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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?Page 25 of 32    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32)
Yes ky, Britain is by a nod and a wink a Yankee puppet and this has allowed Britain to punch above her weight post empire. It's not clear what being, by non democratic treaties, a german puppet would do for us. We have empirically found relative advantage when rejecting more Europe. For example the exchange rate mechanism (a pre monetary union policy) That contributed to unemployment of 3 million and interest rates of 15%. Rejecting it led to 16 years of unbroken economic growth. Rejecting the single currency along the way allowed us to have record employment. Most of this opportunity was mopped up by citizens inside the gulag. And yet you don't extrapolate those trends you unthinkingly extrapolate entrenched pen pushing bureaucratic views and their zombie corporations. The u.k having our own printing press in 2008, impossible with more Europe, thwarted a Greek like desecration or the severe peripheral recessions, only ameliorated by the ECB printing press and negative interest rate repression ...(nirp)

America does look like a nose diving superpower. Trump is President because some Americans recognised this. The European union was a construct of the CIA. The Americans wanted Britain in there to keep Germany in their place. Presumedly for their own Selfish imperial reasons. Britain voted in 2016 to come out. Britain is not coming out though. Instead we have an elite who believe that those voters can be ridiculed , threatened and ignored. The Germans don't like Trump because he's questioning their interests and their freeloading. We run a 100 billion deficit in goods with the European union and yet that negotiating leverage is ignored by Theresa May. The IMF estimates that 90% of global export growth in the future will be outside the european union. How are we setting up for that by being told by others to standstill and shut up because you are merely racist savages. Yes, we built and maintained an empire using those tactics. Free trade destroyed the British empire. Mercantilism built it. As it did the American. Until free trade gutted the American working class. The nascent Chinese empire ? built on mercantilism. ( A rigged export model)

But Brexit is a sovereign question. Whether Britain through the ballot box exists or are we going to be dismantled, divided as a people and safely ignored by the rich and powerful in this world. We have done this ourselves all over the world to other peoples. Our advantages and sovereignty gained through history gone. The british people divided and at the mercy of and mere minions of the future great powers in this world.

Economics or life in one lesson :

I labour to bake a cake and pour double cream over it . It's my
****ing cake !!!

Then Johnny government sits down and starts eating
all my cake. telling me if I don't behave I will starve.

KY turns up and agrees ...

I buy my own money..because Johnny is a **stard.

Others ignore it all and do what ever Johnny
government wants. .. for example the holocaust.
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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 7/16/2018 1:46:27 AM
What a farce this has all been. Cameron called the vote without having a clue what to do if he lost. May called article 50 to look tough despite also having no idea what to do. Blustering Davies has resigned and should be shot, he hardly bothered going to Brussels to talk negotiate. Considering that was his job, he only went once in the four months before he resigned. Rees Mogg would like us to crash out but then he stands to make an even bigger fortune should we do so. The rifles would be very hot should I ever be elected PM.

Trump has just flounced off to get a Russsian haircut but much as I dislike the fool he did talk an amount of sense.

What now. Justine Greening, one of the very many ex tory cabinet ministers, has announced that she believes the decision on Brexit should be taken out of the hands of the grid locked MPs and handed back to the people. I think remain would win.
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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 7/16/2018 3:18:42 AM
What a surprise referendum 2...

If I could set the question .... ? Because people
never understood the last one.

1 Do you want to live in paradise?....Or

2 Do you want to live in a racist destitute state ?

Which my answer to, would be 2..
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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 7/16/2018 6:21:32 AM
talking about people who are totally out of touch with reality "Shadow home secretary Diana Abbott said it was "clear to almost everyone except Theresa May that the net migration target should go"." What is that woman smoking?
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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 7/16/2018 10:54:16 AM
No panic - a Labour win, in 2022, post brexit, would need a lot of
the professional unemployed (sorry, that should have read 'students')
to actually get out of bed & have some idea of who or what they are voting for.
May was a useless Home Secretary - she was the chump who wanted to control
the internet & to get us all to register with the world's largest porn site.
She hasn't a clue how to deliver on Cameron's last joke (last of many),
and doesn't really want to.
Brexit will be the last big fu* k up that the woman presides over,
there will be a leadership 'fight' after this lot and Boris will 'win'
(carefully choreographed by the Men in Grey Suits, who run the Tory party).
Diane Abbott, the well known ex-Corbyn 'girlfriend' is not a problem, the woman
is terminally thick and is only there to make up the numbers.
Trump wasn't miles off the mark when he told Ms May to 'sue' the EU -
we have a lot going for us, but She lacks aggression - she'd like to think that
she is a second Maggie Thatcher, but she doesn't have the bile and spite to sink
ships that are running away - that takes a certain streak of pure fu*king evil........

All of the above is, of course, merely my opinion - variants are freely available.

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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 7/17/2018 1:19:03 PM
Its panto for the plebs they have no intention of doing anything the public wants its all about them always has been.
They get the dosh and the gold plated pensions while they bleed the real workers on paye dry!.
I am not surprised regarding comments on here as they play the game right against left etc.
I found this out when i was 12 years old if a child can see it surely adults can too.
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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 8/9/2018 9:00:30 AM
Theres no reason why Scotland can't have another independence referendum, why shouldn't it have?

With or without Brexit, the fact is, Nicola (you know as in Nicola Sturgeon, lawyer, first minister), didn't tell Scotland to vote remain, Scotland chose that path, every Scottish council, 62 per cent. The fact is now is that if there's going to be a referendum it has to happen while there's still a Scottish Parliament. Wales has capitulated, Scotland isn't going to hand over the powers without a fight.

Theres nothing set in stone about rejoining the EU, been stated time and time again that EFTA is a possibility

There's enough argument for Scotland (and Wales if it chooses), to be independent without Brexit being a factor

Look at the way Scotland is being treated. Look at the way the SNP group were treated over the proposed power grab. They walked out for reason! Why the hell would anyone with an ounce of sense want to remain tied to a Tory party that treats Scotland like an annex.

This is what Pete Bell has to say on Twitter (hes an indy campaigner, speaker and blogger)

The people of Scotland are sovereign. We MUST rid ourselves of the mindset which has us acting only within the frame of the established power of the British state. We MUST reframe our actions in terms of our own power. #CringeNoMore #DissolveTheUnion

History will record that the first referendum was necessary preparations for the one that ends the Union. And that Salmond had to do his work before Sturgeon does hers.

The process and precedent for stripping powers from the Scottish Parliament has been established. The legislation is in place and has been proved. The first tranche of powers has already been taken. What next?

This was my response

But of course it needs to be called while we still have the powers to call it

That is the point. The Postponers seem to think of the British state as something benign. It is not! They will do anything to eradicate Scotland's distinctive political culture. They will stop at nothing to prevent independence.

The fact is is that if there isn't another indy ref called within a reasonable timescale, the Tories are trying to weaken the devolved Parliaments powers and if they had their way they would be closed.

There won't be another people's vote anyway, it's all moot as far as Im concerned.

Im personally sick to the back teeth about hearing about yet another UC suicide. If Scotland doesn't get indy, then we are going to be stuck in a post Brexit never ending Tory cycle of crap. It's time Scotland went it's own way.

There have been 65000 retail jobs lost as a result of Brexit. That was to December last year. I don't seem to hear much positives about it. Does anyone on here know what kind of Brexit deal we are going to get, hard? Soft? None? No such thing, Brexit is Brexit it's going to be fantastic. 21000 further jobs at risk by April this year. I'm not personally sure it's worth it, but just my view. Shopping centres might be heaving in some places in the UK, but they certainly aren't in others, not sure that's a realistic measure on how the economy as a whole is performing tbh anyway.

If someone could spell out to me in realistic terms how great it's going to be and why I really will be all ears (particularly in light of the Tory power grab on the powers Holyrood and the Welsh Assembly currently has that would be fabulous).

Ps, just incase anyone goes into a tazmanian devil tailspin about me referring to independence, I'm referring to Vlad's earlier post on the topic of Brexit and Nicola Sturgeon/indy or no indy,

Hope you are well Vlad, didn't think we were going to take anything from Sunday, wee shame that McGinn didn't make it to Sellic eh? I'm not laughing at their fans this day (much),

I wasnt a fan of Brexit when I voted, not this time last year either and nothing I have read since has changed my mind one iota. The EU are laughing at the UK and their disastrous negotiations, no wonder. They don't care, they are a bunch of multi millionaires and it won't affect them if things go badly wrong. You have people like Rees-mogg openly stating that he wants a no deal Brexit, I personally think that's shameful.


Anyway, time to take my Dave Gahan obsessed, Motherwell supporting, Krankie like Scottish indy supporting wee self off and go to the gym. Catch you later x
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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 8/9/2018 9:03:21 AM
Aw! Paulette! x
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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 8/9/2018 12:27:00 PM

I'd hate to have to need a visa to visit my favourite second country. To an outdoorsman, Scotland is like no other; the majestic beauty, the heart lifting loneliness (I know that sounds like an oxymoron) of the hills. I know it's got it's problems. Those pesky blighters that bug you and follow you around ( midges and ticks )
But words arn't enough to describe the beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Great poets have tried (Burns et al)
Maybe the Buddhist parable of the novice monk and the sunset was thought of by a monk who visited Scotland.
But having said all that, yes, Scotland is called Scotland for a reason, the land of the Scottish, as England is the land of the English. We voted brexit (some of us) because we didn't like been ruled by outsiders. Well goose and gander. English parliament has meted out too many injustices over the centuries to Scotland, it cannot question or refute the sovereign rights to self determination of the Scottish people. Like the oil fields of Iraq and Iran, the real reason that England tries to maintain it's iron fist over Scotland is to pillage it's resources.
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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 8/9/2018 12:40:10 PM
I would happily take that visa to visit the rest of the UK if Scotland were independent..
Midges don't really bother me but I'm not in an area where there's loads of them
#dissolve the union
Ps, fabulous that Clara Ponsati is staying in Scotland..

Shite! I met Nicola Sturgeon a few months ago at an snp event. Genuinely lovely person with time for everyone

 vlad dracul
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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 8/10/2018 1:35:49 AM

Hullo missus. Is all sound? Anyway oooooo brexit...........

"If someone could spell out to me in realistic terms how great it's going to be and why I really will be all ears (particularly in light of the Tory power grab on the powers Holyrood and the Welsh Assembly currently has that would be fabulous)."

Well no one has REALLY explained how bad brexit will be. It has not happened yet so any 'experts' are only guessing. Remember these are the same 'experts' who never seen the last financial crash.

There is no 'hard' or 'soft' brexit. There is only brexit.

So no one knows what brexit will bring. But.

Can you shed some light on what is good about the eu? And workers rights is a load of rubbish. Westmonster have gave uk workers better rights.

And the viking and laval rulings from the european court shows just how empty the 'workers rights' claim is so time to put that mythical claim to. bed.

So we get the project fear waffle about roaming charges and airport queues.

Neo liberalism does not protect workers.

So we get the lie about 'reforming the eu from within'.

What needs reforming if it is so beneficial?

And HOW would any change come about?

ALL 28 enslaved nations need to agree change.

So the workers rights myth is a proven lie.

The "reforming the eu from within" argument is never explained HOW it would be changed and WHAT would be changed.

The solution put forward by gulag hq in brussels is even MORE eu.

The full weight of the political westmonster elite and their lying press could not show how we are better 'in'.

The single market and customs union? But businesses can leave a nation and locate to somewhere that workers get paid sweeties. So it DOES NOT benefit workers in any way shape or form.

So over to you missus to show folk like me what is joyous about being ruled by the eu gulag. And how and what needs to be changed from within? (good luck with that)
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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 8/10/2018 1:48:04 AM
I think the fact that there have been a significant number of jobs lost due to Brexit already is not a good sign. I've personally never spoken about reforming from within.

We should know more detail at this stage. It's basic. I don't think it's up to me or any remainer to show how life would be better in the EU. We are leaving. At this stage we should know what Brexit is going to mean. We know nothing. Article 50 didn't need to be triggered straight away. They could have waited two years.

The EU doesn't offer workers protection? Of course it does. Wait till we don't have that protection any longer and this Tory govt in charge.

The fact that a hard Brexit is even being mooted is ridiculous and people are being asked to consider stockpiling food and medicines is unbelievable. As I said before some people rely on medicines and medical equipment that arent produced in the UK. Its not just about stockpiling your basic painkillers.

I saw someone contact the Mp Hannah Bardell. A family member relies on medical equipment. It keeps them alive. It's not produced in the UK. In the event of a hard Brexit they would have five days supply.

People shouldn't be placed under this kind of stress. There should be clarity at this stage. As much as I don't want to leave the EU we are leaving. I accept that. It's the not knowing what Brexit is going to mean at this late stage that is the disgrace.

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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 8/10/2018 6:22:16 AM
Pro or con Brexit the facts are:

23rd June 2016 Cameron called the referendum to sort out a problem in the Tory party with people leaving to join UKIP - Cameron loses

24th June - the cowardly lying **stard does a runner

13th July May takes over

4th November 2016 the English High Court rule that the government cannot constitutionally trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty without being authorised to do so by Parliament.

24th January 2017 .Judges in the The UK's Supreme Court have ruled that the British Government cannot trigger Article 50 without the authorisation of Parliament.

26th January 2017 .
the House of Commons debated the bill to allow the government to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, to take the UK out of the EU. Although, before the referendum, two thirds of MPs supported remaining in the EU, only just over 100 finally voted against triggering Article 50.

29th March 2017 .
Theresa May officially signifies to the EU that Britain is invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty, initiating a two year period of negotions prior to Britain leaving the European Union.

18th April 2017 .
In a move that caught everyone, including her own party, by surprise, Theresa May announced a snap general election in the UK for 8th May

9th May - another****up by May - loses majority

7th July 2018
Theresa May secures a compromise deal that unites her cabinet.... at least for the time being.

Swiftly followed by Davies resigning and then Johnson.

All along it has been about power. People trying to grab it for themselves. No real thought has ever been given to the process or the desired outcome.
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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 8/10/2018 6:48:19 AM
My mum was saying something the other day about EU regulation coming into force that are making people declare the money they have in offshore bank accounts.

She said that she believes (and I bet she's not alone) that this is the reason certain members of the Tory party want out of the EU.

As I said before, they won't be hit with a hard Brexit. It's people like me who will.

The pound has tanked. Thats house of fraser just gone into administration. Poundworlds stores are closing (Brexit is being cited as the reason for that, but it's not the only reason, it was a factor though).

The bottom line is, the more people lose jobs, the less money they have to spend (no shit sherlock). So if people are skint, how do small self employed people keep going for example. I was self employed for 7 years, it's hard and Im sure plenty of people on here know that better than me. I'm currently job searching. In 18 months of searching all Ive been able to get is part time, or zero hours and yes zero hours works well for some people, but other people get offered 4-6 hours a week. I was financially worse off in my last part time job, people struggle to believe this but it's true. After I shelled out for travel, after the DWP taking 63p in every pound and after I lost council tax reduction (because of the stupid assessment period that counts being paid a day early as a double wage). I was worse off in work and Brexit hasn't actually hit yet. It is hard enough for some people out there just now, that is the point I am making. It is going to get much much harder very shortly. Well unless you win the lottery or go on love island.

How do people think it's going to improve? This isn't just about people taking back control. It isn't about people getting away from the rules and regulations of the EU, it's about people's lives.

Its very likely that food prices will rise, will people's pensions? Will people's JSA or Universal Credit? Brexit is going to hammer the poorest. It's going to hammer people like me.

I mean look at this, look at it. Look at the forecast even for a soft Brexit. There is no financial gain to the UK if Britain leave the EU. None.

The report says that even a softer option, such as the UK remaining in the single market but leaving the customs union after a transition period, could end up with 176,000 fewer jobs by 2030 and a loss of £20bn in investment.

David Cameron called the referendum to appease the right wing factions in the Tory party and then effed off and left the UK to this mess.

But he and Samantha are utterly utterly broken by Brexit so thats ok then.

Its the same as asking people for reasons as to why Scotland is served well by being in the union, people want to be in it but cant tell you why its a good idea, most people I know who voted leave say, we want our country back. Thats it.

They'll get it. Hope its worth it.

Fact sheet on what the EU has done for people.
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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 8/10/2018 3:53:47 PM

Arch capitalist bandit jimmy finds time to do the British left's job ....

What's interesting is that only three or four years
later the world started to use fake debt to pay the day to day bills . And that's where we dwell ... until we don't...

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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 8/18/2018 11:55:49 AM
There's a woman on here , ( she's good looking ky ) a teacher, which is a great job but like so many of her ilk she's a little brain deadened by working for the government and not the private sphere. On her headline she states no brexiteers need apply.

Now I don't know if this is wise or not for her dating prospects but for me it shows a lamentable unthinking brain. When her pupils would be in need of real education or a waking up, she is writhing in dogma.

She should know that elections don't matter the course is set by some rather stupid people who do her thinking for her, and the world has been on a tedious centralising, one world, one system collision course with with the toilet bowl ever since.

Do we really think the wannabe European super state will hold together consent or not. Anything can happen but this is a currency zone with a monetary union but no fiscal union. It's a triumphant failure of politics over economics. It's asinine on stilts. But we never hear it from the globalist bought and paid for concentrated media outlets.

All this concentration of power, socialism, stupidity, economies of scale , war mongering , fascist nonsense
just increases inequality. Everyone is forced into the one system and the 95% extract the money while fools vote for politicians, who don't work for us, but for your vote will feel your pain until they clock off. Power should be diffused. Not concentrated. It's the risk.

So in our hopelessly socialist prison camp the wall street meme of strong synchronize growth at the start
of the year has given way to the Strong America but weak the rest of the world one or something like that.
I barely listen. That European growth splutter via the red hot printing press was amusing did any one notice it.

Gold got smashed again this week. No one likes it. Governments hate it because it's money. Youngsters
don't like it because it's uncool compared to crypto coins and ...please insert famous starlet or movie beefcake....investors hate it too. Except yours truly.

It's interesting to note that speculators in the gold and Silver derivative markets who are always wrong are net short ( betting on gold falling further) for the 1st time since 2001 when it was $275 dollars an ounce roughly ....I think that was the Gordon Brown bottom. It then took off on a ten year bull market reaching $1,900 dollars. It's about 1180 atm.

The one world system has excluding off balance sheet liabilities and derivatives $247 trillion debt. (Trillion)
It's put on 9 trillion since January and 30 trillion since the January before that. We have the lowest interest rates in 5000 years and the commensurate highest asset prices.

It looks like the Strong dollar and hence inflationary emerging markets dynamic is the start of the end game. America is the beneficiary at the moment .But no one will be left untouched by this .

The last ten years has seen the working classes of the world looted, well and truly pillaged by asset price inflation. Its possible after the coming deflationary implosion we will see worldwide people's QE or helicopter money. It will be given names like universal income subsides... infrastructure spending ....pensions...negative tax rates...student subsidies. Etc.....and we will love our political puppets.

Sadly some enemies of the state ...the clued ...will start to front run this largese...aka the destruction of our currency) to forestall the global bankruptcy. We should have kept it small. No remainers need apply. Dopes.
 vlad dracul
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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 8/18/2018 11:51:25 PM
Edinburgh calling, Edinburgh calling

Once again ma pal. There is NO hard brexit. There is NO soft brexit. There is only brexit.

The soft version you talk of has nothing to do with brexit. It means we are still enslaved in the eu gulag. And that is NOT any kind of brexit.

I'm at the football today but if you get time can you show me those workers rights the eu protect? By that i mean the rights that westmonster never gave us.

Now lots of folk have fell for project fear 2. There are many many Private Frazer 'we're doomed' folk.

When we escape the eu gulag and start voting for westmonster politicos which political party do you think will stand and say 'vote for us we are going to take your rights at work away'?


"Laval, Viking Line and the Limited Right to Strike

Two European Court of Justice rulings, Viking Line and Laval, have a potentially far-reaching impact on the lawfulness of industrial action in the UK. In both cases, employees sought to strike to protest against plans to replace workers from one EU country with lower-paid workers from another.

These two rulings impose substantive new restrictions on the lawfulness of industrial action and require the UK courts to adopt a new approach to the grant of injunctive relief, at least where there is a direct international element. Moreover, they may also apply where there is very little or even no direct international element. There is therefore every reason to conclude that Viking Line and Laval have provided employers with a potent new weapon with which to oppose industrial action."

"The Claim: Speaking about the UK's membership of the EU, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: "It means workers throughout Europe have decent rights at work, meaning it's harder to undercut terms and conditions across Europe."

Reality Check verdict: Some of the UK's employment law comes from the EU. However, the impact a Brexit might have on workers' rights and protections depends on which existing laws the UK decides to keep or get rid of.

Let's start with paid leave. Some voices on the Remain side, such as the Trades Union Congress (TUC), have warned that holiday pay would be at risk if the UK decided to leave the EU.

Workers in the UK are entitled to five weeks and three days of paid holiday a year (including public holidays). The Working Time Regulations of 1998 guarantee four weeks of paid leave as a European minimum.

But for 35 years before joining the EU, the UK had legislation on paid holidays, so this is unlikely to be affected. You can read more about this here.

Other voices on the Remain side have repeatedly linked benefits such as women's rights to EU membership. For example, the right of part-time workers to join occupational pension schemes was determined by rulings of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), which found that excluding them constituted indirect sex discrimination.

Find out more here about why we said that the EU had been influential in guaranteeing women's rights in the workplace - but they would not necessarily be in jeopardy if the UK left the EU.

It's also fair to say that the UK has, on some occasions, gone further than the EU in guaranteeing workers' rights, for example, in the case of maternity leave.

The 52 weeks of statutory maternity leave in the UK is considerably longer than the 14 weeks guaranteed by EU law. Of this, a period of 40 weeks is available for shared parental leave.

One controversial aspect of EU employment regulation is the EU's Working Time Directive. Some want to limit its application, which governs the hours employees in the EU can be asked to work. This must not exceed 48 hours on average, including any overtime. The Open Europe think-tank has listed it as the third most costly EU regulation.

The overall effect a Brexit might have on workers' rights is one of the most common questions that we get asked.

In short, if the UK votes to leave the EU on 23 June then the UK government would have to choose which EU laws to keep, change or get rid of. So, in theory, some rights could be lost but trade unions, the Labour Party and many Conservatives could also oppose any such move.

Ps has anyone noticed how the pro eu politico arseholes who opposed the referendum are now demanding a er referendum? Tossers.
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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 8/19/2018 6:31:30 AM
"The government is set to publish the first in a series of technical notices designed to prepare the UK for the possibility of a no-deal Brexit.
The notices will include advice for businesses, citizens and public bodies."

I'm guessing that factories will be issued with old stock 'careless talk costs lives' posters,
Public Bodies will be instructed to buy in tin hats, and
'citizens' will all be issued with surplus copies of that old joke 'Protect & Survive'

All in all it should be walk in the park.............

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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 8/19/2018 6:37:18 AM
I posted you a link vlad in a previous post about all the benefits of being in the EU.

Including workers rights. The link is there if you look for it.

I'm not sure what you mean about no hard or soft brexit just brexit. Even the tories are talking about preparing for a hard brexit. Ie leaving with no deal and having to abide by wto rules. So you tell me how great this no hard brexit no soft brexit just brexit is going to be. No one knows. And that almost two years on is shameful

There have been job losses already. Its been worked out that every UK household is already worse off.

No hard brexit no soft brexit just brexit? No one knows the terms of a deal. Can people book holidays for next summer? Do they know if planes will even fly in the event of a hard brexit (answer to that will be no I am sure)

The last time I went to Spain I was through passport control in five minutes. I could phone home and my UK data on my phone was used. Ie no extra charges

I had a European health card that would mean I could get a cheap prescription or treatment if I took unwell. All that will go post brexit.

The effect of the pound tanking has already meant prices of holidays rising.

The day of the brexit referendum the pound to euro rate was 1.30, its now 1.11

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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 8/19/2018 11:28:51 AM
"I'm not sure what you mean about no hard or soft brexit just brexit"

i don't understand what you mean by indy? you already have it! albeit soft indy :-)

best real world example i can come up with

below is a link to the leaflet posted through every uk door at a cost of around 9.3 million of your/our money!
where does that leave the argument that we never knew what we were voting for?

from page 14:"the referendum on thursday, 23rd june is your chance to decide if we should remain in or leave the european union" also on that page: "this is your decision. the government will implement what you decide"
sounds pretty black n white to me! where;s the ambiguity?
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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 8/19/2018 11:54:03 AM
When the vote happened it was 100% clear what the 2 outcomes would be. It was clear as day. It was all that was being spoke about everywhere.

The people spoke on the day and the decision is made. If it doesn't happen then what's the point of the system in the first place.
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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 8/19/2018 12:39:17 PM

i don't understand what you mean by indy? you already have it! albeit soft indy :-)

Scotland does not have independence, we have very limited powers. Having a devolved Parliament does not mean anything close to the powers the Scottish govt would have in the event of a yes vote (Wales same). I appreciate what you are saying is tongue in cheek but Scotland has very very limited powers. Immigration is controlled by the home office. The home office recently stopped Glasgow being able to provide safe rooms where people could inject. The Govt at the moment has control over some welfare benefits, but it does not have for example the power to stop people on JSA or UC being sanctioned.

I was responding to Vlad's comment about a hard or soft Brexit, he said that there is no hard or soft Brexit, just Brexit, my point is that this is not accurate. The Govt are already preparing for a no deal scenario. A soft Brexit will not be the same as crashing out of the EU with no deal.

When the vote happened it was 100% clear what the 2 outcomes would be. It was clear as day. It was all that was being spoke about everywhere.

That does not mean people made their decision with all the correct info in front of them. Remember the 100 million a week into the NHS. A lie. People vote on the information they have in front of them at the time. The day after the vote, people were told this would not happen.

I know many people who voted leave who are very sorry they did now. It is exactly the same as any referendum vote. People will use anything they can to win.

Rob Shorthouse who was part of the better together campaign in Scotland in 2014 is on record as saying that the no campaign would not have won without the lies they told to voters. One whopper was that a no vote would see Scotland leave the EU. There are many EU nationals who voted no who bitterly regret it, because their future right now is very much uncertain.

And you can say that its up to people to do their own research but people often do not. They trust the arguments they are presented with at the time.

They go with what is presented to them in the press. They believe it. Some people will do indepth research but many many will not and they will trust what the side they want to go for is telling them.

If it doesn't happen then what's the point of the system in the first place.

Im not disagreeing with that. Im not campaigning for a people's vote but that doesn't mean that I do not think people were lied to
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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 8/19/2018 12:44:50 PM

from page 14:"the referendum on thursday, 23rd june is your chance to decide if we should remain in or leave the european union" also on that page: "this is your decision. the government will implement what you decide"
sounds pretty black n white to me! where;s the ambiguity?

Vlad has repeatedly said that there will be no hard Brexit, no soft brexit, just Brexit.

That was the point I was making above. This is not what the Govt are currently suggesting and the fact that two years on we still do not know what kind of deal the UK are going to leave with is pretty shameful in my view.

I posted something earlier on in this thread about a woman whose child is severely disabled and relies on medical equipment posted from abroad. In the event of a no deal Brexit it is going to be almost impossible to get these catheters.

She tweeted her MP, Hannah Bardell and Hannah's response was that she had many emails saying the same, people very concerned about the UK leaving with no deal. We should know by now what deal the UK are leaving with. We do not.

Do people honestly believe that the leave campaign didnt tell lies? That some people might have voted leave due to believing the NHS was going to get an extra 10o million pounds a week?
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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 8/19/2018 1:15:08 PM
I'm unaware of any real difficulty in buying stuff from abroad just because of brexit. We spend billions abroad and it wouldn't make sense for a foreign business to say it's not selling it's products to Britain because it's outside the EU now. Its hardly likely any tobacco company, any arms company and any food company wouldn't be turning down the opportunity to make profit. So in what regulatory system does a European country get classed as a unsuitable country for medicinal supplies? If we had the reputation of North Korea, I could understand it. If we're gonna be blacklisted for medicine, then surely tech will follow: no more iphones and samsungs, no smart TVs, no lenovo PCs (how else will the ruskies now spy on us directly? )
I really think all of this is just hype by certain pro euro parties which is annoying as I am actually pro euro myself, but don't want either side to resort to dirty tricks, lies or smears to win their argument.
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Brexit all the way to the door.. but no further?
Posted: 8/19/2018 1:26:24 PM
Here is what might happen in the event of a no deal Brexit

I dont think its quite as simple as the UK being blacklisted to be honest

Hopefully it won't happen
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