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People tend to put themselves on pedestals and expect others to too, when really they're probably pretty similar to those they're looking down on.

Like who?
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6 Classes of Single Moms
Posted: 10/15/2018 1:50:53 PM
Type 8 Mom -
Has a professional degree in a high-paying field, such as doctor, laywer, marketing executive or real estate. Married to her job. Makes loads of cash but doesn't know what to do with it, because she has no free time, not a lot of friends and does absolutely nothing for volunteer work. Probably has some past baggage or abuse issues as a child but refuses to do counseling, thus the over-achieving and vindictive personality. Ends up spending her surplus dollars paying for lawyers to keep her Ex out of the picture with frivolous abuse filings and uses the court system to manipulate him completely out of the kids' lives because she is 'Mom'. Raises a couple kids who end up hating her because they realize at about age 15 how much of a nut job she truly has been, and that the housekeeper she hired (off Dad's alimony payments) has been more of a Mom than she ever could be.
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