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Humans will only evolve to be more intelligent if there is a lot of pressure on them to do so. For example whites evolved for greater part in cold climates have higher intelligence because they had to overcome the adversity of the cold and to learn to farm. Only the ones that were smart enough to lived and bred successfully.
Dark people and tribes have lower IQ because they have less pressure to adapt intelligent means to survive. Asians have the highest IQ surpasing even whites.

Ok guys, you can stop taking entries for the most moronic statement of the year competition. We have a winner.
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Men/Women will go extinct
Posted: 8/25/2018 6:51:44 AM
^^^siennabear ain't the brightest but she typical for the dummies of her generation.
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Men but not Women will go extinct
Posted: 8/25/2018 6:07:14 PM
one hundred years ago the number of jobs requiring a lot of thinking skills, were limited to mainly scientific professions dominated by men. So Sienna.......................................... Does that mean that the average IQ of women has increased considerably?

One hundred years ago we didn't have computers as we know them now. When I was a wee bairn at at school we didn't even have electronic calculators. We used mental arithmetic for simple things like addition, subtraction (that's a little like addition Sienna) multiplication (which is like doing addition multiple times Sienna) and division (also related to addition....)

For more difficult arithmetic we had these things called logtables (no, Sienna, not the same thing as a particleboard flat topped furniture item you keep your makeup and medicines on) Some poor guys many years ago spent bleedin ages working out on paper, tables of figures that when used correctly enabled users to quickly calculate trigonometric problems and other wonderful stuff that computers now can do in the blink of an eye (or faster than you can apply lipstick )

So I would say unless you confuse knowledge with intelligence, it's most likely there hasn't being any significant increase in absolute terms except where there has been a wholesale improvement in nutrition during gestation and childhood which arguably could have some effect on the subsequent brain development. Then of course there was air and water pollution, the use of lead and other heavy metals, and organic phosphates which doubtlessly restricted human brain development.

NO WAIT, we're messing our children's brains up right now with pesticides, heavy metal water contamination and air pollution, duhhhh.

The modern child spends far longer in education than ever before. It wasn't until WW2 that school leaving age was raised from 14 to 15. Children used to start full time work as apprentices or just slave labor doing menial work. Hardly surprising that with little real education, poor environment and no work to even require or stimulate advanced learning, that the average intellectual development was quite low compared to now.

It is widely recognized that typical Asian culture requires children to do well so that they might gain well paid employment and hence financially support their parents in later life. Hence the practice of home study, extra study and other support which leads Asian children to achieve better grades. Some African children being raised to farm their family's land often don't have access to much formal education. So it stands to reason that when testing for book smarts, African children will typically score lower than Asian children. But there are exceptions to all rules. In Kenya for instance, a child who shows ability has a much better chance of getting a scholarship to do a degree. On the other hand, a girl living in Pakistan would be exceptionally lucky to get further education. It's often down to culture and resources.

By your logic Sienna, Alaska Natives should be miles more intelligent than anyone from some hot country populated by convicts and loners. And the Abominable Snow Men of the Artic should be the brightest yeti on earth.
Men but not Women will go extinct
Posted: 8/25/2018 8:01:00 PM
There are apparently studies done which suggest differences in IQ between white, Asian, black etc, on the largest scale generally. But then you have something like the vid. I'd spotlight what he says towards the end about how people who aren't in an environment of welfare and victimology do better in the IQ department than those who are.
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Men/Women will go extinct
Posted: 8/26/2018 5:57:15 PM
Mmm... not very original science fiction there reason782

I prophesize when the average intelligence surpasses a certain point, and I'd approximate that point to be greater than 160(with today being on average 100) Pleasure or reward derived from thought/creativity will exceed the sensual pleasures (sex/drugs/entertainment/etc).

Cannot see anything anywhere in the world that shows the average intelligence increasing.
Are you not aware of who the current President of the most powerful nation in the world is?
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Men/Women will go extinct
Posted: 8/28/2018 3:21:02 PM
Mankind will never get off the earth and avoid his extinction. We've only been here 200,000 years. We will be gone well before another 200K years imho.
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Men/Women will go extinct
Posted: 8/28/2018 6:46:11 PM
Quite honestly OP I do hope and wish this extinction/test tube baby/ genderless sexless world waits until I am gone.

I may be old and well on my way to fossilization but I'd still like to do some breeding before my time here is done. Even if it's just for the fun of it and does'nt involve test tubes ,egg fertilization or a clinical atmosphere.
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