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If conservatives/Republicans won't listen to me, maybe they'll listen to Newt:

Said almost exactly the same thing I said in the post above about the signs of a GOP apocalypse in 2018. Ignore at your own peril. Although to be fair, there's really nothing that can be done to stop it. Thanks to Trump, your brand is beyond redemption.

"Joe Kennedy III would seem a possibility."

Regardless of his qualifications and personality, I fear political dynasties have become a drag. If Hillary Clinton had been the exact same person except not married to a previous president (controversial or otherwise), she undoubtedly would have won, as many people voted against her (though not necessarily for Trump) because they were sick of political dynasties (Obama being as much of as an outsider as a politician could possibly be undoubtedly helped his cause a lot). Of course, as I've said before, most people who go into politics are part of a dynasty, because it takes a certain mentality to do so, that's usually developed by being in a political family. But the voting public doesn't care about practicality anymore. None of this is to say that Kennedy wouldn't beat Trump back to the stone age he came from, but being at least a political dynasty outsider (if not a true "outsider") would be much more helpful in defeating an outsider, I think... unless, people have seen what happens with an "outsider" and are ready to run back to the comfort of an insider. Problem with that is, most outsiders would probably make fine leaders -- Trump is just the worst possible example, yet also the ONLY example in the American presidency. Regardless, I really do fear Kennedy's ultimate dynasty status would be used against him, but it probably wouldn't be enough to keep him from beating Trump.
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The Mid Terms and 2020
Posted: 12/15/2017 7:19:15 AM
if dynasties have become a drag, it must have been recent--Bush got in twice. Or maybe his disaster in Iraq is the reason dynasties look like nepotism rather than meritocracy? Maybe Doug Jones will try to parley his vic into a two-fer. I suspect a dark horse will be needed. If Jeff Sessions hadn't convinced the GOP, Chump would have been 3 for 3 in failing to win the presidency. The Republican faithful say they want an outsider who worries about the little man, but they wouldn't have voted for Bernie. They'll hold their nose and vote the party who takes their vote for granted. as long as the candidate sounds like the drunk in the bar who knows what's wrong with this country, they feel at home with that person. they'll continue to vote for what feels good, versus what makes sense--or they never would have fallen for Chump.
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