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Yes, I’ve heard of the cruelty esp. when a race horse falls ill and won’t be able to run anymore, they’ll get executed. Or if they’re too old to compete. But then again, a lot of horse owners stick to the humane way of treating the horses.

With respect, this is absolute nonsense. It's the fact that so many horses die during races that is the issue. And the fact that once a horse is no longer fit to race they'll be sent off to slaughter at a fraction of its normal lifespan. The fact is people can close their eyes to any amount of suffering to have a fun day out, loads of people do it, that's their choice, but hopefully some people might not if they knew how cruel the industry actually is. No animal should be executed because its unwell.

The British Horseracing Authority is responsible for race horse welfare. But around 200 horses die each year due to racing in Britain. We urge the government to set up an independent regulatory body, with horse welfare as its only interest, which will take meaningful action to stop horses dying.

How cruel is keeping any animal as a pet?{/quote]

I don't whip my pets and they aren't going to be raced with the possibility of them dying mid race and then sent off for slaughter to end up in canned dog or cat food (I don't feed my pets this rubbish btw, but that's what happens to them, they end up in pet food).

My brothers dog was rescued from the streets of Kalkan, where he was at risk of being poisoned, shot, hit by a car. He's got a much better life where he is than where he was.

Animal aid are trying to petition the Government to set up a new horse regulatory welfare body, they need 100k sigs to get it debated in Parliament, they are around 10k short with 4 days to go. Currently the Government say they have no plans to do this.

Horses will not run a race if they don't want to.

Im sure no horse wants to die mid race either but they do. I perfectly understand that people will and do race horses and that people will bet on horses, but the horses who die are simply seen as no big deal, they very much should be in my view.

On a side note. mules and donkeys don't get well treated in many countries as well. Greece springs to mind
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My first race day in Donny
Posted: 8/9/2018 9:40:28 AM
Ive actually just watched a video of a donkey being thrown over a cliff in Santorini because it stopped for a rest, it was a working donkey. Taking tourists up and down steps.

This is what happens on these islands. Once the animals are no longer of use to work, they get thrown off cliffs or thrown off the edges of boats.

Animals get treated like trash all over the world. I wouldn't keep a fish in a bowl either as it happens.

If animals need to be raced (and they don't). They should not be shot because they aren't winning enough races.
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My first race day in Donny
Posted: 8/9/2018 11:25:34 AM
@Justanotherchap, I don’t mind my thread being hijacked:)

I intended to get others’ experience on gambling. But the discussions have been about animal cruelty which is my interest as well. I disagree with animal cruelty. They should all be treated humanely and with respect.

Justanotherchap, your experience has been useful to know that not all horse owners are ruthless, that confirms my belief. I’ve met some lovely horse owners who treat their horses like their own kids.

Now we’ve been on the subject, does anyone else have experience in this horse racing industry? Esp. The behind the scene stuff.
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My first race day in Donny
Posted: 8/10/2018 7:13:16 AM
The horse owners you know may not race horses professionally though.

I'm going to digress again but bear with me. I had a conversation with a vegan the other day (Im not vegan but I don't eat a lot of dairy), I was asking if she knew where I could get a dairy free spread without palm oil (Palm oil is in loads of things and its not great stuff). She said to me, just put olive oil on your bread (I don't want to do that). She's in the US and Im in a hick town 20 miles from Glasgow, my choices are more limited. I hate palm oil and I try very hard not to buy products that have it in it.

Anyway, I got into a discussion about make up, perfume, cleaning products. It used to be ridiculously hard to buy products that were not animal tested and even if the end product said not animal tested you could bet the ingredients were. The best products to buy are BUAV approved, with the leaping bunny symbol. They used to be expensive and ridiculously hard to get.

Superdrugs own brand products are BUAV approved, unfortunately the one in my town closed a few years ago and reverted to a savers and so did the one in the next town.

Since the beginning of this year all aldi's own brand products have been BUAV approved, that is, cosmetics, cleaning products, shampoo, conditioner.

What I am trying to say, its not simply about what you put on your plate or about animals being raced, there are loads of products that involve animal cruelty that people do not think about.

And some people don't care and that is fair enough, I don't live a cruelty free life, I think few people do. I try to with the products I buy, I also try to with the clothes I buy and my footwear as well (I buy as much as I can second hand, I dont like buying clothing made in sweatshops), the problems I hit and most people are that products such as keyboards involve some animal testing believe it or not (dyes are also tested through vivisection).

Even a lot of wines and beers involve animal cruelty, with wine its not the wine itself, its the cleaning agents, often made from fish guts. Not all beers and wines are vegetarian never mind vegan.

Also many products will involve people making them in often poor conditions, phones, PCs

I do as much as I can for animal charities when I can afford it, Ive supported Hillside in the past, some other small animal charities, Ive given to the Brooke and spana, I'm also currently involved with a group of people based in the Uk who are trying to help the santorini donkeys.

My brother goes to Kalkan twice a year and they help out with a charity who do TNR with the street cats and dogs, they do great work, the vets do all the treatment for free, they also look out for injured cats and dogs and ones who need treatment on an ongoing basis

(Id also like to say that when I have had the spare money I have always given it to charities that help people as well and I've volunteered on numerous occasions as well)

Incase I come across as some raging animal rights activist. What I am trying to say is that one or two small changes can make a huge difference to animals.
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My first race day in Donny
Posted: 8/10/2018 12:01:50 PM
no really, every bit is a step in the right direction. It's folks that say "whats the point of doing anything if no one else does it too?" that piss me off because they actually don't care, they're just making excuses. If no one makes the first step, then nothing ever will be achieved. Go with your heart, make a move, make a difference and worry not about if others are or aren't following you.
You've got your own mind so use it!!!!
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My first race day in Donny
Posted: 8/10/2018 12:14:27 PM
Its not that, what cheeses me off is when you do something and someone goes

What about blah blah blah blah blah and blah

Like trying to catch you out.

Ive tried not to wear clothing made in sweatshops for a long time now, its nothing new (except underwear, its ridiculously hard to buy UK made underwear, people say M and S, but I don't buy there as they fund Israel), actually just found some on the first google search

I actually have a Barnardos charity shop in my home town that sells all its clothes for 99p, shoes are a bit dearer but not much, but most of my clothes over the last 5-6 years have come from there. The last 4-5 pairs of trainers Ive bought Ive bought from ebay, don't think Ive paid more than a fiver for every pair.

Still gutted that the superdrug in my home town shut, they were brilliant, all their own brand range is vegan including their hair colours, I'll need to see if I can get one off ebay

As I said above, its a few tweaks that can be easily made
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My first race day in Donny
Posted: 8/17/2018 7:16:23 AM
The animal aid petition got the 100k signatures needed for the parliament debate.

I wasnt sure they would. It hit its target with a couple of days to go.

Good stuff.

Really heartening to see this
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