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Joined: 2/28/2005
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Why don't asian males dig mixed asian women?Page 4 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
OT: I do.

From my experience, a mixed person of any two races tend to be better looking than both the mother and the father. Look at Dean Cain and the guy who stared in Speed (Kneeve or something?). I think our children are all going to be mixed someday.
Joined: 2/28/2005
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Why don't asian males dig mixed asian women?
Posted: 8/12/2005 11:26:22 AM
Quote: "the real question to be asked here is..... What's with all the white guys with asian chicks? "

Another question should be "why are there so many "Asian" chicks with white guys". This question has been explored extensively in thread such as "Asian Men/White Women" or "why white chicks don't dig Asian men". I encourage those who are interested to check out the threads.

I think the answer lies in social-economics and media stereo type.

In North American media, "Asian" women are generally limited to two roles: whores or martial artists. Is there any wonder those North American men who have limited understanding of "Asian" women would be attracted to them?

Inferiority syndrome: Many younger and impressionable "Asian" females are brain-washed by popular media and identify themselves as Whites. They have what we call "banana" problem: yellow on the outside but white inside. Often they totally lack self-esteem and despise who they are. They view marrying white as "a step up the social ladder".
Joined: 2/28/2005
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Why don't asian males dig mixed asian women?
Posted: 8/12/2005 7:32:17 PM
To everyone who questions "who am I":

Conficious said: "The superior man is attached to his principles; the inferior man is attached to his land".

Joined: 7/22/2005
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Why don't asian males dig mixed asian women?
Posted: 8/16/2005 5:34:11 PM
I don't have a problem with mixed asian women. I pretty much date other races, so someone who is mixed is not a problem for me. I think it has to do with how that person was raised and how close they are with their family. It usually has to do with the way the parents teach their kids about dating traditionally or freely.
Joined: 2/28/2005
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Why don't asian males dig mixed asian women?
Posted: 8/17/2005 8:42:35 AM
Is arranged marrige as bad as commonly believed? Let's look at some facts.

Regular dating: over 50% divorce rate in North America.
Arranged marrige: much much lower divorce rate.

When you marry someone, you marry the person's family and past. It is imporant to marry someone with suitable background. So why is so wrong to have arranged marriage?
Joined: 2/28/2005
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Why don't asian males dig mixed asian women?
Posted: 8/17/2005 10:24:59 AM

Wrong thread. Do you read???!!!

Yes SOME White men are more tender than SOME asians, just as SOME asian men are more tender than SOME whites.

Did I mention some "Asian Women", particular those who have grown up in western societies (ABCs and CBCs), have inferiority syndrome? They despise their own identity. How regretable!
Joined: 2/28/2005
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Why don't asian males dig mixed asian women?
Posted: 8/18/2005 5:45:20 AM
Five of the world's major civilizations exist in the continent of Asia: Sinic, Japanese, Eastern Orthodox (Russian), Indian, and Islamic. Yes Russia is an Asian country by geography, and yes most so called mid-eastern countries are also in Asian continent. These cilvilizations are distinct; each has its own rich histroy/tradition, religion/language, and politics/economics. (Things are much simpler in other continents; the world has only three more cilvilizations: western, Latin American, and African.)

Thus for clarity purpose, it is very important to be specific when it comes to Asia. It is really very simple: refer to people as who they are; call a Chinese Chinese, a Japanese Japanese, and an Indian and Indian.

Joined: 2/28/2005
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Why don't asian males dig mixed asian women?
Posted: 8/18/2005 6:25:06 AM
OT: I certainly do. The problem is the other way around: mixed Asian women don't dig Asian males.

What I have observed is that if one is mixed with White (such as Dean Cain and the actor in speed), chances are the person identify with White, and often try to conceal his/her Asian heritage.

This seems to be doubly true with Chinese/White mixed females; none I have met ever speaks Chinese and alway identifies herself as "white". It is them who will never go out with an "Asian" guy. (They have been taught by their parents that they are white and NOT Chinese. Many are even more close-minded than a 100% white female.) How regretable.

BTW, this also happens to ABCs and CBCs too. Look at that wendyhottie girl; it is clear she is brain-washed to believe in her own inferiority.
Joined: 2/28/2005
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Why don't asian males dig mixed asian women?
Posted: 8/18/2005 11:43:08 AM
Every immigrant, particularly those from a different civilization, has struggled with this issue.

What Confucius said rings even more true more than two thousands year later in the age of globalization. The superior man does not idenfiy with a piece of land, where he is born and raised nor where he lives at the moment. He adapts to whatever culture he lives in, but he only identifies/follows with a set of principles and pursues his vision of exellence. He will only let other people tell him that he is Chinese/American/Canadian/whatever, for him, he is all of them.

My comments are directed at those who lack self-confidence, who despise their own indentity, who have a inferior syndrome. The weak and the impressionable are easily corrupted/brainwashed by the all powerful media. I do not have anything against them. I feel deeply sorry for them.
Joined: 4/19/2006
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Why don't asian males dig mixed asian women?
Posted: 4/20/2006 2:13:59 AM
Ummmn, this is going to sound absolutely insane. Everytime I've told somebody this they look at me like a complete nut-bag.

I don't generally date Asian women, because I like noses. I had no idea about this nose thing until one time I was rating people on Hot or Not, and noticed everytime somebody had a big straight nose I was more attracted than the tiny flatter noses, that most Asian women have.

Crazy? Most guys I know are about breasts, legs, what have you. Why I like noses I don't know. Really I don't.

Women with great noses.

The Asian girl from Kill bill who fights Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman herself has a great nose


That's all, I'm going to run off now.
Joined: 7/25/2006
Msg: 38
Why don't asian males dig mixed asian women?
Posted: 7/30/2006 4:22:44 PM
If no one minds me saying so, depends on what the mix is going to be.

I notice that white/asian mixes tend to be very attractive. Not all, but many.

I notice that non white/asian mixes tend to be more of a crapshoot for looks than the white/asian combination.

Any man will "dig" you if they find you attractive, regardless of your race.
Joined: 12/15/2004
Msg: 39
Why don't asian males dig mixed asian women?
Posted: 7/31/2006 1:06:22 AM
I can't believe I'm the first to say this, but this thread is offensive, mainly because it's foolish to carry on a discussion about why "this entire racial group" doesn't like "this entire racial group."

Generalizing like that is sickening. You might as well ask "why do all white people hate black people" or "why do all women with red hair only like guys with beards?"

Anyone seriously trying to make sense of a such an ignorant question needs to seriously grow up and stop pointing the finger at an entire race. If you've never considerded yourself a racist, congratulations, you've just joined the club.

My guess is the OP had a couple of asian guys snub her so now she blames all asian men.

Get over it, move on.

And boy, if there was ever a good example of a thread that needed to have the "1 in 10" rule enforced, this is it!

Where are you, mods???
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