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Joined: 2/27/2017
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I realize LBG has mental issues

What on earth gave you that idea?

He states this ---->
A relentless stalker and troll with many fake profiles

That's funny because the only other account I have been accused of being on here is Laidbackguy1964. I kind of don't blame people for suspecting that because I think the same thing about ebola kitty as in I suspect Laidbackguy1964 and ebolakitty are the same person . Me and Laidbackguy1964 are the only two people that can know we aren't the same person for sure. Everyone else can just speculate one way or another. Yet this stupid azz is actually dumb enough to post this -----> "A relentless stalker and troll with many fake profiles".

I looked him up on facebook and he actually spends his day running through the streets giving people advice as well and a video of him is posted if you want to check it out. ----->

So as you can see he doesn't have any mental issues and seems sane as can be. :)
Joined: 4/20/2017
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Equality & Chivalry. Feminism & Femininity. Man & Gentleman
Posted: 6/5/2017 12:18:29 AM
Jackcrusto, Let the hate go really got to move don't know me at all and I don't know you...glad it's that way...take a drink, take some pills, snort some coke...chill out and enjoy life...don't live your life as a stalker man...Stop slagging people off behind their backs, stop white knighting, stop cutting into other people's conversations, stop saying things to get a reaction, stop looking at other posters, stop trolling, stop picking on women and stalking them wolfie
you can do better...surely???? You go your way and I go mine...the end
Joined: 3/7/2014
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Equality & Chivalry. Feminism & Femininity. Man & Gentleman
Posted: 6/5/2017 1:24:30 PM

If I saw people "marching" AND wearing pink, I would guess they were participating in an event for breast cancer.

Or ....................A Mary Kay marching rally? LOL

Or a meeting of Energizer bunnies.
Joined: 2/6/2016
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Equality & Chivalry. Feminism & Femininity. Man & Gentleman
Posted: 6/5/2017 1:47:26 PM
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Ooo ooo oo I just LOVe the Energizer bunny! He is adorable!

(Psst, Pardon me, which way to the ticket booth? Are there still elephant acts?)
Joined: 10/23/2013
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Equality & Chivalry. Feminism & Femininity. Man & Gentleman
Posted: 6/5/2017 10:28:34 PM
Femininity makes me feel more gentlemanly. It's the WOMAN I respond to. But I don't have a problem with feminism, real feminism, because it is about equality in terms of respect and dignity. Not equality as if we had to be the same.

A woman can be feminine, enjoy gallantry, even old fashioned manners, because they come naturally to us, and still be a feminist. Feminism isn't about denying the nature of women or of men, but about not keeping people locked up in narrow roles and not allowing one gender to oppress or mistreat the other.

A feminine and feminist woman will be a delight, capable of being a charming companion, a true woman, but devoid of the dependency and submissiveness associated with the pre-feminist woman.

In other words it can be a whole lotta fun.
If both treat each other like equals. :)
Joined: 4/20/2017
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Equality & Chivalry. Feminism & Femininity. Man & Gentleman
Posted: 6/6/2017 5:17:27 AM
You say real feminism, but you don't define what that is? Radical feminist hate and oppose men, so not all feminists are worthy of a mans respect or problem with equal rights for all, but I do have a problem with men and boys losing rights and being treated like potential rapists...

Feminist women, are not all feminine and again you left no examples?

It's all about upbringing, attitude and mindset....either women want to be feminine, or allow, themselves to brainwashed into being masculine, by the radical feminist agenda and they demonstrate no feminine qualities at all
Radical feminists are sick in the head and have a vengeful hate for men...they don't have any respect for men, or respect the incredible sacrifice's men have made for their safety

They think they are living on a cloud above men and men are their slaves...they think they can treat men any disgusting way they want and nothing will be said or done, because they play the victim card all the time, they want to oppress men and take away our rights...I oppose this hate agenda and it's total sexist BS

Good women exist, but sadly so do the evil man hating one's...femininity is dying and it needs saving

Radical feminists are wolfs in sheeps clothing hiding behind a gender...evil and self centred...hateful and domineering...sexist and lairs...abusive and unjust...they don't want equality and their not worthy of any man

I am happy to say, that without doubt, that some good women, are starting to oppose radical feminists and they are the only one's, who can stop this hate agenda of men

Some women want to keep their femininity and will fight for it...they want good men and they will fight for our equal rights, because they have good men in their lives
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