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Wow! It's out of control. The bots are non stop. I've been msg'd a pile of times today. Facebook dating can't come fast enough. POF needs to go away if they don't care to stop the bots. No point and flagging them. POF won't do **** all about it.
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Something Needs To Be Done About Scammers
Posted: 9/22/2018 3:19:58 PM
get them every time I log on, any time of day. close pof and come back, get several more.
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re: Something Needs To Be Done About Scammers
Posted: 9/22/2018 8:25:02 PM
By using the Basic Search tool with required Education setting of Some College and higher, you won't run into many one-photo fakes.
Almost all of them list "High School" with a long name with a "_atr3" etc. at the end.

Lately, the "Online" view lists persons 200 miles or more from my Zip Code, so I ignore that and set Basic search to less than or equal to 50 miles.
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re: Something Needs To Be Done About Scammers
Posted: 12/27/2018 6:45:38 AM
The spammers are out of control, there are just too many of them in the last few months. I'm thinking about trying another dating site.
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re: Something Needs To Be Done About Scammers
Posted: 1/1/2019 3:13:05 PM
I'm glad I found this thread, and I've been paying for it. I don't think I had a real person even view my profile in months. Just a bunch of half-naked women who list their profession as doctors with a high school education. I swear a couple of them were literally Real Dolls.

I think Zoosk has the right idea of having users submit a video selfie after every photo you upload.
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Something Needs To Be Done About Scammers
Posted: 1/1/2019 10:45:33 PM
Yep I’m getting it all the time these stupid bots saying meet me and then a link to a scamming site
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re: Something Needs To Be Done About Scammers
Posted: 1/4/2019 1:08:32 PM
I have noticed a huge amount of fake profiles lately. Now every second girl you click on is almost likely a scammer. You can often tell from look-alike usernames among the scam profiles like StacySmith286 or LindaCarol7362 and names like that. In general they have only one picture, of a girl who is usually too attractive to be on a dating site. And hardly any info on their profile. Also noticed tons of usernames like CINDY8344739 all capital letters. Again not much on their profile, if anything, poorly written headlines like "Looking for datting!" yes, datting. Where the poor, foreign scammer moron got that spelling for the word from is beyond me. And I see hilariously bad ones like "In the beautiful vixen is driving the boy hard..." LOL?? And crap like this.

I wonder if there's a way to filter out these scam accounts and delete them. I think they are made by Asian scammers, or from India or somewhere with poor English, making these accounts. I usually just ignore them but they are getting too prevalent. If I start reporting every single one I click on and see, will they start actually being looked at and deleted? Or am I wasting my time?

Now the scarier ones I have seen were ones where they write perfect English, and the profile seems totally normal. The "girl" carries on conversations for weeks, gets your number and is texting for a while. Then some kind of scam comes eventually, saying they had some kind of emergency, and needing money right away. Had a death threat text or two, saying a hitman was hired to take me out unless I paid $5k. Lol. I've seen it all at this point I think. On another app, YouLove, yes I messaged a hot younger girl or two. 18 or 19. Bad of me, but they were smoking hot ;) And that app is more for just casual hooking up anyway, way more than POF (although POF is kind of bad with this, girls will SAY they're all looking for long term only but use you for a few weeks of a casual fling and then disappear.... happened to me over and over, but that's another story lol). But this was the scariest scam call I had was after talking with a cute 19 yr old girl who admittedly actually looked mature for her age, like early 20's. Blazing hot. Then after texting for a while, she asked for bad pictures, of course a lot of guys will agree. I did. She sent some too. THEN she admits she's underage, only 16. Few days later you get a call from her. When you answer it's her "dad" who says she took some pills because of your conversation and what you were making her feel/think, and tried to commit suicide. That she's underage and if you don't pay for the hospital bills over this situation, some like $700, he's going to report you to cops for sending illegal pics to a minor. That one freaked me out for a minute until I realized it was a very well done scam actually. It had me FREAKED out for a second. I realized the guy sounded like an old crackhead black man, and that's supposedly his pristine looking upper-class white daughter in the photos? Hah. I hung up before he could get further.
Few days later got a call from a police station, it actually said "ALLENDALE POLICE DEPT" in the caller ID, and when I checked the phone number it came from it matched!! the police station's main number. It was a detective saying he's had the information passed onto him about the case and he will give a chance for me to explain myself if I call back before they proceed to send police to arrest me. However he's stepping out of the station and need to call him on his cell. Haha.
I'm telling you, these scams can get quite elaborate. I have seen EVERYTHING at this point I think.
Never call them back of course, don't lead them on. They will always give up after a few more voicemails and attempts to threaten. They realize you're onto them. The police station ID/number spoofing is actually disturbing that they can do that... for this alone I reported all phone numbers, conversations, and dating app profiles involved to the actual police station in their city. Who knows if it helps get them, doubt it. They are probably using different area code numbers to where they are actually operating from. That's the thing which sucks about cellphones.

Anyway the point I was making is I definitely try to report any of these more high-end scamming profiles on POF if I come across any. I have noticed they NEVER get removed. Even when explanations are given about the situation, texts copy pasted, etc. They do not do a good job of removing the actual bad off the site.
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