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It is strange that the phone call from the cousin to the daughter, created a flurry from the government who hurredly instructed the police to suddenly announce what we already knew. THey had miraculously recovered, with no after effects from the most poisonous substance known to humanity.


The Skripals have become a liability, a threat the official plan. They are likely to say things that might expose a rather different perspective than the official narrative requires.

I would assume that there will be no more phone calls from relatives, who will be told they do not wish to talk to them. There will be no contact whatsoever from or to the mass media. The Skripals MUST be isolated, with the Ministry of Truth mouthpiece stating the continued RUSSIAN THREAT.

So at last the CIA have revealed themselves to be part of this fabricated story , suddenly offering a helpful hand, to a family that might expose this crying wolf, farce, it really is.

The daughter has a life in Russia, where her family and friends live. The world will be informed she will sacrifice all of her past and existing life to be given a new identity, complete anonymity, all without either of the Skripals publicly stating their decision. This despite her picture being all over the global media. Apparently she will suddenly be living in a new community completely unrecognised by anyone with a noticeable Russian accent, possibly speaking Russian.

In order for the UK to continue the ANTI RUSSIAN narrative the Shripals are a liability and any sensible bureaucrat would suggest they be removed completely. It would be logical to allow the experts, the CIA to dispose of the problem, as logically there is no other means of guaranteeing silencing them, as well as stopping any worried relatives from getting in contact. The Skripals are after all just pawns in a much bigger game, and we all know that pawns are expendable.
So do not expect to hear much from them except through official chanels from now on.

The Russian blame game can continue to be ratcheted the armchair decision makers gradually prepare for a pre-emptive nuclear strike. The munitions, and Northern European logistical infrastructure will be complete in a few years. In true Orwellian terminology its preparation for defence, of Europe. Its the combined NATO’s ministries of Defence, not the Ministry for WAR
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/8/2018 4:56:21 PM

Apparently Basher? Assad is going to use chemicals on his own
people again, allegedly. The u.s. navy are in position now to punish him
when he does. Can that work twice?

I know it's Bashar. ...what?
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/9/2018 6:49:35 AM
Justinelle, you write some sensible stuff sometimes then go off into the deep end of total tosh. For sure there's something going on that we are not really privy to. I can't imagine our allies doing what they have if there wasn't some more information they have seen that we haven't.

Yes, it all looks suspicious in the way the poisoning happened but you have to understand that Russia behaves like it does for a reason. It is folly to think that they and politicians think and behave as we do.

Putin is a very rich man. He has no need of more money but people like him want power.

Just like Boris Johnson, it's all a game to them. What they are trying to achieve no-one knows.

That bonkers git Assad. He was living quite a nice life here in London as a well respected surgeon. he had plenty of money too from his Dad but he chose to go back to force his will on the Syrian people.


Wherever you look, we see people wanting to gather power to themselves regardless.

Amber Rudd saying today that there is no evidence 9ecept in Home Offic efiles) that reducing police numbers affects crime levels.

da de dah de dah ad infinitum
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/9/2018 8:21:49 AM
Chap I accept Putin is personally rich from his political career.
But in my opinion there are people as rich if not more off the
backs of Theresa may's political career.

The power in this world is the western globalists. Only China
Russia and perhaps Iran stand separate from that power
structure. When you read the guardian you read their news.

Hence why you don't see it from say a Russian perspective?

Assad is not a monster or bonkers. That's said to close down debate.
This chemical attack is the same nonsense that happened in Salisbury.
No evidence. Just the coarsening of public debate and our so call elite
making violence easier.

Skip this paragraph you won't believe it or like it . But the
Americans wanted a Qatari pipeline I think. Obviously the
Americans a rapacious plundering occupier of so much of
the world needed Russia a long time backer of syria to
push off. And funding and training isis and other fanatics ,
they have destroyed syria these last six years. More death
and destruction in the middle east brought to us from America.
Don't Syrians, matter or Iraqis or libyans. Is this bloodshed worth our lifestyles
it's done in our name. They don't destabilise our Countries. The Arab spring
was a direct result of QE2, in 2011 I think. When America exported its inflation into the middle
East, food prices rocketed and the people took down their
governments. Only to get new American approved puppet
ones again.

When their band of "democratic" rebels isis went off the ranch and declared a
caliphate, in part of Iraq too, they helped isis break their own fucking oil sanctions.
I know there is a bit more complexity here with the Turks and the kurds. Plus Israel ,
KSA, Iran, hezzbollah sp? etc but sod the nuances. It's American
Larceny versus Assad ?

Putin is in there and russia is restoring order. Respecting international law unlike us.
And he gets accused of human rights abuses by the real terrorists ...that's us.
Assad would have been a goner and Syrian society would still be in a hole .We need to get
the fuck out of there and stop funding scum. Why would assad attack his own people for the
third time ( without evidence) when he is winning ?

I'm not fan of Gaddafi but some of the policies he had in
respect to his people were of the socialism that you would
have approved of. He had the money. Now look at them it's all
gone because he wanted to circumvent the dollar and get a
higher price no doubt for him but also his people.

Putin saw the Soviet union go bust whether it was by its
own centralising hand or Reagan's star wars nonsense.
He saw the American promises from bush 41 to stay out
of russia's sphere of influence all broken and American
intelligence and financial interests move in and divide up
Russia's natural resources. Make no mistake this is perfectly
understood by the 25 % of Russians that didn't even
vote for Putin.

I don't think Putin is all powerful he sleeps they could stick a
knife in him ..? he has like most politicians competing power
strucures within to keep on side. Russia is a serious country with
decent people who love their country. Lets have no crude western stereotypes.
They certainly wouldn't run off at America's behest and join the eu or Soviet union 2.
Have they reversed the vote yet. All hail the 52.

The financiers would have America sell their enemies the rope to hang themselves.

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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/9/2018 11:54:28 AM
I completely disagre with your last comment, as you treat the reality from a human perspective......The financiers would have America sell their enemies the rope to hang themselves.

What you do not fully realise is that you should have removed "would have" and replaed it with the word MAKE,, so that The financiers MAKE America sell their enemies ( could also add friends, accociates, anyone they can) the rope to hang themselves.
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/9/2018 1:19:34 PM
I've kinda lost track of who is fighting who (this week)
and frankly, I no longer care,,,,,,,,,,,

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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/9/2018 1:56:17 PM
I think I screwed up on what I actually meant but I do
not disagree with what you are saying justinelle.

The intelligence monkeys have assets in every sphere
of human endeavour. False flags and and subtle coercion
abound. They have a $700 billion military but it's the dollar
that props it up. When America is gutted they will use the sdr.
What was it napoleon said about them .....

" When a government is dependent upon bankers for money,
they and not the leaders of the government control the situation,
since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has
no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency;
their sole object is gain."

Napoléon Bonaparte
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/10/2018 1:52:42 AM
I never did think espionage or the game-players acted in anything but an underhand way.
It’s all getting crazy now
No, it’s always been crazy, I’ve chosen to shield myself with ignorance.
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/10/2018 7:20:26 AM
The most wonderful thing about the whole Skipal story is how we are slowly informed how and what we are lied to. Its almost infantile, as the government cannot apologise, or backtrack, its all recorded and available, so repeat the lies.

Unlike weapons of mass destruction in which we could only speculate on the details, we know it was the most poisonous man made substance on the planet. We know the internal damage it does to the human biology.

We know it was the door handle, and we know after touching it they spent 4-5 hours before they collapsed.

We know this particular nerve agent kills almost immediately at most in a couple of minutes.

We know that if treated in seconds and the victims can mainly recover despite continuous life long effects, from memory loss to coordination problems nerve dysfunction.

We know a policeman who was affected somehow recovered, although have not seen him on TV yet

We know that the public walked by the slightly masked off areas like it was movie set, with policemen a with and without protective clothing and repertory equipment right by contaminated areas, sometimes with the public walking by and looking on. .

We know the government pulled out all the stops, using the military and military equipment to push the statement of how big and important this was.

We know its all bull**it, all propaganda exaggerated by the media who never asks certain pertinent questions, but parrots the facts they are fed by their government.

If there was any truth in it, the exaggerations it was buried in and obscured by lies.

We know that despite this nerve agent poison killing ordinary people in a couple of minutes at most, failed to kill anyone as they have all recovered, two having been discharged from hospital, the third to leave soon.

We know its impossible for them to be alive under any condition, never mind apparently fully recovered as reported by the daughter.

We now know the FBI was somehow involved, which therefore implies the CIA as the Skipals have been offered permanent anonymity in the USA. We also know we might never hear from them ever again. We also know they are heavily monitored (PROTECTED being the official term) as the daughter indicated in her telephone conversation with her cousin.

We know that the gas attacks in Syria happen as the western trained rebel death squads are at the brink of loosing their position.

We know the White Helmets who supply the information of these attacks and provide video evidence are funded by the US and UK governments.

We know we are being lied to, we know the politicians are being manipulated by corporate interests that rely on war for profits, and need credible enemies. We know out form of democracy is completely corrupted as we watch the people in the USA and UK being incrementally impoverished, socially and economically.

We know we are helpless and cannot stop the lynch mob media cry for MORE war.

Dr Goebbels stated practice was that one does not need evidence anymore, we just need constantly repeated opinions till they become absorbed as absolute facts in the minds of the people, a very effective propaganda tool. The trick was to supply the people with knowledge for the moment.
 vlad dracul
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/10/2018 10:05:39 PM
Post 104. Enjoyed reading that gadgie. (As a wee aside i was looking through some auld photies of when i was on safari in the kruger national park in africa. 14 years auld and wearing a very fetching claret and blue west ham top).

Good points well made again.

Now the russians trying to bump off a traitor is understandable. Although why they didn't just put a bullet in his napper is a mystery.

I read a couple of weeks ago about the lassies suitcase may have been the carrier of said nerve agent. Although unless it was in a sealed container with a timer release surely everyone on the plane over would have croaked?

The sherman tanks being involved? I cannot discount this theory as the shermans are baw deep in all types of shenanigans.

There was a thread in off topic about this. In fact your good self started the thread.

Now a simple fact is we have been dragged into many stupid 'projects' by being subservient to washington.

But this surely goes against the whiney narrative that trump/brexit and the rise of populist nationalist parties on mainland europe are all down to russian involvement. Why would president the donald rattle sabres at russia if it was they who 'won' the presidency for him?

I've already read articles by the anti democracy remain lobby saying because of the salisbury episode we need to remain in the eu and show a united front.

Traitorous double agents have a tendency to outlive their usefulness and are expendable.

Many many theories abound. But it cannot be ignored that the brussels gulag and the sherman neo cons are provoking russia in many ways and this attempted murder plays into the gulag/neo con hands.

It was the west who destabalised many arab/middle eastern nations by illegal regime change. Syria being the exception because of assads backing by russia.

All this wringing of hands because assad is winning the civil war is pathetic.

Lairy times ahead.

If the world MUST end here's hoping the Hibees get one last shot of some european football.
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/11/2018 1:30:41 AM
The simple answer as to why the execution was done as it was is fairly simple. Assuming it was the Russians, Putin always wants to look like the tough man protecting the homeland. It took place just before the elections. It was reported on Russian TV with a warning to all traitors what to expect.

I don't see what any other country has to gain from it.
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/11/2018 2:17:46 AM
You do not see waht other countries have to gain???????????? Are you having a laugh??????

What has ASSAD to gain a having beaten the terrorists so far?

Do you know where the news of gas attacks come from, who provides the material?

What do you think the war in the Middle East involving Iraq, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, and the constant threats to Iran are all about?

THe war in Yemen is worse than in Syria, ever heard of the starvation, the disease epidemic, the blocking of ports airports, creating a Gaza experience for the people? Its the biggest man mad, created disaster ever, but lets pretend its about ASSAD shall we?

Ever heard of Vennassa Bartlett? Ever bothered to learn more than the mainstream media propaganda pumps out? THe British ruling class have hated Russia for over 500 years, did you know that? It was never about communism, its about Russia, the largest most resourseful country on this planet.

Are you genuinely interested at all, or is it just something to pretend to be part of?
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/11/2018 2:59:57 AM
Calm down dear.

The conversation was about the attempted murder of an ex spy.

Yes, I do follow the news, too much really. And yes, I do read a fair bit, currently in the middle of "The ten thousand day war".

if you want to be paranoid about everything that is perfectly fine. But shouting at me is not going to convince me.
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/11/2018 6:52:10 AM
The ten thousand day war is about Vietnam, I believe.

You're too kind Vlad. Yes I can imagine you looking very fetching now, today, in those pulchritudinous colours. Where I live it's chock full of Chelsea all coincided with Abramovich..I pass their state of the art training ground all the time. A recent incursion from West London. I have to tell you it gladdens my heart when I see someone in those beautiful colours . And while he's not Hibs, I have to say a word about Raymondo Stewart ..Dundee Utd I think...the Tangerines??..

It's as if it was only yesterday when he turned up at a cost of £400,000 , a considerable sum back then. A mere, slight, 19 year old. He was our generational full back but Could do centre back with aplomb too. Tonker we called him ..Peter Lorimer paled in comparison with his penalty taking. I can now see him warming up pre match nearly decapitating phil parkes, those thighs all oiled up ..sigh. ..memories.

Great penultimate post justinelle. You laid the whole sorry business out in full and yet ...the bias towards power over the underdog persists. I liked the way you expanded on the western world's wickedness in your next post. I admit I benefit from all this bloodshed but won't vote for it and will no longer keep quiet.

Trump says to Russia you shouldn't be friends with a gas killing animal. Are things that bad Donald ? Russia rightly relates that this is an economic war. The videos are pathetic, kids getting splashed with water and force fed inhalers?? The child actors were appaling, who directs these videos. Can we have some evidence. syria needs order not bombing.

This war and russophobia is cover for a monetary reset . America is insolvent it needs one way or another to escape its
creditors. It will pay the entitlements in nominal terms and blame foreigners. What's new.

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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/11/2018 9:49:58 AM
Indeed Billy, the prize goes to you.

Fascinating book with lots of twists such as at the liberation of Hanoi, the only Western representatives there standing alongside Ho Chi Minh were American. The original proposed Vietnamese constitution was based almost word for word on the American one. If thngs had gone to plan, the small number of American troops would have been withdrawn by Kennedy. Unfortunately someone shot him and Lyndon B Johnson became president. In order to not look weak to the US voting public, he changed the plan to reinforce and further reinforce US troops in Vietnam until there were around 530,000 of them involved at one time.
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/11/2018 10:46:12 AM
Leaders just love the publicity that wars get them
- Thatcher (Falklands) Tony B Liar - Iraq
St Teresa - Strange non-toxic Russian Hysterics
(nice try, but screwed up)
Trump - name your target...........
....but you get my drift..........

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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/11/2018 11:07:28 AM


is it an all expenses paid Caribbean holiday with chuzz chap..

 Jo van
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/11/2018 11:56:12 AM
Well, it seems the orange fuhrer has declared war on Russia, (and Syria) via the time-honoured medium of twitter.
Theresa is said to be "right up for it", pledging retribution on them, for killing people without saying "Simon says" first.
It seems that dead people from alleged chemical poisoning is far worse than those who were simply vaporised, with those nice, cuddly, "conventional weapons".
I'll never understand why they're squeamish about that, but being RPG'd into fragments, by a "drone"operated by some military "gamer" in Luton or somewhere, is ok.
It's fine for the Saudis to be starving children to death in Yemen.
-Cameron "promised" to "stand with the brave lions", or some similar tosh, when we encouraged the uprising,
- but instead, we got another big arms deal, from the country which is just "allowing" women to drive, but still likes to execute homosexuals, for "crimes against fashion", apparently....
Mr Cameraman's far too busy anyway, putting Osborne wallpaper up, in his "shepherd's hut".

Treesare seems to think that getting us into another war, based on the scant evidence I've seen so far, is of such "emergency" proportions that she doesn't need the approval of parliament.
She wants to be seen as "strong" and "gagging for a ruck". (I'm paraphrasing here)
I heard her talking about the "resurrection" at easter, maybe she thinks that all the people who will be killed by her own reckless abandon will also magically "rise from the dead"?
Anything is possible for a fantasist.
This certainly beats her previous masturbatory fantasy, of running through a corn field, purhsued by an angry, red-faced bumpkin.

Still, let's all focus instead on how awful it would be under Corbyn, as instructed.
Ignore the fact that we'll be fighting to support Isis, and America.

Unlike water, it seems that religion does mix with oil.......

YouTube "Military Madness" by Graham Nash.
It seems appropriate.
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/11/2018 12:26:16 PM

Sixty Russian diplomats in the U.S. are being expelled.
On the day that the petro-yuan futures contract went
live. You don't suppose that Bashar al-Assad is going to
drop chemical weapons on his own people.

Proof if it were needed that I can spell Bashar. .

He would make someone a lovely husband if he
could just cut out the tory bashing.
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/11/2018 3:30:56 PM

This certainly beats her previous masturbatory fantasy, of running through a corn field, pursued by an angry, red-faced bumpkin.

She only had to ask.
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/12/2018 4:01:52 AM
The blindlingly obvious is ofent obscured by an emotional construct.

To become a liar, cheat, deviant is not an instantaneous thing, it’s the result of a process that started in early childhood, and has been honed over the years as a reaction or justification to what is felt by the deviant as an emotional pressure.

This category of deviance uses emotional persuasion as opposed to facts, common sense, or logical argument. Emotions are used as they can block, neutralise, and even paralyse any form of critical thinking. Using emotional persuasion gets into a targeted audiences feelings, manipulating them subliminally, in a way they find hard to defend against. This is the basis of propaganda and advertising, where influencing a target to behave in a predictable way from a specific emotional lever.

On the 19th March I wrote a piece about Porton Down being forced to toe the government ideo9ogical line, which they felt they could not do, and a compromise was found, which benefited the government position.

On the 3rd April these facts became common knowledge through the mass media that there was difference between government certainty it was Russia and Porton Down not willing to go so far.

On the 8th April I stated the Skripals would not be allowed to directly communicate with anyone, from their own family members, the press, the Russian Embassy etc. as they were a threat to government ideological driven policy.

On the 12 April from a statement by the Metropolitan Police, Yulia Skripal announced through this authority she did not want to communicate with anyone including her family.

I am no sage, and cannot see into the future, but what I stated in just these two instances has now become a reality. This was obvious from the start as all liars use particular psychological strategies to protect themselves, all firmly emotionally based. Liars, cheats and other pathological driven individuals are from an emotional standpoint simple creatures, following simple predetermined emotional reaction. A child with chocolate all over its hands and face, denying they had consumed chocolate, could suggest it came ouot of their skin like sweat, from the previous day when they are some. They can cry and use all the emotional conviction they can master but it fails to convince an adult, although they might be seduced by the inappropriate sincerity.

In both the Skripa; case and the White Helmets video evidence of the gas attack in Syria, the government know they are both downright lies. The White Helmets are partly funded as propaganda tool by the government, so its an inside job there. With the Skripals the lies are so dam obvious, that despite the media steamroller campaigns the facts cannot be completely hidden just reinterpreted.

It is all part of a much bigger picture, its geo political, and appears to be driven by an small clique of highly educated, ideologically driven extremely rich and influential interests. May is just a pawn in this game, as was Blair before her In the UK is not seen a pawn but a leading light, illuminating truth and justice.

She has in effect signed up to war, first it was cyber war against Russia on a TRUMPED us fabrication the Skripals, and now the White helmet false flag construct. We have officially declared war on Russia, despite its indirect camouflage of Syria.

How would you react to rape and murder by a bunch of thugs who want to take over your country on spurious pretexts. Would you just let the bombs, bombers, ships just flagrantly abuse power for their own ends, or fight back?

Welcome to thinking clearly, logically, and non emotionally.
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/13/2018 1:54:24 PM

Oh dear General shaw ...naughty naughty naughty

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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/15/2018 2:33:47 AM
Embarrassing that in the UK we’re not fully behind our government regarding this Assad.
I imagine if Corbyn was to witness with his own eyes an atrocious act of murder he’d still ascribe some blame to the victim and talk about the murderers rights.
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/17/2018 1:54:54 AM
Sorry Roxy but I just can't agree. Assad is a butcher and a war criminal. But firing missiles at sites which were emptied a week ago will achieve nothing. Fewer people will die if we sit back and do nothing. That's an awful thing to say but I feel it is the reality. If we are going to go to war then we need to have an endgame plan.
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News at Ten - Bong...surely eleven now
Posted: 4/17/2018 2:09:34 AM
I know it isn't the same subject but this is a perfect example of how misreporting can be skewed to give a totally different viewpoint.

From the BBC today
"Home Secretary Amber Rudd accepted it was "appalling" that some of the Windrush generation faced deportation and promised they would be helped to attain the required documents for free. She added that she was concerned her department "sometimes loses sight" of individuals.
Thousands of people arrived in the UK as children in the first wave of Commonwealth immigration 70 years ago.
They are known as the Windrush generation - a reference to the ship, the Empire Windrush, that brought workers from the West Indies to Britain in 1948.
Under the 1971 Immigration Act, all Commonwealth citizens already living in the UK were given indefinite leave to remain.
However, the Home Office did not keep a record of those granted leave to remain or issue any paperwork confirming it, meaning it is difficult for the individuals to now prove they are in the UK legally.
Changes to immigration law in 2012, which requires people to have documentation to work, rent a property or access benefits, including healthcare, has highlighted the issue and left people fearful about their status."

OK so far except................the Guardian has been reporting on this problem for years. here's an abbridged version of an article from there last week.

"The government quietly removed a key protection from the statute books for some British residents of the Windrush generation who could face deportation, the Guardian has learned.
The Home Office said the clause was not included in the 2014 Immigration Act because adequate protections were already in place for people who were initially granted temporary rights to remain in the UK and have stayed for decades.
The onus is on individuals to prove they were resident in the UK before 1 January 1973, the date the 1971 Immigration Act came into force. However, a key clause from 1999 legislation, which had provided longstanding Commonwealth residents with protection from enforced removal, was deleted from the 2014 Immigration Act. The government did not announce the removal of this clause, nor did it consult on the potential ramifications."

To remind you...the person who was Home Seccretary when this rule was dropped is the same person who just months ago was insisting that the immigration rules neede to be enforced to create a hostile environment for illegal immigrants.
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