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I'd say we aren't leaving. Angela has deigned it. I can't believe three years after we voted to turn down the fourth Reich's offer of second class citizenry, our elected monkeys have colluded to thwart our democratic impulse. Alright I can believe it.

I know, the masses, the great unwashed heathens, should always be ignored,  seeing,  they're really quite thick and very racist. But I opine, a 52 % vote in june 2016 on a two option ballot paper is a lot more indicative of intelligence and sagacity than a oligarcial, narrowly ideological...bureaucratic..utopian..concentration camp..commiting.... arrant ...****ing ....treachery!#$!!!!!@%!!pricks!

Excuse my French. Thank you. 

And now I wish to address the eco-remainer-gulag class.  Remoaner!!! I don't believe in anthropogenic climate change. I do know "scientists" do and that's lovely. But when I rest my weary eyes on your sorry ..lentil eating face  ...let me tell you I see an environmental troglodyte. A free range  Psychopath, a veritable nutter. The world has never looked better. Your teenage angst ridden philosophy stinks, it is all a shortcut to cannibalism and you will be ignored by decent people who really really don't want to eat other human beings. Shame on you. 

I can't believe Tesla is still burning cash. It truly is astonishing.  Really. 

And the rest of the world economy sure does seem fantastic too. Just one day last week, I parked up in a car park in Hammersmith, and caught the choo choo train into piccadilly circus where it was lovely, warm and sunny.  ( thank you so much co2) 

With its new improved big screens, I went and stood on "Eros" and took some pleasure in the little kids' awed faces at the star wars' yodas hovering around. I wanted to tell them that it was all via a metal rod down their long sleeves. But I didn't.  Then I walked down piccadilly to Waterstones going inside to use the toilet. After pulling up my zipper I debouched back on to Piccadilly passing fortnum and masons, where I checked for any rent boys...I don't believe there were any, it's really hard to know these things.

And then just before the Ritz, I espied an emporium that I have never been in before. Usually these places are secreted, quiet and mundane. This one wasn't and after a slight hiccup at the locked door,  I managed to gain entry and was led to a seat by the security guy, while a much older guy chatted aimably to a lady in a single booth, he then went and loaded his metal into an envelope.. (atomic number 79).  Then it was my turn,  I opted without hesitancy for four ...24 carat 2019 ..Britannia coins , which I paid for on a debit card with an organisation of fiat electrons supplied by Santander.
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