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Go ....AL. ANA or stay but don't vacillate on your companion as this is otiose
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Travelling alone
Posted: 5/16/2017 3:32:39 PM

Oh fcuk that'll be me. Or I'll miss my plane wandering around looking for the wrong bl00dy gate or something. I am a total liability and will merrily hand the directing of direction over to someone else.

eff you!
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Travelling alone
Posted: 5/17/2017 9:27:30 AM
I never ever plan to go on holidays alone, though inadvertently I did go to Bali by myself. Wasn’t the plan, but it just worked out that way.

For business where someone else is paying the full Monty, I have traveled extensively alone, spending a month at a time for over a year in new cities across the USA. This was business travel as an engineer, I enjoyed it nearly all the time, got to date a few lasses in different cities as I am there roughly 3 months, long enough to start to feel like I live there. Pick novel places to eat, wonder around the city/area, etc. After that I spent a year where I got to pick new cities (from a list) to teach a one week course in, more time being alone.

A couple of negative being alone, holidays like Valentine’s day in a nice restaurant all alone is kind of a bummer, amusement parks by yourself aren’t very amusing, a King size bed seems like a waste of space and not much point to be in an upscale hotel. Sometimes it’s hard to remember what car I am driving, especially if I go a bar, and it’s a weird feeling to wake up after a long night out with a girl, fall asleep in my car and then not know what state I am in and how to get back to my hotel?? Asking the local gas station where am I, they tell me a city but then I have to ask, but what state?

I don’t count the travel portion of a holiday as being alone, especially when taking a plane, in the continental USA it’s only 1-5 hours to anywhere (though to Thailand It’s 17 hours flying with 3-5 hours in airports.) So going to meet someone for a holiday is a trivial example of traveling alone. Though I was surprised to learn my mother is a little afraid of solo plane travel as she had never done it in the past. However she has taken a non-stop flight to see her other son who is currently in Las Vegas.

I really never go anywhere on holiday by myself, so if I not in relationship I just don’t go and have little desire to see the sites at someplace new. I didn’t date for 6 years after my divorce, and pretty much never went more than 50 miles from home.

The issue for me is mostly why spend the money on a holiday by myself?

If someone is paying the full tab, sure, I can hop the next plane to anywhere and stay a few days-months taking care of business by myself.

I spent a month in Alaska with my brother, for 10 days we were in a very remote wilderness 50 miles from any other human. It felt very different to be cut from civilization where even cell phones won’t work. Now I do have a bit of a desire to experience total isolation for a month in a tent someplace like Alaska. Just to see how it feels, but I doubt now I will get the chance to do that.
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Travelling alone
Posted: 5/21/2017 12:43:21 AM
google is so good nowadays that there isn't any real reason to actually get off my arse and move. i'm going for a swim in a minute, when i get back i'll put on a load of washing and will do route 66 while i'm waiting for it to go round.

if ive got enough time this evening, i'll do venice... got to hoover first though.
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Travelling alone
Posted: 5/22/2017 9:23:46 AM
This year will be the first time I have travelled alone since 1988 when I packed a suitcase and headed to Australia.

Not going as far this time......London for a week on my own next month, then a Comic Con type thing in Blackpool in August on my own.

Then a band I like has announced gigs in London, Leeds and Dublin in September/October. Think I might buy a ticket for the Dublin one when they go on it will give me an excuse to go to Dublin for a few days. Never been there before.
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Travelling alone
Posted: 5/22/2017 11:51:25 AM
^^^^Have a great time, could be a great adventure.
I've never been to Dublin myself but I would like to go.
I used to travel a lot on my own, all over. Haven't done it in years now, shame., no doubt it'll be taken off soon.....
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Travelling alone
Posted: 5/22/2017 11:53:25 AM

Roxy, no offense, but that's not a good look for a woman

Just sayin
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