the labour geezer says exactly what you wrote. For once voting for brexit actually meant something. WE got the chance to show THEM. And boy oh boy do THEM not like that.........

"For large numbers of voters - mainly Leavers but some Remainers too - voting has changed something. They like the feeling. With Brexit "we" made a choice; "we" made something happen. (And "we" did something that most of "them" didn’t want us to do). That is more important to many than whether the decision was necessarily a good one; after all no one can really tell."

Watching sky news a wee while ago their newspaper review showed an article of women, still alive who never had the right to vote at first.

All the young dafties who lay in their wanking chariots expecting others to vote for them should take note.

As for the car crash interviews with the abbottsaurus on telly regarding her hairdo and the ira. Yes we needed to talk to sinn fein. It had to happen. But to mention her barnet!!!!!
Joined: 6/7/2016
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Corbyn - time to go?
Posted: 5/29/2017 2:39:27 AM
I'm up this morning with a firm resolve to vote tory
I marched and campaigned against Blairs illegal war in Iraq.
At least the IRA wanted for negotiation. These extremist just want us dead. Negotiate what?
Corbyn if elected would be catastrophic for this country, unions would be out on strike every week. There would be no measures to deal with terrorism. Where is all his money coming from? His Corporation tax thing is a misconception in the long run, he's a twit.
Diane Abbot....pompous twit. Didn't she want an end to MI5 and holding DNA on a database, even for known criminals.
I'm a simpleton, I know. But my mind is now made. scandal with lovely legs May please :)
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Corbyn - time to go?
Posted: 5/29/2017 3:04:41 AM
Ok roxy, ;) they are her best feature...
I wish i had had the wisdom to have opposed
the iraq war. Looks like you'll be on the winning
side. I always thought Theresa would win easily.
mind you roxy it wasn't difficult to coming.
 vlad dracul
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Corbyn - time to go?
Posted: 5/29/2017 3:39:12 AM
This iraq war thingy doesnt half get some milking like. I was reading an article the other day about how we have the defined borders of europe that we have today.

Most of the nations at the sharp end stopped the march of islam yonks ago. To pretend islam is a religion of peas is to ignore history.

Islam maurauded through europe yonks ago. The word slave being derived from the poor slavs taken captive and enslaved long before any ships went to america. I belive the slav traders even went so far as to enslav irish folk.

The coptic christians in egypt must be right horrible folk as they keep getting slaughtered by their islamic neighbours. Still that will be our fault no doubt.

I think we should tell islamic nations to carry on and slaughter each other. None of our business to be honest.

As for those who would fall into dhminitude well you made your bed. Lie in it.
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Corbyn - time to go?
Posted: 5/29/2017 4:05:06 AM
the more the papers did into the spineless one the more im convinced hes very dangerous ....

as for the abbo (can she be called that?) she most likely used the hair excuse as to try and twist the race card into the interview
 Jo van
Joined: 5/23/2009
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Corbyn - time to go?
Posted: 5/29/2017 5:11:12 AM
Sorry to see you go P. Hope you come back soon.

Corbyn has the lowest MP's expenses record in parliament.
Corbyn searched for peace, I don't think that's "spineless".

Funny how the right-wing and alt-right media, like the shit quoted above, are keen to bring to our attention what Corbyn did 25 years ago,
but not so much about May's governments push to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia, (along with Trump),
a despotic, theocratic dictatorship, which sells (or just gives) arms and money to "Isis", doesn't let women drive, and executes homosexuals.
They originate much of the hateful "Wahhabism", the hard-line, "extremist" ideology behind much of the terrorism.

But the spineless May didn't mention any of that, because weapons sales are more important than human lives.

And yes, Corbyn has expressed sympathy with the people of Palestine. Good for him.

May has cut police numbers to such an extent, that after last week's atrocity, they had to make up the numbers by putting troops on the streets.
And on May's watch, this latest terrorist had been "reported", three times!!
By other "muslims"!!
Twice by members of his own family, and once by his "mosque", after becoming angry when "imams" "preached" against "Isis".
Now, there's going to be an "inquiry", or a "review", about why that wasn't followed up.

This Tory government has punished, and is continuing to punish, the weak, the disabled, the old, the vulnerable, the sick, the young...
everyone, for the bankruptcy of the banks, under the guise of "austerity".

They have shamelessly used the banking crisis to dismantle the "welfare state", which is what they always wanted.
Despite telling us, right up until the crisis happened, that the banks were "over-regulated".

The tories only care about "the economy".
Meaning: big business.
Which is why she's happy to sell weapons to SA., to use on the people of Yemen.

Corbyn cares about people, and their lives.

If you want an example of "dangerous", then look at the buffoon, "Boris".
Rewarded by May, for standing aside in the leadership election, and elevated to "foreign secretary", our "top diplomat"!

A man who has offended almost every group, with his "posh-boy", "tv celebrity" version of Alf Garnett.
Who talked about "smiling picaninnies".
Who got sacked for making up stories, when he was a journalist.

Brexit was all about the Tory party, and they "sold" xenophobia to the masses, from their first day in office.
Despite all their demagogic rhetoric, they allowed record numbers of NON-EU IMMIGRATION, because "the economy" insisted.
If you think the tories will get the "best deal", because they're the "best negotiators", think again.
I think everyone in the EU hates the tories, because they all know it was entirely due to their history of "euro-scepticism" which led to the referendum, and out exit.
-Anyone but them, will get a better deal.

I only hope the British public opens their eyes.
The tories have doubled the national debt, while cutting all services.

May, and the right wing media are trying hard to convince you that it's all about "image".
Their record shows nothing but incompetence.
Have a nice (cloudy ) bank holiday.
Joined: 11/15/2012
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Corbyn - time to go?
Posted: 5/29/2017 1:19:53 PM
- ordinary_psycho

Absolutely. You got that absolutely right.

The dude has a compulsion to write. He writes.. long and winded replies. Never mind that they're pure, purified garbage. As long as he writes, he feel good. I cannot, for the life of me, otherwise explain his rants. (shrugs)
Joined: 11/15/2012
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Corbyn - time to go?
Posted: 5/29/2017 2:22:01 PM

While I understand that your political mission is of the essence for Scotland (given that you support SNP), as one of the very few fun folk on here, I would ask you not to stay away too long...

Joined: 8/8/2014
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Corbyn - time to go ?
Posted: 5/29/2017 2:41:15 PM
I'm very sad that Pauline has gone too, missing her awfully tonight ...cue from my sound money lair team America's Kim Jong ll 's so ronery.... :((

Off my food tonight ..... Bye Pauline x
 vlad dracul
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Corbyn - time to go ?
Posted: 5/30/2017 2:44:54 AM
And yet i don't mind jo's posts. I disagree with a lot of what he says but he has his point of view and says what he thinks.
Some of us on here do not have the pleasure of starting threads, only allowed to post so many times per day and have to write a certain amount of words in a post or you get the messages this short will not be allowed type thing.

As for fun posting my last ban was when a uk pof meet up was spoke off. Camping it was to be. My comment on putting up tent poles and leaving tent flaps open was deemed bad so i got sent to the gulag in cyberia.

I only usually post on politics or music threads now.

Still we can all ignore what others write if we so feel can we not? But those who do usually miss out on points that are very relevant. Like the shite that the eu is democratic and worker friendly when it is anything but that.

On topic jezza corbyn has just shot down scottish labour once again regarding indyref 2. North london labour knows not a lot about anything north of watford. Now it bites them on the arse.
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Corbyn - time to go ?
Posted: 5/30/2017 3:09:19 AM
the spineless one has had his car crash interview ....

doesnt know his own figures and how they add up .....
 vlad dracul
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Corbyn - time to go ?
Posted: 5/30/2017 4:28:38 AM
Oor jo doon in oxford toon
For as long as i can remember you have posted that cheap labour was being brought into the uk and depressing wages was a lot of rubbish. That it was only swivel eyed 'racist (yawn), hate filled little (add nation) ers, the 'right wing' media et al who claimed this.

Yet what is this that st jezza of corbyn has claimed?...........

"Corbyn was cheered when he said he would not allow companies to bring in whole groups of very low paid foreign workers to undercut British employees, a process he said was “destroying their working conditions”.

So if st jezza of corbyn is claiming cheap labour is in use in the uk and driving wages down does that mean that it was yourself who was being economical with the truth?

Curiouser and curiouser said...............

Yes because you have felt the loss of wages to cheap exploited labour. The gobshites who are safe in THEIR wee indexed linked pension jobs know nowt about OUR wages being cut. Hence brexit. Where WE rammed it right uo THEM
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Corbyn - time to go ?
Posted: 5/30/2017 4:40:20 AM
Even the governor of the Bank of England said immigration is depressing wages. My IT job was shipped to India 15 years ago with a few thousand others. They found out that it wasn't possible to do the job remotely so set up an office in the UK. Claiming it wasn't possible to find the right staff in the UK they shipped over a load of Indians complete with visas and now passports. For people like me there is a real resentment of immigration.
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Msg: 99
Corbyn - time to go ?
Posted: 5/30/2017 8:11:51 AM
Immigration does destroy the working classes' standard of living. When there is a glut of something, in this case labour then the price of that or the wages will fall.

Global trade and euro trade is often acknowledged as a thoroughly good thing (just listen to any lefty remainder bleating on and persons of that globalist ilk )but this too is rubbish if your job goes away and your income. Of course some could benefit, some consumers or sometimes a business, although again businesses need demand from customers and customers without jobs is not good for the the domestic economy.

These are problems that come with an unsound money system. Perhaps we can artificially blow up house price values three times, as we did in say the decade after 1997- and get the house owners to withdraw their uworked for and untaxed gains and spend them on German cars and chinese goods. Our workers can become estate agents and the increasing losers can be fobbed off with useless degrees, the minimum wage and tax credits.
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Corbyn - time to go ?
Posted: 5/30/2017 8:15:18 AM
Interesting that the London Standard, you know that one edited by a certain ex-chancellor, is pointing out that the one debate being avoided in this election is Brexit. Considering that the election was called (supposedly) so that the country could return a strong and stable government with the backing of the people to achieve a better outcome in the negotiations. As the Standard points out, the two things the electorate needs to hear is what are they going to do about bringing immigration down (if the Leave vote wasn't about that, what was it about) and access to the single market (which is what we joined and the public wanted 40 years ago).
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