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There's a BBC switch off going on tonight in England. Lots of people seem to have woken up to the BBC being ever so slightly biased. Something Scottish people woke up to long ago

Corbyn does not deserve the treatment being dished out to him from the msm media just now
And I am no fan. He's not anti Semitic and he's not a racist. Boris on the other hand
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Questioning the media message
Posted: 8/9/2018 5:25:23 PM
Oh aye. The indy blogger wings over scotland got his you tube channel closed (all 2000 videos) temporarily because a Scottish Labour councillor reported him to the BBC for breaches of copyright.

One of the videos they pulled was a BBC interview with Stuart Campbell (wings over scotland)

It was reinstated after some huge fuss, including the intervention of Alex Salmond, but that is ludicrous

They don't even pretend to be unbiased, their coverage is shot to bits

Ps, Stu has no connection with the esss nnnnnn ppppp

He lives in Bath and votes Lib Dem (still going to lead us to indy though) :)

Id rather watch love island than the BBC and that's saying something
 vlad dracul
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Questioning the media message
Posted: 8/10/2018 2:20:34 AM
Edinburgh Calling, Edinburgh Calling.

Hoots mon and och aye the noo. With a crivvens, jings and help ma boab thrown in. Us sweaties are back with a bang now that P be back.

"There's a BBC switch off going on tonight in England. Lots of people seem to have woken up to the BBC being ever so slightly biased. Something Scottish people woke up to long ago"

I cannot mind if i told chapster why i refer to england as englandshire. But i shall explain again.

When the main bbc news is over the announcer says (well used to i dont know if they still do) and now the news from your REGION.

Correct me if i am wrong but i believe Scotland, welsh wales and norn ireland are NOT regions but nations.

So on a football site i read quite a lot (The Hibees Bounce. Frenchmans Cowshed) there was a thread about this very thing about the bbc calling us a region.

The geezer wrote 'well if we are a region then england MUST be a shire'. And so the term englandshire entered into my domain.

I seldom watch the bbc news. At 6 o'clock on STV we get the Scottish news. In Edinburgh the news is mainly about Edinburgh and the East whilst through in the weege they get news from glasgow and the west.........

"Corbyn does not deserve the treatment being dished out to him from the msm media just now
And I am no fan. He's not anti Semitic and he's not a racist. Boris on the other hand"

Now i see that from a completely different angle. Corbyn has long courted ANY regime no matter how corrupt or oppressive just as long as they hated the uk and the usa.

The impeccably wealthy, upwardly mobile momentum faction of london labour love nothing better than harassing anyone whom THEY accuse of istismophobia. So welcome st jeremy of corbyn to the world that YOU helped create.

As for bozo johnstone? He is a Trotters Independent Trader. But what he said about the burka was NOT racist in any way.

Islam is NOT a race. It is a lifestyle choice.

Lifestyle choices are ridiculed mercilessly.

Athiests (like big jo spart) ridicule folk who have a religion as a lifestyle choice.

So WHY is ridicule of islam seen as a phobia but ridicule of christianity, judaism, sikhism etc etc acceptable?

And yes burka wearers DO resemble black post boxes. Nuns are mocked relentlessly because of what they wear.

And it is a new first for me that a blanket with a slit for the eyes has now been elevated to a race.

And the poll carried out by sky news about this non story must have made the 'constantly offended' snowflakes cry like big girls blouses.............

"Poll suggests 60% of people believe Boris Johnson’s burka comments weren’t racist
In fact, the majority of respondents think the burka should be banned."
Joined: 8/6/2018
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Questioning the media message
Posted: 8/10/2018 2:40:56 AM
I totally disagree on Johnson. He's stoking up hatred to appeal to right wingers. Seemingly because there's going to be a plan to oust May in October. The man is a liability.

The bigger issue is that the treatment of Corbyn is deemed acceptable and Boris is just being Boris. This is the same man who called people picanninies. And referred to watermelon smiles. He's a racist. Even the Tory party are investigating.

Corbyn isn't anti Semitic. There are people in Labour who are. And not just Labour. All parties I expect.

The issue is the treatment Corbyn is getting from the mainstream media.

The BBC is a joke. Not that's that's news to me.
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Questioning the media message
Posted: 8/10/2018 12:25:34 PM
cake and eat it....
aye, how can we be told that nowhere in the Koran does it say about women having to wear burkas etc, but also that wearing burkas etc is a free choice for women, but also that criticizing the wearing of burkas etc in this country is racist and/or religious hatred. But at the same time wearing christian symbols is banned by some organizations because it 'might' cause offense to non christians.
nah all too confusing for me.
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Questioning the media message
Posted: 8/10/2018 12:41:58 PM
My issue with the comments that have been made about the burka is that they have stoked the idiot brigade

I saw someone post on twitter to say that she saw a woman wearing one abused today (she was with her kids and they were terrified)

I also saw a girl post yesterday to say her mum was urinated on while wearing a burka, I just cant get my head around that.

Of course people can have their viewpoints but context is important. No one should be racially abused for wearing one and people are.

Boris Johnson knows what he's doing in my view. He's made enough previous comments (picaninnies, watermelon smiles) that as far as Im concerned hes just a plain old racist and nothing will convince me otherwise. Dog whistling Islamophobia in my view. What else did he say, if Libya cleared the bodies away it could look like a tourist resort? Actual sake. If that were my MP I would cringe.

If I saw a woman wearing a burka I would not abuse her and I would not criticise her

The fact that people like Stephen Yaxley-Lennon are being lauded as some kind of hero when hes nothing but a racist thug worries me. But that's my opinion, other people don't need to share it.

I personally don't believe the banning of Christian symbols is right either, however, no one is going to be abused because they can't wear a cross to work.
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Questioning the media message
Posted: 8/11/2018 1:57:56 AM
and as usual, Johnson is not available for comment because he's abroad, this time on holiday.
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Questioning the media message
Posted: 8/11/2018 4:32:29 AM
I can't remember the girls name but he's made comments about a girl from the UK who is currently in jail in Iran. Ones that could lengthen her jail sentence. He likes to project this bumbling buffoon act. He is one dangerous individual

He told a select committee that she had been in Iran training journalists when she was on holiday visiting relatives when she was detained.

He's a total liability. Look at the comments he made about the Liverpool fans at Hillsborough.

He's just obscene in my view.
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Questioning the media message
Posted: 8/11/2018 6:59:32 AM
oh yes, I recall that. the bumbling fecking idiot pretended to be helping out but made things ten times worse.
as the saying goes, who needs enemies with friends like that.
Though when I said "not in my name" to someone, she turned on me and said that because I'm white male middleclass (without the money or property normally associated with that status) I am part of the problem.
I suppose I could choose not not to appreciate classical music, pre raphilite paintings and the odd bit of neo classical architecture, but that's not going to change the circumstances of birth. Besides pulling up the occasional work colleague who steps over the boundary for racist sexist comments, and consistently voting against the nasty party. And not investing in businesses that have links to arms, gold, uranium and quite a lot of other things,
what else is the person in the street supposed to do?
We live in a democratic country where first past the post wins. I've done my share of student protests and have had to live with the consequences of being "linked" to the far left ever since as far as my chosen career was concerned. If each is entitled to their own view, how far does an individual go to effect change. As I said in the horseracing thread, surely every act no matter how small does matter.
Thats the problem with combining freedom of speech with presumed intelligence in a society assumed to be moderate and considerate. We have faced the problem of the extremists (and boris is an extremist imho) having the right to say what they want and we having to support that right. I've long been critical of papers like the sun and dailymail for their inflammatory headlines and content. They present a biased view that is lapped up by people who seem to choose to leave their powers of critical thinking in a safe deposit box for future generations.
The debate on our voting system was a classic example of how easily certain quarters of the unruly mob ( I mean the ruling elite) can sway the majority of people into supporting them and whatever outcome suits their continued hegemony.
I don't actually blame my friend for pulling the white male middle class card on me. I guess it must seem so to the various minorities that at the end of the day it's always the same people that win in this country no matter what.
But Rome fell. And if the ruling elite don't allow change, they'll eventually lose the entire game.
Joined: 8/6/2018
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Questioning the media message
Posted: 8/17/2018 2:31:24 AM
Saw a post from the blogger Stuart Campbell re the sales of daily newspapers.

They are tanking. We have a very poor media in the UK as far as I'm concerned

And people seem to be voting with their feet
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