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Joined: 4/21/2018
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Thank you! I think the advice given here has helped me and I’m much happier with my profile now that I have updated some things. I’m still working on adding more to my profile, I do it little by little when I get some inspiration for what to say. I have a much easier time doing writing factual research than writing about myself lol. Oh and I signed up for meetup and found a local introvert group that is meeting up for coffee and coloring this weekend. Thank you to whoever suggested that, I know a few posters did.
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Is it really that bad
Posted: 6/18/2018 4:50:37 PM

I think it would be difficult for you to say what men like since you are a woman, but I can respect your opinion and still choose to have my own.

How your profile is set up now, is 100% fine. It's not costing you. But what men like is Looks. It's #1 with women too, but with men, there's a lot Less nixing it on someone who looks good to them.

The only other thing I can say is "No" to drinking. If you even drink a little on Holidays, I'd at least avoid the No, and just put in the profile that you don't hardly drink much. That's not a profile style/choice thing really, but just the only caveat a guy or gal may run into in their profile, outside Looks and having kids when under 25.
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Is it really that bad
Posted: 6/22/2018 8:01:56 PM
Wow..……….and the OP is gone! Was it something I said?...…………..Now where did I leave the halter and reins?
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Is it really that bad
Posted: 6/23/2018 7:29:53 AM
Lol, doubt it was anything more than she realised how crappy this site is.
She's using meet up and some other stuff, she seemed happy about that.
Joined: 7/20/2018
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Is it really that bad
Posted: 8/17/2018 11:45:31 AM
All summer long: almost all the requests in the profile review forum are fake. Don't spend too much time on these. You reviewers got punked.
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