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Joined: 10/19/2017
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where you were today crossed my mind
wondering about along the new path,
you know the one built with our taxes
I guess the town did some expensive math,

the lights were on but you did not answer
no sign of life appeared as I did peek,
left one message to say a quick hello
sometimes I miss you when we don't speak,

made you your favorite dessert today
even though my brother stole half the pan,
he walked on over late this afternoon
to install that pretty brass ceiling fan,

so we did save you quite a large piece
its in the refrigerator with other things too,
some meat loaf and taters I made us for dinner
I guess you got really busy my sweetest boo,

so when you do happen to come on over
while Im off at church and you use my dryer,
theres also some of that Greek coffee you like
just don't set my house on fire!!! oxoxo

(quit lighting candles when Im not home...)
Joined: 10/19/2017
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word stew
Posted: 11/20/2017 8:30:22 PM
ever meet anyone that seems almost perfect
yanno the ones that do all the right things,
that have a radar personal alarm system
when anything threatens their ego it rings,

they are all shinny bright and new on the outside
when deep within lies a pile of garbage that reeks,
they can keep up appearances like its a simple task
but the stink cant always be masked and leaks,

well let me tell ya do not be fooled by sweetness
for they do know exactly what bait to feed you,
take the time for their whirlwind to stop
so you wont be found standing in a pile of poo-
Joined: 10/19/2017
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word stew
Posted: 12/9/2017 4:48:56 PM
its snowing outside and I don't like it
as I certainly miss the southern life,
here in my studio I sulk and sit
as this winter cuts through me like a knife,

where are crickets singing in my window
or the moon shine to keep them company?
here there isn't even a star to glow
in the littered smog of haze gluttony,

my dreams do take me to beaches of blue
with sand so hot it could burn my feet red,
but wearing old Rainbows flipping I do
as I will be making the sand a day bed,

hopefully familiar faces I find
in the memories placed deep in my mind...
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