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smoking isn't a social habit and the new regulations aren't aimed at you

Menthol masks the irritation of tobacco smoke making it easier to inhale which makes it more attractive to young and new smokers.

This amendment builds on changes that came into force in 2009 and 2015, which banned the use of certain additives, including flavours like chocolate and bubble gum, in all cigarettes, blunt wraps and most cigars including cigarillos.

This will expand flavour restrictions to 95% of the entire tobacco market in Canada.), to make them less attractive to youth.

On a provincial level most provinces have already or are in the process of their own bans on flavoured tobacco including menthol.
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Menthol cigarettes banned
Posted: 9/26/2017 9:59:49 AM

Canada will lose millions of tax dollars every year to the states from Canadian menthol smokers.

Not necessarily. For every individual who chooses not to smoke or who quits, the taxes increase accordingly. As soon as flavoured cigarettes were banned, the tax rate was increased to make up for any potential shortfall.
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Menthol cigarettes banned
Posted: 9/26/2017 10:03:23 AM
sounds like the future of the soda tax in philadelphia.
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Menthol cigarettes banned
Posted: 9/29/2017 7:40:28 PM
I'd look around for a holder that exudes menthol flavor as you smoke. They gotta be out there. Soon.
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Menthol cigarettes banned
Posted: 9/29/2017 8:11:13 PM
Pro habit ion

Outlaw what is popular
Create a better black market.

WY allowed women to vote.
1st thing in was prohabition.

Did President Trump make that happen too?

Edit: ruby... powdered sugar added to tobacco makes menthal cigarettes.
I roll like your ...
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Menthol cigarettes banned
Posted: 9/29/2017 8:43:28 PM
I like your roll
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Menthol cigarettes banned
Posted: 9/30/2017 6:35:14 AM
"I like your roll"

Uh oh...that closed head injury is acting up. So sad.
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Menthol cigarettes banned
Posted: 10/4/2017 10:35:51 AM
Still wanna know where I can get menthol cigarettes in Kamloops.
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Menthol cigarettes banned
Posted: 10/4/2017 8:34:45 PM
I googled it an couldn't find anything for you. Sorry.

But the "movement" is now finding a new place..

U.S. Sen. Edward Markey is calling for a ban on menthol cigarettes,
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