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Hell must be freezing over because I agree with Hemingway.

A restaurant that 'closes' at 9pm means they don't seat any new diners after 9pm. But someone who puts their order in at 8:45 (for example) gets their food around 9:15, eats until 10pm.

The servers and kitchen are cleaning up until 10:30-11ish. Depending on the type of restaurant, the servers and bus staff may have to do a lot of the surface cleaning (the janitorial staff does stuff like the floors and bathrooms) and they can't do the diningroom work while there are still customers eating. Like, a restaurant that does breakfast lunch and dinner service the night staff has to change over all table settings from dinner to breakfast setting. That's considered rude to rush the last diners by changing the tables around them. The cashier can't close the till until the last person pays.

Even at a fast food place there is quite a lot to do between serving the last customer and locking the door.

OP, not only does your post exhibit unreasonable trust issues, the reason for questioning her is because you want the relationship to be the way it used to be - that she's still available to go out late any night you want. People grow and change. Relationships adapt or end. Just because you're selfish wanting things to be the way they were, don't project it onto her being untrustworthy.

I think Penny had the right advice

You're going to end up being alone if you continue to act like a child.
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Her new job is getting in the way
Posted: 7/9/2018 4:19:17 PM
Yes you are. I’m out of work the minute I’m no longer receiving pay . If they wish to have overtime work I have at times thought about this option and work out on a calculator how much extra pay I’ll get and if I pay more on tax is it worth my time.I did overtime once and it wasn’t worth the money I ended up with after the tax deduction. That was once too many times so when I was asked again I told the boss that I will not be used or exploited to make the Owner rich at my expense and if the company even tried to pull any blackmail threats to the employment I am paid for and hours I’m paid to do like” make me feel I’m not being a team player” or other such camouflage to exploit me with they will be dealing with an issue.
I was vague on what the issue would be but they knew enough of my history to know I don’t make idle threats and not carry them out. It was good after that I staid for a further couple of years before being highered for a better wage and more perks and they never asked me to do overtime again so it didn’t interfere with my social life balance .
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