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I thought he had been doing?

The anti Russian stance is bigger than I ever thought it would be, I suspect governments are trying to take this opportunity to rein in Putin.

Yabbadabbadooooo - goal!
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 3/26/2018 10:39:03 AM
Russia has a gift for us, they love us <3
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 3/26/2018 11:04:59 AM
And todays piece of fog is, that,
according to the media, HMG or someone
is going to decontaminate half of Salisbury -
but there's nothing to worry about
(that's done local property prices a favour)

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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 3/26/2018 1:01:40 PM
Like someone else said if this stuff is that nasty why is no one dead? No one else who treated them other than the policeman has been affected, not the paramedics, not the hospital staff, not the passers by or witnesses, no one and bear in mind that no one was aware of what had been used for several hours before the tents went up and people in bio hazard suits turned up. If it really is such nasty stuff dozens would be dead or gravely ill.

Something really stinks.
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 3/27/2018 2:01:44 AM
In the Grauniad..................................

The expulsions of Russian diplomats on Monday reflect how widely Vladimir Putin has attempted to wage his brand of hybrid warfare and how many leaders and their intelligence agencies he has angered in the process.

Even before the Salisbury poisoning, many governments had lost patience with Vladimir Putin’s grey war for domestic reasons of their own. Their response is not just an act of solidarity with the UK but a collective pushback.

Western allies expel scores of Russian diplomats over Skripal attack
Read more
Their citizens may not have been poisoned, but their elections have been disrupted, their cyber networks attacked and, time after time, their UN resolutions condemning the use of chemical weapons in Syria vetoed.

In France, the presidential campaign of Emmanuel Macron was hacked and in 2015 hackers effectively took an entire French TV station, TV5Monde, off the air. In the US, the army of Russian bots did their best to disrupt the 2016 presidential election. In Germany, the foreign ministry was infiltrated by Russian hackers last month, forcing computer systems to close.

In Poland, the defence ministry says it and other institutions have been targeted by an average of one potentially dangerous cyber-attack a week over the last six months. In Lithuania, the government found Russian spyware on its computers. As far back as 2007, Estonia suffered a three-week wave of cyber-attacks.

At all times Russia has denied responsibility.

In this context, the still murky chain of events in Salisbury – the first use of chemical weapons on European soil since the second world war – may be the moment when the west collectively decided it was time to warn that Russia’s “disruption as usual” had to come to an end.

For that, the UK Foreign Office can give itself a rare pat on the back. Its senior diplomats recognised that Putin had set them a test of whether the UK retained a convening power at the UN, Nato, in Washington and – despite Brexit – even in the EU.


There were missteps. The defence secretary, Gavin Williamson, calling for Russia to shut up and go away was childish and misread how central European countries viewed Russia. Similarly, Boris Johnson making a loose comparison between Putin and Adolf Hitler was a mistake and hardly likely to increase the safety of British football fans travelling to Russia.

It was quite possible that Macron, Donald Trump and Angela Merkel would have weighed up their collective self-interest in the wake of Putin’s re-election for a fourth term and made a pragmatic decision to side with Russia’s strongman rather than a fading power in the midst withdrawal from the EU.

Indeed, some countries with strong energy links with Russia insisted Putin had to be regarded as innocent until proven guilty and argued no action was required at least until the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons had come to a definitive conclusion on responsibility for the Salisbury attack – something that was unlikely for many weeks if not months.

Guardian Today: the headlines, the analysis, the debate - sent direct to you
Read more
Russia’s instinct was that an appetite for delay would prevail in the EU and the affair would fizzle out, revealing the UK – Russia’s sternest critic for the past decade – to be weakened and isolated.

The turning point was the joint statement by the US, Germany, France and the UK issued on 15 March stating unequivocally that Russia was responsible. It is probably no coincidence that the intelligence agencies of this quartet cooperate closely, and it is likely either classified information was exchanged about the Salisbury episode or there were discussions about wider Russia malfeasance. The formulation in the joint statement that “no other plausible explanation” for the event was well drafted to maximise support.

Overall, the ageing machine that it is Her Majesty’s diplomatic service, marginalised by Brexit and funding cuts, showed it has a few miles left to run.

But Russia, for its part, will take solace in arguing that expulsions are more symbolic than debilitating. Moscow will point to the minority of EU states that sat on their hands and assure itself that most diplomatic contacts will continue as usual. Replacements for those expelled will probably be appointed discreetly in a year’s time. The summer World Cup will reveal a different, modern side to Russia. The laws of politics and energy will require the west to engage.

The Foreign Office admits privately that the expulsions in themselves will not prompt a rethink by a man now reinstalled in power and not due to retire until 2024 at the earliest. It insists it will step up the economic pressure on the Putin oligarchs.

Johnson, in his more reflective moments, argues that the ultimate task is to change the Russian state of mind. “It’s a revanchist, bitter feeling about the way the cold war ended and about what happened to the old Soviet Union, and a feeling that Russia is now simply the controller of a much-diminished sphere of influence,” he has said. “Putin feels Russia lost out and he wants to cause trouble wherever he can. It’s a desire for the world to take Russia seriously again, at any price.”

The next few months may reveal how high a price Putin may yet have to pay.
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 3/27/2018 3:38:50 AM
^^^^Where 's the evidence ????????? The guardian piece was written by a challenged plankton chap.

Russia was invaded by France and Germany then America in the early nineties.
Did it really ever invade the west ? It won the second world war.
Sure it went through communism but its history should
inspire compassion not demonisation we should be their

At the moment it's surrounded by nato (the empire) with countless
missiles pointed at its people. There's a failing empire of pain that has
a $700 billion military budget paid for by
the world's poor. America has military bases in over a hundred
and thirty countries. It and its vassals never stop interfering
in other countries' affairs often destroying their institutions
and stability and where they meet resistance to their interests
replacing their politicians. The neocons for example won't accept any
challenge to American hegemony. No matter what the circumstances.
These people are loons.

The empire is in decline. Why is the reminbi yuan now inside the imf's SDR.. (2016)
Why is America destabilising syria ..illegally !!!! When Russia is spending their treasure and
blood to stabilise the terror which America has formented with its allies isis. Is this
not a very real provocation. As opposed to the concocted,
laughable events in Salisbury.

It's the dollar which maintains the empire's military. And the
military that maintains the empire's piece of paper that is the
mechanism in which it takes tribute from its dominions. But
now we have Putin whose rationality is in stark contrast to our
own irrational "strong and stable" violent lunatics.

More proof of America's dangerous decline was the petro-yuan
futures contract that went live on Monday. An alternative
financial infrastructure is taking root. It would suit the world
if this could all be handled peacefully. But America would then have to
explain it to its increasingly impoverished people. War
and looting and blaming Putin seems safer. Old ways.

More proof that it's not just the 52% that feel it but our government as
well was when we joined china's Asian infrastructure investment bank a
couple of years ago. A Chinese IMF.
Any given Sunday this could come to a head.
 Jo van
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 3/27/2018 8:45:56 AM
I don't think it will take months for the OPCW to analyse the samples.
It will be a terminal embarrassment to to May, the buffoon, and the rest of her cynical, opportunist, demagogic "cabinet", who have banged the drums of war, in the hope of distracting attention from their own collective mass-incompetence.

I still keep an open mind.
I think one of the (many) problems of the newly-capitalist Russian Federation is that they seem to have developed a very "laisez-faire" attitude to all forms of espionage.
-Possibly "inherited" from the more seasoned capitalists, who see nothing wrong with a bit of "opposition research", which they've simply (mis-?) translated as "Kompromat".
-Or possibly "extrapolated"....
Everything is about "results" these days, whether that's political outcomes, or company profits.
"All's fair in business or politics" kind of thing.
Morality becomes something of a "blurry line"....
I think the Russians possibly feel they need to "beat us at our own game".

Either way, I think it's perfectly possible that some of their nerve-agents, or other technology, has fallen into the hands of people who are now no longer in the "security services".
I don't see how anyone could definitively say it could only have been done by the Russian state.
-Even if it were in some way "marked"; with some sort of "smart-water-like" indisputable, and UN-fakeable identifiers of its origin, you still couldn't prove that it was "the state", - unless the perpetrators had been caught "red-handed" [npi], AND carrying irrefutable proof, in the form of orders signed by Putin, or some such....

I think this has been used by May, in her "negotiations", to try and salvage some sort of "victory" (possibly on security and defence?) from the economic kicking which the country will undoubtedly suffer from, as a direct result of HER party's mismanagement, and the general stupidity of their xenophobic "superiority complex".

I can only hope that the OPCW exposes her cynical sham, soon.
Luckily, because of his part in this, Boris won't be the next PM.
It will probably be Lord Snooty.
-With Armando Iannucci as Chancellor.
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 3/27/2018 10:48:48 AM
Whatever it is, my money is on his daughter bringing it in to the country, with or without full knowledge.
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 3/27/2018 12:10:29 PM
We shall be lied to, as always..........

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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 3/27/2018 1:06:16 PM
now I must preface this by saying,; I ain't a footy fan....
Why doesn't the world's teams boycott this upcoming football tournament in Russia?
Surely that would send a really big message to Putin, if you're gonna p!ss in our drinking cups, we're gonna take the ball away and play amongst ourselves
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 3/28/2018 7:16:49 AM
So if Porton Down identified it as a Russian novichok agent that means they could create it in the first place. Because if
you can identify it you can produce it ? And if I have this right there's this book out there explaining it all and there isn't a country who couldn't. And hopefully I'm not being too sensationalist in saying I can't believe Salisbury's good folk still exist.

You don't suppose our media is propaganda central ?..Bought and paid for. I mean the state does subsidise and lionise the guardian.

I can't see us doing anything anyway we truly all reside in a 73 year bubble of American hegemony. We are as emotionally stunted to all reality outside the bubble as it's possible to be.

I remember working with an African student just after 9/11 and we were both agreeing how awful it was. And then I said something like why America ?? God's gift to mankind! I can be quite lyrical. He started to shake his head as if I was child who really didn't know much. Still he was well informed and mannerly and I just put it down to the fact that he was just one more left wing muppet.

Then the genocide and mayhem in Iraq happened. I supported all this to my shame. I remember seeing the 2 million march in London and thinking what a load of left wing fools. True.

I supported it because he didn't keep to the ceasefire agreements and had broken UN resolutions . Not that I cared about the U.N. if he had weapons of mass destruction, I hoped our brave boys would get to his drain before he used them. We did sell him things. I remember going to the matrix church????enquiry..
Alan Clark I think was there . I think . I must have been insufferable back then.

If someone had came up to me then and said he's threatening the American petro dollar . I would have definitely got up and left the lentil muncher to it. I formed my opinion from one or two broadsheet articles and did not have any truck for ideas that I didn't read about in quality newspapers.

Then 2008 happened and the left were insufferable. The capitalist world on the edge of utter bankruptcy was saved by government. Thoughtful lefties would ask me about why if free markets and floating exchange rates worked why trade deficits never cleared . I had no good answers..

So I started educating myself on the topic. And found out we have a socialist system. Where only a smaller and smaller elite prosper while the rest of humanity starve.

This can't be true billy. OK have it your way. I've got to go to the bank.

This Russian demonisation is embarrassing. We can't contemplate that we are being played by our government. It's happened to less stunted people than we. The dollar is finished. Either we recognise this and demand constructive engagement with China and Russia and indeed Iran. Or we destroy ourselves.

We need a neutral reserve currency . A brand new monetary system for the world that's fair and promotes peace. We also have to understand that we are living beyond our means . And we need to retrench and start saving. Who do we think we are? Alchemists.

There will be other messages that will say a quick war and our Lost prosperity will return. My view is that this is a pipe dream. Those who have watched us from afar and paid for our affluent lifestyles are not going to wear it much longer.

The petro-yuan started on Monday, yet another nail in the dollar coffin. They don't need us. The evidence gathers by the day. The Chinese and the Russian military are now a force for the American. They are exploring there new freedoms. I think the Chinese are exploring a new payment system circumventing America's swift system.

"Socialism is fine until you run out of other people's money"
Margaret Thatcher.

Why should they lavish socialism on us . They've broken free. We've had 500 years of welfare in the west . Lounging on our collective arses. The entitlement is massive. An Irish fella I know said that we were fit for nothing from top to bottom. I have more faith.

Off to pay my corporation tax now. It won't even touch the sides. Tax and spend finished a long time ago . Then there was the borrow and invest (as if consumption is investment) Then the over the counter derivatives came. An opaque paper game that distorts prices and let's the naive feel that they are wealthier beyond anything called reality. The money well it went a long time ago.

Billy and Gold and silver v the pound genuine and Theresa . You pick.

Meanwhile in Venezuela a microcosm of what could happen in the extreme. Young children with machetes are forming gangs to fight over quality rubbish. Excellent recycling there I see.
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 3/28/2018 1:39:49 PM
Update - it was the front door wot dun it.
If Porton were that bloody quick in idenifying the 'poison'
then they must have it (or something very similar) lurking
in their extensive library of nasties.............

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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 3/28/2018 2:24:45 PM
Ach, deception is the art or war. Those skilled in the art know how to pull the strings. Chances are you're doing exactly what someone wants you to do, even if you think you're questioning or dissenting, more than likely there is a double bluff operation leading you.

I've no opinion on this incident one way or the other. Nor can I know who is manipulating the story or even if there is some agency is manipulating the story at all.
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 3/30/2018 6:50:11 PM
Sorry about the link...
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 3/31/2018 4:14:20 AM
We are being lied to, firstly its was introduced through the air conditioning of the car they drove, then it was sent through the post, then it came in the daughters suitcase, and not daubed over the front door knocker.....

The term novichok more of less mean new, as in a new substance to be classified later, but now this the most deadly of nerve agents which kills in seconds, appears to not be what it should, the policeman arose last week and the daughter arose from the dead this week, so maybe we are all being purposely lied to and why?

Lets be honest the ruling class do not want to leave Europe and this is make us a necessary partner in the defense of us all, thus giving the excuse to almost leave the EU.

I never got over the fact the Ministry of Defense was renamed so that it legitimised pouring money into corporate coffers, whereas it is really the Ministry for WAR and if you look at the rearming and re nuking in Europe, never mind the new military road systems being built to facilitate the movement of weapons and troops, it seems to me we are preparing for war.

May decided they do not want regime change, which means they do, while importing loads of gas into the UK from Russia.

If this is not the preparation for war than please someone tell me what is. Putin is not officially the new Hitler constantly used to scare people into making spending on wars acceptable,a s we are involved in 7 wars at the moment. Meanwhile the population is denied and robbed of its wealth, as more people are pushed into deprivation, debt and slave labour...or am I imagining all this?
 vlad dracul
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/1/2018 4:35:10 AM
A wee while back Scottish polis forces served designated areas. We had lothian and borders whereas slicey had strathclyde.

Then for reasons no one can fathom all regional forces were merged to create police Scotland. This in itself was problematic. In some towns and cities it is a criminal offence to drink alcohol in the street. That law SHOULD apply across the nation.

But they do not apply that law in Edinburgh. Yet in the weege drinking from a can or bottle of beer out with licensed premises will result in arrest.

We seem to be heading for a form of police state. This bizarre 'warning' from 2015 by police Scotland goes into thought crime territory...............

"Times in which the state’s officers – for such is McPlod – believe they are entitled to monitor your every conversation, your every outburst, your every opinion for evidence that someone, somewhere in Scotland might be offended by your views. Nor is it too extreme to observe that this satisfies, in its essentials, the definition of a surveillance state.

Apparently, however, your ‘right’ not to be offended now trumps my actual right to be offensive. Any offensive [sic] comments will be investigated (except for those we tweet ourselves). Police Scotland are, in this instance, no better than ambulance-chasing defence lawyers. Have you been offended? Please say you have! We can help you!

This was no rogue tweet either and, for that matter, no laughing matter. The Crown Office’s guidelines on ‘cases involving communications sent via social media’ makes this entirely clear.

The monitoring of so-called offensive communications extends to “the resending or for example ‘liking’ or ‘retweeting’, of communications originally posted by others”.

Notionally, there is “a high threshold test to be met” but when you look at it this threshold is so low a Dachshund could clear it.

Hence the flurry of police activity in the aftermath of horrors such as the Clutha Vaults helicopter crash or the more recent bin-lorry tragedy in Glasgow.

But regardless of whether people are grossly offended by such posts or not it is plain that, in the absence of direct harassment or threats of specific harm, they’re simply expressions of opinion.

I would have more – which is to say, any – confidence in the police’s ability to recognise this if they did not have form on these matters. They are only too happy to arrest people for expressing their thoughts. It is not an exaggeration to say Thought Crime now exists in this country.

Primary responsibility for this illiberal, rotten, capricious, unjust, ludicrous piece of legislation lies with SNP MSPs but the police must take their share of the blame too.

I remind you that the law as written and enforced allows for the creation of entirely fictitious or imaginary people who might have been offended had they existed and had they been present to hear the alleged criminal offences (songs, chiefly) being committed. You may think I exaggerate. If only that were the case. To wit, the High Court has ruled that:

[T]he sheriff does not appear to have considered the effect of section 1(5). That subsection provides that for the purposes of section 1(1)(b)(ii), behaviour “would be likely to incite public disorder” if public disorder would be likely to occur but for the fact that […] persons likely to be incited to public disorder are not present or are not present in sufficient numbers.

An example would be one of us writing something on a media of sorts. No one has complained about what was written. No one has taken 'offence'.

Yet police Scotland CAN ARREST you because THEY THINK 'someone,' who remember this 'someone' has not complained or been 'offended' MAY BE 'offended' in the future about something they have never been 'offended' about.

Our right to speak freely is being eroded. We are ending up like east fvckin germany and the stasi. In that 'workers paradise' if you questioned anything the state done you were deemed to be mentally ill and had your children taken from you.

Oh and mind the lassie on the tram in croydon a few years back who was denounced because she shouted abuse at some non white folk?

She was (i think) held under the mental health act and the state wanted to take her children into care.

And the couple who adopted east european bairns in rotherham? Social services removed the bairns because the couple were members of ukip.

The very same social services who watched over 1500 lassies being tortured, abused, raped and used and abused because of who was doing the abusing.
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/4/2018 10:03:04 AM
Has the government deleted a tweet ?

Warmongering on a lie....well I never...
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/5/2018 2:14:50 AM
Seems like North Korea could have a missile within 18 months which would reach the UK. I guess that's a bit longer than Blair's 45 minutes.
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/5/2018 10:52:58 AM
"Russian spy poisoning: Yulia Skripal 'getting stronger daily'"

Police message issued (strangely) after the Russians broadcast
an alleged phone conversation between Yulia & her cousin.

We are left to wonder how this conversation got recorded, unless
all call to Russia are routinely intercepted (just like the UK).
Either way, we are being lied to by everybody, yet again -

no-one thought to tell 'us' that the lady had risen from the
almost certain dead......we'll probably never know any of the
real truth of this matter, only what 'they' choose to give us.

Never mind, we have an election on the distant horizon -
thank God it's not this week, the choice between May & Corbyn
would give UKIP a roaring chance - if it still existed........

 Jo van
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/6/2018 8:05:18 AM
Well, May's shower of liars had to keep pretending they were both "critical", so they could get the "support" of all those other countries, and keep banging-on about "military-grade chemical weapons" ("of mass destruction"?? ) being used on "European soil".
-Though she would never have used those words, - if she didn't want something.

Yulia blew it for them, when her cousin recorded, and then released the conversation saying basically: "we're both fine".

Next, one of the Porton Down boffins will release a statement saying: "We've just tested it again, and it's actually ketchup."

I've listened to Gove, Johnson, Dr Fox, and that work-experience kid, who is now minister for defence, talking about the russsians, conflating the bringing down of an airliner, Litvenyenko, and hacking the us elections, all as a "pattern of behaviour".
Britain's "pattern" would doubtless be Iraq, Libya, colonial conquest of the Middle East, and most of the rest of the world, and "execution by drone": in "foreign countries", wherever and whenever we like, "in the interests of national security".

They can't tell us what "evidence" they have, "because it's secret".
And when they kill people, they can't tell us why, because that's "secret".
We're just supposed to trust them.
This whole government is corrupt.
Fox was previously sacked, when he was the defence minister, for taking and paying for lobbyists.
Now he's the "minister for overseas development", plenty of scope for even more corruption there.
Boris is just a joke, as "foreign secretary", a man who sacked from journalism for lying
-And Cameraman has been given some sort of "role" as some sort of "trade ambassador" to China.
I'm sure he'll be every bit as good at doing that, as he was at being a prime minister.

"Strong and stable". - Like the smell of horseshit always is, and where it's mostly found.

The problem now for them is; Skripal can ask for anything , in order to not drop them in the shit.
If he decides to "back Russia", in his accounts, they could end up looking pretty silly.

This might turn into the sort of "scandal" that could bring the govt down.
If they're exposed at having just blatantly lied.
Which they clearly have been, all along.
Have a nice weekend.
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/6/2018 8:31:57 AM
I thought you'd get to the work experience kid in the end.
straight out of central casting for wrong uns

Talking of which ;)
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/7/2018 12:15:00 PM
If as we now know they were contaminated by this substance on their front door, and then wandered round town for a few hours, never mind driving, suggests to me something does not add up.

We have seen on the TV men in white protective suits, wearing breathing apparatus, next to the public walking by like its some sort of theatre. Also coppers without protection hanging about the contaminated sectioned off areas. So much for public safety.

I was thinking they were slipped some sort of sedative, and then taken into CARE where, as officially stated they were kept sedated for their own good. As for the nerve agent on their front door, it appears to have been a rushed job, applied later to justify the theatrical farce. But I am speculating, on the necessity for the GOVERNMENT to create an incident, to ratchet up for justifiable war or regime change, in the continuous Russiaphobia saga, with arch world global enemy to mankind MR. HITLER PUTIN.

Having read the Telegraph, Independent, Guardian comments on line, was hilarious, as it appears only the media and the lynch mob politicians, believe this constantly repeat this nonsense, and I finished it with a quote from HITLER about the LIE........A big lie is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, in his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously." Who was talking about a POLICE STATE?

Then we have the daughter who telephoned her cousin, who I doubt will be allowed into the UK as the lie has to be protected. In the conversation she seemed fine and her father was also fine, as opposed to everyone being in a critical condition. She was also cagey about saying too much, and I just wonder what sort of official encouragement they will be asked to follow not to expose what appears to be a complete fabrication. Recovery from a MILITARY GRADE NERVE AGENT is impossible after so many hours, or even minutes. As far as we know from the literature, there is no specific antidote for Novichok,” chemical. One of the scientists who helped make novichok stated the substance was designed to do "irreparable" damage to the body. Victims may have lifelong difficulty concentrating or reading, according to Jean-Pascal Zanders, a biological weapons expert at France’s Foundation for Strategic Research. This may include slowing of thought processes, a reduction of physical movement, and respiratory problems, none of which were apparent in the phone call.

So can anyone believe the substance was a MILITARY GRADE nerve agent?

Sadly there have been 3 deaths in this affair, all quadrupeds, and all failed to die or be affected by a nerve agenda designed to kill a human in a couple of minutes. They were killed by the investigating authorities.
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/7/2018 4:54:15 PM

Russia was invaded by France and Germany then America in the early nineties.

Utter tosser
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/8/2018 3:01:56 AM
Update .....I've heard that ...the Skripals are going to America, the huddled pair are going to be looked after by the CIA. Surely not?

Still no evidence. Interestingly my LSE niece is completely on message with all this

Now guys, come on now, do we really need to question the veracity of the reports coming in from Syria this morning.
It's obvious it's Bashar and more evidence, which will be along soon, that Bashar's evil backer Doctor Putin must stop messing around with the dollar ..I mean world order.
 Jo van
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/8/2018 4:32:49 AM
Sergei Skripal was a British "spy".

-He was released in a "prisoner exchange" in 2010, after having served just 4 years of a 13 year sentence for treason.
(He had "exposed" over 300 spies to the British, over a number of years, its all in the wiki page.)
According to wiki, the British "insisted" that he be a part of that exchange.
He was also "pardoned", and he moved to Salisbury in 2011, where he "bought a house"..

It seems to me that he was well paid by the British, (the house?) and was probably still getting some sort of pay from them.(?)

This whole thing stinks of "conspiracy" to me.
The latest chatter about alleged "new identities", and entering some sort of "witness protection" program in the USA, doesn't placate my concerns.

Boris is calling Corbyn a "useful idiot", but scientists from Porton Down have contradicted his (and May's ) claims, and made them both look like idiots, no doubt, much to the embarrassment of our "allies", who appear to have simply "trusted" the British "only conclusion".

Skripal will say whatever they pay him to say.
-But I think there's every possibility of a "leak" from the medics who treated him, about exactly how long he was in an "induced coma", and listed as "critical condition", and what the government really knew about his condition, and when they knew it.
-If it transpires that they were simply lying about his "critical condition", just to get support from other countries, I don't see how they can continue.

Boris has denied a visa to the cousin, who embarrassed them, by revealing that both had made almost full recoveries.
-Maybe she can't be "bought"/silenced?

I feel there's much more yet to come out.
If the British refuse any of Skripal's financial demands, for corroborating their alleged "plot", maybe that's where the USA comes in?

But it seems the Russians could also "have something" on the American president, which they might "use" to their "advantage".
Trump might have to decide to cooperate (further) with the Russians, (whom he's been notably reluctant to publicly condemn, despite irrefutable evidence from his own security services, proving Russian interference in the election) to stop them releasing the "piss tapes", or providing evidence of "collusion".

What a tangled web we do indeed weave......
The problem with telling lies is that you have to always remember which "versions" you told to whom.
I couldn't do it.
-I have enough trouble remembering just the one, truthful version already.
Happy Sunday.
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